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September 2015

2015 Global Infrastructure Report
Smoothing Out the Rough Spots
A dossier of data on the ports, roads, railways, airports and broadband byways of the United States and the world
Top Utilities
The Class of 2015
Here are some highlights from the 10 leaders in their field, presented in alphabetical order
Logistics & Distribution
Speed Rules
Site selection is critical as fast delivery becomes more important in the B-to-B market.
Rural Advantage
Built for Speed
In Rural America, breaking out of your silo can be a literal endeavor.
Plastics & Chemicals
Exponential Enterprises
The global market for plastics and chemicals is going through the roof.
Puerto Rico
The Other Side of the Story
Many companies, especially aerospace companies, are discovering reasons to invest in Puerto Rico.
Utah Wins
It didn’t take long for games and gaming to surge to the forefront of Utah’s winning economy.
San Bernardino
From the Small Screen To the Big Box
Online orders boost need for e-commerce retailers to expand their West Coast presence.
Selangor Malaysia
Selangor’s key industries thrive, because they belong there.
Birmingham UK
Second City, First Choice
More investors are finding the UK business location they seek outside the hubbub of London, in next generation Birmingham.
Florida Power & Light
The Tech Connection
To serve customers and help them grow, FPL and the state it calls home look to high-tech solutions.
Tennessee Valley Authority
True Story
TVA’s designated data center sites have plenty to lure corporate interest, but the story was the hook that caught a big fish named Google.
Invest Trinidad and Tobago
World Class Standard
A flurry of new projects in Trinidad and Tobago brings jobs, and validation.
Hoosier Energy
Every Layer Counts
In Hoosier Energy territory, logistics and talent are every bit as central to economic development as power use.
Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania
Your Workforce Awaits
How one region’s labor supply, logistics assets and business climate facilitate success.
Wired Locations
The Slow Data Movement
Just kidding. There’s no slowing down Google Fiber — unless you count the queue of cities who want it, or the quicksand of government regulations.
Military & Defense Industry
Refreshed Links
The 25th U.S. Secretary of Defense calls for a restoration of productive ties between the military and industry.
BioTech Locations
Ready and Able
Boston’s called ‘The Hub’ for a reason, but other markets are rising thanks to rising costs at the top.
Canada's Best Locations
Canada’s outposts of the creative economy help drive these territories to the top.
World Reports
Suez Canal, Guanabara Bay, Airbus in China, Ford in Nigeria, and Jeep in India
Welcome Mat, Version 2.0
A new incentive targets multinationals’ higher-end regional operations.
United Kingdom
UK Remains Top European FDI Destination
Most projects are from the US, France and India.
North American Reports
The Right Price, Investment in Kentucky, Give Me Liberty, You've Got MAHLE, and Cali Lilly
Editor's View
Why Our Rankings Resonate
IAMC Insider
Thanks to All the IAMC Freaks
The numbers are in, and IAMC leadership applauds the organization for achieving another milestone — Palm Desert was the first Forum to receive a 9/10 overall rating from the attendees.
Better Than It Was
A Conversation With Governor Greg Abbott
How To Site A Data Center
Fort Worth friends Facebook with the right combination of location attributes for a new data center complex.
The Green Machine.
How California is using renewable energy and other sustainable practices to grow its economy.
The Right Consistency
Good ingredients are essential, in cooking and industrial growth.
Secret Sauce
Haven’t worked with your state’s MEP? Maybe it’s time to start.
The Dakotas
Sky High
Fostering industry activity in research and development, North Dakota and South Dakota are making all the
The Mighty Middle
There’s more to Pennsylvania than Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.
Tilting Westward
Why an innovative manufacturer of windows and doors chose to make a home in Massachusetts.
The Midwest
Thirsty for More
The improving Midwest business climate lures corporate facility deals and the investors who back them.
The Mid-Atlantic
Might Makes Sites Right
Even in the midst of a drawdown, military installations help regional economies soar.
North Carolina
Fourth and Climbing
The Tar Heel State’s economic outlook keeps improving, and its corporate tax rate keeps falling.
Straight Shooter
Nevada knows the risk of a gamble, but some of the state’s latest endeavors have proved to be anything but.
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