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Adam Jones-Kelley

Adam Jones-Kelley
President of Conway, Inc.

Adam Jones-Kelley (1973-2020) served as President of Conway and Publisher of Site Selection magazine, and worked for the company for nearly 20 years. Adam was a featured speaker at events around the world and a regular contributor to Conway Data's various publications.


Articles from this Author

Letter From the Publisher: Are We Better Than This?: “Racism exists in nearly every corner of the world. It is most toxic, most socially destructive, in America.” 6/18/2020
2020 Best to Invest: Top Investment Promotion Agencies 2020: The people working at the world’s top investment promotion agencies link global capital to the lives of their fellow citizens. 5/4/2020
Cover Story: Global Best to Invest 2020: This annual report is usually a celebratory recognition of some of the world’s best performing economies, especially those most successful at attracting investment and creating jobs. 5/4/2020
Ports & Free Trade Zones: Trade Happens Here: Repeat winners top our free trade zone rankings. 11/7/2019
Middle East: A Country, a Zone & a Future - How Qatar Plans to Win: A historically isolated nation used to overcoming the natural embargoes of sand and sea, Qatar has managed to look to the future despite the constraints. 9/23/2019
Moron Moments in Hong Kong 8/9/2019
Invest in Bogota: Winning Is No Accident: The data show why Invest in Bogota has won a Site Selection Best to Invest Top IPA award for four years running. 6/24/2019
2019 Best to Invest: Top Investment Promotion Agencies 2019: Investment promotion agencies — the national, municipal and regional organizations working to connect businesses with their communities — have never been more important. 5/2/2019
Cover Story: Global Best to Invest 2019: The economic tsunami that China surfed to wealth and power is subsiding into a swell. The economy is still vibrant, but 7% growth is likely just a cherished Chinese memory. 5/1/2019
Q&A - Juan Guaidó: A Future for Venezuela?: In the not too distant past Venezuela was the 4th wealthiest nation in the world per capita. Today the country teeters on the brink of total collapse. 5/1/2019
The Middle East: So Much Winning: Look beyond the conflict headlines, and there’s real economic growth under way. 1/14/2019
Sapphire Anniversary: A Commitment to Connect: They say the phrase “aging gracefully” is just a nice way of being told you’re slowly looking worse. We respectfully disagree. At 65, we’ve never looked better. 1/3/2019
Panama: A Papered-Over Paradise: How a much-maligned country plans to push back against fake news and a slowing economy. 11/12/2018
Nevada: Sin City? Only if it's a Sin to be Smart: Las Vegas is a consciously and continuously young city. 9/24/2018
Asia: A Malaysian Revolution: The people of Malaysia fought as one. They faced down the powerful, rejected the entrenched system. They stood together, risked all, and won their country back. 7/2/2018
2018 Global Best to Invest: Top Investment Promotion Agencies 2018: Politics and economic development often make awkward bedfellows. 5/7/2018
Cover Story: Global Best to Invest 2018: The 10th Annual Global Best to Invest Awards salute the regions leading the way in corporate facility attraction and expansion. 5/1/2018
Longkou, China: A Dragon Roars: The biggest share of recent US trade agreement deals went to the port city of Longkou. 1/18/2018
Chengdu, China: Hugging Chengdu: Everyone has seen pictures of happy tourists hugging pandas in Chengdu. What could be better than that? We’re so glad you asked. 11/30/2017
Letter From the Publisher: Top International Company of the Year: Last month Conway, publisher of Site Selection magazine, was named the Top International Company of the Year, small business category, an honor bestowed by the Atlanta Business Chronic 11/16/2017
Amazon HQ2: Welcome to the Amazon Games: Hear an echo? That’s the world’s largest e-commerce company doing to economic development what it did to shopping malls. 11/2/2017
Saxony-Anhalt, Germany: A Young German State Sets Out to Solve Old Age: Saxony-Anhalt might be said to be remaking the world of medtech. 10/5/2017
Malaysia: Myths and Misconceptions: If you pay any attention to global headlines you’d be forgiven for assuming that the wheels were flying off of Malaysia’s economic engine. The only problem is it’s flat out wrong. 9/14/2017
Virgin Islands: Virgin Sacrifice: “It’s all about the lifestyle,” he gushed. “Your office can be on your porch or on a beach.” 6/8/2017
2017 Global Best to Invest: Top Investment Promotion Agencies: On the following pages we join corporate end users and site selection consultants around the world in celebrating those doing it best. 5/5/2017
Cover Story: 2017 Global Best to Invest:The good news is that there’s still plenty of good news. 5/4/2017
SAXONY-ANHALT, GERMANY: Changing the World. Again.: Saxony-Anhalt is printing parts for space — and your face. 2/9/2017
Cover Story: 2016 Global Best to Invest: By almost any measure 2015 was a banner year for corporate expansion and foreign direct investment. 5/5/2016
Best to Invest: Top Investment Promotion Agencies: The Best to Invest Top IPA Awards recognize the professionalism and preparedness demonstrated by the winning IPAs. 5/5/2016
Central America: Cutting Through The Hype: What’s Really Going on in Central America? 3/10/2016
Western US: How the West Was One 11/24/2015
Utah: Utah Wins: It didn’t take long for games and gaming to surge to the forefront of Utah’s winning economy. 9/10/2015
Utah: Workforce Developed: Utah Builds Its Workforce Better than Most 7/9/2015
Slovenia: Worth Savoring: Like their resurrected winemaking tradition, Slovenians win over investors with a blend that is both complex and delightful. 11/13/2014
Cobb County, Georgia: Cobb's Magic Waters: The Braves project alone will generate 5,200 new jobs, and the organization, was delighted with the Cobb team’s ability to keep the discussions utterly confidential. 6/19/2014
Trinidad and Tobago: Energized Oasis: What’s the value of knowledge? 5/8/2014
United Arab Emirates: Supersized Ambition: A union of seven peaceable royal sovereignties is back in the mega-development game after being briefly benched. 4/3/2014
Latin America: Latin America’s Next Big Thing: Smaller countries punch above their weight in attracting FDI. 1/16/2014
Wyoming: The Data’s in the Details: Why Microsoft is just the latest to fall in love with Wyoming. 12/5/2013
Special Advertising Section: Trade Coast : West Coast Ports and Economic Development Zones 8/8/2013
Australia & New Zealand: Down Under On Top 7/22/2013
Utah: Alter Your Perception: Lauded for its business friendliness and for the way its government operates, Utah is also the third fastest growing U.S. state, and has the youngest work force in the nation. 3/13/2013
Asia Pacific: Lead Us Not Into Recession: A president is chosen, and it's not Barack Obama. 1/16/2013
Thailand: Tempting Thailand: Forget what you think you know about Thailand. 11/14/2012
Europe: Kazan SMART City - Smart Investment?: Tatarstan’s President, Mr. Rustam Minnikhanov, has a plan to make his tiny, land-locked nation on the Volga River relevant again. 10/17/2012
Hit by a Tram in Prague 10/4/2012
Malaysia: Betting on Malaysia: Is there more to MIDA’s metamorphosis than a new mission and logo? Given its track record in attracting FDI, there is. 9/3/2012
Stupid Tourist Questions While Bare-assed on The Bridge 2/7/2012
ESBAS Industrial Park 1/19/2012
Germany: Is Germany Europe’s Safest Bet? 12/1/2011
Queensland, Australia: Born Leader: Adverse weather is no match for a diverse economy loaded with talent. 6/2/2011
Only in Australia 3/3/2011
Searching for Friday in Sydney 2/28/2011
Germany: What Recession?: While much of the world slowly emerges from the crisis, Germany is setting records for economic growth and new corporate facility projects. 11/18/2010
Oktoberfest in Munich 10/4/2010
Everything's Better with Lime 8/17/2010
One Night in Bangkok 7/15/2010
A Very Thai Massage 7/12/2010
Elephants and 1st Class Seats 7/4/2010
Alligators, Transexual Cats and Corn Fritters 5/22/2010
I'm in Micanopy. On Purpose. 5/20/2010
Flinging Food in Beijing 4/20/2010
Breathing Beijing 4/19/2010
These Crabs Have Hair 4/17/2010
Of Sodomy and Snakes 4/17/2010
My Shanghai Addiction 4/13/2010
"It's a local delicacy" 4/11/2010
Air India 4/10/2010
Drooling with Dignity 4/6/2010
Welcome to Mumbai? 4/5/2010
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