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May 2010

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From Site Selection magazine, May 2010

TIME: Just in Time ... Time
to Market ... Time is Money
... Save Time ...


oday TIME is at the heart of business success. The speed in which you can understand the needs of your market, your agility to adapt and the flexibility to deliver before your competition does are keys to success.

TIME as your competitive advantage is what the Tijuana-San Diego region is all about. Imagine being close to your market to understand the rapidly changing environment; Imagine having access to some of the worlds best research and engineering resources giving you the agility to customize your products; Imagine having the flexibility to manufacture and deliver that product quicker and at a lower cost than your competition. Would that help you succeed?

As businesses begin to get back on track after the global financial market meltdown we will experience an industry shake-up where only companies that bring new products at better quality and lower costs will survive. If you want to regain market share before your competition, you need new tools, you need a better set of resources, fast!

Tijuana is the near-shore solution for you: Speed to market, experience and lower cost of operations.

Speed to market: Tijuana's location "next door" to California, offers the opportunity to be in one of the U.S. largest markets within hours. This near-shore location offers modern transportation infrastructure by road, rail, sea and air, that links you to your suppliers worldwide and provides you "just in time" access to your market.

Experience: Tijuana has over 45 years of experience in working with global manufacturing operations. Over 620 multinational corporations employing over 180,000 operators that have developed a culture of world class quality (over 90 percent of companies with 250+ employees have ISO quality certifications). Tijuana has a skilled and dynamic work force of nearly 650,000 and close to 10,000 engineering students currently enrolled in the top five local universities.

Lower costs: Tijuana offers a total cost to the U.S. market lower than China's. Tijuana's labor costs are still typically 40 percent to 80 percent lower than the U.S. or Europe, and not much different than many locations in Asia (but with significant supply chain savings!).

Tijuana is ready for you now: We can get you operational in 120 days or less! The over 100 Tijuana EDC´s member companies — all leaders in their respective fields — will provide you with services ranging from: construction, site selection, legal representation, tax advisory, accounting, logistics, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, human resources, relocation, etc. … We will put our 20 years of organizational experience and leadership within the local business community to work for you! Our "Express Start-up" services will guide you through the process of determining the most effective and efficient way to set up your operation in our City.

Tijuana has over 40 world-class industrial parks offering Class A facilities developed by globally recognized companies such as Prologis, Corporate Properties of the Americas and Verde Realty. These developers have the financial strength and operational experience to provide an integral solution to your specific real estate requirement, no matter how unique. From incubator space to large scale high-tech manufacturing, Tijuana is one of only a handful of operating locations within North America that will offer a wide variety of existing options available for immediate occupancy.

Proven Growth: Despite the economic challenges of recent years, Tijuana has experienced significant growth in strategic sectors such as Medical Devices and Aerospace, with an average growth of 9 percent per year since 2006. Solar Energy is another emerging sector with high potential growth; Kyocera Mexico last year expanded its Tijuana facility from 175,000 solar panels annual production capacity to 750,000, with an estimated investment of US$35 million. The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, inaugurated the expanded facility.

It's time to regain growth, profitability and global competitiveness …

It´s time for Tijuana.

For more information contact the Tijuana EDC:
U.S. Toll Free: 1-888-TIJU-EDC
Direct (011-52) 664-681-8344 / Fax: (011-52) 664-681-8788

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