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2011 Regional Rankings Scoreboard

Airport Cities:
Southeast Michigan Builds an Aerotropolis:
Advocates of the Detroit Region Aerotropolis hope its two airports and other infrastructure attributes will help the initiative take off.

Generic Growth:
Expiring patents figure to propel massive increases in revenue.

Regional Headquarters:
Divisional Headquarters’ Role Gains Focus:
Regional headquarters still play a role for many organizations, but business units are increasingly being centralized to maximize cost and labor-supply advantages.

Top Industries of 2011:
Grow Where You’re Planted

Top Metros Of 2011:
The Fast Track To No. 1:
A rapidly expanding economy propels Houston to the top spot among the nation’s largest cities.

Top Micropolitans of 2011:
A Dynasty of Deals:
A decade of dominance culminates in another Top Micropolitan ranking for Statesville-Mooresville, N.C.

Wind Energy:
The Gale and the Lull:
If ’13 is unlucky for the wind power industry in the U.S., it’s ready to go elsewhere.

R&D Crossroads:
Dow Corning grows its Belgian portfolio.

Brazil Closes the Direct Investment Gap:
The giant of South American economies has no plans to slow its growth rate.

Central America:
Central America In 2012:
Capital investors should take note of this region’s economic growth and stability, says an expert on the region and on finding locations in which IT and other enterprises can succeed.

North American Reports:
Aftermarket; Compensation Trends Drive Reshoring?; Energy Growth Fattens Wallets?; Major Greenfield Investment in Mexico; Visa Processing in Brazil and China; Graduate School attendance;

Republic of Korea:
Home Country Hub:
Big investments by big companies come on the heels of KORUS approval, but aren’t necessarily U.S.-focused.

World Reports:
Brick Work; Cambodia’s First Motor Plant; Energizing Europe; BASF Plans €1-Billion Expansion; Renault-Nissan Plant Goes Green; ‘Morning Star’ Rises

California Recovery Strong, if Uneven:
A sluggish real estate market keeps unemployment in double digits, but technology is helping to reverse the tide.

Good Medicine:
Life sciences, logistics among sectors showing vitality.

All In Good Time:
Patience pays off at a megasite near Athens.

Takeoff Velocity:
An aerospace cluster quietly climbs to altitude in Rockford.

‘The Box That Must Be Checked’:
Gov. Mitch Daniels just made Indiana the 23rd right-to-work state, a move that already is altering the Midwest location equation. Companies near and far are taking notice.

Develop Here — But Not There?:
Baltimore is making room for new headquarters projects as Maryland communities mull a new land use plan that could discourage development in rural areas seeking it.

Data Driven Journey:
A wave of mission-critical facilities and anchor institution teamwork points the way to Minnesota’s future.

Mississippi River Corridor:
Minnesota and Louisiana counties tie for top billing. Louisiana dominates the river count.

New Mexico:
Barrier Removal:
New Mexico’s competitiveness picks up steam. The governor wants to see more.

Northeast States:
Thinking Ahead:
Companies find minds are a wonderful thing to employ.

South Central States:
Digital Diversity:
App developers and data centers lend the region a high-tech edge.

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