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Adam Bruns

Adam Bruns
Editor in Chief and Head of Publications for Site Selection Magazine

Adam Bruns is editor in chief and head of publications for Site Selection magazine, where he served as managing editor from February 2002 until fall 2023. In the course of reporting hundreds of stories for Site Selection, Adam has visited companies and communities around the globe. A St. Louis native who grew up in the Kansas City suburbs, Adam is a 1986 alumnus of Knox College, and resided in Chicago; Midcoast Maine; Savannah, Georgia; and Lexington, Kentucky, before settling in Greater Atlanta with his wife and daughter.


Articles from this Author

Kentucky Made: Kentucky Makes 4/17/2024
Food & Beverage: That Sweet Smell of Success 4/16/2024
Distribution & Logistics: A Hub for Logistics Success 4/12/2024
Biopharmaceuticals: Health Care As Incubator: Expanding health care environments offer growth and attraction opportunities for science. 4/10/2024
Investment Profile Effingham County, Georgia: Southeast Georgia’s Next Generation Is Ready for Growth: A look into the eyes of the next generation in Effingham County is a look into the confidence face of tomorrow. 3/28/2024
Texas Economic Development Connection: The Sky’s the Limit 3/25/2024
Automotive: Taking it to the Next Level 3/25/2024
South Carolina: When It Has to Work 100% of the Time: A pair of growing operations demonstrate the value of cutting-edge skills and a deep manufacturing heritage to the South Carolina economy. 3/14/2024
Panama: Panama Poised to Serve Semiconductor Ecosystem: CHIPS Act funding could take the longtime U.S.-Panama relationship in an exciting new direction. 3/10/2024
Editor's View: The World Is Around: A New Zealand autonomous electric vehicle startup moves its HQ to California across enough time zones to make your head spin. 3/6/2024
Northeast: New Talent, Meet Old Buildings: Helped by supportive policies, redevelopment projects put a new shine on landmark properties. 3/5/2024
Certified Sites: Class I Railroads Continue to Roll Out Sites and Results: If railroads are the industrial circulatory system, ready-to-develop locations along their routes are the vital cells of the national economy. The past year has seen those... 3/4/2024
Mississippi River Corridor: Two Gateway Communities Repeat Atop River Corridor Rankings: Both St. Louis and Blytheville have landmark arches and big-time projects. 3/1/2024
2023-Top-Metros-Tier-3: Industrial At Heart 3/1/2024
2023-Top-Metros-Tier-2: Goods Movement Moves Economy in Lehigh Valley 3/1/2024
2023 Top Metros- Tier 1: Hungry for More 3/1/2024
Distribution, Logistics & Transportation: Logistics Investment Takes Many Shapes 2/22/2024
Tennessee: Milestone Anniversaries Bring More Than Parties to Tennessee: As Site Selection with this issue celebrates 70 years in business, it’s only natural to notice companies celebrating their own major milestones with major investments. 2/14/2024
Energy & Utilities: How Kansas Supports the Climate and the Business Climate All At Once 2/12/2024
E-Commerce & Logistics: Logistics Industry Is All In on Texas Growth: From New Year’s Day 2021 to mid-November 2023, Site Selection’s Conway Projects Database has tracked 6,282 U.S. facility investments with a logistics function. 2/12/2024
Snapshot: NSF Engine Locations Announced: Necessity The National Science Foundation this week revealed the locations for 10 NSF Engine Awards and 44 NSF Engine Development Awards chosen from among more than 700 concepts submitted from every s 2/1/2024
Western Canada: Acknowledging Progress: Tribes and provinces work to realize megaprojects against a backdrop of reconciliation. 2/1/2024
Tennessee Valley Authority: Born Ready: When it comes to economic development, TVA’s team, partners and communities know the importance of preparation. 1/29/2024
Editor's View: Staying Curious: Conversations with a historian and a veteran site selector cause our editor in chief to reflect on how 70 years have only served to polish and deepen the appeal of our work to those intrigued by the role of place... 1/25/2024
Western Europe: And Then There Were Six: Eli Lilly will plant its sixth European flag with a $2.5 billion manufacturing site in Germany. 1/21/2024
Snapshot: Looking for Innovation Locations? Take a Dive Into the Patent Data.: Necessity may be the mother of invention. To lure and cultivate corporate investment, a territory’s knack for invention and innovation is a competitive necessity. 1/17/2024
JobsOhio: In Ohio: Innovation is a Team Sport 1/11/2024
Cover Story: A Perspective That Endures: Before we look back, let’s look forward 1/1/2024
Rail Parks and Inland Ports: Floatin’ Down the Highway: Projects across the 12,000 miles of the U.S. inland waterway system spotlight the impact of the U.S. Marine Highway Program. 12/28/2023
Maritime: From Macro to Micro¦ 12/21/2023
Online Insider: Globetrotting Multinational Remains in Gift Capital: Whirlwind Tour Convinces SCL To Stay Home with HQ 12/21/2023
Infrastructure: Washington Public Works Feature Stakes from Private and Federal Partners 12/11/2023
Clean Tech: Hydrogen Revolution Could Drive Big Clean-Tech Haul for Washington 12/7/2023
Medical Devices & Technology: Where Do Top 10 Orthopedic Device Companies Choose to Invest Top Dollar?: If your company is leading the world in sales, it only makes sense to reinvest in some parts of that world, right? 11/29/2023
Global Automotive: Look to Asia for Next-Gen EVs: “It’s safe to say the pace is electrifying. 11/27/2023
Cross-Border Corridors: Both Sides Now ¦ Insights into the Borderzone Economy: At the same time migrants are reported to be crossing the U.S.-Mexico border en masse in order to avoid apprehension by U.S. Border Patrol personnel... 11/27/2023
Aerospace & Defense: Starships & Troopers: A sector that generated $391 billion in value and accounted for 2.1 million employees in the U.S. alone in 2021 is a sector worth paying attention to. 11/12/2023
Opportunity Zones: Huge Opportunities Begin to Turn Real in Opportunity Zones: It’s the rallying cry of every scientist, researcher, policymaker, baseball general manager of the “Moneyball” school and journalist reporting out an ambitious story. 11/10/2023
Hoosier Energy: The Evolution of Opportunity: Unprecedented demand drives economic development modernization in Hoosier Energy territory. 11/8/2023
Editor's View: Use Your Words | The Value of ‘Natural’ Intelligence: If you’re like me lately, your sentences are being finished for you by more than your immediate family members. 11/7/2023
Ohio River Corridor: Metro Louisville Tops Them All: After tying with its regional rival Cincinnati last year, metro Louisville, Kentucky, has taken the crown as top metro in this year’s Ohio River Corridor rankings. 11/1/2023
Transportation Infrastructure: Bridges to Prosperity 10/16/2023
XCEL Energy: Pioneer & Partner: Xcel Energy’s economic development vision is as clear as its power portfolio is clean. 10/2/2023
Electric Vehicles: The Next Era of Transportation Comes Together in Joliet, Normal and Decatur 9/25/2023
Military & Defense: Support Is Mission No. 1 in 2023 Great American Defense Communities: The Association of Defense Communities and USAA in March announced the 2023 Great American Defense Communities. The five communities highlighted... 9/25/2023
Biotech Locations: ‘Sign of the Future’: Leaders Explain Why Their Life Sciences Firms Are Growing In Greater Montreal 9/24/2023
Mid-Atlantic: Legacy Food Firms Aren’t Stuck in The Past: Nor are a range of other companies growing in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. 9/21/2023
Logistics & Distribution: Where & Why The Logistics Giants Are Expanding: Snapshots of UPS, DHL, Amazon and Ryder project activity and a ranking of global connectedness accompany our look at which U.S. states and metros have attracted... 9/14/2023
Hoosier Energy: Complex Issues. Cooperative Solutions.: In a world where the only constant is change, Hoosier Energy and its member cooperatives demonstrate unchanging commitment to communities and customers. 9/11/2023
Engineered Materials: Recycling  Regulation, Innovation or Combination?: In July the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) submitted comments in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s request for public input on its Draft... 9/10/2023
2023 Global Groundwork Index: Ohio and Greater Indianapolis Top 2023 Global Groundwork Index Rankings: Canada, Australia and South Korea lead the way internationally. 8/31/2023
2023 Top Utilities In Economic Development: This Year’s Top Utilities Know When to Move and How Fast: Utilities are making the power generation, transmission and innovation investments for the transition to clean energy... 8/31/2023
Canada: Canada's Best Locations 2023: A strong thread of tech runs through the nation’s leading regions for economic development. 8/30/2023
Distribution & Logistics: Repeat Customers Turn to Mississippi for Logistics Prowess 8/27/2023
Ports & Waterways: Multipurpose Ports Enter a New Era Of Industrial Innovation and Activity 8/26/2023
Utilities: Mississippi Operations, Communities and People Prosper With These Utilities At Their Side 8/25/2023
Mobility & Automotive: Michigan Drives the Automotive Industry into the Future 7/27/2023
Upstate SC Intelligence Report¦ Workforce: Rural Upstate Home to Sophisticated Technical Workforce: BASF’s apprenticeship program with Tri-County Technical College in Oconee County is just one of many exemplars. 7/24/2023
Upstate SC Intelligence Report¦ Live, Work & Play: A Southern Recipe for a Sustainable Lifestyle: Upstate South Carolina, as one interview subject puts it, “is a perfect example of green space, recreational space and business space cohabitating.” 7/24/2023
Online Insider: Transmission for the Transition: CBRE says these markets are focused on how to provide renewable energy for data centers. Plus, we list top global territories for recent data center development. 7/13/2023
Atlantic Canada: Talent Is the Key to Sustaining Cybersecurity Leadership in Atlantic Canada: Capital spending on major projects in Atlantic Canada... 7/12/2023
Aerospace: When in France: There’s no better place to catch up with the activities of French aerospace giants than at the Paris Air Show. 7/12/2023
Startup & Innovation Hubs: Amid Disruption and Diffusion, Silicon Valley Still Tops: Findings from the Global Startup Ecosystems Report 2023 also highlight emerging and surging locations. 7/6/2023
Advanced Manufacturing: Questions & Insights With the Leader of Micron’s U.S. Expansion Blitz: The journey toward a trillion-dollar market is unfolding tens or hundreds of billions of dollars at a time, including Micron’s two megaprojects in Idaho... 7/6/2023
Sustainability Rankings: The Greenest Locations in the World: How important is sustainability, really, to today’s global manufacturers? 7/2/2023
SELECTUSA: After the Summit, The Journey Continues: In addition to the Investment Summit held the first week of May, SelectUSA is also a conduit to data resources that make for an ideal post-summit follow-up. 6/26/2023
Texas Workforce Commission: A One-Stop Shop Like No Other 6/15/2023
Health Tech & Life Science Centers: Where Big Science, Big Tech And Big Data Converge: Year-end 2022 figures from the National Venture Capital Association and Pitchbook tell the story best. 6/5/2023
Logistics & Distribution: In Massachusetts, Logistics Brawn Comes With the Brainpower to Match 5/31/2023
Shovel-Ready Sites: Entek Finds a Home in Terre Haute: A region with shovel-ready property meets an Oregon company ready to engage with a community. 5/31/2023
Costa Rica: Aligned for Sustainable Growth: Costa Rica’s value proposition — like its business and natural ecosystems — just keeps growing richer and more diverse. 5/26/2023
Iowa Intelligence Report: Peloton to Prosperity 5/25/2023
Online Insider: Let’s Get Together: “Isolation will kill any company's chance of success,” says the founder of a firm studying hybrid workspace strategies worldwide. 5/18/2023
Salt River Project Arizona: Interconnection Brings Central Arizona Economy to Life: For SRP, the concept supports sustainability and prosperity all at once. 5/17/2023
Tribal Economic Development: Coming Full Circle: Lakota holy man Black Elk and other 19th century tribal leaders prophesied it would take seven generations to repair the “broken circle” and heal the multiple, layered traumas... 5/17/2023
North American Automotive: Fast & Furious, EV Edition: Consumers and corporates alike see billions of reasons to invest in the electric mobility ecosystem. 5/15/2023
B2I: Top Deals of 2023: Top Deals 2023: Wherein we salute the Top 20 corporate facility investments in North America and Top 20 in the rest of the world. E-mobility and semiconductors rule the day, with a few compelling exceptions. 5/4/2023
Top Economic Development Groups: 2023 Mac Conway Award: The economic development organizations profiled in the following pages are being recognized for contributing significantly to their locations’ investment attraction and job creation success 4/28/2023
2023 B2I Global Rankings: Global Best to Invest 2023: The 15th annual Global Best to Invest rankings showcase the top countries and metro areas in terms of their outlook for corporate investment. 4/28/2023
Logistics & Distribution: Infrastructure The Foundation For Kentucky’s Logistics Success 4/27/2023
Certified Sites: Time Machines: By shortening timelines, certified sites extend opportunities. 4/27/2023
Creative industries: A National Leader in Arts & Culture 4/10/2023
Electric Vehicle Growth: Kentucky’s EV Ecosystem Begins to Take Shape 3/30/2023
Duke Energy Florida: Duke Energy’s Community Connections Are Live and Powerful: When the Duke Energy Foundation and Duke Energy Florida’s Economic Development team awarded strategic economic development grants in November 2022... 3/27/2023
Duke Energy Florida: Site Development: A Bedrock Principle 3/27/2023
Duke Energy Florida: Duke Energy Makes a Big Leap To Support Florida’s Economic Development Momentum: The legacy of Duke Energy’s economic development efforts in Florida goes back nearly 125 years, beginning with the founding of Florida Power... 3/27/2023
2022 Top Industries: Eat, Drink and Build: Machinery and food & beverage finish No. 1 and No. 2 for 2022 behind strong surges over 2021 totals. 3/25/2023
Ontario: Magna Fires On All Cylinders With Pan-Ontario Investment: Even as the all-Canada-made Project Arrow EV grabbed headlines with its debut early this year (see p. 32), a global Canadian automotive power continues to flex across the entire... 3/16/2023
Data Centers: The Rich Get (Way) Richer: New incentives will support a planned $35 billion in investment by Amazon Web Services over the next 17 years. 3/12/2023
California: Credentials Count: One credential at a time, California’s community colleges are doing their part  to raise the state’s education attainment  levels and close gaps in equity. 3/11/2023
Mississippi River Corridor: Here Come The Kings: St. Louis, Missouri, and Blytheville, Arkansas, top this year’s cumulative and per-capita rankings for metro regions along the Mississippi River. 3/1/2023
Top Metros of 2022: Places You Can Trust: That’s a strong indicator across the Top Metros of 2022. 3/1/2023
Incubators & Accelerators: Something Ventured 2/23/2023
Business Climate: Robust In the Rockies 2/15/2023
Community Development: Tools You Can Use 2/13/2023
Western Europe: Life Sciences Like Ireland: Medtech in particular takes a fancy to the island, where two major companies alone employ more than 8,000. 2/13/2023
Western Canada: In a Region Known for Energy Resources, Tech Is Tomorrow’s Fuel: These days, seeing “cryptocurrency” and “custody” in the same sentence does not bode well. 1/30/2023
Special Advertising Section: Mixed-Use Proving Key to Revival: San Francisco–based integrated architecture, design, planning, and consulting firm Gensler has a lot of thoughts about mixed-use districts. So does everyone else, for that matter... 1/29/2023
Megasites: Proof Is In The Outcomes: Site Selectors on Megasite Development 1/25/2023
Flint & Genesee Economic Alliance: Let the Chips Fall Here: If there’s any place better suited for the next semiconductor fab, Flint and Genesee County want to know about it. 1/25/2023
Country Of Georgia: Hit the On Switch: Already known as a crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia finds itself at several promising junctures. 1/19/2023
Tennessee Valley Authority: Clean-Tech Multinationals Continue to Flood the Valley with Billions in Capital Investment: ennessee’s advanced energy industry already employs nearly 394,000 Tennesseans in more than 20,300 businesses that contribute... 1/16/2023
Tennessee Valley Authority: Places for Discovery: Institutions With Energy’s Future On Their Minds Saturate TVA Territory 1/16/2023
Tennessee Valley Authority: Ford’s BlueOval City Is the Prow of the Ship: Ford Motor Co. broke ground in September 2022 on its nearly 6-square-mile BlueOval City mega campus in Stanton, Tennessee. 1/16/2023
Tennessee Valley Authority: TVA Floors the Clean Power Accelerator: Hydrogen is one more area of innovation in a TVA portfolio that includes new nuclear, renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy storage. 1/16/2023
Emerging Tech Hubs: From Next Layer To Next Level: A deep dive into national venture capital data reveals places beyond the usual suspects that are achieving critical mass in tech. 1/8/2023
E-Commerce & Logistics: Pandemic Pressure Only Accentuated Top Logistics Locations’ Performance: Chicago and DFW are still the cream of the crop, but other locations come into the mix as populations and strategies evolve. 1/8/2023
Connecticut: Just Picking Up Some Chips: Investments from a semiconductor company and a gambling technology company highlight two facets of the Connecticut economy. 1/4/2023
Electric Vehicles & Batteries: Panasonic Investment Will Catalyze a Power and Materials Industry Ecosystem 12/31/2022
Education Technology: Wanna be a SkillionaireTM? 12/27/2022
Washington: Hub and Spokane: Life sciences and the science of good living offer a heady blend in Washington. 12/12/2022
Community College Update: The Best Outcome? Higher Income 12/11/2022
Federal Programs: U.S. Commerce Funds Give Jolt to Locally Driven Workforce Development Initiatives 12/6/2022
Texas Economic Development Connection ¦ Intelligence Report: The College Connection 12/6/2022
Top Business Park Locations: Attracting Innovation Is the Name of the Game For these Forward-Thinking Parks: Already known for its industry/university partnerships, scientific institutes and expanding Technology Campus, the 148-acre Potsdam Science.. 11/27/2022
Rail Parks and Inland Ports: Short Line Rail Leaders Catalyze Opportunities Like They Always Have: The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association represents around 600 owners and operators. 11/27/2022
Ohio River Corridor: The Cincinnati And Louisville Regions Tie for Top Honors: The Louisville and Cincinnati metro areas claimed a No. 1 ranking in Site Selection’s annual analysis of Ohio River metro-area economic development in 2020 and 2021. 11/1/2022
The Greater Phoenix - Technology, Entrepreneurs & Startups: Innovation That Puts the ‘Eco’ in ‘Ecosystem’: n September, semiconductor parts and equipment clearinghouse Moov Technologies showed more than 19,200 active listings 10/23/2022
The Greater Phoenix - Cross-Border Competitiveness: ‘Tremendous Renaissance’: of Manufacturing at Hand in Border Mega-Region That Includes Greater Phoenix 10/23/2022
The Greater Phoenix - Semiconductors & Electronics: Valley of the Sun: A Case Study in High-Tech Cluster Formation 10/23/2022
The Greater Phoenix - Gateway to America: One Big Leading Indicator: Billions of dollars and millions of residents combine to make Greater Phoenix a robust gateway for business. 10/23/2022
The Greater Phoenix - Business Conditions: Firing on All Cylinders: Market intelligence and analysis show companies making intelligent location choices across Greater Phoenix. 10/23/2022
Advanced Manufacturing: From Peru to Normal, Spotlight Shines on Advanced Manufacturing 10/13/2022
Metals: Arkansas Takes Over As the Epicenter of American Steelmaking: Industrial diversification is an Arkansas calling card 10/8/2022
Regions: Arkansas Has Been Building Businesses For 200 Years: Find hidden jewels in every corner of the state. 10/8/2022
West Central Ohio - Corporate Growth: P&G Investment Headlines Region’s Strong Industrial Momentum: The healthy rate of industrial expansion in West Central Ohio doesn’t get more robust than at Procter & Gamble’s plant in Lima... 9/29/2022
West Central Ohio - Project Profile: Mixed-Use Project Aims For Destination Status in West Central Ohio: In his time growing up in Utah, attending medical school in New York City, serving residencies and traveling the nation as a leader... 9/29/2022
West Central Ohio - Introduction: New Show in Town: If you think you know West Central Ohio because you used to watch the hit TV program “Glee,” think again. 9/29/2022
Southeast: Strong Current: Trends in Asian Corporate Investment in The South 9/28/2022
Biotech Locations: Tried and True: Leading Hubs Keep Rolling 9/28/2022
Upper Midwest: New Anchor Employer Catalyzes Redevelopment of Legacy GE Complex In Fort Wayne: The project speaks to the transformative momentum in northeast Indiana. 9/26/2022
Investment Profile Xcel Energy: Flexing Toward the Future with Xcel Energy: Putting Industry into Motion on the East Coast 9/25/2022
Reshoring: How Illinois Became A Top 10 State in Reshored Jobs 9/22/2022
Hoosier Energy: ‘Better Places to Live’: Core principles of a cooperative lie at the root of Hoosier Energy’s ESG commitment. 9/15/2022
Logistics & Distribution: The Future’s Open Wide: As demand surges, new markets emerge, says Cushman & Wakefield’s top industrial expert. 9/15/2022
Infrastructure: The 2022 Global Groundwork Index: Drive any American highway, especially at night, and you see them: Long lines of truckers who, if not backed up for miles by construction or an incident, cover every inch at rest areas... 9/6/2022
2022 Top Utilities In Economic Development: There for You Come Rain or Shine: When you see utilities in the news, it’s usually because their operations personnel are fanning out across their territories... 9/1/2022
Canada: Canada's Best Locations 2022: Two major projects announced in Ontario, Canada, this summer epitomize what one might call northern composure — as in calm, serene and self-assured. 9/1/2022
Electric Vehicles: Illinois Occupies a Power Position On the Road to Electrification 8/28/2022
Transportation Infrastructure: Road Grading 8/27/2022
Texas Intelligence Report: Boots On the Ground: There are so many options in Texas outside of the Golden Triangle.” 7/25/2022
Texas Intelligence Report: Laredo Always on the Move: Gene Lindgren adores his adopted home of Laredo, Texas. 7/25/2022
Texas Intelligence Report: The Visual Arts Capital of Texas: If asked where the most distinctive art in Texas is to be found, some might point to Marfa. 7/25/2022
Texas Intelligence Report: Kilgore’s Synergy Welcomes the World: With nearly 1.5 million people within 60 miles and quick access to the DFW metro area via I-20, Kilgore’s location in northeast Texas already has a lot going for it. 7/25/2022
Texas Intelligence Report : Lubbock and Reese Offer Business-Friendly Environment and ‘Unusually Friendly” People: Remember BRAC? People living in 136 communities across the nation who sure do. 7/25/2022
Texas Intelligence Report ¦ Introduction: These Texas Towns Pack a Wallop: There are 44 small towns and counties across the 267,000 square miles of Texas who rallied together a few years ago as the Texas Economic Development Connection. 7/25/2022
Advanced Manufacturing: Whole Lotta Makin’ Goin’ On: In Tupelo, it’s always manufacturing season. 7/14/2022
New Jersey: Wind Demonstrates: How Growth and Sustainability Can Coincide in New Jersey 7/12/2022
Distribution & Warehousing: A Massive New Project from Walmart Lands in Mississippi: One week in January 2022 told you all you need to know about the attractiveness of Mississippi for logistics, distribution and e-commerce fulfillment operations. 7/12/2022
Colombia: Dollars Are Greener In Colombia:  Colombia’s nearshoring strategy is one of many routes to helping companies and communities reach their sustainability goals. 7/11/2022
Greater New Orleans & St. Tammany Parish: Where Innovation Transforms Every Day: High-tech lifestyle, quality of life and life sciences converge in Southeast Louisiana. 7/11/2022
High Technology Foundation of West Virginia: West Virginia to World: ‘We’ve Got Your Back.’ 7/7/2022
Smart Cities: Smarter Cities: New industrial urbanism calls for reassessing the relationships among cities, people and industry. 7/5/2022
Sustainability Rankings: Trading Goals for Pathways: The top places for sustainability don’t talk about finding solutions. They go out and find them. 7/5/2022
Ports & Waterways: Circulatory System For the Fiber Basket: A deepwater terminal in Pascagoula is a linchpin for one bioenergy company’s global business plan. 7/3/2022
Asia: Tariff Pause Shines Spotlight on Southeast Asia’s Solar Industry: In June, President Joe Biden issued a proclamation declaring a supply chain emergency and allowing the U.S. Department of Commerce to help shore up domestic solar power equipment 7/3/2022
Shovel Ready Sites: Want Big Projects?: New York Governor Says Big Site Prep Is Essential 6/27/2022
Aerospace, Aviation & Defense: Frequent Flyers 6/9/2022
Quebec: Designed For Tomorrow: As organizations do all they can to lure and retain talent, award-winning design projects shine a light on the evolving workplace. 6/1/2022
New England: Will A Shift Provide A Lift?: A Boston Fed economist’s examination of sectoral mobility may hold lessons for the post-COVID-19 labor shuffle. 5/25/2022
North American Automotive: Station to Station: Snapshots of projects across the continent capture an EV revolution in full power drive. 5/25/2022
Grupo Karim's: A Smarter Global Platform: Two advanced developments in Honduras connect forward-thinking companies to worldwide markets. 5/24/2022
Florida: Bottom Line: Florida’s Financial Services Sector Is Humming 5/24/2022
Charlotte Region Intelligence Report ¦ Higher Education: ‘Unique in the United States’: The Higher Education Community Makes Greater Charlotte Even Greater 5/22/2022
Puerto Rico: Where to Find the Future: After 60 years as the medicine cabinet of the United States, Puerto Rico’s life sciences ecosystem has entered new dimensions. 5/19/2022
Online Insider: ‘It’s Not Like They Need the Money’: An accountability watchdog says some of Site Selection’s Top Deals belong at the bottom instead. 5/18/2022
Charlotte Region Intelligence Report ¦ Life Sciences: Coming Out Party: A $1 billion blockbuster from Eli Lilly and Co. headlines a regional biosciences economy on the rise. 5/14/2022
Charlotte Region Intelligence Report ¦ Advanced Manufacturing: Bank On It: Tech and Manufacturing Combine to Diversify Charlotte’s Economy 5/14/2022
Charlotte Region Intelligence Report Introduction: Charlotte Is Trending Young, Diverse and Next-Level: Young people want to move there.” Those are the words of Durham, North Carolina–based entrepreneur Leigh-Kathryn Bonner, founder of Bee Downtown. 5/14/2022
Biomaterials Case Study Yellow Pallet: Yellow Pallet’s use of waste banana plant fiber is just one niche in a diverse biomaterials economy. Hemp and medical cannabis will be another. 5/12/2022
Digital Technologies: ‘Quality Human Capital’ Includes a Growing Cohort of Remote Workers: In the 13 years since Costa Rica opened up its telecommunications market. 5/12/2022
Life Sciences Case Study Bayer: ‘A Natural Choice’: Nearly 45 years after first arriving in Costa Rica, Bayer continues to reinvest. Here’s why. 5/12/2022
Costa Rica Investment Report Introduction: Spheres of Influence: Savvy Investors Know Costa Rica's Strengths 5/12/2022
Electronics Case Study SAMTEC: Where Connectors Connect: Technical knowledge, transport access and security landed Samtec’s 12-person operation in 2006. Now they employ 1,500. 5/12/2022
Arizona: From Batteries To Biosphere 2, Tech Abounds In AZ: Arizona is a top 10 state this year and No. 2 in the nation over the next decade for projected tech job growth 5/9/2022
Top Deals of 2021: Top Deals 2022: This year for the first time we rank the top 20 North American deals based on job creation and capex. In this online edition, we also present the top 20 deals abroad. 5/5/2022
2022 B2I Global Rankings: Global Best to Invest 2022: The 14th annual Global Best to Invest rankings showcase the top countries and metro areas in terms of their outlook for corporate investment. 5/2/2022
Energy: Bright Horizons for Renewables 4/30/2022
Certified Sites: Surveying the Landscape: Quick Updates on Selected Site Certification Programs 4/28/2022
Logistics & Distribution: Reverberating Boom 4/27/2022
Mexico: Querétaro Data Center Investment Central to Digitizing Mexican Industry: A wave of North American reshoring has Mexican exports to the U.S. on the rise. 4/21/2022
Manufacturing: Records Fall as Buildings Rise 4/3/2022
Online Insider: Electric Owl Studios Comes In for a Landing: The film and TV production complex in metro Atlanta is the newest arrival in a fast-maturing ecosystem that welcomed $4 billion in spending last year. 3/31/2022
Workforce: Training Funds Get the Job Done 3/31/2022
New Mexico: The Air Is Amazing in New Mexico:Ask any photographer or pilot In New Mexico there’s something about the quality of the air that makes for exquisite light and smooth navigation. 3/30/2022
Illinois: The Rebuilding State: Redevelopment projects backed by infrastructure investment are everywhere you look in Illinois. 3/30/2022
Northeast U.S.: Spreading the Wealth: 150 Projects Aim to Transform the Northeast Corridor 3/29/2022
Ontario: Project Arrow Combines Ontario Ingenuity & Canadian Heart: Ontario-based global parts manufacturer Magna International has enough in-house capabilities around the world to manufacture a complete vehicle. 3/29/2022
Indiana Municipal Power Agency: Local Solutions And Caring Communities Tip the Scales In IMPA Territory: When bedding products maker Tempur Sealy International in 2020 committed to achieving carbon neutrality in its global operations by 2040 3/28/2022
Biopharmaceuticals: Small Molecules, Big World: A Conversation with Cambrex CEO Thomas Loewald 3/24/2022
Data Centers: Remarkable Growth in a Remarkable Time: Exclusive insights from the author of Cushman & Wakefield’s 2022 Global Data Center Market Comparison 3/21/2022
Logistics: On The Move Amazon's 'Project Basie' Leads The Way 3/15/2022
York Region, Ontario, Canada: TechKnowledgy: That’s one way to describe the depth and potential of automotive technology in the Greater Toronto Area’s York Region. 3/14/2022
Food & Beverage: Nice Pairings 3/14/2022
2021 Top Industries: Machinery Keeps On Churning: And the big wheels of logistics  keep on turning. 3/10/2022
Mississippi River Corridor: Junctions That Function: The Twin Cities up north and Obion County down south reign supreme in this year’s rankings of top metro and micropolitan areas along the Big Muddy. 3/3/2022
2021 Top Micropolitans: Eight Means Great For Findlay, Ohio: The Northwest Ohio community aims to help manufacturing and a whole lot more advance to the next level. 3/1/2022
Special Advertising Section: You Are My Density: New robot concentration statistics provide a global barometer of advanced manufacturing. 2/28/2022
Ports: Bridges to Prosperity 2/22/2022
Michigan: Michigan’s University Research Corridor Picks Up Momentum: Behind the dozens of high-dollar corporate project investments that landed in Michigan in 2021 — from the likes of vaccine leader Pfizer 2/21/2022
Bioscience: Serving The World 2/3/2022
Logistics & Distribution: Supply Chain Central 2/2/2022
Energy & Utilities: Wind Belt Blows Dollars Into Area Economies 1/31/2022
Western Canada: A Community College On the Cutting Edge: During the course of a year immersed in career and technical education topics, two of the stories I’ve pursued stand out. 1/30/2022
Stem Skills: Big Tech Schools Us 1/29/2022
Advanced Manufacturing: Turning Analytics into Action: The ‘Digital Journey’ of Novelis 1/27/2022
E-Commerce & Logistics: Room to Move: How a Congested Supply Chain Plays Out in Project Location Trends 1/27/2022
Esports: Fully Enrolled: Esports and Video Game Programs Power Up on Campus: 1/20/2022
City of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada: St. Albert Could Be Your Next ‘Headroom” Community: Sustainability and investment attraction are tandem priorities in this community of 73,000 on the northwestern outskirts of Edmonton. 1/20/2022
Film & Entertainment: Esports Drive New Project Activity in the Expanding Metaverse: In October, I found myself seated in an autonomous shuttle vehicle that’s part of the PAUL (Piloting Autonomous Use Locally) service launched by Site Selection 1/20/2022
Corporate Social Responsibility: The Joy of Work 1/15/2022
Investment Profile Puerto Rico: Digital Talent Comes of Age in PUERTO RICO 1/14/2022
Puerto Rico: The Stage is Set: Puerto Rico Beckons to  Film & TV Production Industry 1/13/2022
Queensland, Australia: Queensland: A State of High Performance 1/6/2022
Metro Atlanta: Renewal in the Air 12/29/2021
Rail Parks and Inland Ports: Move Along Now: Railport Momentum Builds Across the Nation: A new project in West Lafayette continues a long tradition of innovation and industry collaboration at  Purdue University. 12/20/2021
Top Business Park Locations: Longtime Partner: A new project in West Lafayette continues a long tradition of innovation and industry collaboration at  Purdue University. 12/16/2021
Infrastructure: Ahead of the Curve 12/14/2021
Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Georgia Startups Are Geared Up for Growth 12/13/2021
New York: Incremental Credentials Could Be Essential: Groundbreaking workforce education practices help semiconductor manufacturer Global Foundries and other employers keep pace and keep talent. 12/6/2021
Infrastructure: Broadband Is Just One Aspect of Washington’s Forward-Thinking Infrastructure Vision 12/6/2021
South Carolina Ports: Open Door: Capacity growth in Charleston aims to boost customer supply chains and relieve port congestion all at once. 11/23/2021
Big Tech: Big Tech Schools Us: Students, professionals and educational leaders see skills training from tech giants like Amazon as much more than window dressing. It’s a door to everyone’s future. 11/22/2021
The Greater Phoenix Mixed Use & Master Plans: Find Yourself a City to Live In:After growing by an impressive 9.4% between 2000 and 2010, the City of Phoenix’s population grew by 11.2% over the ensuing decade 11/18/2021
The Greater Phoenix Q&A With Phoenix Mayor Kate: Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Calls Today ‘A Transformative Moment': Kate Gallego knows economic development. Before she ever became a member of the Phoenix City Council 11/18/2021
Greater Phoenix Life Sciences: ‘Planets Align’ for Discovery in Downtown Phoenix: If you’re searching for reasons why CBRE ranked the City of Phoenix among the top five emerging bioscience markets, try these numbers on for size 11/18/2021
The Greater Phoenix Tech, Startups & Entrepreneurs: Launch Pad For Innovation: An entrepreneur evaluating the Phoenix business landscape can’t miss the signs. Literally. 11/18/2021
Copy of The Greater Phoenix Water: Full Pool: Would Intel invest $20 billion in new manufacturing plants at a location where long-term water supply was at risk? 11/18/2021
The Greater Phoenix Introduction: Growth Capital: The reasons behind the Greater Phoenix Economic Council earning the International Economic Development Council’s 2021 award for top global economic development organization 11/18/2021
The Greater Phoenix: Tens of Billions Invested in Greater Phoenix Mark Watershed Moment For U.S. Chip Manufacturing: Read exclusive insights from Taiwan Semiconductor about their $12 billion investment; Greater Phoenix Economic Council Preside 11/18/2021
Grupo Karim's: A Smarter Global Platform: Two advanced developments in Honduras connect forward-thinking companies to worldwide markets. 11/18/2021
Clean Technology: Pioneers From The Beginning 11/18/2021
Puerto Rico: Hit Refresh: Game-changing companies and pioneering entrepreneurs alike say Puerto Rico feels like home. 11/11/2021
Ohio River Corridor: Cincinnati’s ‘Living Room’ Boosts Regional Performance: A renaissance in the Queen City’s downtown is just one aspect of this bi-state region’s economic development momentum. 11/1/2021
Top Free Zones: Zones of Note : Our unique index finds that Texas, California and Louisiana lead the way in the U.S., while best practices can be found across the globe. 11/1/2021
Biotech Locations: The Boston-Hyderabad Handoff: A journey through a growing Indian multinational’s past year casts light on three leading biotech locations around the world. 10/28/2021
Diversity of people: Where Diversity and Equity Go Hand in Hand 10/25/2021
Energy: Setting the Pace 10/14/2021
Tech Ecosystem: Illinois Tech Ecosystem 10/11/2021
Southeast: Finding Their Roots: Where Site Consultants Locate Themselves and Why 10/4/2021
Duke Energy - Introduction: Ready to Compete: There’s power, and then there’s the power of relationships. 9/27/2021
ADVANCED MANUFACTURING: From Model T’s to E-Transits to Trackers, Missouri Suits the Future of Manufacturing to a ‘T’ 9/27/2021
Intelligence Report: Duke Energy: There’s no disputing that communities in Duke Energy territory are Ready to Compete 9/27/2021
CONSUMERS ENERGY: Up with the Sun, Gone with the Wind’: Consumers Energy and Michigan communities leave coal behind on the road to a net-zero future. 9/23/2021
Texas: Next Chapter: A Point/Counterpoint Examination of an Incentive 9/20/2021
Talent & Workforce: Central Casting 9/20/2021
HOOSIER ENERGY: Retailer Finds Indy-Area Sweet Spot for an E-commerce Project: The I-74 corridor southeast of Indianapolis gets in on the region’s logistics action. 9/20/2021
ESPORTS: No Translation Necessary: Game-changing esports athletes are creating a new industry sector many moves at a time. 9/16/2021
Logistics: E-Commerce Rules: Ports and Central Hubs Top Logistics Locations, As China Gears Up for the Next Wave 9/16/2021
REMOTE WORK: Dislocation, Dislocation, Dislocation: If we can work from anywhere, everywhere is the right place to be. 9/7/2021
Canada's Best Locations: Tech Talent Leads the Way Among Elite Canadian Regions: Site Selection’s annual Canada’s Best Locations list of top Canadian economic development groups. 9/2/2021
2021 TOP UTILITIES IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Unstoppable: This year’s Top Utilities in Economic Development — like their customers and communities — demonstrate perseverance, ingenuity and the spirit of service. 9/2/2021
Global Groundwork Index: Canada and Texas Top The 2021 Global Groundwork Index: CG/LA Infrastructure’s chairman says we’re on the cusp of an 'Infrastructure SuperCycle.' 9/1/2021
IAMC SPOTLIGHT: Future Focused: As IAMC approaches its 20th anniversary next year, three IAMC corporate members look ahead. 8/23/2021
Agribusiness: Beyond the Black Belt: Investments Build Out Mississippi’s Agricultural Infrastructure 8/11/2021
Food Production: Food for Thought: Mars Food North America is transforming. Mississippi is the place the company has chosen to transform in the process. 8/5/2021
Plastics & Composites: Time to Flex: Mississippi plastics knowledge and innovation cover the spectrum. 8/2/2021
Atlantic Canada: Services Sector Drives Metro Areas’ Job Growth: Greater Halifax leads all Atlantic Canada regions’ in corporate project attraction over the past two years. 7/29/2021
Upstate, South Carolina: Where Startups Are Stakeholders: “We looked from Arizona to Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas. After full analysis, we ended up in Greenville.” 7/22/2021
Upstate, South Carolina: The Upstate's Talent ROI is Substantial and Growing: The Upstate is a big reason for the big numbers. The region’s educational institutions aim to keep it that way. 7/22/2021
Upstate, South Carolina: Quiet Giant - Milliken & Co. Products are Everywhere: But the pioneering company’s longtime home is in one place: Spartanburg County. 7/22/2021
Upstate, South Carolina: A Visit on the Front Porch: In 2010 the Greenville News referred to Fluor Field as the front porch of Greenville. 7/22/2021
Intelligence Report: Upstate South Carolina: From minor league baseball to the legendary Milliken & Co., from Clemson University to venture capitalists, startup founders and a ride along the Swamp Rabbit Trail. 7/22/2021
U.S.-Mexico Border Corridor: Soft Landing, Strong Take-Off: A Talk With proAutomation President & CEO Daniel Beltrán 7/22/2021
Colorado: Your Genuine Self: Companies and Individuals Alike Fulfill Their Potential in Colorado 7/19/2021
Data Centers: The Numbers Don't Lie - Where Data Center Projects are Going Today and Tomorrow: Of 400 major data center facility investments t since January 1, 2018, precisely 198 have taken place in the United States. 7/15/2021
Advanced Manufacturing: Apple Rediscovers Its Core: The company is one of many looking to make reshoring in the U.S. a bigger part of the digitized manufacturing environment of the future. 7/8/2021
2021 Sustainability Rankings: Keeping It Real: Germany, Illinois and Toledo Top the 2021 Sustainability Rankings 7/1/2021
Logistics & Distribution: Amazon Surges in Texas: There’s a lot more to Texas goods movement than one e-commerce giant. But Amazon’s very large footprint makes a deep impression. 6/21/2021
Shovel-Ready Sites: High-Priced Infrastructure Proposals Set the Stage for Big-Dollar Projects: Will shovel-ready sites for industrial and supply chain investment follow? 6/21/2021
Quebec: Québectricity: Two electric mobility projects pick Québec. 6/14/2021
South Carolina Ports Authority: History in the Making: SC Ports Sees Record Numbers, Opens First U.S. Container Terminal in 12 Years 6/10/2021
Health Tech & Life Science Centers: ‘Line of Sight’ Drives Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies’ $2B Project to North Carolina: What does the world of photography have to do with the drug business? It’s all about having the right chemistry. 6/3/2021
Renewables & Utilities: Convergence of Resources: The data and the projects point to renewable power leadership in Texas. 6/1/2021
United Kingdom: Evolving by Devolving: The BBC intends to spread the wealth ‘Across the UK.’ 5/27/2021
Intelligence Report: Entergy: Learn why Entergy territory is resilience personified, from talent development to sites to a net-zero future. 5/20/2021
Malaysia: Ready to Reach the Next Level? Malaysia Is Too.: Swift and sure in its response to the global pandemic and downturn, the Malaysian government is just as swiftly rolling out a familiar welcome mat to global corporate investors. 5/13/2021
Investment Report: Costa Rica: Insights from leaders at such companies as Intel, Concentrix and Autodesk reveal why Costa Rica, celebrating its bicentennial this year, is leading the way toward the fourth industrial revolution. 5/10/2021
Q&A Amazon: Working Backwards from the Customer Drives Amazon’s Relentless Forward Momentum: A conversation with Amazon Head of Worldwide Economic Development Holly Sullivan. 5/10/2021
B2I - Top Deals of 2021: Whole New World: Major Projects Break Through Sour Economy to Pursue Innovation and Restart Global Commerce 5/6/2021
Cover Story: Global Best to Invest 2021: Unique indices highlight the top countries and metro areas in terms of their outlook for corporate investment. 5/3/2021
Certified Sites: ‘Burden Reduction’ Is the Aim of a New Megasite Program in Ontario: Newmark’s Gregg Wassmansdorf fills us in, while answering questions about which requirements and standards give site certification programs credibility. 4/26/2021
Institutional Impact: Insights from Stony Brook’s New President: Last summer, Dr. Maurie McInnis took office as the sixth president of Stony Brook University. 4/22/2021
Logistics: Through the Roof: E-Commerce Means More Roofs On the Way to Accommodate New Jersey Demand 4/19/2021
Energy and Utilities: Energy Industry Gets Surge of Talent: Training programs help fill workforce shortage across industry. 4/15/2021
Tucson Arizona: Cultivating Growth: A rundown of some of the major projects creating jobs in Greater Tucson, including investments from WOW Studios, Sandvik, Bayer and self-driving truck innovator TuSimple. 4/5/2021
Tucson, Arizona: Nurturing the Continuum: A Conversation with University of Arizona President Dr. Robert C. Robbins 4/5/2021
Tucson, Arizona: Where the Stars Align: Mileages don’t change, but distances seem to shrink every year, thanks to the growing human, business and infrastructure connections linking Tucson, Arizona, to global commerce. 4/5/2021
Manufacturing Extension Partnership: Smart Systems Create Workforce Solutions: The Smart Talent program is just one way the national MEP network is helping the nation’s manufacturers grow business and people at the same time. 4/1/2021
Ontario: Have You Seen Hamilton?: Not the musical. The city that’s been leading Ontario in company project attraction over the past year. 4/1/2021
Sites & Buildings: Where Affordability, Value & Prime Real Estate Converge: You might think the nation’s office buildings sit completely inactive and empty, as pandemic-induced remote work takes hold as a permanent part of workplace planning. 3/31/2021
Entrepreneurship: Leading the Way: KY Innovation helps  startups scale and  become industry leaders. 3/31/2021
Logistics: California Ports Play Role in National Recovery & Future Competitiveness: More than 20% of the 158 major projects in California tracked by the Conway Data Projects Database in 2019 had a logistics component. 3/29/2021
Cybersecurity: Bay Area Cyber Cluster Protects the World: One-third of the world’s “Hot 150 Cybersecurity Companies” are based in California, and 32 of them are in the Bay Area. 3/29/2021
South Carolina Ports Authority: Right Place, Right Time: The South Carolina Ports Authority Makes All the Right Moves 3/29/2021
Maryland: Annoying Pop-Up!: Sudden digital advertising tax prompts lawsuit by big tech and friends. 3/25/2021
Logistics: Programs that Work for People Who Work: A peek into the latest data shows where certified logistics skills are most plentiful. 3/17/2021
Puerto Rico: Hand in Hand: Air Transshipment in Puerto Rico is the Perfect Complement to the Island’s Near-Shoring Value Proposition 3/15/2021
Online Insider: ‘Line of Sight’ Drives Site Selection for Fujifilm Diosynth CEO and Global Team: What does the world of photography have to do with a pending $2 billion location decision? It all depends on having the right chemistry. 3/15/2021
Infrastructure: Perpetual Motion: An overview of New Jersey’s connective tissue for commerce. 3/8/2021
2020 Top Industries: Machinery Still Revs the Economy, But Logistics and Life Sciences Are Where the Growth Is: Leading sectors, featuring a global map with the biggest projects in each. 3/8/2021
Mississippi River Corridor: Collaboration Across Boundaries Is Key To Wins for Twin Cities and Clinton, Iowa: As the cold winds of winter approached Iowa in late 2020, specialty fibers made residents of Clinton, Iowa, glow with warmth. 3/1/2021
2020 Top Micropolitans: The Nation’s Top-Performing Micropolitan Areas Unmask Opportunities In Tough Times: Micropolitan areas were socially distanced before it became a thing. 3/1/2021
Energy and Utilities: Evergy's Economic Development Team Sees Record Results and Record Interest in Renewable Energy from Companies: An inside look at how expansion of wind energy resources in Kansas gets literally connected to end user demand. 2/25/2021
Advanced Manufacturing: Asian Nations Continue to Lead in Robotics Innovation and Installations: Asian Nations Continue to Lead in Robotics Innovation and Installations 2/25/2021
Western Canada: Follow the HERD: Snapshots of R&D and its ties to growing sectors at the flagship universities of four provinces. 2/15/2021
Australia & New Zealand: How Australia & New Zealand: Wisk, an urban air mobility joint venture, is working with Boeing and NASA on the world’s first all-electric, self-flying air taxi. 2/11/2021
U.S. Midwest: On the Rebound: Four renewal and redevelopment projects move forward in the midwest 2/8/2021
Renewable Energy Hubs: Servicing the Wind: Hubs develop to handle cargo and meet the wind power sector’s manufacturing and service needs. 2/1/2021
Detroit Regional Partnership: Talent On Tap: The Detroit Region’s momentum is powered by people. 1/28/2021
Business Process Outsourcing: Not Waiting For the World to Change: FCR pivots to diversity, remote work and a host of new locations in one fell swoop. 1/25/2021
Hampton Roads, Virginia: Food and Beverage Steeped in Hampton Roads: Global food and beverage companies continue to make major investments in the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News metro area. 1/21/2021
Film & TV: Locations Roll Out the Red Carpet for Netflix Investment: Entertainment may be a replication of real life, but its production supports actual livelihoods across a range of professions. 1/18/2021
Parkland County, Alberta, Canada: 'A Good Chunk of Change': A major county in Greater Edmonton looks to be an agent of transformation and cost savings at the same time. 1/14/2021
Rail Parks & Inland Ports: Linchpin Locations: We sorted through the list of more than 1,300 intermodal sites listed in the Intermodal Association of North America’s directory to find the top states and cities by number of intermodal facilities. 12/21/2020
Germany: Motoring Along: Germany’s economy benefits from diversification, but cars and engines still make it go. 12/14/2020
Washington: The Home Office Vs. the home office: How the Pandemic Altered REI’s HQ Vision 12/3/2020
U.S. Southwest: When the Chips Are Up: A region known for its semiconductor fabrication leadership could reap the rewards if federal incentives come to pass. 11/25/2020
Data Centers: How the Video Game Industry Drives DC Location Decisions: Just as e-commerce and streamed meetings are driving data center capacity expansion, so too are the world’s 2.7 billion video gamers. 11/23/2020
Rural Economic Development: Goin' Up the Country: Even where there’s hardly ever a cloud in the sky, everyone wants the cloud. 11/20/2020
Opportunity Zones: Opportunity for All?: Finding projects that suit the goals of the federal Opportunity Zone program can take some work. Revisions may be in order to better suit the needs of neighborhoods and businesses alike. 11/19/2020
Hampton Roads, Virginia: Unmanned Unbound: Huntington Ingalls’ new center of excellence is the flagship for a new sector’s arrival by air, land and sea. 11/16/2020
Country of Georgia: A Country With a Great History and Even Greater Potential: Learn directly from company and government leaders why this country makes sense for light manufacturing and business services, among other sectors. 11/9/2020
FDI in America: Where FDI Drives the Bus: The data reveal some intriguing insights about who’s attracting the most FDI, and where that FDI is coming from. 11/5/2020
Ohio River Corridor: How Louisville Persevered to Clinch The Top Projects Crown: In a year more turbulent than the river it overlooks, metro Louisville leads our rankings of metro areas along the Ohio River’s entire length. 11/5/2020
Ports & Free Trade Zones: Safe Harbor: Three rankings shed light on the power of economic zones to catalyze industrial growth and commerce. 11/5/2020
Biotech Locations: Top Clusters Endure, But New Players Emerge: A peek into JLL’s latest U.S. Life Sciences Outlook report, and what an industry coalition thinks of the latest policy directives from the White House. 10/30/2020
Global Connectivity: The Human Network: Business, Trade and Diplomacy Expertise Blankets the State of Illinois 9/23/2020
Texas: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blockbuster: A closer look at Tesla’s choice of Greater Austin for its new $1 billion manufacturing facility reveals many points of view about one transformative project. 9/21/2020
Colombia: 50 Million Reasons: Near-shoring, infrastructure and a surging middle class are the active ingredients for Colombia’s next-generation economy. 9/17/2020
Logistics: COVID-19 Reshuffles The Cold Chain & Logistics Deck: There’s no shortage of global cold chain expansion activity among grocers, pharmaceutical companies and the technology and automation firms that serve them. 9/14/2020
Canada's Best Locations: Infrastructure for Innovation, Talent for Tomorrow: Led by Ontario and a bevy of its regions, Canada’s Best Locations offer business environments attracting more interest every day. 9/8/2020
2020 Top Utilities in Economic Development: Marquee Players: This year’s leaders in economic development show how infrastructure can be supporting cast and a star at the same time. 9/8/2020
Improvement Districts: Capital Improvement: The Golden Triangle Business Improvement District last fall became the first in the world to be certified LEED-Platinum as a community. That’s just the beginning for this catalytic neighborhood. 8/31/2020
COVID-19 Special Report - Logistics Sites & Services: On the Front Lines: As e-commerce surges in step with the virus, so does cold chain. 8/3/2020
Data Centers: Hyperscale or Hyper Scale-Back?: The best location right now for cloud service providers? Everywhere. 7/23/2020
Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, NC: Soft Landings: Foreign Firms Find A Foothold in Charlotte 7/20/2020
COVID-19 Special Report - Advanced Manufacturing: Could a Post-Pandemic National Industrial Strategy Advance the Cause of Advanced Manufacturing?: A new report urges the U.S. government to develop a national industrial strategy. 7/13/2020
Hampton Roads Virginia: Smooth Sailing: A polycentric region built around a multi-faceted port offers a model for how economic clusters work. 7/9/2020
COVID-19 Special Report - Remote Work: Work from Anywhere?: COVID-19 is disrupting traditional office use and dispersing workers around the country. 7/2/2020
COVID-19 Special Report Introduction: Voices Worth Heeding: Like many of our readers’ organizations, we shifted focus in response to the pandemic, scrapping our previous plans in order to devote our July issue to covering the world’s response. 7/2/2020
Shovel-Ready Sites:Shovel-Ready Infrastructure and Shovel-Ready Industrial Sites Go Hand in Hand: Could they work in tandem to lend a hand to a recovering economy? 6/22/2020
Québec: Desjardins Brings an Iconic Tower and a Neighborhood to Life: The financial giant has moved more than 1,300 employees into the Montréal Tower originally built for the 1976 Olympic Games. More are on the way. 6/22/2020
Utah: UVU’s Model for Tomorrow Is Available Today: Utah Valley University President Dr. Astrid Tuminez brings her unique experience to bear on a vision for higher education. 6/18/2020
North American Automotive: Car Makers Turn On a Dime To Manufacture Healthcare Solutions: Pivots by these four North American OEMs demonstrate a legacy of innovation and ingenuity. 6/18/2020
Iowa: A Virtual Peloton Through Rural Iowa: Checking in on economic development news in the towns where those thousands of RAGBRAI riders would have stopped overnight. 6/15/2020
Hoosier Energy: Sink or Swim: Come to southwestern Indiana and you’ll find an 8,000-acre megasite with all the bells and whistles and a rock-solid workforce ready to help their region and nation bounce back. 6/8/2020
Health tech: Frontline Care, Pioneering Innovation: The CEO of a growing telehealth firm hiring doctors by the dozens explains why the future of digital health technology is now. 5/18/2020
Invest Puerto Rico: Come Home: Puerto Rico’s resilience and recovery resumé is a perfect prescription for life sciences companies ready to reshore. 5/14/2020
Investment Report: Costa Rica: Our conversations with leaders from six global companies highlight why — today more than ever — people, planet and collaborative prosperity are priorities for growing companies in Costa Rica. 5/11/2020
Top Deals 2020: Hit Makers: When it comes to economic impact, these projects make the Top 40. 5/7/2020
Online Insider: They’ll Have the Fish: A new aquaculture operation aims to help Puerto Rico achieve food sovereignty one site at a time. 5/7/2020
Certified Sites: Next Level: Incorporating Workforce Data Into Site Certification Programs 4/27/2020
Top Industries: Cementing Growth: Yes, cement plants are a big reason why the machinery, equipment and construction sector led all industries in number of projects tallied around the world in 2019 4/20/2020
Biopharma: Market Cap, Meet Capital Investment: A look at where — and how often — high-value companies are making highly valued facility investments. 4/2/2020
Data Centers: How Undersea Cables Drive Onshore Site Decisions: An increasingly dense submarine web supports the web we’re on all the time. 3/30/2020
California: Fixing a Hole: Companies, Institutions and State Government Address California’s Housing Crisis 3/26/2020
New Mexico: How New Mexico Became a Top 10 Film State: With major investments, Netflix, NBCUniversal and others find the Land of Enchantment is more than just a slogan. 3/23/2020
St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana: Where High Value Meets High Values: Executives at three national scientific and technical services organizations explain why St. Tammany Parish is home. 3/19/2020
Xcel Energy: Benchmark Setter: Xcel Energy sets ambitious goals and then reaches them. It looks to help customers and communities do the same. 3/16/2020
Ontario: Laser Focus, Global Opportunities: A Conversation with Ontario's Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. 3/5/2020
Big Muddy Cup: The Shine of Success: Greater Blytheville, Arkansas, Takes Home the Hardware Thanks to Major Steel Investment 3/2/2020
Top Metros: Fresh Faces in Gateway Places: The U.S. project scorecard features perennial leaders and young talent. 3/2/2020
Future Energy Hubs: Seeking Purchase: Insights into Corporate PPAs and East Coast Wind 2/20/2020
Western Canada: Natural Advantages: How Western Canada cities measure up in the tech world. 2/17/2020
Western Europe: Reports Offer Insights on EU’s Reputation, Unauthorized Immigration: Two reports issued by the Pew Research Center this fall reveal how the European Union is viewed by various nations around the world. 2/6/2020
Alabama: History in the Making: Automotive, tech and tourism drive Alabama’s future. 2/3/2020
Business Process Outsourcing & Shared Services: Where the Top BPO Performers Go to Perform: Every year, pre-eminent business process outsourcing authority HfS Research publishes its list of Top 50 BPO companies by revenue. The names are familiar. 1/30/2020
Advanced Manufacturing: Warp Speed: From Haas Automation to Virgin Hyperloop to aerospace, southern Nevada’s manufacturing leadership  is leaping forward fast. 1/29/2020
The Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence: The 3-D Education: CME students solve problems in the real world, not just on paper. 1/28/2020
Invest Durban: Prime Movers: Auto manufacturing in Durban is pivotal to South Africa’s economic growth. 1/23/2020
Asia-Pacific: New Projects, New Data Provide Fresh Insights into ASEAN Growth Prospects: The Association of Southeast Asian Nations issued its annual investment report, which declared FDI into the 10-country region reached an all-time high. 1/20/2020
Fintech: How to Catch Hold of a Borderless Industry: A look at what makes fintech firms and ecosystems tick. 1/16/2020
Online Insider: As Real as It Gets: Long viewed as a system parallel to that of traditional employers, the film and TV production economy has become the new normal for many leading regions. 1/9/2020
State of the States 2020: 2020 Vision: Our annual 50-state report focuses on economic development laws, leaders, policies, indicators and projects from the past year. 1/6/2020
University Alliances: Nice Grouping: Six finalists vie for the annual Innovation & Economic Prosperity University Awards 12/23/2019
Top Business Park Locations: Inspiring Solutions: Award winners offer models worth emulating at global science & technology parks. 12/19/2019
Rail Parks & Inland Ports: $76 Billion and Counting: Inland ports just getting up to speed can look to a 30-year-old development for inspiration. 12/16/2019
Washington: Home Improvement: Microsoft commits half a billion dollars to making the Puget Sound affordable again. 12/9/2019
Data Centers: Building with DC BLOX: One company’s expansion strategy along the unfolding edge of the data center universe. 11/27/2019
Medical Devices: Database Drill-Down: Use these analytics tools to navigate to where the action is. 11/25/2019
New York: The Joy of Work: NextGen Work Centers Benefit Everyone Involved 11/18/2019
Florida: Explorers Rediscover Florida:Aerospace and aviation multinationals find their center of gravity in more than one location around the state. 11/14/2019
Great River Cup: Six Projects Are Enough for an Ohio River Metro’s Win: At an ideal meeting place, Greater Paducah meets up with this year’s Great River Cup. 11/11/2019
U.S. Opportunity Zones: The Lands of OZs: Early Returns and Major Concerns Across the Opportunity Zone Landscape 11/4/2019
Biotech Locations: Projects and People: NIIMBL aims to help biotech move — you guessed it — faster and more effectively. 10/30/2019
Missouri: Local Capital, Greenhouses Lure Plant Science Investment: Benson Hill follows a clearly marked trail of life sciences innovation to a new home in St. Louis. 10/24/2019
Plastics & Chemicals: The Building Blocks of Industries: The Deep South and the global south top the charts in tire and chemical project investments 10/21/2019
Eds & Meds: Amenities & Priorities: Alexandria’s clusters showcase where campus lifestyle and corporate responsibility meet. 10/10/2019
Southeast: Ready to Rise, Once Recognized: These voices carry when it comes to undervalued black communities and strong minority-led companies across the Southeast. 10/10/2019
Minority Report: Atlanta: Black perspectives on economic development, technology and startups in the city too busy to hate. 10/10/2019
Hoosier Energy: Shell of Its Future Self: A speculative building by definition brings risk before reward. It’s also a great conversation starter. 9/30/2019
California: Placemaking is Nice. Places to Live are Nicer: It’s all hands on deck as California communities, employers and citizens seek to afford the roofs over their heads. 9/26/2019
Huzhou, Zeijiang Province, China: Charging Toward the Future: Huzhou’s attractions include technology and manufacturing alongside the ‘invaluable assets’ of its natural beauty. 9/19/2019
Transportation & Infrastructure: Interchange for a Nation: Infrastructure is integral to the Illinois economy. Pick your national transport mode, and you’ll find it intersects in Illinois. 9/17/2019
Colleges & Universities: Talent Factories: The 12 public universities in Illinois form the backbone of a higher education roster that knows few peers. 9/17/2019
Missouri: New Day Dawning: With the goal of being the best in the Midwest, a cascade of changes has set Missouri on a new economic development course. Try to keep up. 9/12/2019
Infrastructure: The 2019 Global Groundwork Index: Looking for places where major employers and major populations both have a strong chance of being served by continuing infrastructure investment? 9/5/2019
Logistics: Grading the States on Logistics Health: The lead author of an annual scorecard says logistics is in a very good place as an industry. 9/5/2019
2019 Top Utilities in Economic Development: Corridors OF POWER - An Economic Development Atlas: The Top Utilities of 2019 help companies and communities map out the journey to success. 9/5/2019
Canada's Best Locations: Strategic Reserve - That’s Canada’s Way of Competing: Ontario again tops all provinces, and we name our Top 20 Canadian regions. 9/3/2019
Urban Improvement Districts: Opportunity Zones 2.0: Created under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Opportunity Zones are intended to stimulate economic development and job creation in distressed low-income communities. 8/26/2019
Louisiana: On a Roll: It’s been a busy spring and summer already when it comes to chemicals, energy and other projects in Louisiana. 8/19/2019
Cybersecurity: ‘All the Talent In the World’: Baltimore and Maryland look to lap the field again in the race to cybersuperiority. 8/12/2019
Data Centers: Running Hot & Cold: Cloud, edge, hyperscale, colocation — whatever type you like, today’s data centers are evolving into the next utility, in every climate. 8/8/2019
Clinton County Port Authority: Seeding the Future: A new plan and new projects position the Wilmington, Ohio, region for takeoff. 8/5/2019
Huber Heights, Ohio: An Ecosystem for Prosperity: Quality of place and people matters to companies expanding in Huber Heights. 8/5/2019
St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana: Where to THRIVE in More Ways Than One: As a new economic development vision is unveiled in St. Tammany Parish, the action is already well under way. 7/29/2019
Rural Economic Development: On the Map: The Rural Jump-Start program has boosted companies on the Western Slope, and stands ready to help firms get a foothold across rural Colorado. 7/19/2019
Michigan Talent: Take It From the Top: Leading voices from around the state of Michigan weigh in on the connections between regional culture, higher education and talent attraction. 7/18/2019
San Bernardino County: Everything You Need: Three company leaders explain why San Bernardino County is a healthy place to grow. 7/15/2019
Aerospace & Aviation: Pipeline Builders: Airlines and institutions put their shoulders to the workforce wheel in order to keep wings aloft. 7/15/2019
Sustainability Rankings: Top Locations for Sustainable Development: Green is as green does in these leading territories. 7/8/2019
Talent Attraction & Retention: Hubs & Outposts: INSEAD’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index offers food for thought. 7/1/2019
Smart Cities: What's Your Metro's IQ?: Perspectives on what it takes to be smart range from super-fast to slowing down completely. 7/1/2019
Startups & Innovation Hubs: Silicon Valley Still On Top, Amsterdam On the Rise: Startup Genome says these leading startup hubs have a major role to play in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 7/1/2019
Shovel-Ready Sites: More Actions Demand More Options: Midwest organizations adopt various strategies to take land from available to occupied. 6/24/2019
Iowa: Scorecard Charts Uptick in County’s Competitiveness: West Des Moines and environs have what recent financial sector investors are looking for. 6/24/2019
SelectUSA: Let the Summiteering Begin: The latest FDI numbers show reason for optimism in the United States. 6/10/2019
Salt River Project: Flowing Into the Valley: For power and for water, SRP has the future in mind, and the Greater Phoenix community at heart. 6/10/2019
Asia: Soft Landing in Thailand: A CEO talks through his global fiber company's location choice in an evolving Asian marketplace. 6/6/2019
Online Insider: Twist of Fate: Four years after choosing a site in Florida, Coquí Pharma’s CEO explains why a crucial medical isotope project is now landing in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 6/6/2019
Invest in Israel: Global Savvy: The reach of Israel’s professional services sector enhances multinationals’ entire portfolios. 6/3/2019
North Macedonia Free Zones: Stable, Safe & Free to Prosper: North Macedonia’s free zones play a key role in the newly renamed country’s economic growth plan. 5/23/2019
Health Tech & Life Sciences: ‘Staggering’ Amount of Venture Capital Drives Leading U.S. Clusters: But watch for emerging areas driven by institutions more focused on commercialization, says CBRE report. 5/20/2019
B2I: Top Deals 2019 - International: The top international deals of the year were marked by Chinese capital flowing into India and Africa, among other industry trends. 5/9/2019
B2I: Top Deals 2019 - North America: Last year’s most lucrative corporate projects feature tech, transportation and three from Amazon that collectively aim to fulfill 33,000 job openings. 5/6/2019
Online Insider: Almost, But Not Quite: A Finnish company’s promotional idea to open a pop-up bar at the North Pole instead pops open a window on Arctic politics and environmental issues. 4/25/2019
Northeast: From Idle to Active: Places once thought fossils — including two fossil-fuel power plants — welcome renewal from investors. 4/25/2019
Top Industries of 2018: Whole Lotta Building Going On: This year’s tallies of the top industries of 2018 show machinery, equipment & construction leading the way. For most countries, that’s a good sign. 4/23/2019
Certified Sites: Shovel-Ready Is a Requirement: Is your site environment- and wellness-ready too? 4/22/2019
Data Centers: Expansion to Canada Hones Location Strategy: Listen and learn from the president and CEO of a fast-growing wholesale data center company. 4/18/2019
Ontario, Canada: Ready, Aim, Hire: A new asset mapping tool for eastern Ontario goes way beyond a parlor trick. 4/15/2019
Agribusiness: Between the Barley & the Beer: Follow the malt-shopping footprint of a little-known global giant. 4/11/2019
Scotland: As Brexit Countdown Continues, Scotland Stands Up to Be Counted: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on the dangers of leaving the EU and the continuing allure of Scotland for global firms and talent. 4/4/2019
Invest in Israel: On the Hunt: There’s no better place than Israel to scout for talent and ideas. 3/21/2019
Illinois: It’s All About The Talent: A month into his tenure, the new governor of Illinois lays out his vision for prosperity. 3/21/2019
Hoosier Energy: Shining Stars: A program focused on quality of place is yielding positive economic and wellness results in 16 small Indiana towns — with more to come. 3/18/2019
Biopharma: A to Zed, Part Two: A chat with AstraZeneca's head of real estate and asset strategies offers a glimpse into the company's global growth strategy and focus on quality workplaces. 3/15/2019
Animal Health: The First Portland: A new global corporate entity in animal health makes its home in Maine. 3/15/2019
R&D: Promega Catalyzes Community, Clones Sustainability Strategy: A new R&D expansion at its home base in Wisconsin is just one expression of the company’s genetic predisposition to be both conscious and growth-oriented. 3/15/2019
News: Briefly Bio: This edition’s batch of bio-based news includes stories about health tech in Stockholm; An Israeli perspective on Houston's digital health scene and more. 3/15/2019
San Bernardino County: Inflection Point: New labor market intelligence and a new vision are set to propel San Bernardino County to the next level. 3/11/2019
The Big Muddy Cup: Steady As She Goes: Earning the trophy it last won five years ago is a tribute to Dubuque’s enduring allure. 3/4/2019
Top Metros of 2018: Great Things Happen Here HQ2 or Not: The Top Metros in the nation know how to bring in the projects, and crave the talent to keep that pipeline flowing. 3/4/2019
Energy & Utilities: Energy Engineered: With economic impacts accounting for 1.3 percent of all Idaho personal income, Idaho National Laboratory is a linchpin partner for the state  and its companies. 2/26/2019
Western Canada: Stem Cell Therapies - Made in Canada: If you didn’t know any better, you might think every plant or life sciences project in Canada is being driven by cannabis legalization. 2/25/2019
Midwest: Living History: Museums and historic sites across the heartland have historic ties to industry, but their neighborhoods aren't living in the past. 2/14/2019
Film & Entertainment: Every Picture Tells a Story: The latest film and TV statistics show which territories are seeing the most 'Action.' 2/4/2019
Electric Vehicles: Charging Ahead: With emissions crimes still in the rear-view mirror, Volkswagen ramps up its global commitment to electric vehicles and the recharging stations that feed them. 1/25/2019
Sustainability: The Push and Pull of Green Building: A new law on the East Coast and a new corporate campus on the West Coast show how cities and companies can converge to attain sustainability and wellness goals. 1/25/2019
Research: Swedish Catalyst: Ongoing work at Chalmers University of Technology offers windows into the EU’s energy future. 1/25/2019
News: Energy Matters: Asia's share of CO2 emissions, FPL's huge solar commitment in Florida and more. 1/25/2019
Health Care: The 'Rebuilding Czar' Comes Home: Medical City at Tradition is part of an effort to do nothing less than rejuvenate the people of Mississippi — and beyond. 1/22/2019
Brexit: 'Invisible Chain': A government leader says the chains that appear to bind the post-Brexit UK economy could instead be stronger links to global partners in trade and democracy. 1/10/2019
San Bernardino County: Masters of Apprenticeship: San Bernardino County companies and institutions show the rest of the world how a regional approach works best for upskilling and growing the workforce. 1/7/2019
Asia Pacific: Mobility Solutions for the Masses: Multiple projects show why Asia is a key growth location for Bombardier’s rail systems business. 1/7/2019
University Alliances: Where R&D Translates into Growth: Reports paint a clear picture of the good things that can happen when university research and metropolitan ecosystems coalesce. 12/26/2018
Recession-Proof Industries: When the Economy Is Sick, Look to Healthcare for the Cure: Technology has blurred the lines among sectors, jobs and gigs, and redrawn the map when it comes to weathering an economic downturn. 12/13/2018
New York: Return to the Waterfront: An engineering pioneer brings a unique perspective to the Empire State’s infrastructure needs. 12/10/2018
Headquarters: McKesson’s Big Move: The medical distribution giant’s global HQ will leave the Bay Area for the DFW suburb of Irving. 12/7/2018
Healthcare: Tipping the Scales: Recent reports on obesity, diabetes and lifelong exercise offer looming clouds of concern and a few bright rays of encouragement. 12/7/2018
Medtech: BD Injects More Capital into Nebraska: Among other products, the company has made cannula in the Cornhusker State for 51 years. What’s a cannula, you ask? 12/7/2018
News: Briefly Bio: San Diego’s bar-raising way of presenting its precision health cluster; A pre-HQ2 study that says Long Island City is ideal for life sciences too and more. 12/7/2018
Online Insider: Ready When You Are: Spain's Talgo commits to create more than 1,000 jobs in Scotland, and a UK-centered railway vision that goes way beyond the UK. 12/6/2018
Data Centers: Coming Back for More: Projects on opposite sides of the Atlantic show how data centers can fortify regions in more ways than one. 12/6/2018
Global Automotive: Smart Moves: Looking to position yourself near autonomous, smart and electrified vehicle R&D? It seems as if there’s an autonomous vehicle test bed around every corner. 11/29/2018
Baden-Württemberg International: New Directions: The Federal State of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany — the birthplace of the automobile — is ready to disrupt its own industry. 11/26/2018
Germany: Where to Find the Green in Germany: Where will corporate occupiers find the greenest buildings once they land within Germany’s borders? 11/26/2018
Technology + Talent: Tech+Talent is a Magical Combination: Computing power and brain power deliver a powerful one-two punch. 11/20/2018
FinTech Sandbox: FinTech’s Newest  Place to Play – A Desert Sandbox: Arizona is the first state in the nation to issue an open invitation to financial technology pioneers. 11/20/2018
Medical Technology & Bioscience: Innovation Engine: From the Mayo Clinic to the medical device sector, Minnesota wrote the book on medical technology and bioscience. 11/16/2018
Corporate Campus: Berlin and the Burgh: Two Siemens investments on opposite sides of the Atlantic have energy and community redevelopment at their heart. 11/16/2018
Energy Efficiency: Windows on a More Efficient World: Three reports offer guideposts to more judicious energy use in buildings, transport and industry. 11/16/2018
Batteries: Where Do All the Batteries Go?: Renault is working on an answer. 11/16/2018
News: Energy Matters: The UK's new energy and carbon reporting scheme; helicopter rotors can help service wind farm blades and more. 11/16/2018
Great River Cup: A Western Kentucky Winner: Greater Owensboro takes the trophy this year for most per-capita projects along the Ohio River corridor. 11/5/2018
Military & Defense: Value Added: An Enhanced Use Lease strategy proves key to growth and to the mission at Falcon Hill in Utah. 10/26/2018
United Kingdom: Head Offices Head the List: Brexit or not, new corporate campuses bring thousands of jobs to UK cities. 10/25/2018
Cannabis: THC, CBD and GDP: Recreational cannabis just turned legal in Canada two days ago. Cannabis-related firms have been building facilities in Canada for years. 10/19/2018
Institutions: Healing and Learning Combine to Drive Earnings: Major projects will improve these institutions’ already sturdy constitutions. 10/19/2018
Workforce: Silent Scourge: If drugs are the lifeblood of the life sciences, their abuse and misuse by the workforce is a health crisis. 10/19/2018
News: Briefly Bio: Europe's Top 10 biopharma clusters, R&D Analysis and more. 10/19/2018
Missouri: Talent, ‘Boldness’ Mark New State Agenda: In August, after unions submitted enough signatures to put repeal of a right-to-work law on a referendum, Missouri voters overwhelmingly rejected it. 10/8/2018
Central New Mexico Rail Park: Oasis of Opportunity: This growth nexus just south of Albuquerque speeds your project to market, so you can deploy multiple transport modes to speed your products to customers. 10/4/2018
Business Birmingham: Region on the Rise: Birmingham’s city center revs the growth engine of an area leading the UK in startups, FDI and talent. 10/1/2018
Infrastructure: Return to the Waterfront: For most New Yorkers, 'underwater' triggers bad memories of Hurricane Sandy or the financial crisis. For this one, it signaled opportunity. 9/27/2018
Hoosier Energy: Now or Never: High-speed internet service brings immediate results to Hoosier Energy co-op territories, at a watershed moment for rural economic development. 9/27/2018
Rural Advantage: The Human Smart Grid: Electricity signaled progress a century ago. Broadband sparks it today. 9/27/2018
Nuclear Power: Hanging in the Balance: Brinksmanship reaches a fever pitch in Georgia over a megaproject that comes with mega-costs. 9/21/2018
Energy Consumption: Define Your Therms: Rhode Island’s low energy consumption is matched by its high profile in renewables. 9/21/2018
Energy Efficiency: Lost Generation: A new ranking of Indian state energy efficiency follows a U.S. report’s model, with one crucial difference. 9/21/2018
News: Energy Matters: AEP’s cancellation of a $4.5-billion wind project, Infrastructure investment in West Texas and more. 9/21/2018
Transit & Connectivity: Navigating the Transit Project Labyrinth: Denver makes a case for TOD in a world of DOTs, says a global transit expert based in the city. Other cities, not so much. 9/20/2018
Global Connectivity: Boarding Pass to a Brighter Future: O'Hare's big project is just one aspect of the state's multifaceted role in international commerce. 9/10/2018
Canada's Best Locations 2018: Trailblazers: These jurisdictions top the charts in a nation already leading the way in infrastructure, sustainability and global commerce. 9/5/2018
Top Utilities 2018: All Things to Most People: The team members who work for the 2018 Top Utilities in Economic Development wear a lot of hats, and that’s just fine. 9/4/2018
Infrastructure: Paving the Way: The inaugural Global Groundwork Index sizes up the territories where infrastructure and corporate investment are aligning for the future. 9/4/2018
Logistics Sites & Services: Two Views of Logistics Location Performance: New studies will help you flesh out your own decision matrix. 8/30/2018
Diagnostics: Fresh Blood: Emeryville welcomes renewed investment from Spain’s Grifols in a legacy site. 8/28/2018
Headquarters: Madison Catalyst: Exact Sciences’ new HQ could catapult a company and a research park to the next level. 8/28/2018
News: Briefly Bio: This edition’s screened sampling of stories includes links about China's Yisheng in Cambodia, Time folding at MIT and more. 8/28/2018
Energy: Wind Power: Kansas’ renewable energy sector is growing fast. 8/24/2018
New Jersey: Camden Welcomes Another HQ: When Subaru of America opened a new headquarters in Camden it represented the evolution of a Camden redevelopment story begun by Campbell Soup Company 12 years ago. 8/20/2018
Mixed-Use Development: If You Believe: Theme park designer ITEC Entertainment is the ultimate show runner, bringing its proven brand of storytelling to the exploding universe of mixed-use destinations. 8/16/2018
Red River Valley: People Power: The Valley is seeing waves of investment from Grafton to Grand Forks-East Grand Forks, to Fargo-Moorhead and to Wahpeton further south. 8/2/2018
Data Centers: Data Centers Straining the Grid? Alternatives Lurk Underwater: In Europe, data center projects are pursuing a number of alternative paths to resiliency in order to reduce pressure on a grid stretched to capacity. 7/30/2018
Europe: A 'Decisive Moment' in Paris: With $60 million in funding, French photography editing startup Meero is about to build the nation’s largest computer vision center and open more offices abroad. 7/26/2018
Business Management & Services: The Winning Future: Walmart’s new home office is one of many corporate administrative hubs finding a comfortable fit with room to grow in the Natural State. 7/25/2018
U.S.-Mexico Border Corridor: Positive Signs on the Horizon: Industrial projects aimed at U.S.-Mexico commerce will unite instead of divide. 7/23/2018
Energy: New Generation: What does it mean to grow the energy sector? 7/20/2018
Logistics & Distribution: Bull's Eye: Markets, prowess and multimodal options are among the reasons distribution operations cluster in the nation’s center. 7/20/2018
Remanufacturing: Core Values at the Country's Core: Missouri’s southwestern corner is the nation’s reman capital. 7/20/2018
Orlando Utilities Commission: A Place to Excel: OUC’s visionary mindset is as central as its water and power to making Metro Orlando attractive to top performers like the USTA and KPMG. 7/19/2018
Quebec: New Leaf: Companies in Sherbrooke aim to get a jump on the market in the world of newly legalized Canadian cannabis. 7/19/2018
Africa: MAN United in Advocating for Reforms to Nigeria’s Business Environment: The president of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria sees promise on the horizon, once obstacles in the foreground are overcome. 7/18/2018
Solar: Power Game: In addition to parkland and housing, some closed golf courses are turning into solar power plants. 7/13/2018
Solar: Ladies and Gentlemen, Charge Your Engines: The 2018 American Solar Challenge is underway. 7/13/2018
Oil & Gas: Refinery Restart Awaits Legislative Approval in the U.S. Virgin Islands: A $1.4-billion investment from ArcLight Capital Partners and Limetree Bay Terminals promises 700 new jobs and new revenue streams in the hard-hit U.S. territory. 7/13/2018
News: Energy Matters: Community-level solar power in Kenya; Montana wind could help the Pacific Northwest and more. 7/13/2018
Advanced Manufacturing: Even MORE ROBOTS Are Coming: Asian nations and Germany are among the leaders blending automation and human beings into a new manufacturing mindset. 7/12/2018
Regional Startup Ecosystems: The Next Tech Startup Hub Is Everywhere: Everyone wants to run a startup — even the big boys and girls. 7/9/2018
Sustainability Rankings: Investors, Tenants Seek More Sustainable Locations: The 2018 Sustainability Rankings highlight an evolving sense of the term, as government and corporate policies converge for the betterment of the world. 7/5/2018
Smart Cities: Beyond Bells & Whistles: What’s Smartest? Systems That Help Humans. 7/2/2018
Research: Mini Brains and Not-So-Mini Brains: At the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital at McGill University, innovation is baked into the DNA. 6/19/2018
Startups: Running with the Pack: Growth at Birmingham’s Pack Health showcases the region’s biosciences impact during the Rise of the Rest investment tour. 6/19/2018
Biologics: Biologics Bonanza: China’s Wuxi Apptec Group is on a facility investment binge. Try to keep up. 6/19/2018
News: Briefly Bio: AbbVie in Puerto Rico, Cambridge Biotech Clusters, Medical Cannabis in Alberta and more. 6/19/2018
Sale-Leaseback: The Multi City Approach: Sale-leaseback works for strategies being implemented by State Farm and BlueLinx. 6/18/2018
Shovel-Ready Sites: Shining the Spotlight on Class I Railroad Site Certification: It’s safe to say that every railroad is shovel-ready. After all, they were the first industrial developers, looking to move product along their backbone networks. 6/14/2018
South America: Great Works in the Works: Interested in investing in or benefiting from new South American infrastructure? Here’s the lowdown on the first half of what will be $23 billion in projects aiming for completion by 2027. 6/11/2018
Iowa: Pork Facility is at the Crux of National Policy Debates: One of the biggest pork processing facilities in the country is all systems go, even as its leaders navigate the challenges of potential tariffs, immigration and workforce development. 6/4/2018
Mississippi: Improving the Soil: A revolutionary agricultural technology rejuvenates crops around the globe from its home base in Hattiesburg. 5/31/2018
Solar: Soup’s On in New Jersey: A new project at Campbell Soup Company’s world headquarters showcases a company and a state leading the way in solar power deployment. 5/25/2018
Renewable Energy: Sun and Wind Projects Debut in Northwest Ohio: A new manufacturing plant will create 500 jobs, while a new wind farm creates electrons for GM. 5/25/2018
News: Energy Matters: Oil & Gas, Solar in China, Wind in Taiwan and Japan, Mexico Energy Reform and more. 5/25/2018
Life Science Centers: Natural Selection - Mapping the Startup Genome: Analysis from the 2018 Global Startup Ecosystems Report highlights cities where both global and local connectivity is strongest for life sciences. 5/24/2018
Great Lakes: Bi-National Region Tackles Water Use, NAFTA & More: A conversation with Council of the Great Lakes Region President and CEO Mark Fisher. 5/17/2018
E-Commerce: You May Also Like …: Even for Amazon, four big projects pledging 8,000 new jobs announced over the past 17 days is an above-average pace. 5/17/2018
Top Deals of 2017: Beautifully Big Business: There’s no denying the power of large-scale investments from companies that already have scale. 5/3/2018
Health Tech: Health Tech On the Upswing in Trio of Quebec Metros: A mix of factors have put patients, physicians, researchers, institutes, business accelerators and even animal subjects in close physical proximity. 4/30/2018
Research: Where the Scientists Go: A detailed talent migration study by a division of the NIH is more than an academic exercise. 4/30/2018
Buildings: Well Being, Meet WELL Buildings: The next wave of health tech aims to improve health building by building. 4/30/2018
News: Briefly Bio: California firm growing, New Cell and Gene Therapy, European Bio and more. 4/30/2018
Top Industries of 2017: Going Big? Go to Asia.: For the second straight year, chemical/pharmaceutical facility investment has outpaced transportation equipment. 4/26/2018
Certified Sites: The Directory of Due Diligence: The growing roster of site certification programs converges with the need to certify the skills you’ll find near those qualified parcels. 4/19/2018
Biopharmaceuticals: Future Bio-Spaces, Same Bio-Places: As facilities grow more flexible, so too do the boundaries of their old favorite locations. 4/19/2018
Hoosier Energy: Down to the Crossroads: Transportation assets help companies and communities prosper in central and southern Indiana. So does the human touch. 4/12/2018
Data Centers: Core Value, Edge Opportunities: The investment and growth promise of data centers is as clear as the cloud. 4/12/2018
Renewable Energy: Test Case: Renewables play a major role in the progressive climate policies of California — and of its companies too. 4/10/2018
Biotech: Virtuous Cycle: he birthplace of biotech knows how to nurture it too.T 4/10/2018
Solar: New Solar Census, No Sunny Consensus: A new tally of solar jobs nationwide debuts just as new tariffs kick in. 3/30/2018
Electric Vehicles: Autonomous Autos Roll On: Two pilot projects from Renault put self-driving EVs to work in a Normandy city and on a Portuguese island. 3/30/2018
News: Energy Matters: Saudi interest in Chinese oil, Saudi solar, Tesla Powerwalls and more. 3/30/2018
Savannah Gateway Industrial Hub: Georgia Game-Changer: On the outskirts of America’s first planned city, the master-planned Savannah Gateway Industrial Hub could write the region’s next exciting chapter. 3/29/2018
Policy: Kaiser Saves Money with Move to Bay Area: How is that possible in one of the nation’s costliest markets? If you’re moving from an even more expensive one. 3/20/2018
R & D: Spallation Sensation: Five years from now, a new neutron source in southern Sweden will try to give Oak Ridge a run for its money. 3/20/2018
Plants: High Signs: Real estate and economic developers find it’s good to touch the green, green grass. 3/20/2018
News: Briefly Bio: Flenmark R&D in Switzerland; Ethanol in Nebraska; The genomics opportunity in Ethiopia, and more. 3/20/2018
Agribusiness: Where the Domesticated Things Are: Looking through the Alltech lens provides a global perspective on the business of feeding the world. 3/15/2018
Ontario: Possible Closure of Toronto Aerospace Site Rattles Ontario, Union Leaders: Thousands of jobs hang in the balance as Bombardier considers options at the historic Downsview site in Toronto. 3/8/2018
Top Metros 2017: Repeat Defenders: For the third year in a row, Chicago, Omaha and Sioux City are No. 1 in their respective population categories. 3/1/2018
Big Muddy Cup: ‘Authentic Country Goodness’: Northwest Tennessee’s Union City offers further proof that state lines can unite instead of divide. 3/1/2018
Advanced Manufacturing: Adding On: Manufacturing advances from historic forging territory to beyond Earth’s atmosphere 2/22/2018
Autonomous Vehicles: Auto-Focus: A Big Three OEM will navigate the future by reviving a relic of the past. 2/15/2018
Midwest: These States Know How to Scrap: Steel has a super-powered influence on the Midwest’s economy. 2/8/2018
American Energy Hubs: All of the Above: The Secretary of the Interior and his boss want more energy development, and they want it now. 2/1/2018
E-Commerce & Logistics: Raising the Roof: In the drive to optimize cubage, automation and e-commerce drive the stacks and the ceilings ever higher. 1/25/2018
Oil & Gas: Norway’s Trump Card: Statoil’s busy in more than 30 countries (including the US), but its main pipeline of oil, gas and wind projects continues to churn between the North Sea and the Arctic Circle. 1/19/2018
Batteries: Moving Mountains: EnerBlü's two-pronged investment in Kentucky gets its power from a university town and a company town, both of which seek to diversify their economies. 1/19/2018
Pipelines: The Pipeline Promise: Projects in Alberta and Pennsylvania illustrate the present benefits and future potential of petrochemical development. 1/19/2018
News: Energy Matters: Canada’s map of expanding alternative fueling options, DOE report and more. 1/19/2018
Ontario, Canada: The ‘Great Human’ Theory: In Ontario, the technology is nearly as astounding as the people who create it. 1/11/2018
Alabama: Alabama a Case Study in Japan-Southeast Relations: Whether it gets the Toyota-Mazda plant or not, the state’s long-running string of Japanese FDI shows no signs of slowing. 1/11/2018
Online Insider: Old and In the Way: Companies don’t pay nearly enough attention to the cost of holding onto shuttered sites as a first-ever benchmarking report shows. 1/11/2018
Research & Development: Flight Path: It’s not everywhere you can find space to fly next door to young talent ready to soar. 1/9/2018
Biologics: Fast, Diverse and Equitable - A Visioning Process for Future Biologics Manufacturing: Could speed to market and speed to crisis have a few things in common? 12/29/2017
Pharmaceuticals: 'Top Down and Sideways': Israel's Teva Pharmaceuticals is cutting 14,000 jobs and $3 billion from its cost base, starting with Jerusalem. 12/29/2017
News: Briefly Bio: Merck's London HQ, Medline Facilities, Hollister in Lithuania and more. 12/29/2017
Downtown Revitalization: Hidden in Plain Sight: The Oversized Impact of Downtown Universities 12/28/2017
Top Business Park Locations: Indicators for the Year Ahead: For the past four years, industrial has been the top-ranked property sector in the Emerging Trends survey and it remains so for the year ahead. 12/21/2017
New York: Skyline of Neighborhoods: Judging by the appetite for mixed-use in the Big Apple, there’s no such thing as too many cranes. 12/14/2017
Data Centers: All Those Ones and Zeroes Add Up to BILLIONS: It might surprise you to learn that traditional data center leaders Virginia and Texas have been challenged since 2016 began. 12/14/2017
South Korea: Unprecedented Investment Unfolds in Semiconductor Giants’ Homeland: Samsung isn’t the only Korean corporate giant inching its way into its home country’s infrastructure in innovative fashion. 12/14/2017
PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate: Gateway to a Future: For companies and people alike, Aqaba International Industrial Estate offers sweet opportunity. 12/7/2017
Medical Devices: Thinking Long Term, Reacting Short Term: A conversation with Dmitry Dukhan, vice president of real estate for Medline Industries 12/7/2017
Ontario: Quantum Spin: The entrepreneurial spirit in the Waterloo region stretches from a Mennonite heritage to the complexities of quantum computing. 11/30/2017
Colorado the Beautiful: Natural Allure: It’s easy to hit the trail in Colorado. 11/28/2017
Top Competitive Cities: Central US Metros Dominate 2017 Top Competitive Cities: The competitive fire of some leading cities is being directed toward their own federal government. 11/20/2017
Recession-Proof Industries: Bounce-Back Central: Matching recent project location data with a new ranking of the most resilient states from the Great Recession tells us a few things. 11/16/2017
Energy Efficiency: Massachusetts, California and Rhode Island Do the Most to Use the Least: The 11th annual State Energy Efficiency Scorecard finds familiar names at the top, and incorporates a new metric. 11/15/2017
Batteries: Did you Remember the Batteries?: A Nordic venture with powerful backing aims to help power an electrified Europe with a multibillion-dollar battery plant in Swedish Lapland. 11/15/2017
News: Energy Matters: What Microsoft is doing in Ireland to support the power needs of a booming data center cluster and more. 11/15/2017
Aerospace & Defense: World Travelers: A glance inside the Rolls-Royce operations machine 11/9/2017
Incentives Update: Which Side Are You On?: Collaboration and regional thinking make for great slogans — but it’s tooth-and-nail competition when a company has to pick a final landing spot for a major investment. 11/9/2017
Ohio River Corridor: Maysville Gets Its Mojo Back: The winner of the inaugural Great River Cup is just one of several Ohio River Corridor regions proving attractive to multinational corporate investors. 11/2/2017
Military & Defense: Where All the Money Goes: Drilling down reveals the top 10 regional locations for defense spending 10/26/2017
Biotech Locations: The Rich Get Richer: According to JLL’s newest Life Sciences Outlook, the favorites are still winning the race despite rising costs. 10/19/2017
Manufacturing: Is It Real?: A maker of synthetic cadavers and other simulation products for medical training experiences the excitement and growing pains that come with corporate adolescence. 10/18/2017
Health Care: Booming Siemens Business Chooses Boston Area for Expansion: A $300-million investment shows the metro area's life sciences stronghold is not limited to Cambridge. 10/18/2017
R & D: 'You Can't Find This Stuff in Papers': Like much successful R&D, these MIT researchers' breakthrough insight was a byproduct. 10/18/2017
News: Briefly Bio: Anthem in Atlanta, Solvay's choice in West Virginia and more. 10/18/2017
Plastics & Chemicals: CHINA Slowing Down? Not Really.: The rising number of middle-class households in the developing world should support increased investment. 10/12/2017
Online Insider: Time to Wake Up: A mattress firm's HQ joins a movie studio in anchoring a new town center in Greater Atlanta. 10/12/2017
Logistics & Distribution: Phoenix-Area DC LEEDs the Way: Insights from REI’s supply chain VP show where goods movement is moving next. 10/12/2017
United Kingdom: However Brexit Shakes Out, the UK’s Tech Sector Is Ready to Take Charge: The Brexit process has launched. That means the UK is on the clock, aiming to disengage from the EU within two years. 9/21/2017
Electric Vehicles: Get Charged Up: The fallout from VW's emissions scandal includes a $2-billion commitment to EV-charging infrastructure across the US. 9/15/2017
Oil & Gas: Cause and (Cartel) Effect: A new report uses rig data to link fracking and other 'advances' to OPEC's rigging of the marketplace. 9/15/2017
Power: Electron Immigration: The $1.6-billion Northern Pass Transmission project continues to pass milestones on the journey toward making New England power cheaper with Canadian hydroelectricity. 9/15/2017
News: Energy Matters: Nuclear power database, Jones Act waiver, Turmoil at the DOE and more. 9/15/2017
Greater San Marcos Texas: Sweet Spot for Growth: In the heart of the ‘Centroplex,’ San Marcos dances to its own beat. 9/14/2017
Rural Advantage: New Analysis Reveals Top Rural Counties for Workforce Certificates: And a new definition of wealth could reveal a path forward for rural areas everywhere. 9/14/2017
Top Utilities: Decision Enhancers: This Year’s Top Utilities Back Rich Data With Even Richer Levels of Service and Assistance. 9/5/2017
Canada's Best Locations: Ontario Leads a Nation Ripe for Growth: Ontario once again earns Site Selection’s nod as the most competitive province in Canada. 9/5/2017
New York's Tech Valley: On the Trail of Innovation: The region has built momentum as high-tech companies and consortia grew alongside expanding resources. 8/31/2017
Urban Improvement Districts: Many Names, One Goal for Neighborhoods On the Remake: Urban improvement districts exist to help neighborhoods redevelop and, via that fresh coat of paint, reclaim their value. 8/31/2017
Information & Communications Technology: Where Data & Business Processes Converge: When it comes to a growth economy, the name of the game these days is IT, ICT or the IoT— even in an industrial plant in the countryside. 8/31/2017
Logistics Sites & Services: Pieces of the Pie: Snapshots of logistics intelligence and solutions show where the sector is going next. 8/24/2017
Electronics: Screen Time Supply Chain: From giant TVs to ever-larger smartphones, the world craves screen time — and that requires more and bigger screens. 8/24/2017
Public Health: Who's Moving Most: Data on how often you relocate your body could be valuable to those who want to locate companies in healthy places. 8/11/2017
Ag-Tech: RTP's Next Chapter: A new mega campus for ag-tech in North Carolina aims to foster solutions to world hunger and lead the way to a more urbanized Research Triangle Park. 8/11/2017
Policy: Worried About Your IP and Market Access Around the World?: The US Trade Representative and PhRMA are too. 8/11/2017
News: Briefly Bio: This edition’s capsule of active pharmaceutical news ingredients includes stories about IPO momentum in Canada, an Iran-China R&D tie-up and more. 8/11/2017
Louisiana: Turn for the Better: Louisiana’s energy-driven economic health has never been more robust. 8/10/2017
Renewable Energy: Three Views into Renewables: Record installations at record low prices was the thrust of REN21’s Renewables 2017 Global Status Report, published in early June. 8/10/2017
Brooks: From Military Base to Quality Place: There’s a new town center blossoming on the South Side of San Antonio. 8/3/2017
Data Centers: Big Data, Big Moves, Big Merger: : All those data plans the world is using require some physical plans for processing and storing that data. 8/3/2017
Food & Beverage: Fresh Approaches: When it comes to food, regional affiliation is important for reasons that go well beyond branding. 7/27/2017
Missouri: Circle of Outsiders: Missouri Governor Eric Greitens on Reform, Right-to-Work and Renewing State Competitiveness 7/27/2017
Advanced Manufacturing: Defining & Redefining: Advancing perceptions may be the hardest part of advanced manufacturing. 7/20/2017
Energy Efficiency: Better Buildings, Better Cities: Corporate actors take center stage in efforts to brighten the future as well as they brighten workspace. 7/18/2017
Nuclear Power: Today Russia, Tomorrow the World?: Actually, the worldwide web of activity by Russian utility and nuclear power champion Rosatom is already quite robust. 7/18/2017
Sustainability: Higher Ground: UPS sets new sustainability goals that include vehicle innovations and more renewable power. 7/18/2017
News: Energy Matters: A geothermal summit in Amsterdam this November; More LNG about to ship from Lake Charles and more. 7/18/2017
Regional Startup Ecosystems: A Global Scorecard for Startups: The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017 reveals how successful tech innovation is being led by young entrepreneurs all over the world. 7/13/2017
Sustainability Rankings 2017: Clean Green Machines: A new and improved index highlights the leading countries, states and metro areas in sustainability. 7/6/2017
Mexico Advantage: 'Unique Position': With dark signals from the north looming, the expanding ports of Mexico improve the nation’s trade prospects in all directions. 6/22/2017
Georgia: Enrollment Figures ... Prominently: Higher education institutions have grown nearly as integral to Georgia’s economic development as its utilities, ports and airports have been for decades. 6/22/2017
Shovel-Ready Sites: How Do You Certify Success? | Risk is a tricky thing: Project developers want to avoid it at all costs, it seems. 6/15/2017
CEO Q&A: A CEO's Insights on Central Indiana: "With AIT Bioscience, there are no surprises." 6/14/2017
Startups: Startup Launchpad Opens in Booming Big Apple Cluster: As the 2016 Life Sciences Outlook from JLL reported in December, the Big Apple's life sciences cluster is growing rapidly 6/14/2017
News: Briefly Bio: FDA has approved a bulk biologics manufacturing plant and more. 6/14/2017
Iowa: A Complete Business Cycle: Iowa investments from one corner to the other cover every link of the food chain. 6/8/2017
Bio-Agriculture: Ontario Vintner - ‘Biodynamic’ Is Better: Better Vines. Better Wines. Better World. 6/8/2017
Energy Efficiency: You Can't Tell the Players Without a Scorecard: Boston's still the best and LA's leap is laudable in the newest ACEEE ranking of energy-efficient US cities. 5/31/2017
Natural Gas: Connecting the Dots: The next step for Greater Philly's resurgent energy sector may be a big one indeed. 5/31/2017
Clean Energy: The Power of Choice:A clean power procurement index finds Iowa and Illinois lead the nation. 5/31/2017
News: Energy Matters: BPA’s no-build decision in the Pacific Northwest and more 5/31/2017
North American Automotive: Billions of Dollars Breathe New Life into Old Spaces: A spirit of repurposing and renovation is fortifying carmakers’ sense of purpose and innovation, bringing billions of dollars into play across North America. 5/25/2017
The State of Thuringia Germany: Car Talk: Thuringia is a European automotive power center in more ways than one. 5/18/2017
Life Sciences: The Ultimate Life Sciences Research Project? Discovering Talent: Global pharmaceutical firms need the right locations and the most effective networks more than ever before. 5/18/2017
2017 Global Best to Invest: Top Deals 2017: Presented here in alphabetical order by company name, the top deals offer a collective snapshot of where the money’s going 5/11/2017
2017 Global Best to Invest: The 2017 Mac Conway Awards: What does it take to excel in economic development? 5/5/2017
Clusters: Docs and Post-Docs: A new CBRE report on 'Eds & Meds' shows the ultimate economic vital sign may be stability itself. 4/19/2017
R&D: 'A Curious Place': One star among many stellar institutes in Greater San Diego shows the economic as well as scientific influence of research. 4/18/2017
Healthcare Services: Rediscovering Richmond: A global medical products distributor and healthcare services provider chooses to grow where it was first planted 135 years ago. 4/18/2017
News: Briefly Bio: DSM in Delft, Venture Valuation’s latest stats, Mobile Medical Examination’s 400 jobs in OKC and more. 4/17/2017
Maryland: Lacrosse Rules: In Maryland, 'lax' is code for their favorite sport, played in places where the attitude is anything but. 4/13/2017
BNSF: A New Top 10 List: The growing portfolio of BNSF Certified Sites helps customers and communities bridge the gaps. 4/13/2017
Headquarters: Special Sauce: Chewing through the data reveals which locations in the US and abroad have the secret recipe for attracting corporate HQs. 4/6/2017
Tryon Technology Park, Fulton County, New York: New Lease on Life: Tryon Technology Park in Upstate New York shows what can happen when a sense of purpose meets a parcel primed for adaptive redevelopment. 4/6/2017
Data Centers: Cloud Maps: Snapshots offer a picture of where ethereal information meets hard assets. 3/30/2017
World Trade Day: Questions & Answers:The inaugural World Trade Day in Atlanta will address issues on everybody’s mind. 3/30/2017
GLOBAL ICT: Beehives for Busy Minds: A GE Digital executive describes the strategy behind the company’s growing network of digital hubs. 3/16/2017
Top Industries of 2016: Major Projects Snapshot: Looking at the biggest spenders in the most active industry sectors offers insight into the flow of worldwide commerce and investment. 3/16/2017
On Campus: Money Where Your Mouth Is: Stanford University is cutting-edge in energy practices as well as R&D. 3/13/2017
Renewables: Are They Buying What You're Selling?: Two reports highlight where the most solar power is being produced, and where companies are procuring the most clean energy. 3/13/2017
Smart Buildings: What Gets Measured: Four snapshots demonstrate what can happen when data, energy and square footage meet. 3/13/2017
News: Energy Matters: Storage, Romeo Power, Minnesota, solar atlas, rig counts, and More. 3/13/2017
Midwest: Closing the Perception Gap: Experts weigh in on the weight of the Midwest’s past and the momentum of its future. 2/23/2017
Advanced Manufacturing: Raytheon’s decision in Tucson shows how a low ranking can sometimes point to a growth opportunity.: Research on advanced industries launched by The Brookings Institution several years ago received its latest update in August. 2/23/2017
Megasites: Parcel Delivery: Big sites are all about the land — and the water, too. 2/9/2017
Latin America & the Caribbean: Ports Are in a Storm,: but Central America will help the region find smoother water in 2017. 2/9/2017
American Energy Hubs: The Tide Turns for Oil & Gas and for Wind: How the election is recalibrating energy prices and hot spots. 2/2/2017
Online Insider: Already Risen: Atlanta's infrastructure for innovation is moving full steam ahead. 2/2/2017
Diabetes: Brexit, Schmexit*: In deciding to invest in the UK, Novo Nordisk finds that hundreds of years of history weigh a lot. 2/1/2017
Well Being: Feeling Better?: Two new rankings assess US states by overall well-being and by healthcare system flexibility. See where they overlap, and where they don't. 2/1/2017
Districts: Campus Tour: A number of new districts, neighborhoods, incubators and campuses are taking shape across the United States. See snapshots and synopses of a select few. 2/1/2017
News: Briefly Bio: Deloitte and regulations, PhRMA and Trump, 2 Ohio projects, and More! 2/1/2017
European Union: Which EU Nations Shine Brightest for Future FDI Attraction?: A new scoreboard shows it’s all in the eye of the beholder. 1/26/2017
E-Commerce & Logistics: Integrated Circuits: Networks of Amazon facilities are just one thread in a global supply chain reconfiguring for e-commerce. 1/26/2017
Israel: Real Brains, Real Work: Israel’s ‘Innovation Box’ builds on a longstanding heritage of superior innovation. 1/26/2017
Project Finance: Energy's Profile Grows in the Public-Private Partnership Arena: 1/20/2017
Solar: Catching Some Rays in Chernobyl: A Chinese solar power giant and its state-owned partner endeavor to make power from the sun at the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster. 1/20/2017
Electricity: Out of the Dark: A project in Sierra Leone could be a beacon for many more to follow in Africa. 1/20/2017
News: Energy Matters: Climate change and power, Africa’s energy gap, Dubai’s Clean Energy, and More 1/20/2017
Michigan: Complete Autonomy: Autonomous vehicle and mobility research projects breathe new life into yesterday’s manufacturing facilities. 1/19/2017
Reshoring: Perfect Storm: The Real Reasons Behind Reshoring 1/12/2017
Thuringia, Germany: Shine On: In the world of optics and photonics, the German federal state of Thuringia is a beacon for the ‘century of light’ ahead. 1/12/2017
R&D: Merck Plants a Research Stake in the Bay Area: The company is the latest explorer seeking discovery in the DNA of South San Francisco. 12/30/2016
Health: Time to Shape Up: New reports show where healthy lifestyles reign. 12/30/2016
INNOVATION: Hong Kong's Science of Life:New growth at the Hong Kong Science Park is just one aspect of the city's innovation-driven ecosystem. 12/30/2016
News: Briefly Bio: Cures Act, Lonza in Texas, Tennessee and Kansas City healthcare IT, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Rolex Award and more! 12/30/2016
UNIVERSITY ALLIANCES: Direct Connections: The R&D Pipeline from Higher Education to the Corporate World 12/29/2016
Kansas: Doors of Opportunity Are Wide Open in Kansas: A KC suburb and college towns are the Sunflower State’s hot spots in 2016. 12/29/2016
Top Business Park Locations: Worldwide Winners: In September 2016 at its annual conference in Oklahoma City, the Association of University Research Parks (AURP) announced the winners of its 21st Annual Awards of Excellence. 12/22/2016
US Southwest: Plugging in From the Desert: New Projects from Facebook Connect to Worldwide Goals 12/20/2016
REC TECH: Gear Here: Idaho’s outdoor recreational equipment firms abide by the same maxim as any other company: Go where your customers are. 12/19/2016
OHIO RIVER CORRIDOR: Two-Way Street: Greater Cincinnati offers a model for multi-state metro-area prosperity. 12/15/2016
GERMANY: Where the Action Is: The German cities receiving the most attention from corporate investors include trivago’s hometown of Düsseldorf. 12/15/2016
Medical Devices: Ripe for the Picking - J&J’s Choice Goes Beyond Easy Labels: Combining the resources of the world’s largest medical complex with the capabilities of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies. 12/8/2016
China Fortune Land Development: One Hundred New Cities: Looking to align with China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative? Meet one company with a plan of its own. 12/8/2016
DATA CENTERS: Sustainability is the hallmark of data center location and innovation: Sustainability is central to data center location strategy, as Facebook and others know. 12/1/2016
The Navy Yard: Philadelphia’s Transformative Waterfront Campus: The Navy Yard in Philadelphia has a new lease on life, and the life sciences are a big reason why. 12/1/2016
Cities: Ten More Cities Join the City Energy Project: Mayors from 10 US cities announced that they are joining City Energy Project (CEP), an effort to address energy use and climate pollution caused by buildings. 11/21/2016
ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Tenant Energy Plans Are All About ROI: Sustainability programs come and go, but following the ULI's new program could help yours stick around a little longer. 11/21/2016
Green Power: Shine On: While companies often revert to a fighting stance when it comes to the EPA, some are happy to accept its praise for their energy efforts. 11/21/2016
News: Energy Matters: Renewables in Scotland, Tidal Energy in Wales, Solar in Ukraine, Nuclear Power in India, and More 11/21/2016
Middle East: Arab Youth - A ‘Wellspring of Untapped Potential’: Firms want to employ the region's potential workforce, but these youth's may have bigger plans. 11/17/2016
PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate: Aqaba A Launch Pad Toward the Future: This coastal location provides a pivotal hub for Jordan and an entire MENA region set for economic takeoff. 11/17/2016
Ontario: Come On Over: No matter whose side you’re on, Ontario and Canada are on one side of an open door. 11/9/2016
FDI in America: The Inversion Perversion: Ready to celebrate that climbing FDI number? Don’t put on your party hat just yet. 11/3/2016
Incentives Update: Could Inclusion Be the New Yardstick?: The thought leaders at The Brookings Institution pull no punches: It's time to change economic development metrics. 11/3/2016
Wired Locations: Broadband and Mobile Infrastructure - Measured, Calibrated and Deployed: Findings show that while some world locations shine, others are still getting up to speed. 10/20/2016
Clusters: The Rich Get Richer in JLL's Latest Outlook Report: But suburban, second-tier and submarket options beckon with opportunity. 10/17/2016
FDI: New Jersey's Foreign Accent: Companies from France and Ireland add further ballast to an already strong bioscience ecosystem. 10/17/2016
Research: Collaborating to Compete: One Canadian Cluster's Bench-to-Bedside Approach 10/17/2016
News: Briefly Bio: Curing Disease, Corporate Inversions, Griffols in Dubai, and More! 10/17/2016
Online Insider: Red Hat is Aligned and Ready in Boston: On September 15, Red Hat announced its plans to expand its Boston footprint to a new location in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston's Seaport District. 9/29/2016
Wind: New US Offshore Wind Strategy Moves From Testing the Waters to Diving Right In: Announced - the publication of a collaborative strategic plan to continue accelerating the development of offshore wind energy in the United States. 9/21/2016
Sustainability: Spaceship Earth Stuck in Neutral: A Norwegian firm's analysis says we aren't very far along on the path toward sustainable development, but some leading companies could help get us there faster. 9/21/2016
Oil & Gas: Lessons from Canadian Carbon Capture Are There for the Taking: In its first 10 months of operation, the Quest carbon captured and safely stored one million metric tons of CO2 ahead of schedule 9/21/2016
News: Energy Matters: Dakota Access, US Energy Use, GIS in Economic Development, Asia Rising, MIT sponges and More. 9/21/2016
Nevada: Whole New World-Faraday Future’s Billion-Dollar Bet: The project is just one part of an evolving technology and mobility mega-region. 9/15/2016
Top Utilities of 2016: The Year’s Best Utilities Give You Much More Than Power: Service, data, technology and savvy add up to success for these top-performing teams in economic development. 9/1/2016
Canada's Best Locations: Cultivating the Roots of Canadian Innovation: These provinces and regions are leading the way. 9/1/2016
Renewable Energy: Affordable Renewable Energy Verges on Critical Mass: Around the world, affordable renewable energy is reaching critical mass. 8/25/2016
Military & Defense:The Inaugural Class of Great American Defense Communities: Look to these all-star regions as models for military-community collaboration, mutual support and opportunity. 8/25/2016
US-Mexico Border: New Transport Infrastructure Enhances Cross-Border Commerce: CBX is one of many projects making cross-border movement easier, and thereby aiding and abetting commerce, trade, economic development … even shopping. 8/18/2016
Logistics Sites and Services: Ports Worldwide are in Growth Mode as Panama Canal Expansion Opens for Business: After years of construction and labor disputes the first vessels were scheduled to transit the expanded Panama Canal beginning in late June 8/18/2016
Caribbean: Medical Tourism - A Prime Sector for Caribbean Nations: Medical tourism is now a booming trade in this region, with Jamaica leading the way. 8/11/2016
Louisiana: More Planes, Trains & Boats — and Even a Rocket or Two — Mean More Global Connections for Louisiana: Key transport upgrades are increasingly connecting the Bayou State to global markets. 8/11/2016
The Trade Coast: Global Connections Continue to Thrive in the Pacific Northwest: The Pacific Northwest’s role as a global hub for commerce just keeps growing. 8/11/2016
BioTech: Lungs On Demand?: A Maryland company will work with a Chinese firm to deliver manufactured lungs for transplants via drone. 8/5/2016
Biopharma: Vetting by Vetter Finds Chicago is Better: In the midst of a global growth strategy, a German pharmaceutical company plans to make a major investment in Des Plaines, Illinois. 8/5/2016
News: Briefly Bio: Medicine Research Funding, Wellness Design Tool, Microdroplets, Canadian Revenue on Pharmacists and More! 8/5/2016
Rocky Mountains: Could Mountain Time Make You Healthier and More Productive?: Is it possible that Mountain Time is not just a lifestyle, but a tool for productivity and well-being? 7/28/2016
Mississippi: A Big Day, and Bigger Plans Ahead, for Mississippi Industry and Workforce: Major projects stay on track in a business climate with a new set of challenges. 7/21/2016
Wind: Danish Offshore Wind Giant Leads Transition to Renewables: DONG Energy is ahead of schedule in Northern Europe and around the world. 7/20/2016
Power: New Energy Projects in Africa Highlight Powerful Opportunities: Progress in Rwanda, Senegal and other African nations strengthens the grid while puncturing misperceptions. 7/20/2016
Energy Efficiency: 'Thermal Bubble' Brings the Internet of Things to Your Body: An Italian foundation's HQ seeks to shrink its energy footprint using a system developed by a team at MIT. 7/20/2016
News: Energy Matters: Insights from the 2016 Energy Efficiency Global Forum and more. 7/20/2016
Advanced Manufacturing: Secrets to Picking Advanced Manufacturing Winners: Reports offer tips on advanced manufacturing locations with advantages that may not be apparent at first. 7/14/2016
Transportation and Logistics: Smarter by the Day: More transportation options mean more opportunity for moving the Colorado economy. 7/12/2016
Fitzsimons Innovation Campus: Life Sciences Oasis:An increasingly valuable square mile gives rise to innovation in Aurora. 7/12/2016
Sustainability 2016: The 2016 Sustainability Rankings Redefine Ecosystems: The 2016 Sustainability Rankings reflect where the action is, and where the dirty work of cleaner living is taking place. 7/6/2016
Retail: Office and Retail Blend to Create the Bleisure Effect: Entertainment districts and millennial playpens demonstrate the interwoven nature of value when it comes to office and retail markets. 6/30/2016
Sale/Leaseback Transaction: Sale-Leaseback Transactions Can Be The Turnaround Solution: Three projects demonstrate how sale-leaseback can be part of solutions that transform. 6/30/2016
Colorado: Aerospace Company Sierra Nevada Corp. is Poised for Growth in Colorado: The Nevada-based company is investing at its Colorado locations in Louisville and Colorado Springs. 6/23/2016
Shovel Ready Sites: Long-Term Vision, Short-Term Results: Programs nationwide expedite development in order to speed up speed to market. 6/23/2016
Policy: Colombia Price Reduction on Novartis’ Glivec highlights a Universal Tug of War: Colombia's decision to force a price reduction on a major moneymaker from Novartis is a tough pill to swallow. 6/17/2016
News: Briefly Bio: BIO Innovations, New Jersey, Michigan, California Trends and More. 6/17/2016
New England: Talent First: Even the Internet of Things needs clusters. Greater Boston is happy to oblige. 6/9/2016
Energy Efficiency: Less Energy, More Dollars: A new ranking salutes cities across three population tiers for their energy-efficient building portfolios. 5/13/2016
LNG: Second Wave: NextDecade CEO Kathleen Eisbrenner brings a world of experience to the world of LNG. 5/13/2016
News: Energy Matters: Renewable power, Trina in Netherlands and Thailand, GE Digital Tech, Oregon Coal Export Stopped, and More. 5/13/2016
Best to Invest: Top Deals 2016: The Top Deals all amount to one thing: opportunities for growth 5/12/2016
Iowa: Aligned for Discovery: The higher education institutions of Iowa help it stand out from the crowd. 5/12/2016
2016 Prosperity Cup: Battle Tested: North Carolina and Texas grab hold of the first Prosperity Cup. They’re not likely to let go without a fight. 5/5/2016
Medical Devices: Clusters & Mergers: Medical devices are a big deal in Minnesota. The cluster's attractiveness is central to a big $25-billion deal announced this week. 4/29/2016
Institutions: Expedition Leader: Paul Allen and his city take the reins in pursuing global life sciences frontiers. 4/29/2016
Pharma: From Inversion to Investment: Not one to pout after a failed merger, Allergan makes yet another wager on Waco. 4/29/2016
News: Briefly Bio: Groundbreaking research and groundbreakings for well-researched locations. 4/29/2016
Illinois: Not So. Ill.: A walk down Main Street reveals a downstate region upbeat about the future. 4/28/2016
South America: Meet-Up in Medellín: Looking to vanquish the informal economy? The legendary and legal informality of start-ups may be just the ticket. 4/21/2016
Pacific Northwest: Healthy Outlook: Connections to Asia and to collaboration fuel smart economic development in Seattle, Portland and beyond. 4/21/2016
Biopharmaceuticals: Staying Power: Cluster and venture capital data show where longstanding strength provides the backbone for feisty startups. 4/14/2016
Online Insider: Blurred Lines: Snapshots from the collaborative workspace craze show where co-work and real work collide. 4/7/2016
Northeast United States: Snapshots of Excellence: When schoolwork comes first, a qualified workforce follows. 4/7/2016
Hoosier Energy: Play Ball: Follow-through is one way Hoosier Energy helps companies stay on top of their game. 4/7/2016
Data Centers: Pay As You Go: Paradigm shifts are a dime a dozen. But the leaders of Aligned Data Centers say this one’s for real. 3/31/2016
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Unmanned Outposts: Geographic clustering data on global UAV firm locations is scarce, but we found some. Next time, maybe we’ll use a UAV. 3/24/2016
Top Industries of 2015: Map To the Stars: Site Selection’s analysis of the Top Industries for corporate facility investment in 2015 reveals the Top 10 projects by capital investment in each of the five leading sectors. 3/17/2016
Smart Grid: Grid Transformers: A new report ranks the 50 states on their degree of electrical grid modernization. Are customers modern enough to swallow the cost? 3/11/2016
Sustainability: Maps to the Stars: Energy-efficiency efforts far and wide come together in buildings holding these top designations. 3/11/2016
Nuclear Energy: From Mega to Modular?: Two glimpses of nuclear power's expensive past and possible future occurred in February within 24 hours of each other. 3/11/2016
Energy Matters: TPI Blades in Juarez, Less Rooftop Solar in the South, Boston Southie Power Plant Revitalized, and More 3/11/2016
Mississippi River Corridor: High Water Mark: The bi-state Burlington area earns the third annual Big Muddy Cup. 3/3/2016
Top Metropolitans of 2015: Dare to be Greater: These regions know how to connect the dots, bridge the gaps and cultivate talent. 3/3/2016
Pharma: East-West All Star: A specialist pharmaceutical firm founded in Buffalo hits its stride as a multinational with major investments in the US and China. 2/23/2016
Therapies: The Cellular Approach: GE and partners establish a new stem-cell therapies center in Toronto. 2/23/2016
Clusters: Why Clusters Matter: The St. Louis area's focus on plants is an inherited trait of global proportions. 2/23/2016
Briefly Bio: Finnish Bio-IT, Venture Capital, Pennsylvania Investments, and More! 2/23/2016
Online Insider: Half a World Away: Three reports released in Davos paint a landscape of global risk and opportunity. 2/18/2016
Advanced Manufacturing: Signs of Progress: For manufacturers who want to thrive in the future, every day is National Manufacturing Day. 2/18/2016
Alabama: They Know How To Work It: Metals are central to dozens of the corporate projects to land in the Yellowhammer State over the past two years. 2/11/2016
Latin America and Caribbean: Movers & Shakers: The World Bank’s latest scorecard shows where progress is being achieved, and where it’s not. 2/11/2016
Online Insider: Time = Money: While policy wonks debate its worth, logistics companies are pouncing on the 'New Silk Road' opportunity. 2/4/2016
United Arab Emirates: Gathering PLACE: Dubai in general, and DMCC in particular, seem to be the right places at the right time. 1/28/2016
Super Sites: Choice Parcels ... Again: Reuse is the sincerest form of flattery to areas ready for resurgent industry. 1/21/2016
Electric Vehicles: Future Zone: Faraday's billion-dollar project in Nevada is just the latest star in a fast-developing galaxy of mobility solutions taking shape in the western United States. 1/20/2016
Innovation: Are You On the Bus or Off the Bus?: Proterra launches two new locations in California at a watershed moment in global transportation innovation. 1/20/2016
Oil and Gas: Crude Solutions: North America's energy hubs show there's more than one kind of pipeline. 1/19/2016
Energy Matters: Solar Plant near Rewa, Apple Clean Energy in China, OECD Taxing Energy Use, Obama's Energy Tax Credit Extension and More! 1/19/2016
Downtown Revitalization: Where It’s At: Reasons for moving to city centers are plentiful, but it’s people who rank No. 1. 12/30/2015
Biopharma: The Race is On: A billion-dollar fund and a gigantic conglomerate drive biopharma investment in South Korea. 12/29/2015
Clusters: Out of Bounds on Purpose: Cross-disciplinary collaboration is in the DNA of America's crossroads. 12/29/2015
Briefly Bio: Well Building Standard, Agrinos in Oregon, Natera in Texas, Ruga to Texas, and More! 12/29/2015
University Alliances: Worth the Price of Admission: While some students and alumni wonder if higher education is worth it, the best schools continue to deliver the goods to students, employers and their regions. 12/22/2015
Ontario: Skating Out of the Dark: Sure it’s cold, but Ottawa’s tech connections still glow. 12/17/2015
Top Business Park Locations: Catalysts: The best parks are driven by knowledge, action or an ideal blend of both. 12/17/2015
Online Insider: Everything Ventured: Oakridge Global Energy Solutions hopes to create 1,000 jobs on Florida's Atlantic Coast. Living that dream is no day at the beach. 12/10/2015
Oregon, Ohio: Bright Horizon: A corner of Northwest Ohio meets two nations’ energy demands with a growing critical mass of projects. 12/10/2015
Energy Matters: Old Power in Europe, Key Hubs of North America, Nuclear Power in New York and Texas, and Much More! 12/9/2015
Nuclear Power: Hiding Place: Construction moves forward on the world's first permanent nuclear waste repository. 12/9/2015
Utilities: Make Yourself Useful: An update on power company–affiliated economic development around the US shows the diverse economic meanings of the word 'utility.' 12/9/2015
Solar: Blue-Chip Solution: Retailers top — but don't monopolize — the list of largest corporate solar power users. 12/9/2015
Ports & Free Trade Zones: The FTZ Appeal: Three resources paint a valuable picture of the opportunities, prosperity and potential perils to be found in free zones worldwide. 12/3/2015
Eastern Seaboard: The Line of Equivalence: More than big ships are aiming for East Coast landings. 12/3/2015
Defiance County, Ohio: The Right Spot for Right-Shoring: Decades of experience and craftsmanship have prepared the people and companies of Defiance County to seize the global opportunity before them. 12/3/2015
Space Travel: Starship Troopers: Both science and science fiction have a home at Michoud. 11/30/2015
Data Centers: Flip the Switch: A Nevada-based data center company soon will surpass 2 million sq. ft. of space in its home state, and is taking giant steps abroad. 11/24/2015
Online Insider: Plymouths Rock: The companies growing in these towns are pursuing the right to innovate as they choose. 11/24/2015
Clusters: Healthy Heartbeat: A new HQ from AtriCure is just the latest addition to a robust cluster in Mason, Ohio. 11/23/2015
NC Cluster: Triangle? What Triangle?: The latest investments in North Carolina are proof of life (sciences) beyond RTP. 11/23/2015
Briefly Bio: Software Support in Columbia, Chicago Coming to Life Sciences, Outsourcing in Richmond, VABeachBio, No Chimps for NIH, ATP Vienna and More! 11/23/2015
Ohio River Corridor: Shall We Gather At the River?: Greater Cincinnati leads the way in welcoming company growth, whether it’s a new arrival from abroad or a hometown legend. 11/19/2015
Online Insider: Living History: Expanding museums are doing their part to place veterans and their stories front and center. 11/12/2015
Medical Devices: Warsaw Pact: When you’re going through a $13-billion merger, it helps to have a playbook, a platform and an open mind. 11/12/2015
Solar: Behind the Sun: If returning to the early darkness of standard time has you down, Hoboken and Buffalo will show you the light. 11/6/2015
Efficiency: Frugal is Thy Middle Name: California nips at New England's heels in the latest energy efficiency scorecard. 11/6/2015
Solutions: Blazing a Trail: Count on California for forward-looking energy solutions backed by real actions. 11/6/2015
Energy Matters: Goldman Sachs, Texas Tenaris, Fracking in UK, US Ethane Cracker, and more! 11/6/2015
High Speed Rail: Mobility3: High-speed rail will allow industry clusters and the human beings that comprise them to connect like they never have before. 11/3/2015
BioTech Locations: Ready and Able: Boston’s called ‘The Hub’ for a reason, but other markets are rising thanks to rising costs at the top. 10/29/2015
Innovation: Full Disclosure: Companies and institutions like to hold onto IP for all it's worth. But could they be squeezing the life out of innovation? 10/28/2015
Medical Devices: Risk Mitigators: The newest healthcare hubs from UPS show the logistics needs of life sciences firms can run hot and cold. 10/28/2015
Briefly Bio: New Development, Lilly in NYC, Healthcare Investors in Nashville, Rise in Marijuana, NIH in African Medical Research and More! 10/28/2015
Hoosier Energy: Every Layer Counts: In Hoosier Energy territory, logistics and talent are every bit as central to economic development as power use. 10/22/2015
The Mid-Atlantic: Might Makes Sites Right: Even in the midst of a drawdown, military installations help regional economies soar. 10/15/2015
Military & Defense Industry: Refreshed Links: The 25th U.S. Secretary of Defense calls for a restoration of productive ties between the military and industry. 10/15/2015
Natural Gas: Look What We Found: P&G discovers more than water, wood and workforce at its biggest global plant in Pennsylvania. 10/9/2015
Wind Power: Siemens Cuxhaven Germany: Siemens is investing around €200 million to a wind turbine manufacturing facility in Cuxhaven, Germany. 10/9/2015
Energy Matters: Texas Sweet Spot, Palm Bay Batteries, Florida Clean Energy Win, Missouri's Energy Plan Recommendations and More! 10/9/2015
Tennessee Valley Authority: True Story: TVA’s designated data center sites have plenty to lure corporate interest, but the story was the hook that caught a big fish named Google. 10/8/2015
Wired Locations: The Slow Data Movement: Just kidding. There’s no slowing down Google Fiber — unless you count the queue of cities who want it, or the quicksand of government regulations. 10/8/2015
Online Insider: Uncaged: New statistics from the International Federation of Robotics illustrate converging patterns of data, efficiency and demand. 10/1/2015
Florida Power & Light: The Tech Connection: To serve customers and help them grow, FPL and the state it calls home look to high-tech solutions. 10/1/2015
Oil & Gas: Deep Roots: The only thing stronger than Louisiana’s oil & gas infrastructure is the network of relationships among the firms that continue to build and operate it. 9/29/2015
Southeast: Secret Sauce: Haven’t worked with your state’s MEP? Maybe it’s time to start. 9/24/2015
Disease: Tapestry of Healing: Carrying signatures and hope from an entire state, the beams at the core of a new cancer center are raised in Omaha. 9/23/2015
Tourism: Offshore Care: A brief visit to the fast-changing world of medical tourism 9/23/2015
Briefly Bio: Saltwater Crops in Deserts; India BioPharma, CooperVision's Growth; AstraZeneca’s Growth, and More! 9/23/2015
Online Insider: GE - Corporate Refugee: The US giant offshores hundreds of jobs because of the failure to authorize the US Export-Import Bank. 9/17/2015
Logistics & Distribution: Speed Rules: Site selection is critical as fast delivery becomes more important in the B-to-B market. 9/10/2015
Power: The Power of the Panda: A Dallas-based private equity firm grows its power generation assets to keep up with growth in North Texas. 9/9/2015
Solar: Excuse Me for Growing: Clean energy plans are bad for business — except when they're not. 9/9/2015
Energy Matters: Cemtrex into Energy, Fluor and PTT in Ohio, MOOC, TVA Energy Makeover and Much More! 9/9/2015
Online Insider: High-Wage Tinder: Tired of playing the field? Data may help your city or company find the best match. 9/3/2015
Canada's Best Locations: Wonderlands: Canada’s outposts of the creative economy help drive these territories to the top. 9/1/2015
Top Utilities: The Class of 2015: Here are some highlights from the 10 leaders in their field, presented in alphabetical order 9/1/2015
Pharmaceuticals: Repeat Customer:Novo Nordisk's 'Bright Sky' will help North Carolina continue to shine. 8/31/2015
Logistics: Freeze It!: Cold-chain improvements are afoot on both sides of the Atlantic. 8/31/2015
Research: Learning Environments: Two announcements from one company show the power of university partnerships to further company and area competitiveness. 8/31/2015
Briefly Bio: SBA Grant in Philadelphia, NJ Pharma/Life Sciences Report, South Korea Tax Breaks and More! 8/31/2015
The Trade Coast: Closer Than You Think: The Pacific Northwest’s ties with Asian companies and cultures only grow stronger with each passing year. 8/20/2015
Online Insider: Greener Pastures: The EB-5 immigrant investor program is surrounded by questions. Some see it as one of the answers. 8/6/2015
Portugal: Poised to Prosper: Higher education infrastructure and a new incentives regime nurture a new generation of R&D in Portugal. 8/6/2015
Renewables: Changing the Landscape: Welspun's trail of investments in its home country is more than a well-spun tale. 8/5/2015
Workforce: Power Propositions: Events in Pennsylvania and California highlight models for talent development. 8/5/2015
Oil & Gas: Fetching a Future: Will Ghana be able to reel in economic development success from a resource just offshore? 8/5/2015
Energy Matters: Electricity Generation Profiles, Bill Gates and the Pope, Desal and el sol, and more. 8/5/2015
Southeast Asia: Next Level: Cambodia’s Minister of Commerce moves fast with reforms so that new FDI will move faster to his homeland. 7/30/2015
Manufacturing: Body of Work: Yesterday it was 'Shark Tank,' today it's the world for a Florida-born manufacturer of synthetic humans. 7/24/2015
Medical Devices: Rich Vein: As MicroVention comes home to Aliso Viejo, its Japanese parent company feels increasingly at home in California. 7/24/2015
Policy: Blame Canada?: A global consultancy issues two new reports on global biopharma competitiveness, finding the US tops and its northern neighbor wanting. 7/24/2015
Briefly Bio: NMBS in Cuba, COFEPRIS, Colliers in Houston, and More 7/24/2015
Online Insider: This is a Huge story: No really, it is. 7/23/2015
Louisiana: Learning Curves:All politics aside, it’s workforce and training that continues to cinch deals. 7/23/2015
Mobility: Garage Culture: Look to these paragons of green parking to shift your sustainability efforts out of idle. 7/10/2015
Energy Matters: A Global Energy Transformation, West Africa's Hunger for Power and more... 7/10/2015
Online Insider: Trophy Case: More than mere deal-closers, law firms themselves are kind of a big deal. 7/9/2015
Advanced Manufacturing: Perfect Match: Put analytics and the assembly line together, and watch the sparks fly. 7/9/2015
Corporate Real Estate Technology: Deep Dive: Could drones be the next-gen tool for evaluating sites? 6/30/2015
Innovation Districts: On the Move:Two years after its initial vision, DMC is now taking shape in MN. 6/29/2015
Plant Science: Open to Growth: Think RTP is aging? Bayer CropScience's investments indicate it's in the flower of youth. 6/29/2015
Biotech: Galapagos Evolves in France : Galapagos Evolves in France reports that a Paris-area life sciences hub moved fast to meet a Belgian biotech firm's needs. 6/29/2015
Briefly Bio: Bio in NY Tax Free Program, Bone Therapeutics to Open USA, Analysis of NIH Grants, and More! 6/29/2015
Online Insider: Dreaming Big Again: A Hudson River site once home to thousands of IBMers is positioned for a reboot 60 years after its debut. 6/26/2015
Energy Efficiency: Boston Uncommon:Beantown is the only city to top 80 points in newly released biannual energy efficiency rankings. 6/9/2015
Storage: Batteries Included:Projects in Indiana and elsewhere aim to find new ways to store energy from renewable power generation plants. 6/9/2015
Solar: Shining in All Directions: It's been a busy spring for SunEdison. 6/9/2015
Energy Matters: ComEd, Ireland Biomass Plant, EPA on Fracking, Crime in Bakken, and More! 6/9/2015
Online Insider: The Doraville Explorers:Hopes are high for the multimodal, multifaceted redevelopment of a former GM assembly site in Greater Atlanta, beginning with a new entertainment production studio. 5/28/2015
Briefly Bio: West Pharm Growth, Science Translational Medicine, Cleveland, and More! 5/22/2015
Vaccines: Time for Planting: Medicago scales up at its home base. 5/22/2015
Biotech: Let It Snow: Vermont's Northeast Kingdom grooms the slopes for foreign investors. 5/22/2015
Healthcare: Patrimony and Progress: Part of an organizational and civic transformation, the largest hospital move in Canadian history makes record time in Montreal. 5/22/2015
Online Insider: Next Level: Cambodia's Minister of Commerce moves fast with reforms so that new FDI will move faster to his homeland. 5/14/2015
Renewables: Be Your Own Utility: A glimpse of the latest top performers in onsite renewable power generation 5/12/2015
Law: Anywhere But Here: A major fine offers multinationals a learning opportunity about why location matters when it comes to international economic sanctions. 5/12/2015
Oil & Gas: Clean Slate: Vertex Rail's well-timed project will employ 1,300 in Wilmington. 5/12/2015
Energy Matters: Alberta, Oklahoma, CBECS, Data Centers, Scotland, and More 5/12/2015
Online Insider: Learning to Fly: Which of these small towns has what it takes to rise above the rest? 5/1/2015
Medical Devices: New Neighborhood: A growing Olympus division consolidates and refreshes its Minnesota operations. 4/30/2015
Nuclear Medicine: Need Mo-99: A new facility coming to Florida is one part of a national push to supply enough of a critical medical isotope by the time the primary supplier in Canada shuts down in 2018. 4/30/2015
R&D: Reverberations: New research on research illustrates the economic significance of IP protection, among other innovation policy measures. 4/30/2015
Briefly Bio: Winchester Plant, Petersburg Open, New Jersey, North Carolina and More 4/30/2015
Online Insider: Corridor Conversation: An impromptu talk with the head of Canada's national rail service provides insights that are anything but off-the-cuff. 4/16/2015
Petrochemicals: The Tipping Point: Sasol breaks ground for its nearly $9-billion investment in Southwest Louisiana, and continues to break new ground in workforce development. 4/7/2015
Waste to Energy: Slow Burn: Thousands of landfills nationwide contain mountains of methane that could be turned into energy. 4/7/2015
Energy Matters: LNG, Smart Grids, Offshore Wind, MISO and More 4/7/2015
South Carolina: Putting on the Miles: Business-friendly policies offer traction to international tire companies, among other global players. 4/2/2015
Institutions: Ecosystems for Innovation: NIH and its partners double down on commercializing university research. 3/31/2015
Headquarters: The Ultimate Hub: GSK will invest in a new global headquarters for Asia. 3/31/2015
Diabetes: Sweet Spot: Denmark's Novo Nordisk may soon be expanding further in the United States. 3/31/2015
Briefly Bio: CRO, Markets, Michigan, New Jersey, and More 3/31/2015
Online Insider: Automatic Transmission: Robotics and automation firms look to Asia and to smaller companies for growth, and create jobs along the way. 3/17/2015
Clean Energy: Clean Numbers: A trio of studies attempts to put some flesh on the bones of clean-energy claims in North Carolina. 3/11/2015
Bioenergy: Waste Naught: Nexterra's innovative bioenergy plant is one solution helping the University of British Columbia achieve its lofty sustainability goals. 3/11/2015
Industrial Sites: Rare Breeds: Seventy manufacturing plants across the United States join an exclusive club. Twenty communities hope to join one too. 3/11/2015
Energy Matters: Oil-filled Railcars, renewables, Shale in Europe and more 3/11/2015
Online Insider: Unearthed Glory: Detroit could be on the path from bankruptcy to boom. For now it's one step at a time. 3/5/2015
Briefly Bio: News about Ocean Health Index, PhRMA, Canadian biotech 2/16/2015
Plant Science: Canadian Home Grown: Site Selection has been tracking new plants for decades - but not plants like these. 2/16/2015
Medical Devices: 'Obvious Choice': A spinal medical device firm stays in Leesburg, but moves to a new neighborhood aligned with its growth curve. 2/16/2015
R&D: Not an Island: A North Carolina-based CRO continues to grow in Ireland and worldwide. 2/16/2015
Energy Matters: News about a Reuters investigation, real estate, Weld County, and much more! 2/4/2015
Electric Vehicles: Can You Charge Me Now?: New programs on either US coast and smack in between them aim to make it easier for EVs to go station to station. 2/4/2015
Buildings: Green Space Scorecard: New rankings revealed today show which states' human beings benefited the most from new LEED-certified space in 2014. 2/4/2015
Storage: Vroom, Vroom: An emerging company picks a re-emerging site in a resurgent metro area. 2/4/2015
Clusters: Trifecta: The odds of Louisville being a healthcare capital continue to grow more favorable. 1/23/2015
Briefly Bio: News about R&D, tobacco, University of Kentucky, and much more! 1/23/2015
Disease: Shot In the Arm: A new vaccine supply chain partnership is just one sign of life sciences and healthcare progress coming out of Davos this week. 1/23/2015
Healthcare: Inside the Outskirts: Two healthcare-related companies find homes on the fringes of major Texas metros. 1/23/2015
Sky's the Limit: Global Logistic Properties has grown up fast. 1/15/2015
Solar: Welcome to the Family: A new solar power plant in Utah joins the global project lists of Google and Norway's Scatec Solar. 1/9/2015
Smart Grid: Back at the Ranch: A new town is about to pop up in southwestern Florida, and energy innovation is at its heart. 1/9/2015
Coal: Coal Can't Move: But the power to move it is in policymakers' hands. 1/9/2015
Logistics: Small Project, Big Trends: A US firm's newest global node takes shape in the Netherlands. 12/12/2014
Biologics: Twin Engines: AstraZeneca and MedImmune continue to find Maryland optimal for pipeline development. 12/12/2014
Briefly Bio: News about Virginia, medicine development, a fast-growing food biology lab, and much more! 12/12/2014
Disease: The Ebola Effect: The data show how diseased economies affect livelihoods as well as life itself. 12/12/2014
Aerospace & Defense: Launch Pad: Visions of the future build on California's formidable aerospace past. 12/8/2014
Online Insider: Look Homeward: The co-chair of Transportation for America offers a small-town perspective on transport hubs as economic development drivers. 11/20/2014
Briefly Bio: News about Belgium's UCB and JLL, Cerner's huge move forward, and much more! 11/17/2014
Profile: 'You Can't Get Married to Stuff': A visit with Youssef Bennani of Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Québec 11/17/2014
Biopharma: Splitting the Difference: Baxter's new center in Cambridge will draw talent from Austria and California. 11/17/2014
Biopharma: Follow the Demand: Whether the territory is emerging or at the top of the heap, GE's recent investments have it covered. 11/17/2014
Online Insider: The Time Is Now: Visionary leaders and innovative programs show you how to find and welcome military veterans to your company's workforce. 11/6/2014
Workforce Development: Match Game: A new law helps prepare workers for the labor force and enables businesses to find skilled personnel. 11/3/2014
Travel & Tourism: Destination Scorecard: A report from the United Nations documents where tourists come from, and where they're going. 10/23/2014
Briefly Bio: News about Supply chain insights, San Diego's biotech VC, and much more! 10/10/2014
Therapeutics: Firm Foundation: CSL Behring continues to expand its four-site global network. 10/10/2014
Ecosystems: Checkup of the Seas: The third annual Ocean Health Index ranks 220 areas on criteria at the core of planetary life. 10/10/2014
Online Insider: Multiple Visions: The billions and the visionaries keep flocking to Buffalo. Really. 10/9/2014
Online Insider: Hello Springfield: "The Simpsons" and Site Selection's New Plant Database both were launched 25 years ago, and both continue to provide insights into the Springfields of the world. 9/25/2014
Robotics: Degrees of Freedom: Robotics and mechatronics quietly sizzle in Pittsburgh. 9/19/2014
Briefly Bio: News about National Geographic, Virginia's health systems, and much more! 9/19/2014
Biopharma: Baxter's Boom: Investments in Alabama and Singapore are the latest salvos from the Illinois-based life sciences giant. 9/19/2014
Health: Waistline Watch: New obesity rankings tell you if your state is one of the biggest losers. 9/19/2014
Online Insider: Perfect Fit: Playing with blocks is the ultimate business model for an innovative building solution. 9/11/2014
Profile: Light Bulbs: The first in a series of profiles of young life sciences leaders. 8/15/2014
Briefly Bio: News about A new HQ in Colorado, WalletHub's ranking of states, and much more! 8/15/2014
Discovery: The Phoenix of Québec: NEOMED brings instant pain relief to life sciences R&D in Greater Montréal. 8/15/2014
Clusters: Coast to Coast: As its partnership with Alexandria deepens, Accelerator aims to have a facilities edge in both Seattle and the Big Apple. 8/15/2014
Online Insider: Open Season: A Siemens insider walks us through what happens when 48,000 people come out from behind the desk. 8/14/2014
Online Insider: Cliffhanger: Will LG's new campus ruin the Palisades of New Jersey? Depends on your (point of) view. 7/31/2014
Policy: Under the Microscope: Major corporate takeovers that allow for the 'enhanced access to cash' that comes with moving abroad draw scrutiny, but might also drive growth. 7/21/2014
Biotech: Smart Move: San Diego acts fast to keep the lights on at Illumina. 7/18/2014
Clusters: More Than a Snapshot: Jones Lang LaSalle’s latest cluster analysis shows why digging deep is worth it. 7/18/2014
Briefly Bio: News about Medacta in Chicago, Battelle's new bioscience findings, and much more! 7/18/2014
Online Insider: Bridges to Tomorrow: Along with more manufacturing and R&D, VW brings its 'codetermination culture' to Tennessee. 7/17/2014
Online Insider: Illuminate Me: At Independence LED, lighting the way to the future is a family tradition. 7/3/2014
Online Insider: Do the Locomotion: New research on walkability and livability may puncture your preconceptions about the suburbs. 6/20/2014
Briefly Bio: News about Pfizer, pharmaceuticals, Charleston, and much more! 6/18/2014
Blood & Plasma: They Want Your Blood: Korea’s Green Cross makes a major investment in Quebec. 6/18/2014
Universities: Higher Learning, Higher Earning: An update on life sciences projects unfolding at a campus near you. 6/18/2014
Agriculture: Meet Me in St. Louis: A German agricultural science leader plants its flag in the US Midwest. 6/18/2014
Online Insider: Gloom vs. Bloom: It's just the beginning. But for some, the EPA's Clean Power Plan announced this week might as well be the end. 6/5/2014
Online Insider: Are You Ready to Compete Too?: Joining the fray of competitiveness scorecards, new rankings from Switzerland's IMD rate 60 countries based on 338 criteria. 5/22/2014
Briefly Bio: News about WuXi PharmaTech, Spark Therapeutics, Purdue University, and much more! 5/19/2014
M&A: On the Rise: Sun Pharma's pending acquisition of Ranbaxy will further boost an Indian pharma giant's worldwide footprint. 5/19/2014
Emerging Markets: Economic Immunity: GSK announces a multifaceted plan to foster good health and good jobs in Africa. 5/19/2014
Online Insider: We’ll Go Ahead Without You, Okay?: While US corporate leaders are told to avoid a major Russian forum, Poland hosts its own get-together. 5/8/2014
Supply Chain: Hot Times for the Cold Chain: At the fast-growing UPS Healthcare division, getting in network gets easier by the day. 4/25/2014
Briefly Bio: News about Novartis, GSK, Lilly and more! 4/25/2014
Online Insider: Are You Ready to Compete?: New reports will help you find the answer. 4/24/2014
Online Insider: No Shelf Life: Snapshots and insights from the cubed and slotted universe of retail logistics. 3/27/2014
Briefly Bio: News about Job across Europe, An Italian firm in Turkey, and much more! 3/24/2014
Education: STEM Sells: If you're looking for science, technology, engineering and math skills, Indiana figures you're going to need teachers who know how to teach them. 3/24/2014
Disease: Tracking Down a Monster: Germany’s Fresenius locates new dialysis products manufacturing in Knoxville, part of a worldwide push to catch up to a pandemic 3/24/2014
Biopharma: Singapore Spin: A tripling of headcount in the Southeast Asian city-state will help AbbVie keep up with its tripled pipeline. 3/24/2014
Online Insider: Blue, Blue Window: A new report documents the reach of the nation’s coastal zones. 3/13/2014
Briefly Bio: Stories about State healthcare workforce strategies and more! 2/28/2014
Facilities: Facility Yoga: Life sciences firms are among the leaders introducing workspace flexibility into aging building portfolios. 2/28/2014
R&D: The Israeli Connection: Multiple activities by Merck KGaA highlight one tiny country's R&D leadership. 2/28/2014
Online Insider: Hawaiian Beehive: The redevelopment of the Kaka’ako district of Hawaii is under way, and a 50-year-old IBM building is playing a key role. 2/20/2014
Online Insider: Checkup Time: New analysis can help corporate location evaluators better understand the fiscal health of the states they inhabit - or wish to inhabit. 2/6/2014
Briefly Bio: Colorado, Kazakhstan, and more. 1/31/2014
Healthcare: Not a Prison: A vision care company decides to stay and grow in California after all, and it’s not alone. 1/31/2014
Healthcare: Australian for Infrastructure: The president of Lend Lease Americas offers some thought - provoking insights on partnership and the fast-approaching future of healthcare. 1/31/2014
Wellness: Dig Deeper: What distinguishes the 100 healthiest workplaces in the United States? The company ranked first shares some insights. 1/31/2014
And the Winner Is...Me.: An index of human capital from the World Economic Forum finds the organization’s home territory at the top of the world. 1/23/2014
Nice Threads: Driven by a range of factors, textile firm investments in the US inch upward as the present catches up to the past. 1/9/2014
Keep It Clean Out There: What the latest Corruption Perceptions Index might mean for your global site selection strategy. 12/5/2013
Policy: Actions Speak Loudest: A new report and database track which states are doing what in the clean energy sector. 11/13/2013
All Hands on Deck: The inaugural SelectUSA Investment Summit featured some compelling discussion and even some news amid the cheerleading. 11/7/2013
Making History: It's that time of year when makes news by the millions of square feet. But it's not all about the warehouses. 10/24/2013
New Worlds Discover Columbus: Just in time for Columbus Day, we track where corporate investors are sending landing parties to places graced with the explorer’s name. 10/10/2013
Shoreline in Sight: The evidence builds for domestic sourcing of BPO and IT services. 9/26/2013
That Was Epic: A rollicking weekend of mountain biking and more on Colorado's Western Slope is only the trailhead for a national expansion. 9/12/2013
The Human Touch: Two tenant rep firms weigh in on what they see and don't see in the corporate real estate technology field. 8/8/2013
A Place for Pioneers: Projects from the Exploratorium and Autodesk embody the spirit and the requirements of San Francisco's 'maker' community. 7/25/2013
What's In a Name?: Independence, that's what. 6/27/2013
Double Harvest: North Dakota is the latest in a string of 'nitrogenous zones' attracting billion-dollar fertilizer plants. 6/13/2013
Balls In the Air: Two golf ball plants in two states are expanding not far from Augusta National. 4/11/2013
Home Run: A new baseball team and stadium show El Paso's ready to play ball. 3/28/2013
Road to Somewhere: Astana's hosting of the World Expo in 2017 may prove to be more than just a showcase. 3/14/2013
Mutual Benefit: A new HQ is on the horizon for La-Z-Boy. The land deal behind it will help others ‘live life comfortably.’ 2/7/2013
Open Windows, Open Doors: While Washington dithers, cities roll out their own visions of immigration policy and its role in economic development. 1/24/2013
The Return: Amid bleak indicators, the bright lure of energy may point the way forward for U.S. manufacturing. 12/6/2012
Ready to Roll: A massive plant opens in California to process a massively popular brand of fruit. 11/20/2012
Get Out, and Come Back Soon: The Ralls decision provides a window onto U.S-China relations and the unfolding story of Chinese FDI in America. 10/24/2012
Seeking First Light: A groundbreaking astronomy project has a few earthly obstacles to clear before breaking ground on Hawaii’s most hallowed mountain. 9/13/2012
Fresh Start: Seven years after Katrina struck its plant and its people, a global water purification company comes home to Louisiana. 8/23/2012
Further Action: RACER Trust looks to convene new industrial activity across a huge portfolio of former GM properties. 6/28/2012
Magnetic Attraction: Quebec may land a new rare-earths separation facility, if all the right pieces can fall into place. 6/7/2012
Road to Redemption: One year after an EF-5 tornado obliterated the town, things are looking up in Smithville, Mississippi. 4/26/2012
Shedding Light: Could transparent reporting in economic development be a key to transparent and solid partnerships? 3/22/2012
Return to Sender: Redevelopment opportunities lurk behind the looming closure of hundreds of Postal Service properties. 3/8/2012
Family Ties: North America’s easternmost corner aligns its assets and its megaprojects. 2/9/2012
More Than Good Signs: Our downstairs neighbor moves on to a new worldwide headquarters. 1/25/2012
The Pressure Builds: Need to go where the water is? Need to know where the water is? Either way, you need to read this. 1/12/2012
Reform School Showdown: When it comes to corporate tax reform, Washington wonks differ on who needs to clean up their act. 11/10/2011
Going Up?: New projects making Kevlar, tires and elevators put a bounce into South Carolina's economy. 10/13/2011
Nashville Rising: A year after devastating floodwaters struck Music City, we take a look back at a model local disaster response, and why one area company decided to rebuild instead of relocate. 9/29/2011
GM's Summer of Love: Driven by efficiency gains, fuel-efficiency goals, promising sales and pure momentum, GM spends its summer spending money on its plants. 8/11/2011
Sky Roots: Looking deep into the universe requires a rather large earthbound footprint, and a whole lot of quiet. 7/28/2011
State of the States: A Fresh Look: The following pages highlight recent corporate facility projects, new laws and incentives policies, updated FDI figures, wages, employment, demographics and Recovery Act funds facts in one easy-to-digest compendium. 1/4/2010
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