4 MARCH 2017 SI T E S E L E C T IO N4 MARCH 2017In 15 years as managing editor of Site Selection, I’ve been fortunate to travel the world documenting where corporate and community growth strategies intersect. I’ve walked many a factory floor. I’ve talked to executives, plant managers, students and governors. I’ve visited startups and incubators from Memphis to Medellín. Without fail, there’s one demand of business leaders that every community leader from minister to mayor has in common: Come set foot in our community and see for yourself ... and airport visits for connecting flights don’t count.In fall 2016 I had the pleasure of driving into Indianapolis after a family weekend in Kentucky. It was an easy afternoon’s drive to Indy — just like it is from so many places in all directions. That’s why the area has earned its moniker as Crossroads of America.Even arriving downtown at the worst possible moment — the end of an Indianapolis Colts by ADAM BRUNSadam.br uns @ site s ele c tion.c omIND Y P ARTNERSHIPGREA TER INDIANAPOLIS INTELLIGENCE REPORTIntroductionCIRCLES & SQUARESAs companies and talent alike are searching for livable places, Greater Indy keeps showing up on their checklists.Indianapolis is an increasingly popular destination for tech-firm operations and headquarters. Getty ImagesIndy17-full.indd 43/3/17 8:14 AM
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