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September 2012

Global Infrastructure
Solidifying Seattle
Two massive projects target the city’s vulnerability to earthquakes.
Top Utilities of 2012
The Power of People
The Top Utilities of 2012 transmit positive energy and connect better than most.
Rising to the Challenge
What should be happening vs. reality.
The Rural Advantage
Middle of Somewhere
Why it can make sense to locate in the boonies.
Energy Innovations
Shale Oil and Gas
Revitalizing Inland Transportation Networks
Plastics & Chemicals
Bioplastics Surge
Sustainability and economics are driving the growth of this industry sector in locations from Thailand to Nebraska.
Fulton County, Georgia
All for One in Fulton
New energy and a new mission aim to complete the picture in Greater Metro Atlanta.
Ameren Corporation
Smart Choices
Ameren drives economic growth by focusing on the vital services companies and communities need most.
Columbus, Ohio
Made in Columbus
Globally competitive manufacturers find the right mix for success in Central Ohio
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
New Center of American Energy
How the Pittsburgh region is emerging as a U.S. leader in technological innovation in a wide variety of energy sectors.
North Dakota
Abundance Mentality
Ingenuity, access and a surprisingly diversified economy make for a bountiful business harvest in North Dakota.
How To Fix a State
Governor Mitch Daniels leaves office in early 2013, leaving behind a job description that should be of keen interest to new governors taking office that want their states on a firmer fiscal footing. His formula works.
Georgia USA
Gateway to Opportunity
A sequence of infrastructure projects is positioning Georgia for the future. But it’s the people of Georgia who will get you there.
San Bernardino County, California
The Best of Both Worlds
Companies flourish in San Bernardino County as they seek skilled workers and a cost-friendly haven in Southern California.
How Did Malaysia Do That?
This Southeast Asian powerhouse is redoubling its efforts to achieve high-income status by 2020.
Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
High Standards
The precision engineering skills of Saxony-Anhalt workers help companies dominate global markets.
Optical Infrastructure
The Need for Speed
World-class fiber connectivity is needed for businesses to reliably transmit large volumes of data.
Military Economy
The Military and Defense Industry
An Economic Force in the U.S.
Improving Life As We Know It
North American Reports
Keeping Up With the People Movers
World Reports
Swiss textile machine manufacturers pick China sites; a Swiss coffee concern finds a location closer to home for a 400-job production facility
The Case for Macedonia
Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski explains his country’s rapid rise in a key business climate barometer.
Latin America
Tech Blossoms
The Americas IT Forum in Guatemala proves that technological innovation is attainable at all levels.
No Lines, No Waiting
The mobile phone’s rapid rise holds great economic promise for Africa.
Betting on Malaysia
Is there more to MIDA’s metamorphosis than a new mission and logo? Given its track record in attracting FDI, there is.
International News
Frost & Sullivan, Caterpillar, Ford, UPS, and form around the world
United Kingdom
The Longer Marathon Begins Now
London and the U.K. have turned their attention to transforming their massive investment in hosting the Olympics into long-term economic benefit.
Editor's view
Reputable, Valuable and ... Memorable
IAMC Insider
My Year as Chair; Meet a Member
IAMC Omaha Forum Highlights
Hiring Harmony
Some tech companies are eschewing Silicon Valley for the quality of life a few miles north.
New Solutions
Corporations, communities and Commonwealth officials display their creative side.
Water Works
‘Community Fit’ seals a bottling plant deal.
North Carolina
Winston-Salem blends its tobacco past with a biotech future.
Southeast U.S.
Southern Tech Looks Stronger This Year
And no, this isn't a football season preview.
Upper Midwest
Moving Through the Midwest
Logistics offers an economic beacon for the region.
Aviation Ambitions
Two aircraft builders move forward with development of new planes.
Strategy Shift
Nevada leaders rethink their economic development efforts as the state adjusts to a changing economy.
The Dakotas
Moving Cheese
French fromage firm finds South Dakota fine for new facility.
Proximity Rules
Technology companies like to be close to the talent pipeline.
Mid-Atlantic States
Here We Go
Infill often fills the bill for companies ready to get growing.
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