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2023 Workforce Guide

Workforce has been cited in Site Selection Magazine’s annual survey of corporate consultants as the No. 1 factor in site selection decisions for several years in a row. The 2023 Workforce Guide is a special report providing insight into workforce development partnerships and practices across the U.S.


The 10 Biggest Workforce Challenges Of The Next Decade
From talent gap to remote work and childcare, employers have their hands full.
How Labor Trends Are Impacting Site Selection Strategies
The COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant disruption in the labor force, the effects of which are still with us today and will be well into 2023.
The Northland Model
In Buffalo, a focus on students in need is yielding impressive results.
Workers Heading South and West
Florida, Texas and Idaho lead the nation in attracting and keeping talent, according to a study just published by data organization Lightcast.
5 Workforce Factors to Consider in Site Selection
Asking the right questions leads to the best outcomes, especially when it comes to your future workforce.
RTO or no RTO? That Is the Question
Experts share practical tips for deciding this hot-button issue.
The College Connection
Higher education aims to take people and communities across Texas to higher ground.
U.S. Commerce Funds Give Jolt to Locally Driven Workforce Development Initiatives
After reviewing 509 applicants from across the United States and its territories.
Georgia Supercharges Growth Through Worker Training
Quick Start teaches Georgians how to build EVs, batteries and corporate jets.
Don’t Call These Skills Soft
Problem solving and communication are among the ‘durable skills’ in huge demand as the global labor shortage grows.
Workforce Training Becomes an Economic Catalyst
Off The Grid Brewery is a 10-year-old family-owned business based at the heart of Southern California in San Bernardino County, that had long been able to meet its hiring needs on its own.
The Best Outcome? Higher Income
A new project from the Aspen Institute and Columbia University’s Community College Research Center aims to align credentials with better earnings.
Build Together, Fly Together
Institutions and industry enter the cockpit to educate next-generation talent.
Ohio’s Future Workforce Gains Development Intel
Intel and the National Science Foundation invest $50 million in Ohio institutions to address STEM workforce challenges.
My Favorite Machinist Is A Woman!
Sparks fly between local businesses in Lynchburg, Virginia, and the second career machinists training at a high-caliber makerspace.
Industry And Inclusion
The manufacturing supply problem isn’t raw materials — it’s talent.
How Prologis Primes The Talent Pump
For Tomorrow’s Logistics Workforce
Ford Teaming Up With TCAT to Train 5,800 Recruits
What will it take to build the electric vehicles of the future?
Springfield, MO, Wants to Serve You and 51 Other Counties
The Quadra-Regional Workforce Alliance will push $17.5 million into 51 counties over the next three years.
Wanna be a SkillionaireTM?
Backers of a new online game initiative in South Carolina see the opportunity to alter young people’s career trajectories in life sciences and beyond.
Inside the World's Robotic Race
Automation sweeps through the world’s industries, with no plan to slow down.
Biggest Names in STEM Fly North For Talent
Investment into Canadian workforce doubles down in three major industries.

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