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Why I read Site Selection magazine.

Site Selection

"I’ve always had a lot of respect for Site Selection. From time to time when I’m involved with trying to locate a call center or data center and trying to understand where the opportunities might be, I’ve found the stories in the magazine very helpful."

— Alex Sciulli, Chief REal Estate Officer, Highmark Inc.


"During Stion's search process that led to its facility announcement in Hattiesburg, Miss., Site Selection was a useful informational tool which complemented our data-gathering and decision-making efforts. The team has a great deal of experience in identifying siting decisions which have a compelling economic development angle, and objectively highlighting the business context. For an emerging company that has limited internal resources and time, Site Selection is a great aid in funneling the vast amount of information involved in such a multi-faceted process."

— Frank Yang, Senior Director of Business Development of Stion Corp.


"Choosing North Carolina was a pretty easy decision for us once we stacked up all the evidence and reviewed our criteria such as central location within the eastern seaboard, the skilled labor force available in the greater Asheboro area and the No.1 ranking of the state's business climate in Site Selection magazine,"

— John Lettmann, CEO of the Malt-O-Meal Co.


"I read Site Selection for relevant information I can use to guide my business units."

— Charles McSwain, CSX, Jacksonville, Fla.


"Site Selection is the industry leading magazine. It has the best, in-depth, insightful, useful interviews with leaders in the field. It provides the best resource (names and phone numbers) for developing contacts with local economic development agencies. It provides the best high-level surveys of relevant issues in the industry."

— Scott Reed, Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis, Mo.

"Site Selection is one of the more important publications that I read. The articles usually provide me much more insight into the decision-makers' processes and mindsets. They also give me substantive information to consider, with much of it being on the leading edge. The articles make me think about how they can improve my clients' portfolios. I find myself cutting out articles and forwarding such information to my clients for consideration. To me, Site Selection, along with a few other periodicals, is important to my business."

— Michael Rareshide, Partners National Real Estate Group, Dallas, Texas


"I read Site Selection for several reasons: trends in the market; who is doing what; where are they doing it; issues faced by the industry; how does Florida stack up, and the same for Central Florida; capital markets; investment market; new designs."

— George Livingston, NAI Realvest Partners, Maitland, Fla.

"Based on our project load at any given point, we may be focused on one or more specific regions of the country. Reading Site Selection helps get us out of location-specific details with a good, comprehensive, macro-level update on what is happening throughout the country. Other attributes that we like are the industry-level reports and the project-specific reports."

— Tammy Propst, Tax Advantage Group, Greenville, S.C.


"I read Site Selection to get information on trends and issues in economic development; and to check out messages of our competition."

— Robin Spratlin, Georgia Power


Why do I read Site Selection? "Site Selection provides extensive information on real estate issues and allows me to get an overview of information and activities that are occurring nationwide and globally, all of which may impact my daily work."

— Wayne C. Young, Real Estate Manager, Sprint Nextel Corporation

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