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The next-generation data product from Conway, Inc. offers 1,000 leads in your inbox ... guaranteed.

Economic Development, Corporate and marketing executives who want quality verifiable leads, information on industry trends and competitive data subscribe to this monthly service.

Lead Signals

In the noise of globalization, Conway now monitors signals that provide insight in corporate investment strategies. Conway Lead Signals are pieces of intelligence that reflect a company’s intent and readiness to enter or expand its presence in new markets. They help uncover strategic opportunities early in a company’s decision-making process and provide leverage to develop proactive strategies ahead of the competition. Lead Signals are not guarantees of a company’s future investment, but they are clues that help our researchers and analysts predict the expansion plans of companies from all corners of the globe. Developing relationships with these companies before the expansion decisions are made is job #1 for economic development agencies.

Project Indicators & Capacity Expansion

To offer a more comprehensive picture of the global investment activity and local competitiveness, this report now includes capacity expansions. Capacity expansions do not involve construction. They are investments that expand business or increase production capacity, such as the hiring of new employees, and the acquisition or update of machinery. Project Indicators are the opening of new facilities that do not qualify for New Project criteria, or for which no details are available.

Investment Motives

This report includes motives for each investment whenever the information is available. This data enlightens the decision-making process behind the site selection. It highlights the competitive features of a location and the reasons why it has been chosen in spite of competing locations.


Statements gathered from executives and upper management officials through press releases, interviews and speeches provide insight into the direction today's top companies are moving.

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Hundreds of large capital projects each month are added to the Conway Projects Database, the source for this monthly in-depth report

The Conway Projects Database contains over 200,000 new project and expansion records going back to 1988. This database of leads and competitive information is updated daily from:

  • Company announcements.
  • Conway proprietary survey of development agencies
  • Electronic information sources, including the Internet.

In 2014 alone, we reported on industrial and office construction opportunities of $391 billion, covering 484.9 million square feet and generating more than 645,240 jobs.

We prescreen the projects to give you the most significant leads — projects costing at least US$1 million, covering at least 20,000 sq. ft. or employing at least 20 people.

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