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January 2013

Four More Years
Home-grown investors are not amused; overseas investors can’t wipe the smiles off their faces.
Site Selectors Survey
What Makes a Business Climate Good?
Site consultants agree on two factors - work force and incentives.
The State of the States
Recent corporate facility projects, new laws and incentives policies, wages, employment, demographics and cost-of-doing-business facts in one easy-to-digest compendium.
The Water Factor
The Mispriced Resource
Local challenges and local solutions are key to assessing and managing global water risk.
Logistics Hubs
Long-Term Value
Fish and fashion on the same aircraft? Clusters can produce unique supply chain solutions.
Customer Contact Centers
A ‘Cloudy’ Future
For customer contact centers, cloud computing is becoming the wave of the present.
Super Sites
United Parcels
Regional collaboration is the secret lurking behind many listings in our annual directory of megasites with mega potential.
Oil, Gas, Coal
Domestic Arrangements
Rapid changes in the North American energy scene are revising the picture for industry in general.
Digital Media
Yes, Birmingham
A city better known for its industrial grit puts that very trait to work in its Digbeth district, where digital and creative enterprises are clustering.
LaSalle County, Illinois
One Heck of an Advantage
How an Illinois county meets expanding businesses' most critical requirements.
Changzhou National Hi-Tech District
Where Industrial Manufacturers Thrive
Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development
Out in Front
The productive resources of Pennsylvania go far beyond the mineral.
Columbus, Ohio
Moving the Chains
Moving the Chains: Logistics leaders in Columbus know that the key to success is an effective ground game.
Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Talent Drives Advanced Manufacturing
North American Reports
Nice Blend; Household Names; Amenities and Access Cinch the Deal for Intelsat; Building Systems Firm Launches Its Own Building Strategy; Graduation Ranking Uses Common Metric for First Time
Why “Made in Mexico” Means Quality and Competitiveness
The Shifting Landscape of Business Incentives in Europe
New EU incentives rules will likely be stricter and favor smaller companies in the Continent’s less developed regions.
Southeast Asia
Good Afternoon, Vietnam
The “Next China" Comes of Age.
International News
Beijing, Doha Advance New Airport Agendas; Caterpillar in Tongzhou and more.
The Middle East
UAE Free Zones Hone Their Competitive Edge
New legislation in 2013 could overhaul financial regulation of free zones in the United Arab Emirates, making them even more desirable locations for capital investors.
Asia Pacific
Lead Us Not Into Recession
A president is chosen, and it's not Barack Obama.
Red Hot Locations Report
Did you know ...
IAMC Insider
Engaging You in the New Year
The Watershed Moment
A right-to-work law puts Michigan on the short list for more projects, site selectors say.
New York
Now Arriving
What’s the big idea? These snapshots from the Empire State reveal a few.
Heart Of the Matter
Snapshots of a state’s energy past, present and future.
Hungry For More
Tax policy reassurance paves the way for a major headquarters expansion.
The Midwest Makeover
As governors in the region push to make states pro-business, companies respond with huge plant investments.
Seeking Alignment
Does Gov. Paul LePage row with the tide or against it?
Idaho's Growth Spurt
GDP is increasing $1 billion a year thanks to large plant investments and global trade.
Supply Side
New projects give new and existing industry a boost.
Management Incubator
Successful companies will require both business and manufacturing acumen in tomorrow’s managers.
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