CONTENTSJanuary 2017T H E M A G A Z I N E O F C O R P O R A TE R E AL E S T A TE S TR A TEG Y A N D E C ONOM I C D E V E L OP M E N Tt FEATURES 41 SITE SELECTORS SURVEYPro-business measures are paying off in the former Rust Belt. 56 CREATIVE & DIGITAL MEDIAWhy — and where — the heartland is getting hipper. 60 E-COMMERCE & LOGISTICSHow Amazon is rewriting the book on global e-commerce networks. 64 AMERICAN ENERGY HUBSHow the election is recalibrating energy prices and hot spots. 66 MEGA SITESBig sites are all about the land — and the water, too. 78 WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT RANKINGSA progress report on areas’ efforts to quantify skills available to potential and existing companies; regional workforce development rankings. 85 RESHORINGRe-doing your location business-case math will probably result in fewer offshore sites. 180 THE AMERICAN DREAM COMPOSITE INDEXWhat is the American Dream in 2017? Is it achievable? A new measurement sheds light on the subject.V O L U M E 62 , N U M B E R 1t COVER STORYCover illustration by Bob Gravlee2 JANUARY 2017 SI T E S E L E C T IO N 88 TRUMP IN CONTEXT:Famed geopolitics expert Peter Zeihan on what lies ahead 92 NEED TO KNOW:The 2017 State Reports2017State of the StatesTOC.indd 212/22/16 3:37 PM
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