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Is Your Marketing Message Targeting the Right Audience?

Deliver your marketing message to corporate expansion planners as they evaluate future locations and partners for expansion.

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According to the June 2017 Circulation Statement from BPA International, Site Selection magazine delivers a Total Qualified Circulation of 45,200  subscribers .

        Here is who they are:

  • 26,872 (59.5 percent) are representatives of manufacturing companies.
  • 28,155 (62.3 percent) are CEO's, partners, chairmen, presidents or owners.
  • 21,978 (48.6 percent) represent companies of 100 or more employees.
  • 8,901 (19.7 percent) represent companies of 500 or more employees.
  • 31,150  are subscribers who have been qualified within one year.
  • 2,016 represent the food & kindred products industry.
  • 2,529 represent the plastics industry.
  • 4,318 represent the metal products industry.
  • 4,348 represent the machinery industry.
  • 2,252 represent the automotive industry.
  • 3,131 represent biotech & pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • 4,602 represent electronics and IT.
  • 5,769 are based in California.
  • 3,100 are based in Texas.
  • 2,382 are based in New York.
  • 2,154 are based in Pennsylvania.
  • 2,278 are based in Ohio.
  • 1,798 are based in Florida.
  • 1,298 are based in North Carolina.
  • 2,412 are based in Illinois.
  • 1,477 are International (non-US)
In addition to the above numbers, 337 recipients are members of the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC), which includes senior-level decision-makers from 3M,, Air Products and Chemicals Inc., BASF Corporation, General Mills, Rolls Royce, John Deere, Merck, Weyerhaeuser Company and many, many other large industrial companies (based upon the publisher's own data).

The bottom line is this - if you want your unique marketing message to capture the attention of high-level corporate site selectors who have the ability to bring a large industrial project to you area, Site Selection magazine delivers the audience you are seeking.

Site Selection also offers bonus distribution opportunities throughout the year at conferences and trade shows for IAMC, Janus, World Forum for FDI, AURP, MIPIM and BIO.

For information on how you can expose your marketing message to this audience,  call your Site Selection account executive today at 1-800-554-5686.

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