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Gary Daughters

Gary Daughters
Senior Editor

Gary Daughters is a Peabody Award winning journalist who began with Site Selection in 2016. Gary has worked as a writer and producer for CNN covering US politics and international affairs. His work has included lengthy stints in Washington, DC and western Europe. Gary is a 1981 graduate of the University of Georgia, where he majored in Journalism and Mass Communications. He lives in Atlanta with his teenage daughter, and in his spare time plays guitar, teaches golf and mentors young people.


Articles from this Author

Agriculture: King of the Hill: No beef about it, Texas is tops for farms and ranches. 5/13/2024
PROFILE-COSTEP: Liftoff in Rio South Texas: Rising opportunities in a region with border connections 5/9/2024
Great Lakes Region: Big Dreams Take Shape: A federally funded initiative seeks to re-imagine the Great Lakes. 5/6/2024
QUÉBEC: Québec Makes an EV Play: Northvolt investment affirms aggressive battery strategy. 5/5/2024
Tribal Economic Development: An Oklahoma Story: Native tribes contribute more than $15 billion. 5/3/2024
Consumers Energy: Michigan Is Putting Chips On the Table 5/3/2024
Top Economic Development Groups: 2024 Mac Conway Award: The economic development organizations profiled in the following pages are being recognized for contributing significantly to their locations’ investment attraction and job creation success 5/1/2024
Bourbon and Spirits: That Grand Taste of Tradition 4/11/2024
South Central: Cleaning Up On Clean Energy: The federal Inflation Reduction Act is hitting home in the south-central U.S., where states known for big employers in the oil and gas industries are generating thousands of new jobs in clean energy... 4/9/2024
Investment Profile Hendricks County, Indiana: How Plainfield, Indiana Leveraged Its Prime Location: A strategy ‘10 years ahead.’ 4/1/2024
Investment Profile Maryland: A Ticket to the Game: A look inMaryland’s bid to lure global startups is hitting paydirt. Just ask executives with entrepreneurial firms coming from places such as Seoul and London. 4/1/2024
Talent Migration & Attraction: Talent Attraction Study Shows Workers Heading South and West 3/18/2024
Maryland: Building on an Aerospace Legacy: Maryland  companies  navigate the commercial space race. 3/13/2024
Georgia Intelligence Report - Workforce: Supercharging Growth Through Worker Training: Georgia Quick Start underpins the Kia success story. 3/6/2024
Georgia Intelligence Report - Aerospace & Aviation: Innovative Archer Aviation Has Landed in Georgia: Relationships are key to another E-mobility project. 3/6/2024
Georgia Intelligence Report - Leadership Q & A: Q&A With the Commissioner: It’s all about business under Georgia’s gold dome. 3/6/2024
Georgia Intelligence Report - Clean Tech: Georgia Digs In On EVs & Clean Energy: Supply chains cluster around billion-dollar investments. 3/5/2024
Georgia Intelligence Report: It Only Starts with Atlanta: Georgia is much more than its dynamic capital. 3/5/2024
2023 Top Micropolitans: Ohio Delivers A Fab Five:Findlay leads the way, closing the loop on 10 years of dominance among smaller towns. 3/1/2024
Ag Tech: K-State is Stepping Up 2/29/2024
Online Insider: Chance Encounter Wakes Up Bainbridge: How a gunmaker’s investment triggered a new era. 2/28/2024
Connecticut: The Land of Steady Habits Rises to the Occasion: Venerable Connecticut may be more dynamic than you think it is. 2/14/2024
Agriculture and Food Processing: Serious Business 2/12/2024
Advanced Manufacturing: Made with Brains and Muscle 2/8/2024
Forestry Products: What’s Old is New 12/15/2023
Wineries: Here's to You, Washington 12/14/2023
Agriculture and Food Manufacturing: Where Science Meets Soil 12/12/2023
Charlotte Region Intelligence Report ¦ Professional Sports: More Than Just Fun & Games: A thriving sports culture is a unifying force for Charlotte. 11/20/2023
Charlotte Region Intelligence Report ¦ Electric Vehicles: Eyes on EVs: Raw materials and smarts propel Charlotte to a position of electric vehicle leadership. 11/20/2023
Charlotte Region Intelligence Report ¦ Leadership Q&A: ‘The Man Who Built Charlotte’:  Banker Hugh McColl rallied a city to greatness. 11/20/2023
Charlotte Region Intelligence Report Youth Movement: Young People Are Choosing Charlotte: A great city needs a great university, and a great university can propel a great city. 11/20/2023
Charlotte Region Intelligence Report Introduction: Busting Loose: No question, Charlotte has stormed the scene. 11/20/2023
Nebraska: The Parks That Herald  Omaha’s Return to the River: The exact date isn’t clear, but about 10 years ago two high-powered Omaha business leaders paid a call on the city’s new mayor, Jean Stothert, to make an audacious request. 11/12/2023
Liberty County, Georgia: Big Boys on the Block: Reliable friends propel Liberty County, Georgia. 11/9/2023
Incentives Update: New York Levels the Field: Film credit expansion seeks to answer competition from New Jersey, Georgia 11/7/2023
Quality of Life: Rivers Run Through It 11/2/2023
Advanced Manufacturing: Building Out for the Future 10/26/2023
Collaboration: Come Together 9/22/2023
Indiana Municipal Power Agency: Headway Along the Highway:It might seem mildly incongruous, but one of the world’s biggest and most advanced machines for producing medical radioisotopes can be found off U.S. Highway 31 in a rural patch of northern... 9/12/2023
Consumers Energy: 'Clean Serving Clean’: How Consumers Energy is partnering with businesses to ramp up renewables. 9/11/2023
California: A ‘Eureka’ Moment For Offshore Wind: California is leveraging new floating technology to bolster its energy future. 9/10/2023
Automotive Manufacturing: Building on a Breakthrough 8/28/2023
Shipbuilding: Deep Dive 8/26/2023
Golden Triangle: Secrets of the Golden Triangle 8/2/2023
Agribusiness & Food Processing: Ripe with Opportunity 7/27/2023
Oklahoma: Tulsa Is Reinventing Itself: From advanced mobility to solar, investments by the federal government are hitting home. 7/24/2023
Ultrapark Development Group, Costa Rica: Costa Rica Is Services Central in Central America: Reshoring, a ready workforce and commercial real estate propel a virtuous cycle. 7/14/2023
Maryland: Maryland Leaps Ahead with Quantum: State support and legacy institutions spark a vibrant crop of startups and corporate partnerships. 7/14/2023
Cybersecurity: New Thinking Needed to Beef Up Cyber Workforce: If you can’t fill out your IT security staff, maybe have a look within. 7/12/2023
Sports and Recreation: ‘We Will Do Anything For Sports’ 6/26/2023
Ohio: Quantum Leap: How Ohio is pushing the boundaries of innovation. 6/8/2023
Indiana Municipal Power Agency: Points in Transition: It’s game on in Lebanon, Indiana. 5/15/2023
Portugal: Lighting It Up: Why foreign investment is flowing to Portugal. 5/4/2023
Food & Agriculture: Aiming High In Agriculture 4/17/2023
The Bourbon Boom: A New Take On Tradition 3/26/2023
Maryland: Revival of a Legend: The home of a storied spy operation is relevant again. 3/22/2023
Bioscience: Finding the Right Mix 3/20/2023
Invest In Canada: Canada Shows Its Stuff: Project Arrow is confirmation of the  talent and technology abundant in Canada. 3/16/2023
Georgia: The Korean Connection: Georgia’s pursuit of South Korean manufacturers pays off as a new era of innovation unfolds. 3/12/2023
Agribusiness: Growing Pains: Scaling up is posing challenges to some — but not all — indoor agriculture leaders. 3/9/2023
2022 Top Micropolitans: Findlay On the Move: Northwest Ohio’s perennial juggernaut shows how it’s done, again. 3/1/2023
Talent & Workforce: The State of Smart 2/15/2023
Solar & Wind Energy Hubs: New Mexico Is Riding A Breeze: The stage is set for the nation’s biggest wind energy investment. 1/30/2023
Midwest: The Shape Of Things To Come: Infrastructure investments drive momentum in the Midwest. 1/26/2023
Michigan: Bald Tires No More Incentive Fund Unlocks $9B in Capital Investment: New incentives deliver EV mega-projects for Michigan and its auto industry. 1/25/2023
Saratoga County, New York: New York Is Where A New Age Begins: Era-defining events, as if colliding, have coalesced to ignite a semiconductor revolution in the United States. 1/25/2023
Animal Health: Blessing the Beasts 1/16/2023
Art Havens: The Tug of The Art Land 1/16/2023
Agriculture: Fields Reimagined 1/9/2023
Training Initiatives: The Northland Model 12/5/2022
South America: The Lithium Race in South America Is an Adventure: Those Bolivian bureaucrats sure are sticklers. 11/27/2022
New York: Micron Megadeal Makes New York Chipper: For New York’s political leaders, no amount of hyperbole seemed over the top as they trumpeted Micron’s selection of a 1,200-acre site north of Syracuse for a $100 billion semiconductor plant. 11/27/2022
U.S. Opportunity Zones: OZ Funding Is Up, and Baltimore Is All In: The dollar amount invested in Federal Opportunity Zones climbed to another high in the third quarter of 2022, according to figures released in late October by Novogradac. 11/14/2022
Online Insider: Buffalo is Showing its True Colors: Here’s a comeback story with numbers to back it up. 10/27/2022
Global Automotive: Georgia Court Ruling Poses No Delay To Rivian Project: “I take umbrage at the judge’s thoughts,” says one top state official. 10/23/2022
Plastics & Chemicals: Alberta Ups Its Game: In the roughly two years since its inception, Alberta’s Petrochemicals Incentive Program has received grant applications for projects totaling some C$28 billion 10/13/2022
Fintech: A Goldmine for Startups: Known as the birthplace of fintech, Arkansas demonstrates leadership in the field. 10/9/2022
Target Industries: Running on All Cylinders: Arkansas is winning through specialization and diversification. 10/8/2022
Talent & Workforce: Ready Today. Preparing for Tomorrow: Arkansas’ workforce development levels up. 10/8/2022
Logistics: Massive Impact 9/26/2022
Mid-Atlantic: A New View Of the District: As a poorly compensated, rookie reporter covering the Ronald Reagan administration... 9/25/2022
Maryland: How Maryland Keeps Things Moving: An ‘unmatched’ business climate and bold investments bolster transportation and logistics. 9/23/2022
Quality of Life: A State of Nostalgia Opens Its Arms to All 9/22/2022
INDIANA MUNICIPAL POWER AGENCY: It’s a Home Game In Indiana, USA: Programs to attract talent and new amenities aim to put Indiana communities in a league of their own. 9/21/2022
Idaho: Idaho Hits on A Big One and Looks For More: Meta’s announced plan for an $800 million data center southwest of Boise represents the biggest dollar investment in Idaho since at least as far back as 2015... 9/11/2022
California: California Dreamin’: Rod Colwell has a big plan to leverage lithium. 9/11/2022
Regional Highlights: Divisible by 10 8/21/2022
News Briefs: World Reports: Quick stories update you on the new “Solidarity Transport Hub” near Warsaw, Poland 8/18/2022
Timber & Sawmills: The Buzz Is  Growing Louder: Record-breaking investments spur a vibrant timber industry. 8/15/2022
Agribusiness & Food Production: Local Is Better: Whether meat, tamales or catfish, Mississippi delivers the personal touch. 8/8/2022
Talent Attraction & Retention: Here’s Who Decides What Quality of Life Means: Attracting talent means tuning in to what millennials and Gen Z have to say. 7/28/2022
Missouri: Bridge to The Future: St. Louis is building a better platform for transport & logistics. 7/12/2022
Louisiana: Louisiana Takes The Lead For Offshore Wind In The Gulf: The nation’s first offshore wind farm may have been built off the coast of New England, but it came to fruition with a healthy measure of Cajun ingenuity. 7/12/2022
Maryland: Baltimore is Wired For Tech Entrepreneurs: With his massive, tatted arms, hulking torso and all-around swagger, Trevor Pryce might at first seem less the studio captain he is today than the NFL lineman he was for 14 seasons. 7/11/2022
Rural Advantage: Believing Who You Are: When it comes to rural economic development, Georgia’s the word. 7/11/2022
Indiana Municipal Power Agency: The Dawn of Solar City, Indiana: Crossing into Indiana on Interstate 70, a driver might notice solar parks on either side of the highway. 7/7/2022
Cybersecurity: Breaking the Cyber Color Barrier: The pronounced shortage of cybersecurity workers has been exhaustively chronicled, as has the low participation rate of Black people and other minorities among technology industry professionals. 7/3/2022
Higher Education: Forging a New Future: Mississippi’s Community Colleges are paving the way toward promising careers in advanced manufacturing. 7/2/2022
Utah: St. George Catches Up With the Times: Or is it the other way around? 6/30/2022
News Briefs: World Reports: Los Angeles–based Biliti says it will build the world’s largest three-wheel EV factory in India’s Telangana state, recently tapped as second global headquarters of Biliti’s SoCal neighbor and EV contender Fisker. 6/9/2022
Departments: North American Reports: UST and Tradepoint Atlantic Fit Like a Glove 5/25/2022
Kentucky: Governor Andy Beshear Makes The Case for Kentucky: Andy Beshear has plenty to boast about. 5/25/2022
Greater Philadelphia: Philadelphia Is Leading a Biotech Revolution: Kymriah is an advanced therapy medicine that fights leukemia. 5/24/2022
Colorado: The Coliseum That’s Coming To Colorado Springs: He gleefully cops to being a Deadhead. 5/9/2022
Water Supply: Atlanta’s Mother of All Water Projects: How the city got ahead of a potential emergency and ensured clean water for a century. 5/9/2022
2022 Prosperity Cup: 2022 Prosperity Cup: Two in row for North Carolina means something is afoot in the Tarheel State. Maybe it comes down to one word. 5/2/2022
Company Headquarters: How Texas Hooks ‘Em 4/29/2022
Conroe, Texas: A Shining Light In The Lone Star State 4/27/2022
Higher Education: Where Higher Education Looms Large 4/24/2022
Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Making a Splash 4/22/2022
Bourbon Tourism: Taste Of Tradition 4/4/2022
News Briefs: World Reports: Google is paying a cool billion dollars for Central Saint Germaine, the distinctive mixed-use complex in central London where the company has been a renter. 3/30/2022
Conroe, TX: A Shining Light in the Lone Star State: Booming Conroe is ready for its day in the sun. 3/30/2022
News Briefs: North American Reports: Tech services company Cognizant in January chose Halifax, Nova Scotia, for a new global technology and service delivery center. 3/29/2022
Infrastructure: Where the Waters Meet: Only Hampton Roads enjoys connectivity like this. 3/24/2022
HBCUs: The Power of Historically Black Universities: At Norfolk State, confidence is key. 3/24/2022
Investment Profile Hoosier Energy: Getting Chippy in Indiana: An unlikely naval base joins the battle to boost microelectronics. 3/21/2022
Workforce Development: Base  Commitment: Military veterans and higher education combine to differentiate the Hampton Roads workforce. 3/21/2022
Georgia: Let’s Go For a Ride: Rivian takes the road to Georgia. 3/21/2022
Hampton Roads Intelligence Report ¦ Offshore Wind: The Teeth of the Matter: Offshore wind is the test case for a promising model of economic development. 3/17/2022
Hampton Roads Intelligence Report Maritime: Where Brain Meets Brawn: Huntington Ingalls expands in Hampton Roads on a pioneering mission for the Navy. 3/17/2022
Hampton Roads Intelligence Report Introduction: The Winds of Change Have Arrived: There’s a story, perhaps apocryphal, about the mayor of a good-sized city with certain cultural aspirations. 3/17/2022
Quality of Life: Six Superlatives 3/16/2022
Arts & Culture: BRAVO to the Arts 3/16/2022
Outdoor Gear & Apparel: Creature Comforts 3/15/2022
Top Metros of 2021: LA is Back & Chicago Still Rules: Capital investments surged in 2021, especially into Tier 1 Metros, with Chicago breaking its own record for qualifying projects accumulated over a calendar year. 3/1/2022
News Briefs: North American Reports: Whether an architectural icon worthy of preserving or a major miss by a celebrated son, Chicago’s James R. Thompson Center in the Loop isn’t going anywhere. 2/17/2022
Mid-Sized Markets: Perseverance Pays For Greensboro: Proving once again that good things come to those megasites who wait. 2/14/2022
New York City: Life Sciences: New York City Is  Poised to Take the Lead 2/10/2022
News Briefs: World Reports: Brief updates from Vietnam to Sweden to the world's most expensive office space. 2/7/2022
Tourism: To the Stars and Closer to Home 2/4/2022
Agriculture: Where the Grass Is Greener 2/4/2022
Animal Health: Love To the Little Ones 2/3/2022
Western Europe: France Leads the Way for Foreign Investment: In the face of adversity, Europe has demonstrated impressive resilience in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). 2/2/2022
Advanced Manufacturing: Manufacturing Momentum 2/1/2022
Automotive: Workers are An Automotive Projects Magnet 1/29/2022
Agribusiness: A New Generation Of Farmers 1/29/2022
Portugal: Artificial Intelligence Is Portugal’s New Horizon: When it comes to exploring unknown worlds, Portugal’s reputation is long since established. 1/19/2022
Investment Profile Workforce Connections: Where Business Drives Workforce Development 1/16/2022
Automotive and EVs: A Quiet Revolution 12/30/2021
Agribusiness: The Grass IS Greener 12/29/2021
Aerospace: Poised for Flight 12/29/2021
Maritime: Betting on the Blue Economy 12/16/2021
Medical Devices: It’s All About Precision: Despite the slowdown in elective medical procedures prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 has been a banner year for medical device manufacturers. 12/13/2021
News Briefs: North American Reports: Pittsburgh broke ground October 14 on a 700,000-sq.-ft. (65,032-sq.-m.) terminal at Pittsburgh International Airport, to be powered by solar energy generated at the facility’s planned microgrid. 12/9/2021
Mississippi: Diving Into the Blue: Mississippi is all in on the Gulf Coast’s innovative Blue Economy. 12/2/2021
Global Automotive: It’s EVerywhere: And automakers really like the southern U.S. for their factories of the future. 12/2/2021
Maryland: Maryland Makes Sense for Cybersecurity: When a cyber-attack forced the shutdown of Colonial Pipeline’s entire gasoline pipeline system last spring, the embattled company turned to Maryland-based Dragos, Inc. 11/29/2021
Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Come Together: ¦ Site Selection Magazine 11/24/2021
News Briefs: World Reports: News briefs update us on FIFA’s possible move to the U.S. from Switzerland; venture funding trends; Nestlé’s bamboo planting in the Philippines; Axalta’s new site in China; and Boeing’s first uncrewed aircraft assembly pla 11/23/2021
Aerospace & Defense: Maybe Everyone Wins?: A long-time employer’s defection opens opportunities on both ends of the move. 11/18/2021
FDI In America: Global Site Selection is Going Virtual: Decades into its development and still in search of a footing, virtual reality owns a somewhat suspect place in the mind of the general public, pre-millennials in particular. 11/4/2021
Incubators: Where Tech Dreams Come to Life 10/25/2021
Remanufacturing & Stainless Steel: A history of innovation drives stainless steel production and remanufacturing. 10/21/2021
Idaho: Idaho Falls Is Nuclear Energy Past And Present: Idaho National Laboratory is one big reason the city was named Milken Institute’s best-performing small city for 2021. 10/18/2021
News Briefs: World Reports: A roundup of global stories includes Nissan’s EV ecosystem in the UK; top European countries for startups; Renault’s “Hippie Caviar Hotel”; major solar in Malaysia. 10/14/2021
Mid-Atlantic: Steel is Back in Baltimore: A massive monopile plant is to feed the offshore wind industry. 10/11/2021
Massachusetts: The Amazon Bandwagon Rolls Through Massachusetts: ith the opening of a delivery center comprising some 800,000 sq. ft., Amazon is the largest employer in Revere, Massachusetts, just northeast of Boston. 10/11/2021
News Briefs: North American Reports:Quick-hitting stories update us on Intel’s very big deal in Arizona; SIOR’s confidence gauge; a new ride to the new La Guardia Airport; Ford’s latest EV commitment in Detroit; and Ensemble/Mosaic’s huge commitment 10/7/2021
Universities & Research: A Web of Innovation 9/27/2021
Central Location: All Roads Lead to Illinois 9/27/2021
INDIANA MUNICIPAL POWER AGENCY: The Power of Change: How a member-led utility in Indiana is reaching out to the future. 9/27/2021
Maryland: Ready for Takeoff: In Maryland, the time is right for drones. 9/9/2021
Agtech & Food: Agtech is a natural for Missouri 8/23/2021
Aerospace: Colorado Makes a Name for Itself: With a robust mix of startups and giants of the aerospace industry, Colorado hopes to become known as America’s “Aerospace Alley.” 8/19/2021
News Briefs: North American Reports: Sustainable Construction, Manhattan commercial leases, Kansas City Southern chooses a suitor and offshore wind gains traction. 8/8/2021
Clean Energy: Solar Rising: New investments power Mississippi’s solar evolution. 7/26/2021
Maryland: Baltimore Bets on The New Economy: E-commerce, life sciences, cybersecurity and more are discovering the advantages of locating at Tradepoint Atlantic and Port Covington. 7/22/2021
News Briefs: World Reports: An entrepreneur’s new juice factory in Uganda; FDI projections from UNCTAD; green investments in the Persian Gulf; the Pope’s electric car; and new AI Innovation Zones in China. 7/19/2021
Shipbuilding: Building Upon a Legacy: Mississippi’s shipbuilding industry is best-in-class. 7/8/2021
Rural Advantage: Which Way for Rural America?: Site Selection identifies top performers and digs down on their success. 7/8/2021
Aerospace: It's a Blast: Mississippi’s aerospace industry goes full throttle. 7/7/2021
Departments: North American Reports: Apple doubles down in the U.S.; top 10 U.S. cities people are leaving; giant telescope drives Ingersoll expansion in Rockford, Illinois; the fight for Kansas City Southern; EV battery wars. 6/24/2021
Entrepreneurship & Innovation: The Brightest Ideas Are Coming from Austin: Ever heard of Volcon, Ayro or Hyliion? They’re just a few of the lesser known firms trying to make the Austin region the electric vehicle capital of the world. 6/21/2021
Iowa: Opportunity Knocks: Iowa looks to leap, post-COVID. 6/21/2021
News Briefs: World Reports: World’s longest suspension bridge in Turkey; the positive impact on agriculture from a new African free trade deal; Hyundai’s new fuel cell system plant in Guangzhou, China; and China’s super-busy airports. 6/17/2021
Advanced Manufacturing: A Higher Gear: Tesla is coming to Texas, and it’s hardly alone. 6/9/2021
Oil & Gas: Unrivaled Domination: Texas is still No. 1 for petroleum, and it’s not even close. 6/9/2021
Maryland: Biotech to the Rescue: With its vigorous life sciences ecosystem, Maryland takes aim at COVID-19. 6/1/2021
Biotechnology: Riding to the Rescue: When the pandemic arrived, Texas A&M was ready to saddle up. 5/24/2021
Water Supply: Could This Be the Dawn of the Water Belt: A movement afoot in northeast Ohio aims to leverage Lake Erie for big-ticket manufacturing investment. 5/24/2021
Hampton Roads, Virginia: Offshore Wind Is About to Blow Up: And with Dominion Energy leading the way, Virginia is poised to become the East Coast wind energy hub. 5/6/2021
Top Economic Development Groups: 2021 Mac Conway Awards: There may never have been a more challenging year than 2020 for those working in the vital field of economic development. 5/3/2021
South Carolina: Off to a Hot Start: A major automotive investment continues South Carolina’s streak of big deals. 4/22/2021
Food & Beverage: From Farm to Table: New Jersey’s food and beverage business grows from the ground up. 4/19/2021
Broadband Access & Digital Infrastructure: Addressing the Digital Divide: Progress is slow, but broadband is reaching some of the country’s most remote locations. 4/15/2021
News Briefs: World Reports: JinkoSolar’s solar cell plant in China; the world’s least and most corrupt countries; the world’s shifting economic center of gravity; life sciences expansion in Manchester, UK; and a new battery factory coming to Norway. 4/15/2021
Tourism: Heavens Above: A galaxy of discovery awaits those who visit Kansas. 4/12/2021
News Briefs: North American Reports: Amazon’s tech boost in Boston; a Spanish axle supplier in Chattanooga; Canada’s new work permit program for international students; state property tax rankings; and the PGA Tour’s new headquarters in Florida. 4/8/2021
New Mexico: Is New Mexico’s Spaceport America Finally Taking Flight?: Recent progress from tenants Virgin Galactic and SpinLaunch suggests a path toward Spaceport America’s original promise. 4/1/2021
Kentucky Commercialization Ventures: A Light Goes On: Kentucky’s bold bid to turn discoveries into startups. 3/31/2021
Agritech: Growing in the Great Indoors: Kentucky takes its place as a leader in innovative agricultural technology. 3/26/2021
Logistics and Distribution: Key to Fulfillment: Kansas is keeping apace of the new speed of delivery. 3/25/2021
Agritech: A Food Revolution: Plant-based proteins cement California’s status as the nation’s food leader 3/15/2021
Hampton Roads Virginia: Hampton Roads Answers the Call: A savvy workforce hits the sweet spot for back-office operations. 3/11/2021
Talent: Brightest of the Bright: For talent, New Jersey occupies a universe of its own. 3/8/2021
Agribusiness: Indoor Farming is For Real: Jonathan Webb and Kentucky’s AppHarvest show how it’s done at scale. 3/4/2021
Top Metros of 2020: A Year Like No Other: U.S. Metro Area Rankings Expand and Reflect the Unusual Story of 2020 3/1/2021
Diversity: Diverse Population, Diverse Portfolio: In addition to hosting one of the nation’s most diverse populations, New Jersey is home to 225 foreign company headquarters. 2/22/2021
News Digest: North American Reports: Vehicle industry investments in the Charlotte region; a new innovation center in Waterloo, Ontario; VW in Mexico; Virgin Hyperloop in West Virginia; ApiJect Systems in the Research Triangle; and more. 2/18/2021
Michigan: Re-Tooling on the Fly: In a year of solid investment, Michigan’s auto industry builds momentum. 2/11/2021
K-12: The Science of Economic Development: STEM education is still the rage. 2/8/2021
News Digest: World Reports: Brief stories highlight a 3D-printed home in Germany; IoT in Brazil; EV batteries in the UK; Finland’s top ranking in digital skills; and Fisker’s tie-up with Magna International. 2/8/2021
Entrepreneurship & Innovation: The Smart Factory: Wichita State University plunges ahead in its mission to innovate. 2/4/2021
Top Tech Hubs: Cathedrals of Talent: CBRE’S Colin Yasukochi talks with Senior Editor Gary Daughters about tech talent hubs to watch. 2/4/2021
E-Commerce & Logistics: Why Amazon's Building Binge Has Just Begun: Amazon, which began 2020 as a mere juggernaut, enters 2021 a monolith. 1/28/2021
Technology: Tech Tradition: New Jersey is riding its flair for innovation into the digital age. 1/26/2021
Portugal: The New Place To Be: Portugal has made itself a compelling location for tech and mobility investments. 1/20/2021
Workforce Development: For a Brighter Future: Arkansas is stepping up workforce development with “Future Fit.” 12/18/2020
News Digest: North American Reports: The German-American Chamber recognizes Grand Rapids; ITIF ranks the top states; Huntsville lands projects; Southeast markets top LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index; and a mixed-use project at Penn’s Landing. 12/10/2020
News Briefs: World Reports: Sweden welcomes an expansion by Bombardier. New digital infrastructure comes to Africa. Kosher food choices appear on UAE’s flagship airline. China will welcome Universal Beijing Resort on schedule in May. 12/7/2020
Nebraska: On the Front Line Against COVID-19: A Nebraska startup is playing a novel role in vaccine development. 11/30/2020
Mississippi: Hello, World. We're Mississippi.: Exporters like Hyperion Technology are thriving. And driving economic growth. 11/25/2020
Research & Development: R&D in the Rockies: Institutional know-how propels  innovation in Colorado. 11/23/2020
New York City: A New Day Dawns in New York: It’s time to take a closer look at the tech world’s rising heavyweight. 11/23/2020
Renewable Energy: The Clean Energy Leader: California sets the standard for the country and the world. 11/20/2020
Global Automotive: Battery Wars: Competition in the EV space is intense. Could this mega-project in Georgia fall victim? 11/16/2020
Mid-Atlantic: Fish Farms, Finance & FinTech: Food production, financial services and big tech lead the way. 10/22/2020
Departments: North American Reports: Redfin’s top five cities people are moving to during the pandemic; a new driverless vehicle corridor in Michigan; Amazon’s investments in six U.S. tech hubs; a new test bed for space in Nunavut and more. 10/19/2020
Departments: World Reports: The UK is No. 1 in real estate transparency; Allrise funds a soccer team in Ukraine; Swedes lead the EU in innovation; a Fluor JV delivers in Kuwait; and Fujitsu is cutting its real estate footprint by half in Japan. 10/15/2020
Nevada: Las Vegas Toasts Diversity: The road to riding out the COVID recession leads beyond the Strip. 10/12/2020
Eds & Meds: More Than Just Real Estate: Institutional developments reach beyond their walls to catalyze urban communities. 10/8/2020
Hoosier Energy: The Beat Goes On: For Hoosier Energy, there is no pandemic pause. 9/24/2020
Argibuisiness/Agritech: A Fertile Field: Research Park at the University of Illinois is a driving force behind agriculture technology. 9/23/2020
California: Don't Count Out Startups in the Fight Against COVID-19: Silicon Valley is building something - a united front in the crisis. 9/17/2020
Departments: North American Reports: Flooring company in NW Georgia; Accenture’s plans in St. Louis; Los Angeles building’s makeover from bodybuilding to biomedical; quantum computing in Santa Fe; and an Idaho camp in construction skills for girls. 8/26/2020
COVID-19 Special Report - Talent Retention: Tech Talent & COVID-19: The need for training surges in the midst of pandemic. 8/20/2020
Online Insider: Ready, Aim, Hire: Northrop Grumman is bringing 500 jobs to rural West Virginia. 8/13/2020
Departments: World Reports: DHL’s new China connection; wind power growth in Taiwan; a circular economy project in the Netherlands; Fujifilm in Denmark; and VW’s EV plans in China. 7/27/2020
Select Greater Philadelphia: Cradle of Cures: Greater Philadelphia is a center of excellence in cell and gene therapies. 7/23/2020
Race & Economic Development: We Are Part of the Fix: The spotlight moves to corporate America. 7/13/2020
COVID-19 Special Report - Food & Beverage: A World Turned Upside Down: The food supply bent but didn’t break. The strongest will survive. 7/6/2020
Kentucky: Meet the Dean of Hemp: Murray State University’s Tony Brannon was way ahead on how to grow hemp. Now he’s a man in demand. 6/11/2020
Departments: North American Reports: Inventory by drone; SK’s double-down in Georgia; big offers for Tesla’s Cybertruck factory; how USMCA could alter automotive industry geography; and the launch of the Great Lakes shipping season 6/4/2020
City of SeaTac, Washington: SeaTac City is Poised for Flight: With its unmatched connectivity, this could be your new headquarters location. 5/28/2020
Departments: World Reports: European automotive firms’ gradual reopening of production; a French aerospace manufacturer’s pivot to masks; guidance for a new era of supply chain management; and the world’s greenest cities. 5/26/2020
Utah: Governor Gary Herbert’s Ten Years at the Reins: He’s the force behind Utah’s impressive economic run. 5/18/2020
Maryland: Commercial & Industrial Projects Dominate: Developers pounce on available sites. 4/23/2020
Departments: World Reports: Regional investment patterns in the UK; a new tech center in Medellín; early predictions about COVID-19’s impact on air travel; the new Netflix HQ in Paris; and the top 10 countries by share of global manufacturing output. 4/16/2020
Illinois: Could a Massive Rebuild be the Road to Economic Expansion?: Cash-strapped Illinois goes big on infrastructure. 4/6/2020
Departments: North American Reports: A Montreal award winner; new data on U.S rare earth minerals; which states raised their minimum wage; UPS and Waymo get autonomous in Phoenix; mass timber operation moves into former Arkansas steel plant. 3/30/2020
Northeast: Report Shows Impact of 'Egregious Truck Bottlenecks': Senior Editor Gary Daughters talks to trucking experts about what can be done at the leading bottlenecks. 3/12/2020
Santa Clarita Valley: 10 Things You Need to Know About Santa Clarita Valley 3/9/2020
Santa Clarita Valley: Foundation for the Future: Santa Clarita Valley is proving itself the lower-cost, high-quality option for businesses in Southern California. 3/9/2020
Top Micros: Seize the Day: Recognizing opportunity is key for this year’s Top Micropolitans. 3/2/2020
Michigan: Reach for the Sky: Automotive technology has given rise to a potent aerospace industry. 2/10/2020
Departments: North American Reports: Tech titans in the Big Apple; a ski slope in the Meadowlands; Schwab’s HQ move from San Francisco to Dallas-Fort Worth; Canada’s first multi-level logistics facility near Vancouver; and more. 2/3/2020
Departments: World Reports: Avy demonstrates its drone in Amsterdam; Intel opens a new center in Israel; Tesla is building in Berlin; NASA picks a site on an asteroid; top global cities for entrepreneurs in three sectors. 1/30/2020
E-Commerce & Logistics: Small is Beautiful: Light industrial is all the rage for e-commerce. 1/27/2020
Brooklyn Army Terminal: What's Old is New Again: NYC’s historic Brooklyn Army Terminal is breeding modern manufacturers. 1/13/2020
Departments: World Reports:The world’s most and least livable cities; Porsche and Boeing’s urban aviation dream; the most tax-competitive nations; sustainable dairy growth in Oman; a Chinese-funded business park to open in Ethiopia. 12/20/2019
Departments: North American Reports: Bombardier’s talent hunt in Canada; Burnham Center in Chicago; America’s fastest-growing jobs; “last touch” warehouse space; and a strange light in the sky over Ontario. 12/16/2019
Kansas: Facing Up to the Future: Investments by the higher education institutions of Kansas are designed to grow the talent companies need. 12/12/2019
Southwest: Vital Statistics: Facts and Figures Behind Success in the Southwest 12/5/2019
Global Automotive: And the Winner Is...: Mahindra keeps ’em guessing about its new assembly plant. 11/21/2019
Business Retention: Eyes Wide Open: Is this a new business retention tool for economic developers? 11/11/2019
Mid-Atlantic: Straight from the Source: What state manufacturing experts want you to know. 10/28/2019
Departments: North American Reports: Brief stories update us on where we found the most Inc. 5000 firms; Webasto’s new plant in Mexico; Lockheed Martin’s move to Florida’s Space Coast; and HUD grants to states slammed by weather disasters. 10/17/2019
Departments: World Reports: Brief stories update us on Capital Park in Warsaw, Poland; FDI on the upswing in Africa; South Korea’s giant solar solution; Lendlease’s billion-dollar data center bet and the trend in Chinese FDI to the U.S. 10/14/2019
Transit & Connectivity: License to Build: Circulate San Diego’s Mobility Certification is giving a boost to transit-oriented development. 10/7/2019
North Carolina: Aerospace Cluster - Hiring On All Cylinders: PTI has become much more than a regional passenger airport. 9/30/2019
Consumers Energy: Milk It For All It's Worth: A new processing plant could be a game changer for Michigan. 9/26/2019
Texas - Cities: Good Problems to Have: The challenges facing the leaders of three fast-growing Texas cities 9/16/2019
Texas - Q&A: Bring it On: Businesses are flocking to Texas. Governor Greg Abbott still wants more. 9/16/2019
Upstate New York: A Bright Horizon for Logistics: There’s a lot to like in New York’s Capital Region. 8/22/2019
Departments: North American Reports: States seeing the highest GDP contribution from commercial real estate; the state that now bars employers from refusing to hire based on a failed marijuana test and more. 8/15/2019
Departments: World Reports: Scooters in Santiago; Lagarde on trade downturn; Sino-Russian trade upturn; Uber Air in Australia; an urban vineyard in Milan. 8/12/2019
Disruptive Technology: A New Day for Diamonds: Lab-created gems are shaking up the jewelry market. 8/8/2019
Northwest Ohio: Keeping It Clean: Northwest Ohio leads a charge for vehicles powered by natural gas. 8/1/2019
Hoosier Energy: Power of Persuasion: Backed by Hoosier Energy, Indiana launches a bid to bring in data centers. 7/22/2019
Small Business: Fired Up: A family-run business north of Denver brings the heat to the tech world. 7/19/2019
U.S.-Mexico Border: Biggest Energy Park. Ever.: Academics have a plan to fix the southern border. It may surprise you. 7/18/2019
Food & Beverage: Some Kettle of Fish: RAS Aquaculture promises seafood for a hungry world. It also invites public scrutiny. 7/11/2019
Departments: World Reports: Where in the world remittances are headed; a MIPIM award winner; pan-African investment; London’s financial services downturn and more. 6/17/2019
Maryland: The Future of Health Care Is Here: Maryland leads a biotech revolution. 6/13/2019
Morocco: Flying High: With aerospace and autos leading the way, Morocco is poised for a breakout. 5/28/2019
Departments: North American Reports: The amenities industrial workers want most; FedEx Logistics and Gibson move around Tennessee; top tech towns; U.S. robot density; Nikola Motors lands in Coolidge; what drives Canadians to relocate. 5/23/2019
Mexico: Out With the New: Axeing plans for a glitzy new airport was merely the opening act for Mexico’s new socialist president. 5/16/2019
Great Lakes: Ruins to Riches: Abandoned auto plants need not always meet the bulldozers. 5/13/2019
Departments: World Reports: The EU president on Brexit; CEO optimism (or not); Mercedes-Benz in Poland; a new port for Bangkok; a self-driving cocktail bar? 4/18/2019
Minnesota: Is Minnesota Making the Grade?: A new report highlights progress, challenges. 4/8/2019
Departments: North American Reports: Google's expanding footprint; China's shrinking FDI in the U.S.; Maine's big HQ score; Boeing's self-flying taxi test flight; and mayors' positive views on incentives. 4/1/2019
Licking County, Ohio: Strength in Diversity: Manufacturing, logistics and internet technology propel central Ohio’s Licking County. 3/25/2019
Maryland: The Anomaly: Hungry for a juicy story line, some of the nation’s top scribes are suggesting that Larry Hogan is the Republican answer to Donald Trump. Larry who? 3/18/2019
California: The Way to San Jose: Google helps propel a city’s ambitious vision. 3/7/2019
Top Micros of 2018: Come Together: Ohio’s winning ways stem from collaboration and commitment to community. 3/4/2019
Marathon Runs the Race to Win in Findlay, Ohio - Its CEO Explains Why: Heminger now leads the country’s biggest refiner by volume, as a result of Marathon’s acquisition last year of its former rival, Andeavor. 2/27/2019
Agriculture & Food Processing: Milking It For All Its Worth: What’s your first thought when you hear “Idaho”? You’ll be excused if you answered “potatoes,” Idaho’s being world famous. 2/26/2019
Departments: North American Reports: Apple in Austin; Forrester's tech talent capitals; new hubs from Accenture and Amazon in Toronto; 900 jobs from Element AI in Montreal; and the latest survey findings in the country mouse vs. city mouse debate. 2/21/2019
Blockchain: Who’s In For Blockchain?: A look at some of the states that are leading the way. 2/18/2019
Departments: World Reports: A Spanish company’s huge, but conditional, railcar manufacturing project in Scotland; a landmark library in Helsinki; and more. 2/11/2019
Alabama: The Test of Success: Alabama’s roaring auto industry intensifies workforce strain, but apprenticeship is gaining ground. 2/7/2019
Michigan: Who Are These Guys?: Ann Arbor’s growing tech community is making a name for itself. 1/24/2019
Tennessee Valley Authority: The Power of Persuasion: How TVA helped recruit a Belgian bus maker to a town in Tennessee. 1/17/2019
Changxing, China: Location, Location, Changxing: Not far from Shanghai lies a Chinese county, and a development, that are quickly becoming magnets for foreign direct investment. 1/10/2019
Departments: World Reports: Ski slopes in Shanghai; Samsung’s showcase in Bengaluru; outbound real estate investment leaders in Asia and more. 12/26/2018
Departments: North American Reports: Where the largest U.S. warehouse leases are; why a view matters; Jaguar Land Rover’s new digs in New Jersey; tariffs and farmers; the fastest-growing U.S. airports; and the Gordie Howe International Bridge. 12/17/2018
Washington: Public Development Authority Boosts Spokane Area’s Prospects: Teamwork triggers a big win and big hopes for the future. 12/10/2018
Southwest: On Location: Netflix will produce original content from a hub in New Mexico. 12/6/2018
Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Startup Hotspot: Access to funding propels Minnesota’s entrepreneurs. 11/16/2018
Medical Devices: Made in Memphis: Legacy institutions and startups fuel a top location for medical device manufacturing. 11/12/2018
Aqaba, Jordan: Aqaba Emerges as a Magnet for Investment in Jordan: The Aqaba region builds on its centuries-long role as a Red Sea crossroads linking Asia, the Middle East and Europe. 11/8/2018
Business Retention: Staying Power - How Winning Communities Keep Winning: Amping up engagement with the C-suite nurtures home-grown business expansions. 11/8/2018
Montana: The New Pioneers: Entrepreneurship is making a mark in Montana. 10/25/2018
Mid Atlantic: In Pursuit of the Summit: Virginia, Maryland and Delaware constitute the core of a region where you truly get what you pay for. 10/22/2018
Departments: North American Reports: A port’s growth in Vancouver, Washington; Duke Realty’s new Indy HQ; Michigan winning out over Tennessee; U.S. job growth; and the retracing of a 150-year-old corporate relocation journey. 10/15/2018
Departments: World Reports: Aerospace project in Malaysia; which countries are best positioned for autonomous vehicles; reindeer husbandry and other pursuits in far northern Norway; and leading countries for manufacturing. 10/11/2018
Pennsylvania: Back From the Brink: With a boost from shale reserves, Pittsburgh International Airport is ready to soar. 10/1/2018
Consumers Energy: Powering Prosperity: Consumers Energy helps bring jobs to a town in northern Michigan. 9/17/2018
California: The State of Mobility: For advanced transportation technology, California is leading the way. 9/13/2018
Texas: Blockchain With A Texas Twang: Cryptocurrency made in America springs from a huge data center in Plano — even as a Chinese rival sets up shop just down the road. 9/10/2018
Food Processing: Topeka's Sweet Tooth: Ground-breaking Mars plant continues to expand. 8/24/2018
Idaho: No Small Potatoes: Burley leads Idaho in big-time investments. 8/23/2018
Departments: North American Reports: U.S. Supreme Court’s South Dakota vs. Wayfair decision; a new alliance between Dallas-Fort Worth and London; more logistics space in Savannah; Ford’s continuing investment in Detroit and AVs and more 8/16/2018
Departments: World Reports: Snapshots of UNCTAD’s latest FDI scoreboard, the UK’s tech momentum, architects who best deploy daylight, Nordic demographics, aerospace in Ukraine and Mercedes-Benz in Hungary. 8/9/2018
Oklahoma: Aircraft Production Returns to Oklahoma: When Kratos Defense and Security Solutions announced plans for a major expansion in Oklahoma City, the head of the company’s drone division was clear on why. 8/6/2018
Talent Attraction & Retention: Would You Go to Work Here?: Amazon’s ‘The Spheres’ highlights the trend of making the workplace more compelling — even as it seems to find its hometown more repellent. 7/26/2018
Food Solutions: Feast of Plenty: Missouri is a food production powerhouse 7/20/2018
Advanced Manufacturing: Taking Flight: Propelled by a vibrant workforce of engineers, advanced manufacturing soars 7/18/2018
Food and Beverage: When You Say Bud: Blue Moon’s brewer is launching marijuana-infused ‘beer.’ 7/16/2018
Northwest Ohio: On the Make: Northwest Ohio is a mecca for manufacturing. 7/12/2018
World Forum Report: Building a Millennial Workforce: The 2018 World Forum highlighted challenges and opportunities. 7/12/2018
Outdoor Recreation: The Promised Land: Utah’s outdoor amenities  are numerous &  world famous. 6/29/2018
World Forum Report: The Investor Perspective: Three corporate decision-makers explain why their projects are going where they’re going. 6/28/2018
Departments: North American Reports: Quick-hitting stories fill you in on GE’s Mojave Desert test flight of the world’s largest jet engine; Greater Toronto’s skilled immigrant influx since Canada’s Global Skills Strategy launched and more. 6/25/2018
North American Automotive: Huntsville Goes to Work: Mazda-Toyota’s site decision sparks ‘fast and furious’ response in northern Alabama. 6/21/2018
Departments: World Reports: Our latest digest of global news catches us up on a new terminal in Dunkirk; Petronas in Turin; employment vs. robots in Germany; the world's most expensive cities; and a choice getaway for sale in Fiji. 6/18/2018
Agtech: Agtech Central: Led by St. Louis, Missouri is boosting its profile as a hub of innovation. 6/15/2018
Utah: Go Outside & Play: Utah expands a diverse manufacturing base. 5/31/2018
Trade Relations and Leadership in Export: Export Juggernaut: Texas is America's export powerhouse. 5/30/2018
Ohio: Power Lunch: A craving to jolt the energy landscape. 5/29/2018
Sustainability: Mexico Past and Future: Sustainable design points the way forward while breathing new life into Mexico’s historical landmarks. 5/25/2018
Loudoun County: 10 Ways Loudoun County is No. 1: From data centers to wineries and breweries, the fastest-growing county in Virginia leads its region, state and nation in a striking number of metrics. 5/24/2018
Corporate Campuses: Catching a Buzz: Just in time for the first World Bee Day, Fortune 500s are swarming to ‘Bee Downtown.’ 5/24/2018
Northwest Ohio: Into the Fast Lane: Northwest Ohio’s automotive sector is accelerating into the future. 5/21/2018
2018 Global Best to Invest: The 2018 Mac Conway Awards: Site Selection’s Mac Conway Awards for Excellence in Economic Development recognize the top local and regional economic development agencies in the US. 5/3/2018
South Central States: Mapping the Course of Job Creation: New Orleans Welcomes a Tech Superstar; Kratos Makes a Move into Oklahoma; and Help for Houston 4/26/2018
Departments: North American Reports: Petrochemicals megaproject in Alberta; Nikola’s billion-dollar plant in Arizona; the Apple HQ’s transparency problem; the economic impact of Canadian shipbuilding; and bike sharing in Mexico. 4/19/2018
Departments: World Reports: Leading countries for remittances; FedEx and Starbucks in Shanghai; France's largest-ever container ship; and Saudi Arabia's $500-billion city of the future named Neom. 4/12/2018
South Carolina: Winning Bet - How BMW’s Location Gamble in ’92 Paid Off: The ‘Power of Innovation’ draws more investment from overseas capital investors. 4/12/2018
Eastern Europe: Flexing Its Muscle: Unafraid to ‘ruffle feathers,’ Poland is the engine of central Europe. 4/5/2018
Minnesota: Cells of Innovation: A near-death experience propels the mission of a Minnesota startup. 3/29/2018
Utah: The Intangibles of Cool: An uber-hip tech scene rises from Utah’s Silicon Slopes. 3/8/2018
Top Micros 2017: Crowning Achievement: Findlay makes it a four-peat as Batavia closes in. 3/1/2018
Film & Entertainment: Louisiana Reboots: “Georgia has won the arms race,” says an official. 2/22/2018
Departments: World Reports: US Students Abroad, Mercedes in France, The Future in Milan and more. 2/1/2018
Michigan: Rebound Detroit!: The resurgence is real. If there’s a town that can muscle the rest of the deal, it might be the Motor City. 2/1/2018
Departments: North American Reports: Milwaukee RiverWalk wins a ULI award; big orders come through for the Tesla truck; Caltech debuts a self-flying ambulance; Amazon triples its space in Mexico; and the George W. Bush Institute grades NAFTA. 1/25/2018
Caribbean: Making Waves: The Caribbean rides the crest of rising call center and BPO activity. 1/18/2018
Online Insider: ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Is No. 1 Again: In an encore to a championship season in Tuscaloosa, Huntsville gets its own trophy in Toyota-Mazda's $1.6-billion project. 1/18/2018
Craft Beer: Coming of Age: Mississippi’s Craft Beer Industry is Set to Take Off. 1/9/2018
Pharmaceuticals: Lights Out: Hurricane Maria hobbled drug makers in Puerto Rico. The new US tax law could hit them, too. 12/29/2017
Departments: World Reports: Hyperloop Contest Yields Proposed Routes, Business Groups Seek 'Transitional' Brexit Deal and more. 12/21/2017
Departments: North American Reports: updates us on automotive in Alabama; a huge tire plant in Tennessee; which downtown universities are tops; a Montréal AI company’s record funding; and the earthquake vulnerability of Mexico City’s building stock. 12/7/2017
Middle East: Digital Disruptors: founder Ronaldo Mouchawar is among the entrepreneurs bringing e-commerce to the Middle East. 12/7/2017
Germany: ‘In Finance, Lunch Is for Losers’: Frankfurt tries to out-pitch Paris to displace London as the epicenter of European finance. 11/20/2017
Business Retention: Incentives for Existing Businesses?: Are companies asking too much of state and local governments? It depends on whom you ask. 11/20/2017
Bahrain: Destination Bahrain: The hidden gem of the Arabian Gulf offers a rich history and a flair for all things modern. 11/16/2017
Mid-Atlantic Region: Change Roils Economic Development Agencies: Transparency and oversight of incentives is questioned. 10/19/2017
Nevada: Sparks of Change: Is Las Vegas growing up? Not completely, heaven forbid. 10/12/2017
North Carolina: Behind the Cape: With Wilmington leading, Cape Fear steps out of the shadows. 10/5/2017
Departments: World Reports: Daimler Goes Electric in China and at Home, Entrpreneurial Hubs for Women and more. 9/28/2017
Bahrain: Time to Innovate: Bahrain bids to become a Middle East hub for tech startups. 9/28/2017
Eds & Meds: Staying Power: Study: Eds & Meds clusters promote long-term economic health 9/28/2017
Thermo-Cycler Industries: Fresh Air: Indiana’s Thermo-Cycler Industries offers innovative, cost-effective climate control options for contractors and end-users. 9/21/2017
Departments: North American Reports: Featuring autonomous driving in Michigan; Faraday Future's shift to California; Intel in Brooklyn; insight from Infosys; and PwC's top states for the aerospace industry. 9/21/2017
Entrepreneurship: Setting the Pace: Howard Tullman, CEO of Chicago’s world famous 1871 startup incubator, shares his enthusiasm for the Chicago tech scene. 9/15/2017
Lucid Motors: A Perfect Fit: “The Tesla Killer” locates its new luxury electric automobile plant in Case 8/18/2017
Rocky Mountains: Rockin' in the Rockies: New projects and expansions bolster economic growth. 8/17/2017
Online Insider: Infosys Brings the Technological Revolution — and 10,000 jobs — to the United States: An exclusive interview with the Indian corporation's president and deputy COO sheds light on the company's two location choices so far, and the fact 8/3/2017
Departments: World Reports: US LNG in Poland, World of Innovation Ranking and more. 8/3/2017
Junction City: The Ties that Bind: Junction City lives up to its name by connecting the cords of commerce. 7/20/2017
Kansas: A Model of Modern Infrastructure: Quickly move goods from the heart of America to the rest of the world through Kansas’ newest intermodal hub. 7/20/2017
Bahrain: Building a Prosperous Future: Construction surges in Bahrain. 7/20/2017
Departments: North American Reports: Top states exporting to China; the new bridge between Detroit and Windsor-Essex, Ontario and more. 7/20/2017
Workforce Development: Workforce Multipliers: Experts in economic development say the secret for attracting and retaining high-value companies is an abundant, specially trained and motivated workforce. 7/13/2017
Cybersecurity: The New Age of Cyber Crime: According to Cybersecurity Ventures, a cyber research and market intelligence company, cybercrime costs, which totaled $3 trillion in 2015, will reach $6 trillion by 2021. 7/5/2017
New England: Punching Above Their Weight: New England states excel in two measures of competitiveness. 6/22/2017
Regional Cities Initiative: Youth Movement: Indiana’s new initiative aims to attract and retain a strong, talented workforce by improving quality of life across the state. 6/20/2017
Science State: At the Cutting Edge: Universities in Indiana are leading the charge for industrial advancement and cutting-edge research. 6/20/2017
Departments: World Reports: The World’s Happiest Citizens Are … Norwegians; Digital Is a ‘Great British Success Story’ and more 6/1/2017
Utah: Clearing the Air: The business case for combating emissions in Utah 6/1/2017
Departments: North American Reports: Breathtaking Apple Campus Opens in Cupertino; Real Estate Marketers Are High on Drones and more... 5/18/2017
Bahrain: How to Finish First: Bahrain’s Keys to Winning: Low Taxes, Location, Innovation 5/11/2017
Gulf Coast Ports: Riding the Wave: The shale revolution is lifting the fortunes of Gulf Coast ports. 5/11/2017
Online Insider: Behind the Big Data Rush to Montréal: Hydropower and brainpower combine to lure Google, Amazon and Microsoft. 4/27/2017
South Central: Texas Bests its Neighbors for Renewables: The Lone Star State expects a solar boom to go with its oil & gas resurgence. 4/27/2017
South Carolina: China, Meet South Carolina: The Palmetto State aggressively courts Chinese corporate investors. 4/20/2017
Agribusiness: Big Wheels Keep On Turning: Will a farm equipment manufacturer have to recalibrate its property portfolio in 2017? 4/20/2017
Online Insider: A Tale of Two Governors: One fights to rescue his economic development agency. The other is making needed reforms. 4/13/2017
Departments: World Reports: China-London Train, French ‘Solar Road’, DHL: Slowing Globalization, China’s Investments ‘Uncertainty’, and Splendor in Portugal. 4/13/2017
Illinois: The Rivian Gambit: A stealthy entrepreneur wants a piece of the automotive action in Illinois. 3/23/2017
Departments: North American Reports: Canada, Wind Energy, Sprint Trump, Fiat Chrysler, Parking Association, China and Canada 3/23/2017
Top Metropolitans of 2016: The Top Metros of 2016 Come In All Sizes: These high-performing regions — big, medium and small — were just right for attracting corporate growth in 2016. 3/2/2017
Top Micropolitans of 2016: Top Micropolitans: Findlay Leads An Ohio Surge 3/2/2017
Departments: World Reports: Pedal Power in Paris Driverless Cars Daimler in Israel Cape Town Rolls-Royce Trains Hong Kong Disneyland 2/16/2017
Tennessee: The Race For The Workforce of Today: Can the supply of skills required by advanced industries meet Tennessee companies’ demand for them? 2/9/2017
Creative & Digital Media: Flyover States Fly High: The heartland is getting hipper. 2/2/2017
Departments: North American Reports: Germans and the US election, Best Performing Cities, New Air Force One hangar, LPL in South Carolina, and Lucid Motors in Arizona 1/26/2017
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