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March 2013

The 2012 Governor's Cup
How To Win, Texas Style
Lots of companies need to be in Texas. But increasingly companies want to be in Texas. That combination in 2012 resulted in a landslide win for the Lone Star State in its run for the Governor’s Cup.
Brain Trust
For insights into global biotech and pharmaceutical industry location issues, it helps to enter a conversational clean room.
Top Micros
Speed Racer
Getting products to market quickly drives industrial plant investment to Statesville-Mooresville, N.C.
Top Metros
'Houston, We Have a Winner'
Ranking first in the U.S. in total projects, Texas' largest city claims familiar award.
Corporate Headquarters
The Trust Belt
How the Midwest overcame a shifting economic landscape to win prized headquarters projects.
Airport Cities
How to Herd Cats
Hubstart Paris helps investors make sense of the Greater Roissy area’s vast network of company resources.
Global IT Centers
A.T. Kearney
European High-Tech Industry Becomes Increasingly Marginalized
Wind Energy
Pictures of the Wind
Industry leaders worldwide deliver their outlook for the year ahead.
Top Industries of 2012
Transportation still rules the day, but chemicals are driving fast toward tomorrow.
Southwest Louisiana
A Robust Turnaround
Southwest Louisiana goes from rebuilding its economy to setting the pace for others.
Tunisia, European Know-How at a Competitive Cost
Tunisia's business-location case is solid, with a strategic location in the heart of the Mediterranean and a work force and work ethic that companies can count on to succeed.
Alter Your Perception
Lauded for its business friendliness and for the way its government operates, Utah is also the third fastest growing U.S. state, and has the youngest work force in the nation.
Florida Power & Light
Powering Florida
Re-energized with a new website, resource center and special discount rate, FPL bolsters community efforts to facilitate expansion projects around the Sunshine State.
One Big Greenhouse
Pennsylvania offers an entire ecosystem for life sciences firms looking to thrive.
Greater Fort Lauderdale
Many Happy Landings
International companies find Greater Fort Lauderdale to be a haven for headquarters operations.
Ports, Rail & Parks
A game-changing logistics project is taking shape in a Central Florida city once known more for growing citrus and entertaining tourists.
Certified Sites
Site Preparedness
Creating Relevance: Assessing and planning industrial sites is the best form of economic development marketing.
International News
Belgium Company Picks a Bayou State Location and more.
Diamond in the Rough
Botswana's economic dependence on the diamond export business cannot last forever. Can this African success story transition to new avenues of prosperity?
The World's Workshop
One of the first capitals of global commerce is still golden after all these years.
Latin America
The Nearshore Market's Greatest Resource
BPO providers are investing in nearshore Caribbean markets with ever-greater confidence, thanks to national programs that deepen the labor pool.
World Reports
The Shifting Landscape of Business Incentives in Europe
New EU incentives rules will likely be stricter and favor smaller companies in the Continent's less developed regions.
New Features Emerge on Panama's Logistics Landscape
The tendency to reduce costs in logistics
Central America
The Great Dry Canal Race
Whichever Central American nation can get its own canal project finished first will benefit significantly from the widening of the Panama Canal in 2015.
North American Reports
Of Books, Beer and Beagles
Fingers and tongues wag aplenty in D.C., but tails do not.
Editor's View
Return on Investment
IAMC Insider
Reflections on a LASTing Relationship
Northeast States
Urban Renewal 21st Century Style
Hubs draw digerati and the employers who love them.
South Carolina
The 'It State' for FDI
The Upstate's automotive sector is a lead driver of capital investment.
Feedback Loop
A penchant for improv is just one of many attributes driving Chicago forward.
Pre-Cambrian Origins
After moving for good years ago, Cambria now chooses to grow where it's planted. Here's why.
Fountains of Youth
Younger entrepreneurs lead a wave of investment in North Florida.
Places to Soar
The start-up mindset invigorates California projects, companies and — best of all — people.
Intelligence 2
Maryland's infrastructure of educated people, data pipelines and cyber-expertise translates into brain-powered projects.
Mississippi River Corridor
Be In That Number
When it comes to projects along the Mississippi, the 'Saints' have the edge.
Easier Decisions
Site selectors in a mix of industries make the case that Hoosier sites have more pros than cons.
South Central States
Once Lost, Now Found
The shale oil and gas revolution continues to roll across a region, leaving new money and new investment in its path
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