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Crystal Villarreal

Crystal Villarreal

Crystal Villarreal has worked as a public relations coordinator for the healthcare conglomerate, McKesson. Crystal is a published author, who recently released her debut novel. She's also held roles as an editorial assistant for JEZEBEL magazine and worked as a communications specialist for a fashion merchandise company.


Articles from this Author

Pennsylvania: Let's Get Crackin': How the Shell Ethane Cracker Will Impact the Commonwealth’s Economy and Environment 9/29/2016
Creative Industies: Ingenuity Meets Opportunity: Why Creatives Are Flocking to Colorado 7/12/2016
Attracting Millennials: Playing Catch: How to Capture Highly Educated Millennials 7/12/2016
Kentucky: Gaining Traction: The growing automotive sector drives manufacturing growth. 6/2/2016
Wineries & Microbreweries: The Perfect Blend: The climate in Texas lends itself to fine wine and flavorful brews. 5/19/2016
Women Owned Businesses: Ladies First: Texas is dedicated to becoming the No. 1 state for women-owned businesses. 5/19/2016
Wyoming: The New West Economy: Wyoming’s assets are becoming as varied as its landscape. 4/28/2016
UAS Weather Research: Chasing Precipitation 4/14/2016
STEM Education: The STEM Movement: Communities in Oklahoma rally behind diversifying education and building a better workforce. 1/8/2016
Montana: Revved UP!: The oil and gas surge generates startups and diversified manufacturing. 12/30/2015
Washington: On the Edge: A historic land transfer will help grow new business. 12/17/2015
Television and Film: The Hollywood Return: The now tripled tax credit is giving production companies even more reasons to go back to Cali. 11/3/2015
Nevada: Straight Shooter: Nevada knows the risk of a gamble, but some of the state’s latest endeavors have proved to be anything but. 10/29/2015
The Dakotas: Sky High: Fostering industry activity in research and development, North Dakota and South Dakota are making all the 10/1/2015
Healthy Living: One Community at a Time: It started as a search to find the healthiest communities, but Blue Zones are becoming a movement. 8/26/2015
Interview with Governor Terry Branstad: Through the Lens of Economic Development: Gov. Terry Branstad shares his dynamic plan to bring even more success to the state of Iowa. 8/26/2015
Water Technology: A Thirst for More:How Wisconsin became the water capital of the world 6/15/2015
Education: The Ideas Factory: Business collaboration and commercialized research represent the cutting edge of higher education. 6/15/2015
Biotechnology: A Climb to the Top: The Tale of a Biotechnology Pioneer 5/13/2015
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