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January 2018

State of the States 2018
From Sea to Shining Sea
Our annual 50-state guide updates you on news from the past year, and what to watch for in the year ahead.
Site Selectors Survey
More Than Some Like It Hot
‘We gotta go where it’s warm,’ say respondents in annual Site Selectors Survey.
State of the States 2018
Supercharging Innovation
A recipe for curing economic development myopia.
American Dream Composite Index
Where Dreamers Become Doers
Who’s achieving the American Dream and who’s not? A unique survey sheds light on both.
The 2018 Regional Workforce Development Rankings
It is difficult to overstate how crucial workforce development is to a state’s economic health.
E-Commerce & Logistics
Raising the Roof
In the drive to optimize cubage, automation and e-commerce drive the stacks and the ceilings ever higher.
American Energy Hubs
All of the Above
The Secretary of the Interior and his boss want more energy development, and they want it now.
Film & Entertainment
Louisiana Reboots
“Georgia has won the arms race,” says an official.
Ontario, Canada
The ‘Great Human’ Theory
In Ontario, the technology is nearly as astounding as the people who create it.
Longkou, China
A Dragon Roars
The biggest share of recent US trade agreement deals went to the port city of Longkou.
Detroit Region Aerotropolis
How to Fast Track Logistics
Airside or landside, this ‘Aerotropolis’ delivers logistics assets like no other location.
Pflugerville, Texas
Speed Racers
Business execs in Austin area say that if you want to grow fast, exit at Pflugerville.
San Bernardino County, California
How to Future-Proof Your Workforce
Employers partner with schools to provide career training via apprenticeships, internships and incubators in San Bernardino County.
FirstEnergy Corp.
An Electric Lifeline for Manufacturers
FirstEnergy helps industrial customers take advantage of a huge gas play in the tri-state region.
Autonomous Vehicles
A Big Three OEM will navigate the future by reviving a relic of the past.
Advanced Manufacturing
Adding On
Manufacturing advances from historic forging territory to beyond Earth’s atmosphere
Asia Pacific
Vietnam Journey
As in other emerging markets, Vietnam’s opportunities grow clearer when viewed at the regional level.
Western Europe
Why Batteries Matter
Decisions along the battery value chain are particularly complex, as well as vital to carmakers’ future competitiveness.
Editor's View
So Much Winning in 2018?
The last two articles I wrote for this issue have me looking forward to the New Year more than I have in recent memory.
North American Reports
Milwaukee RiverWalk wins a ULI award; big orders come through for the Tesla truck; Caltech debuts a self-flying ambulance; Amazon triples its space in Mexico; and the George W. Bush Institute grades NAFTA.
World Reports
US Students Abroad, Mercedes in France, The Future in Milan and more.
IAMC Insider
Honored to Serve
The first letter from new IAMC Chair Mark Eichkorn; insights into leveraging data analytics; and tips on successful environmental assessments at sites.
Alabama a Case Study in Japan-Southeast Relations
Whether it gets the Toyota-Mazda plant or not, the state’s long-running string of Japanese FDI shows no signs of slowing.
Making Waves
The Caribbean rides the crest of rising call center and BPO activity.
Rebound Detroit!
The resurgence is real. If there’s a town that can muscle the rest of the deal, it might be the Motor City.
These States Know How to Scrap
Steel has a super-powered influence on the Midwest’s economy.
Automakers Slide Into Electric Future
Tennessee’s signature industry sees substantial investments over the last year, with an emphasis on electric vehicles.
Growth Plan to Benefit ‘All Corners of the State’
Considering a Northwest location? If so, you may benefit from one or more of Business Oregon’s priorities for the next several years.
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