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Gary Daughters

Gary Daughters
Senior Editor

Gary Daughters is a Peabody Award winning journalist who began with Site Selection in 2016. Gary has worked as a writer and producer for CNN covering US politics and international affairs. His work has included lengthy stints in Washington, DC and western Europe. Gary is a 1981 graduate of the University of Georgia, where he majored in Journalism and Mass Communications. He lives in Atlanta with his teenage daughter, and in his spare time plays guitar, teaches golf and mentors young people.


Articles from this Author

Film & Entertainment: Louisiana Reboots: “Georgia has won the arms race,” says an official. 2/22/2018
Departments: World Reports: US Students Abroad, Mercedes in France, The Future in Milan and more. 2/1/2018
Michigan: Rebound Detroit!: The resurgence is real. If there’s a town that can muscle the rest of the deal, it might be the Motor City. 2/1/2018
Departments: North American Reports: Milwaukee RiverWalk wins a ULI award; big orders come through for the Tesla truck; Caltech debuts a self-flying ambulance; Amazon triples its space in Mexico; and the George W. Bush Institute grades NAFTA. 1/25/2018
Caribbean: Making Waves: The Caribbean rides the crest of rising call center and BPO activity. 1/18/2018
Online Insider: ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Is No. 1 Again: In an encore to a championship season in Tuscaloosa, Huntsville gets its own trophy in Toyota-Mazda's $1.6-billion project. 1/18/2018
Craft Beer: Coming of Age: Mississippi’s Craft Beer Industry is Set to Take Off. 1/9/2018
Pharmaceuticals: Lights Out: Hurricane Maria hobbled drug makers in Puerto Rico. The new US tax law could hit them, too. 12/29/2017
Departments: World Reports: Hyperloop Contest Yields Proposed Routes, Business Groups Seek 'Transitional' Brexit Deal and more. 12/21/2017
Departments: North American Reports: updates us on automotive in Alabama; a huge tire plant in Tennessee; which downtown universities are tops; a Montréal AI company’s record funding; and the earthquake vulnerability of Mexico City’s building stock. 12/7/2017
Middle East: Digital Disruptors: founder Ronaldo Mouchawar is among the entrepreneurs bringing e-commerce to the Middle East. 12/7/2017
Germany: ‘In Finance, Lunch Is for Losers’: Frankfurt tries to out-pitch Paris to displace London as the epicenter of European finance. 11/20/2017
Business Retention: Incentives for Existing Businesses?: Are companies asking too much of state and local governments? It depends on whom you ask. 11/20/2017
Bahrain: Destination Bahrain: The hidden gem of the Arabian Gulf offers a rich history and a flair for all things modern. 11/16/2017
Mid-Atlantic Region: Change Roils Economic Development Agencies: Transparency and oversight of incentives is questioned. 10/19/2017
Nevada: Sparks of Change: Is Las Vegas growing up? Not completely, heaven forbid. 10/12/2017
North Carolina: Behind the Cape: With Wilmington leading, Cape Fear steps out of the shadows. 10/5/2017
Departments: World Reports: Daimler Goes Electric in China and at Home, Entrpreneurial Hubs for Women and more. 9/28/2017
Bahrain: Time to Innovate: Bahrain bids to become a Middle East hub for tech startups. 9/28/2017
Eds & Meds: Staying Power: Study: Eds & Meds clusters promote long-term economic health 9/28/2017
Thermo-Cycler Industries: Fresh Air: Indiana’s Thermo-Cycler Industries offers innovative, cost-effective climate control options for contractors and end-users. 9/21/2017
Departments: North American Reports: Featuring autonomous driving in Michigan; Faraday Future's shift to California; Intel in Brooklyn; insight from Infosys; and PwC's top states for the aerospace industry. 9/21/2017
Entrepreneurship: Setting the Pace: Howard Tullman, CEO of Chicago’s world famous 1871 startup incubator, shares his enthusiasm for the Chicago tech scene. 9/15/2017
Lucid Motors: A Perfect Fit: “The Tesla Killer” locates its new luxury electric automobile plant in Case 8/18/2017
Rocky Mountains: Rockin' in the Rockies: New projects and expansions bolster economic growth. 8/17/2017
Online Insider: Infosys Brings the Technological Revolution — and 10,000 jobs — to the United States: An exclusive interview with the Indian corporation's president and deputy COO sheds light on the company's two location choices so far, and the fact 8/3/2017
Departments: World Reports: US LNG in Poland, World of Innovation Ranking and more. 8/3/2017
Junction City: The Ties that Bind: Junction City lives up to its name by connecting the cords of commerce. 7/20/2017
Kansas: A Model of Modern Infrastructure: Quickly move goods from the heart of America to the rest of the world through Kansas’ newest intermodal hub. 7/20/2017
Bahrain: Building a Prosperous Future: Construction surges in Bahrain. 7/20/2017
Departments: North American Reports: Top states exporting to China; the new bridge between Detroit and Windsor-Essex, Ontario and more. 7/20/2017
Workforce Development: Workforce Multipliers: Experts in economic development say the secret for attracting and retaining high-value companies is an abundant, specially trained and motivated workforce. 7/13/2017
Cybersecurity: The New Age of Cyber Crime: According to Cybersecurity Ventures, a cyber research and market intelligence company, cybercrime costs, which totaled $3 trillion in 2015, will reach $6 trillion by 2021. 7/5/2017
New England: Punching Above Their Weight: New England states excel in two measures of competitiveness. 6/22/2017
Regional Cities Initiative: Youth Movement: Indiana’s new initiative aims to attract and retain a strong, talented workforce by improving quality of life across the state. 6/20/2017
Science State: At the Cutting Edge: Universities in Indiana are leading the charge for industrial advancement and cutting-edge research. 6/20/2017
Departments: World Reports: The World’s Happiest Citizens Are … Norwegians; Digital Is a ‘Great British Success Story’ and more 6/1/2017
Utah: Clearing the Air: The business case for combating emissions in Utah 6/1/2017
Departments: North American Reports: Breathtaking Apple Campus Opens in Cupertino; Real Estate Marketers Are High on Drones and more... 5/18/2017
Bahrain: How to Finish First: Bahrain’s Keys to Winning: Low Taxes, Location, Innovation 5/11/2017
Gulf Coast Ports: Riding the Wave: The shale revolution is lifting the fortunes of Gulf Coast ports. 5/11/2017
Online Insider: Behind the Big Data Rush to Montréal: Hydropower and brainpower combine to lure Google, Amazon and Microsoft. 4/27/2017
South Central: Texas Bests its Neighbors for Renewables: The Lone Star State expects a solar boom to go with its oil & gas resurgence. 4/27/2017
South Carolina: China, Meet South Carolina: The Palmetto State aggressively courts Chinese corporate investors. 4/20/2017
Agribusiness: Big Wheels Keep On Turning: Will a farm equipment manufacturer have to recalibrate its property portfolio in 2017? 4/20/2017
Online Insider: A Tale of Two Governors: One fights to rescue his economic development agency. The other is making needed reforms. 4/13/2017
Departments: World Reports: China-London Train, French ‘Solar Road’, DHL: Slowing Globalization, China’s Investments ‘Uncertainty’, and Splendor in Portugal. 4/13/2017
Illinois: The Rivian Gambit: A stealthy entrepreneur wants a piece of the automotive action in Illinois. 3/23/2017
Departments: North American Reports: Canada, Wind Energy, Sprint Trump, Fiat Chrysler, Parking Association, China and Canada 3/23/2017
Top Metropolitans of 2016: The Top Metros of 2016 Come In All Sizes: These high-performing regions — big, medium and small — were just right for attracting corporate growth in 2016. 3/2/2017
Top Micropolitans of 2016: Top Micropolitans: Findlay Leads An Ohio Surge 3/2/2017
Departments: World Reports: Pedal Power in Paris Driverless Cars Daimler in Israel Cape Town Rolls-Royce Trains Hong Kong Disneyland 2/16/2017
Tennessee: The Race For The Workforce of Today: Can the supply of skills required by advanced industries meet Tennessee companies’ demand for them? 2/9/2017
Creative & Digital Media: Flyover States Fly High: The heartland is getting hipper. 2/2/2017
Departments: North American Reports: Germans and the US election, Best Performing Cities, New Air Force One hangar, LPL in South Carolina, and Lucid Motors in Arizona 1/26/2017

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