Choose Washington 2023 - 2024

As the No. 1 state in the nation, Washington’s economic strengths continue to earn top honors and attract new investments.


The Best State Economy Works for All
Gov. Inslee pursues policies that benefit both labor and management.
Commerce Helps Businesses Find Solid Ground
Looking to grow your company? The state stands ready to assist.
UW Innovation is Changing the World
CoMotion is much more than the University of Washington’s business incubator. By showing innovators how to become entrepreneurs and build successful companies, CoMotion serves as the university’s vital link between education, research and economic development.
An Evergreen Focus on Innovation
Commerce Director sees new technology as key to growth in Washington.
All Are Welcome in Washington
Why immigrants are flocking to the Evergreen State.
Helping Investors Save Their Cash
Targeted incentives are fueling a surge in project activity across Washington.
Base Camp for the Business World
Many of the biggest names in Corporate America
make their home in Washington.

Hydrogen Revolution Could Drive Big Clean-Tech Haul for Washington
‘It’s like we were built for this,’ says a hydrogen hub cluster leader.
Washington Public Works Feature Stakes from Private and Federal Partners
All sides know the value of major infrastructure improvements across the state.
The Top State for Aerospace
Is About More than Airliner Production
‘A Catalyst of Growth and Economic Recovery’
Why Washington’s tech sector continues to thrive.
SeaTac City Emerges As an Epicenter for Economic Activity
With its unmatched connectivity and transit-connected housing, this could be the home of your new headquarters in the state of Washington.
No Matter the Industry, Washington has the Workers You Need
Washington State’s Centers of Excellence secure a skilled workforce for in-demand industries.
Fortress Pacific Northwest
Don’t mess with Washington. It’s bristling with military installations, including Joint Base Lewis-McChord, the biggest joint base west of the Rocky Mountains. It’s home to the U.S. Army’s I Corps...
Where Science Meets Soil
Washington’s universities lead “life-changing” research in agriculture.
The Secret Behind Washington’s Biotech Boom
Washington has the resources and room to grow life sciences companies.
What’s Old is New
Washington’s forestry industry keeps evolving
and leading.

Tourists Flock to the Pacific Northwest
A global sporting event is certain to bring even more visitors to Washington.
Small Town Emergence
Targeted development initiatives in rural Washington communities aim to support new innovation and attract business investment.
From Macro to Micro¦
Washington’s Maritime Economy Covers the Waterfront
Eight Regions, One Thriving Economy
Explore how each region makes its mark.
Kings of the Land & Sea
Once considered a longshot, the 2026 World Cup is coming to Seattle.
Innovation Grows Evergreen
Rural Washington is on the move thanks to state investment.
Washington’s Ready to Work
No matter the industry, statewide workforce development programs grow with federal support.
Reinvesting in Recreation and Wildlife Preservation
From dam removal to new camping sites, outdoor projects receive major funding boost.
Eight Regions, One Thriving Economy
Explore how each region makes its mark.
Kings of the Land & Sea
Once considered a longshot, the 2026 World Cup is coming to Seattle.

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