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Greater Moncton.
Obsessed with your success!


hether you're looking to locate a high-tech manufacturing facility, expanding your knowledge-based operations, or hiring top-notch people for a customer service centre, you should know that in Greater Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, we are "Obsessed With Your Success."
   Located in the southeastern part of New Brunswick, Canada, the Greater Moncton is adjacent to New England and within eight hours to more than 100 million US and Canadian consumers. Greater Moncton is the most efficient location from which to serve local, regional, national and international markets.

Greater Moncton, No.1 Best Place to do Business in Canada in 2005!
   In November 2004, Canadian Business Magazine conducted research confirming that Greater Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada is amongst the best places in Canada to do business! KPMG concluded that Canada is the best G7 country in the world to do business.
   • New Brunswick boasts the second-lowest corporate tax rates;
   • No payroll taxes,
   • Lowest small-business tax rate (2.5%) and the highest threshold of what is defined as a small business at CA$425,000 of taxable earnings.
   • Greater Moncton International Airport (Starting May 2006, Continental Airlines will fly direct daily New York, USA to Moncton, NB, Canada).
   • Financial incentives from the Provincial Government
   • State-of-the-art telecommunications systems
   • A skilled, educated and bilingual workforce
   • Training and education at Universities and Community Colleges
   • An excellent quality of life

   Greater Moncton understands a property's location is as important as zoning and land use restrictions.
With close access to major highways, railway and Greater Moncton's International Airport, our industrial parks are a magnet for new developments and expansions. As a strategic transportation hub for the Maritimes, we offer superior infrastructure and inter-modal facilities ideally suited to meet the needs of businesses in manufacturing, information, technology companies, commercial enterprises, research, distribution and warehousing.

   • Land and construction costs at significantly lower than other major urban North American locations.
   • Low utility costs and lower than average property taxes.
   • Lower rates for water and sewer
   • Modest rates for Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation

Customer Contact Centers
   The labour market is known for its bilingual capability, low turnover and absenteeism and high productivity. The availability of qualified people has been cited many times by companies that have established in our region. We supply back office support work for major U.S. companies: UPS, Minacs, Fairmont Hotels, Exxon Mobil and AOL. We have the largest percent increase in inbound/outbound long distance traffic of any province in Canada.

Information Technology
   Greater Moncton climate of higher learning has helped breed one of the highest per capita concentrations of R&D firms in Canada. In turn, it has attracted some of the most competitive software developers and precision e-business platform providers in North America and among the most innovative precision manufacturers for light and heavy industries anywhere in the world. We manufacture everything from gaming and space shuttle components to columns for the New York Times building currently under construction in the Big Apple.
   More jobs, more businesses, more opportunities…our explosive and record setting growth in many areas have made Greater Moncton the most coveted business location in Atlantic Canada. What are you waiting for?
   Visit our Web site or call 1-888-577-0000. We will send you a copy of our high impact, 9 minute CD, attesting to why Greater Moncton is the No. 1 Best Place to do Business in Canada.


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