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State of the States 2022

Site Selection launches its 69th year of publication with our annual compendium of legislative updates, Rankings That Matter, demographic statistics, economic data and insights into recent projects.

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From the September Issue


Georgia Lands $5 Billion EV Plant

Ron Starner reveals insider insights into the deal that will see Rivian build electric pickup trucks on a 2,000-acre site east of Atlanta. (The property is near the site picked by Baxter Pharmaceuticals —now Takeda — nearly 10 years ago for its own billion-dollar blockbuster.)

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The Top 10 Workforce Issues of 2022

From child care to automation, labor faces challenges on a whole new scale.

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New Mexico

The State of New Mexico in the last few days of 2021 pledged economic assistance to New Jersey-based WTEC Energy Corp. to redevelop a former Alpo dog food manufacturing facility in rural Doña Ana County and create 315 jobs manufacturing wire cable for both solar and wind energy generation units. The site, closed down by Alpo in 2014, is in the federally designated Colonia of Chamberino in the southern part of the state, and will eventually be used to manufacture wind turbine towers as well. According to reporting by Gwynne Ann Unruh in The Paper, Chamberino, located close to the border with Mexico, had a population of 625 in 2019, and was listed a a ghost town by Ghosttowns.com. The state said WTEC chose New Mexico over Texas for the investment “because of the collaborative business climate, incentives, and the proximity to the fast-growing wind and solar installations in the Western United States.” The state has pledged $2 million from its Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) job-creation fund to assist WTEC with land, building, and infrastructure improvements.

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Absci, which describes itself as a “drug and target discovery company harnessing deep learning AI and synthetic biology to expand the therapeutic potential of proteins,” recently announced the opening of its new campus a few miles east of the downtown location that housed the company for the last four years. “Absci has been an incredibly positive force in the Vancouver community since establishing its headquarters here in 2016,” said Washington Governor Jay Inslee. Covering over 85,000 sq. ft. of lab, office and meeting spaces, the new campus features regionally sourced, renewable, and natural building materials, custom finishes, and “a vibrant aesthetic,” says the company, with scalable lab space designed to maximize flow, increase capacity and readily reconfigure as needed. “We designed the light-filled space around collaboration and the pursuit of scientific excellence, and we are thrilled with the pride our Unlimiters feel inhabiting this new campus,” said Sean McClain, founder and CEO of Absci.

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Hit the Ground Running

Georgia Quick Start helps companies with workforce training needs across sectors.

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Aiming Higher

Georgia’s highly ranked higher education systems keep the state’s talent pool primed and flowing.

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As it happens, Georgia State University’s Sam Williams just released a study of how universities in Atlanta proper contribute to a unique “Eds and Meds” value proposition. The report — “Atlanta Eds and Meds: Collaboration or Competition” — looks at 15 of the metro area’s 62 colleges and universities and its nine major hospital brands that account for more than 90% of the region’s capacity.

“While other industry clusters including supply chain, financial technology and film have a robust industry partnership where competitors work as a team to grow jobs and lobby for support, Atlanta’s Eds and Meds are not among best-practice cities for this ‘co-opetition,’ ” said Williams, assistant director for external relations for the Urban Studies Institute at Georgia State. Increased collaboration, says Williams, could spawn new job and economic development opportunities in industries that, with more than 340,000 new positions, already outpace metro Atlanta’s Fortune 500 companies.

Read Site Selection’s most recent coverage of Eds and Meds from our September 2021 issue.



Site Selection Publisher and Director Laura Lyne made this photograph last Wednesday on her property in Montana, where the temperature was 6℉ this morning and snow is in the forecast for five of the next six days.