Kansas - The New Gold Standard

Three years of record-setting economic development performance have established Kansas as the New Gold Standard. In this brand-new guide, you’ll learn how the state is achieving all this and more.


Meet the Leader Who Carries the Kansas Banner Globally
Ron Starner talks with Kansas Governor Laura Kelly.
From Burger Joint to National Franchise
Set to reach 800 locations by 2026, Wichita-based Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers is one of many companies choosing to locate their headquarters in the Sunflower State.
How Kansas Built an Economic Development Dynasty
Fiscal responsibility and a new incentive program played vital roles.
Ready to Build?
Finding a certified, shovel-ready tract in the Sunflower State has never been easier.
Lieutenant Governor David Toland
Q&A: Lieutenant Governor David Toland: Victories Achieved, Lessons Learned Sow Seeds for Future Success
Advanced Electro-Mobility Manufacturing Keeps Breaking Its Own Records
Kansas projects are central in more ways than one to an industrial ecosystem worth hundreds of billions of dollars now taking shape in the United States.
Research Universities Establish Room and Resources for Expanding Companies
New projects and programs at the University of Kansas and Wichita State University blend with the life sciences leadership at Kansas State University to form a robust foundation for biosciences innovation and growth.
Made with Brains and Muscle
Manufacturers seek the Kansas advantage.
Kansas Universities Capture Investors’ Attention
Million-dollar investments are a recurring theme in Kansas’ higher education system.
Talent, Consider Your Resources
To build and retain skilled talent, there must be ample support behind the scenes, guiding every step of the way to nurture a reliable talent pool.
How Kansas Keeps Its Aviation Industry Aloft
It would be virtually impossible to live in the Wichita region and not know people who work in the aerospace industry. Kansas’ biggest metro, with nearly 400,000 residents, is home to Boeing, Spirit Aerosystems, Textron Aviation (producer of Cessna, Hawker and Beechcraft aircraft), Airbus and Bombardier Learjet.
Resources For Growing Businesses Fast
The U.S. Economic Development Administration awarded Tech Hubs designations in October to 31 entities around the U.S., making them eligible to apply for Tech Hubs Phase 2 Notice of Funding Opportunity grants worth $40 million to $70 million across several projects.
Serious Business
Beef bolsters a muscular agriculture industry.
How Kansas Is Bridging the Digital Divide
More than 150,000 Kansans do not have access to high-speed internet, according to the Kansas Office of Broadband Development (KOBD), an agency created by Governor Laura Kelly in 2020 that resides in the state’s Department of Commerce.
How Kansas Supports the Climate and the Business Climate All At Once
Alive-action model of the clean energy economy’s circularity can be found in Kansas, where common-sense, middle-of-the-road policy and costs complement the state’s middle-of-the-country location and sensibility. They also complement the goals of a $4 billion megaproject.
Innovation Unleashed
From treats to treatments, Kansas keeps bowls and bellies full worldwide.
There’s No Place Like Kansas
Whether it’s housing, utilities, transportation or groceries, in today’s economic climate, the prices of life’s essentials can be high. Luckily for Kansans, the Sunflower State is on the brighter side of this national issue.
Expect the Unexpected in Kansas
From presidential history to outer space, the Sunflower State never disappoints.
K-State is Stepping Up
Innovation Initiative to forge new paths in agricultural technology.
Artistic Havens| A Kansan Escape
It may surprise you to know that within the confines of the Sunflower State there is an array of serene getaways tucked away within the tallgrass prairie, bluffs and rolling hills of the Smoky Valley and beyond.

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