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From Site Selection magazine, July 2018

Hard Work and Patience

It never ceases to amaze me how slowly things can develop sometimes, even when we are trying mightily to go fast. Whether it's a work project or an IAMC strategy, the weeks, months and years can fly by.

Sometimes, however, the issue is expectations. Months or years may be what it really takes. We've all seen impatience lay waste to slow-developing but highly valuable work.

Mike Eichkorn
Mark Eichkorn

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of participating in the 2018 IAMC London Forum. I experienced an enthusiastically attended, professionally delivered conference. The CRE professional development programs featured important topics addressed by articulate subject matter experts. The networking events brought the attendees together in conversation-supportive environments. The featured speakers met or bettered the quality of the best conferences I've attended — Richard Mullender, who spoke on hostage and crisis negotiation, would captivate just about any audience. The Savoy Hotel was an outstanding venue.

I should also mention that it is the UK IAMC members who propel the local organization. They value it and are willing to put their time into its governance and event planning. IAMC in the UK has strong leadership and positive momentum.

I've been an IAMC member since 2008. I was here when the International program was kicked off in 2011-12. I've heard the criticisms and questions, particularly, "When will this come to fruition?"

We've all known, even from IAMC's early years, the majority of Corporate Active members are with international, if not global, companies. How can we serve them well if we don't offer events and professional development in locations that support the full scope of their real estate activities? We can't.

We launched this effort about six years ago. Every year we get questions. But now I can say IAMC's services and events are clearly and effectively moving in the direction of serving the global scope of members' work. The London Forum was convincing evidence our hard work and patience are paying off.

IAMC's global footprint is small but well established. We have a strong presence in London, and we hold annual events in Birmingham, UK. We put on two yearly events in each of Mexico and Brazil. Each location has veteran and dedicated local leadership. The recent London Forum is a new benchmark for IAMC International. My thanks to the UK leaders, IAMC board members and staff who've contributed during these six years to bring us to this point. 

Best regards,
Mark Eichkorn
Chair, IAMC Board of Directors

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