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January 2017

State of the States
Change Is Refreshing. Predictability Is Too.
The latest edition of our annual 50-state guide updates you on economic development laws, leaders, policies, incentives and projects.
State of the States
Trump in Context
Famed geopolitics expert Peter Zeihan on what lies ahead.
Perfect Storm
The Real Reasons Behind Reshoring
Workforce Development
A Tough ACT to Follow
Are locations making progress in quantifying skills required by capital investors?
Site Selectors Survey
Ohio, Indiana Flex Muscle
Pro-business measures are paying off in the former Rust Belt.
American Dream Composite Index
The American Dream Reimagined
The American Dream Composite Index lays out a better blueprint for measuring economic development achievement.
E-Commerce & Logistics
Integrated Circuits
Networks of Amazon facilities are just one thread in a global supply chain reconfiguring for e-commerce.
American Energy Hubs
The Tide Turns for Oil & Gas and for Wind
How the election is recalibrating energy prices and hot spots.
Parcel Delivery
Big sites are all about the land — and the water, too.
Thuringia, Germany
Shine On
In the world of optics and photonics, the German federal state of Thuringia is a beacon for the ‘century of light’ ahead.
Windsor-Essex, Ontario, Canada
The Innovation Infrastructure You Can’t See
Windsor-Essex, Ontario, is the only major Canadian metro south of the US border; more importantly, it’s a powerhouse industrial center.
Real Brains, Real Work
Israel’s ‘Innovation Box’ builds on a longstanding heritage of superior innovation.
San Bernardino County, California
The Freedom to Fly
‘Local control’ proves to be an important milestone for Ontario International Airport and San Bernardino County, California.
Changing the World. Again.
Saxony-Anhalt is printing parts for space — and your face.
Flint & Genesee County, Michigan
Workers Revive Flint Economy
Automotive industry firms build advanced manufacturing plants in Vehicle City.
Advanced Manufacturing
Raytheon’s decision in Tucson shows how a low ranking can sometimes point to a growth opportunity.
Research on advanced industries launched by The Brookings Institution several years ago received its latest update in August.
Unintended Consequences
Mexico reacts quickly to US elections.
European Union
Which EU Nations Shine Brightest for Future FDI Attraction?
A new scoreboard shows it’s all in the eye of the beholder.
South Korea
In The (Free Economic) Zone? Probably.
Much of South Korea is a free economic zone, if going right to China isn’t in the cards.
Latin America & the Caribbean
Ports Are in a Storm,
but Central America will help the region find smoother water in 2017.
Editor's View
It Just Might Work
Analysis in this issue of the Trump win is guardedly optimistic
North American Reports
Germans and the US election, Best Performing Cities, New Air Force One hangar, LPL in South Carolina, and Lucid Motors in Arizona
World Reports
Pedal Power in Paris Driverless Cars Daimler in Israel Cape Town Rolls-Royce Trains Hong Kong Disneyland
IAMC Insider
Two Worlds Converging
How New FASB Rules Are Forcing Finance and Real Estate Groups to Work Together
Complete Autonomy
Autonomous vehicle and mobility research projects breathe new life into yesterday’s manufacturing facilities.
The Race For The Workforce of Today
Can the supply of skills required by advanced industries meet Tennessee companies’ demand for them?
Airbus Project Adds Lift to Mobile’s Aerospace Sector
A former Air Force base is where to chart the regional cluster’s progress.
Closing the Perception Gap
Experts weigh in on the weight of the Midwest’s past and the momentum of its future.
Manufacturing Innovation Center To Open in ’17
A new Manufacturing Innovation Center will benefit companies and the Northwest.
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