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March 2014

Cover Story
Double Take
A projects-per-capita contest adds a new twist to Site Selection’s recognition of state new plant activity, resulting in a second, co-equal Governor’s Cup.
Top Metros of 2013
The Connected City
From digital startups to behemoths of industry, Chicago fosters corporate facility growth better than any other metro area in the U.S.
Top Micros
The Ladder Effect
Bauer Corp. steps up. So does Wooster, Ohio, claiming No. 1 Micro.
Data Centers
Five To Thrive
Five data center site selection tips for the corporate real estate executive
Airport Cities
Can ‘Airport Cities’ Close the Deal?
Research reveals what companies expect from their next location, whether it’s near an airport or not.
Top Industries Of 2013
Spheres of Influence
Mapping the biggest projects in the biggest sectors reveals some clear patterns.
Wind Energy
Blown On Course
An industry finds the best routes for growth by land and by sea.
Global ICT
The Connected
A telecom giant’s location strategy and recent competitive-cities research offer clues to tomorrow’s ICT hubs.
Seeking Partner Who Wants Same
Snapshots from an industry in transition
The One That Didn’t Get Away
A blue-chip ag-business headquarters will remain in Illinois.
Investment Profile
Southwest Louisiana
SEED of Opportunity : Headquarters facility serves as a harbinger for a regional economy being transformed by new energy.
Investment Profile
Greater Fort Lauderdale
Headquarters City, Fla. : How firms are finding “life less taxing” in South Florida’s Broward County.
Investment Profile
UMass Medicine Science Park
A Vision Come To Life: For the future of biomedicine, Worcester is a place true collaborators can call home.
Investment Profile
Full of Energy: Pennsylvania harnesses energy in a way that pays dividends to growing firms.
Investment Profile
Griffin Land
Quality Personified: Industrial tenants in Griffin Land’s rapidly expanding portfolio know savvy when they see it.
Investment Profile
Cincinnati, Ohio Region
Play To Your Strengths: The Cincinnati region knows what it’s good at and is turning that knowledge into a strategy for success.
Investment Profile
Skyplex At Southwest Florida International Airport
Origin and Destination: Skyplex is a prime airport commercial development site in a location workers come to visit.
Special Advertising Section
Corporate Headquarters Mobility Is at an All-Time High: A Growth Sector in Corporate Site Selection
Special Advertising Section
Where To Place the Next Bet
Special Advertising Section
Certified Sites
Site Preparedness: Creating the Story Beyond the First Chapter
Special Advertising Section
Real Estate Service Providers
Service Providers Adapt
World Reports
Tramagal, Greenest Countries, Novelis in Brazil, IBM in Africa
North American Reports
Toyota at Daytona; PepsiCo in Mexico; Airbus in Ontario; a floating wind farm off the Oregon coast; big jobs from Conduit in Memphis; and the latest robot stats.
Eastern Europe
Ripe for an Upswing?
As Europe emerges from a crippling recession, investors find new opportunities between the Baltics and the Balkans.
United Arab Emirates
Supersized Ambition
A union of seven peaceable royal sovereignties is back in the mega-development game after being briefly benched.
Editor’s View
America’s Comeback
Transitory or Enduring?
Social Media
Unconventional Wisdom
IAMC Insider
Reinvesting in IAMC
From Inner Harbor to Outer Space
Maryland sees its future in the stars.
Mississippi River Corridor
Commanding View
Greater Dubuque embodies what cross-border collaboration is all about.
Original by Design
Viewed through the lens of creative work,an unwieldy state looks golden.
Into the Stratosphere
An abundance of aviation projects and state commitment to supporting them have Florida’s aerospace sector flying high.
Central Casting
The Hoosier State looks to make better use of the talent it harbors.
South Carolina
Elsewhere in South Carolina
Not every Palmetto State project announcement can stop the presses. But they are hardly insignificant to the locations that land them.
South Central States
‘Seamless Pipeline’
Skills assessment tools add heft to areas’ workforce development credentials.
A Tax Climate To Write Home About
Data center operators and firearms accessories makers are among the beneficiaries.
New Mexico
Power Surge
Energy is fueling New Mexico’s economic growth.
Beating the Spread
Outlying counties aren’t lying around.
Northeast States
Scaling New Heights
Governors of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania push reforms aimed at making the tri-state region one of the most competitive in the nation.
Netting Results
Economic development incentives are making an impact.
Pacific Northwest
Right in Tune?
Where energy meets environment, some signals are mixed.
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