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From Site Selection magazine, July 2013

Reader Survey:
We're on the Right Track

Mark Arend
Illustration by Bob Gravlee


esults of our summer 2013 reader survey became available as this issue went to press - literally. But rather than wait until the September issue to thank the several hundred of you who participated and to share the findings, I am doing so here in the July issue. The results are that significant.

Most gratifying is the fact that 85 percent of respondents consider Site Selection to be the most reputable publication in the industry. We're working on the other 15 percent.

My colleagues and I spend valuable time on our electronic newsletters - the Site Selection Energy Report, Life Sciences Report, Aerospace Report, Site Selection International and the Site Selection Dispatch. So we are more than pleased to learn that 75 percent of respondents find these publications somewhat or very valuable. This is a good opportunity to thank Managing Editor Adam Bruns, who writes copiously for these newsletters, our regular contributors and our internal staff - Ben Yawn and Marea Giles - for their excellent work in this regard.

Let's turn now to the content survey participants value most: Our state and regional spotlights and industry reports are a virtual first-place tie, followed by our economic development rankings. Placing third, at about the same response rate, are the cover stories and North American Reports. I would venture to say that the state and regional spotlights and industry reports rank as high as they do because they tell the story of capital investment projects in areas or business sectors from the perspective of actual investors. We know that is what matters most to you, the reader, and we know you expect to find that perspective consistently in our pages.

Perhaps that's why only 12 more respondents rate the Wall Street Journal (35 percent) as more useful professionally than Site Selection (32 percent) - we'll take it. No other publication on the list of options provided in the survey comes anywhere near these percentages. And none of the other economic development publications rates higher than 4 percent in this regard, with most well below that. Seventy-nine percent of respondents name Site Selection as their first, second or third most useful publication professionally.

The most important topics we cover, according to survey results, are site location case studies, local and regional economic development trends and industry location trends (tied for second place) and tax and incentives issues. We will continue to deliver that material and content related to other high-scoring topics - corporate asset management strategies, work-force trends and infrastructure developments.

Respondents most apt to relocate or expand operations will most likely do so in the U.S. Southeast (37 percent), Midwest (32 percent) or the West (28 percent), which closely tracks our business climate barometers and those of other such analysts.

My colleagues and I will digest these and other findings in the weeks ahead in order to fine tune our content where necessary. We intend to remain the most reputable and useful publication you can turn to for the intelligence you require. If you are among the 15 percent for whom that is not the case, let us know why. Either way, we thank you for your survey participation and for your readership.

Till next time,

Mark Arend
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