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September 2014

Infrastructure Commentary
On the Brink
Dropping gas tax revenues, rising costs and growing needs: Can Congress solve the transportation funding crisis?
Top Utilities Of 2014
The Shape of Success
This year’s Top Utilities in Economic Development exhibit resourcefulness and resilience on behalf of those they serve.
Leading Indicators
Investors, occupiers and developers all are moving their money toward a new distribution paradigm, but population centers still drive the truck when it comes to location.
Solar Energy
Put That Brownfield To Work
Based on a partnership with Chevron, a California-based firm helps companies and communities turn mountains of garbage into fields of wattage.
Chemicals and Plastics
The Dynamic Duo
Chemicals and Plastics: Creating plastics from chicken feathers, and other manufacturing marvels.
Rural Advantage
This Little Light of Mine
An industry leader says 'Smart Rural Communities' are the first step to economic growth in small-town America.
Investment Profile
Nice People Talking SMAC
Malaysia Investment Profile
Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Kedah
Where High-Tech Enterprises Thrive: The Science City of the Future adds a new industrial zone as biopharma, solar module manufacturing and other clean-tech projects take shape.
Malaysia Investment Profile
Where Credit Is Due: Selangor, Malaysia's most populous and developed state, has much to contribute to the national business climate.
Investment Profile
Greater Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Challenges Are Opportunities: Engineering and construction enterprises are helping Greater Kuala Lumpur solve daunting demographic challenges.
Malaysia Investment Profile
Innovation Nation
Malaysia is becoming Southeast Asia's most compelling example of how to transform a manufacturing economy into one excelling in Research & Development.
Investment Profile
Columbus, Ohio
Mind Matters: How creative marketers converged in Columbus to build a talented nucleus of product movers.
Investment Profile
Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
From Virtual To Reality: Saxony-Anhalt’s digital engineers build the future.
Investment Profile
Sugar Land, Texas
Home Sweet Home: Sugar Land’s goal: Become ‘destination city’ for employers of choice and their talented workers.
Investment Profile
Northwest Ohio
On Closer Inspection: Invited to see Northwest Ohio for themselves, some recent visitors experienced a paradigm shift.
Investment Profile
Defiance County, Ohio
Ready to Move: Defiance County boasts a mighty confluence of quality labor and logistics. Always has.
Investment Profile
San Bernardino County
Scaling New Heights: For San Bernardino County, the conditions for industrial growth have never been stronger.
Investment Profile
From the Top: A conversation with senior leaders from Ameren.
Special Advertising Section
Biotech Locations
Culture of Innovation: Collision points and a collaborative environment attract biotech companies.
Special Advertising Section
Military & Defense
Mission Critical: Maryland plays a significant role in homeland security.
Special Advertising Section
Wired Locations
Infrastructure You Can Depend On: Business And Organization Survival Rely On These Critical Facilities.
Canada’s Best Locations
Bank On It
Québec snares the Canadian Competitiveness Award, and we salute Canada's top regional economic development groups.
The Elephant Re-Awakens!
Prime Minister Modi’s new government has its work cut out for it to stem the flow of outward capital investment. But early indications point to the re-emergence of a key global economy.
Help Wanted
Manufacturing sector doubles capital investment, generating tens of thousands of new job openings requiring skilled workers.
Unconventional Wisdom
Jobs Lure Hipsters. Hype Doesn't.
North Carolina
Business Spoken Here
The McCrory Administration and top state business recruiters are more than fluent in the language of business and commerce.
Mid-Atlantic Region
Depth and Diversity
The mid-Atlantic states flex considerable economic muscle
Off the Beaten Path
Communities outside the major metropolitan areas help keep Texas booming.
Just Add Water
Lots of areas are assembling water-related industry clusters. Milwaukee's has been there all along, and it's only getting stronger.
How To Land Projects in California
Municipalities find ways around Golden State barriers to attracting capital investment.
The Dakotas
Business Climate Bragging Rights
Investment in agriculture, aerospace and food processing projects helps diversify these states' economies.
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