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Ohio's talent pool is enriched by industry and institutional collaboration.

Ohio companies can explore a number of resources to strengthen their workforce.
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by Alexis Elmore

ears, months, weeks and days that lead up to a company’s commitment toward a new facility or expansion investment are the product of strategic teamwork.

Multi-million to multi-billion-dollar decisions are not made lightly and are dependent on a location that supports current needs and future goals. When powerhouses like Intel and Joby Aviation chose to invest in Ohio, they were met with an economic development team fit to turn hopes into reality.

While the state’s central location, business climate, infrastructure, and well-established universities and colleges speak for themselves, having the support of an organization such as JobsOhio goes a long way in sealing the deal — especially in terms of driving the ideal candidate toward a high-quality position.


Catered to You
Intel’s $20 billion semiconductor manufacturing facility and Joby’s $477.5 million electric air taxi manufacturing facility investments will result in the creation of 5,000 highly skilled jobs over the next five years. Through JobsOhio’s Talent Acquisition Services (TAS) program, while those companies focus on getting operations in place, a dedicated team behind the scenes crafts an individualized talent acquisition, development and retention plan.

“JobsOhio’s ability to assist a company to understand the market and navigate the ecosystem is critically important,” says JobsOhio Senior Managing Director of Talent Kristi Clouse. “The TAS incentive plays a significant role in providing the confidence to these large-scale investments that a dedicated team will stay with them for several years after the groundbreaking to help them attract, develop and retain the talent they need for business growth now and in the future.”  

Instead of offering a grant or loan to assist hiring needs, a talent team made up of over 35 experts strategizes with a company and acts on their behalf to secure skilled talent. As no two companies operate the same, each service yields a unique approach. In the case of Joby, the team will develop a sustainable process for attracting, engaging, selecting, and training 2,000 new employees.

“JobsOhio’s private structure, along with our sustainable and flexible funding source, enables us to provide a customized talent solution tailored to the company’s most significant challenges and gives us the ability to be nimble and agile,” says Clouse.

Meanwhile, working to fill Intel’s initial 3,000 jobs, JobsOhio works with Intel on recruitment marketing and events for various roles, including technicians. To aid its future talent pipeline, Intel brought a $50 million Ohio Semiconductor Education and Research Program, working directly with universities and colleges in the state on new research and educational programs.

“The educational partners from K-12, career technical centers, colleges and universities play a vital role for employers. They serve shorter-term needs with their current student base but are also seen as long-term partners to sustain the talent pipeline in the future,” says Clouse. “Academic partners throughout the state come together to align curriculum, equipment and faculty to deliver the talent needed by employers. Meanwhile, JobsOhio takes on the role of facilitator and advocates for the employer.”

Those are just two examples of new job opportunities set to hit Ohio. Site Selection’s 2023 Governor’s Cups ranking named Ohio No. 3 in the number of new projects, as Ohio secured 462 qualified corporate facility projects last year.

These projects range across the state’s 10 target industries, which include logistics and distribution, food and agribusiness, automotive, healthcare, financial services, energy and chemicals, advanced manufacturing, technology, aerospace, aviation, and military and federal. Extensive history in each of these industries has solidified a workforce that has increased productivity for over a decade. Ohio also houses the third largest manufacturing workforce in the nation.

Technological advancements to traditional operations bring the need for new training or upskilling programs to tackle safety and increase efficiency on the production floor. So, while not every business will seek Talent Acquisition Services, receiving cash back on training measures is a welcomed plus.

Skills Building On Us
JobsOhio’s Workforce Grant caters to companies within Ohio’s top industries looking to boost their talent or get new workers up to speed. To be considered, eligible projects must create new jobs and provide training over an agreed-upon timeline, which is based on a project’s anticipated completion date.

Grant amounts will vary and are based on job creation, payroll, fixed-asset investment commitment, project return on investment and the project’s location. For both smaller and larger target candidates, grant funding will act as a reimbursement-based incentive for the costs of training current employees in the following categories: safety training, product knowledge, quality management, on-the-job training, technical training, domestic and international travel costs, materials and equipment.

However, the workforce grant may not be used in ways such as paying for an employee’s college or GED education, soft skills training, travel time, food and beverage purchases, entertainment or membership dues. Companies may not use this grant in combination with any training paid for or required by outside public agencies or departments, nor can funding be used for training within profit-oriented courses.

New or existing companies aiming to grow their capabilities in the state can engage with the JobsOhio team to find the perfect avenue to invest in the future of their talent.

Alexis Elmore
Associate Editor of Site Selection magazine

Alexis Elmore

Alexis Elmore joined Conway Data in 2022 as associate editor for Site Selection. A 2021 graduate of the University of Georgia, she studied journalism and communications before moving back to Atlanta to pursue her career. As an editor for Site Selection and contributor to Conway's Custom Content guides, she writes about economic development efforts and corporate growth happening around the globe.


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