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From Site Selection magazine, May 2019

IAMC’s Quiet (But Not Silent) Partners

Charles Waltz
Charles Waltz

Every organization has its heroes. You know what I’m talking about — they always seem to get the credit and applause. Often, they deserve it. In many big companies, it’s the sales people. They’re pushed hard; they sweat bullets every quarter-end; they deserve a lot of credit.

In IAMC, we play up and celebrate the Corporate Active members. And they are right at the heart of our business model. There’s no doubt about that.

Every organization also has its overlooked multitudes. They’re every bit as vital as the vaunted ones, but the speeches and press releases don’t mention them.

In this letter, I want to raise up to you a quiet group within IAMC without which we would not have achieved the success that we have — our sponsors. They pledge financial support for the Forums, Local events, International meetings and many other activities.

You’ve seen them listed on Forum banners and their logos printed in brochures and on web pages. We give them special names, like Chairman’s Circle, Host Committee and Platinum Level, for example. We offer different investment levels depending on the sponsor organization’s marketing needs and budget. Sponsorships can cover Forum keynote speakers, educational programs, networking receptions, key cards, badge lanyards and much more.

In 2018, IAMC had over 80 sponsoring organizations, which accounted for about 45 percent of our revenue. That’s big. Most members don’t know that.

In return for their support, we prominently place their organization names and their representatives in front of IAMC audiences, which include current and many potential clients. They get high visibility by associating themselves with valuable IAMC education programs and high-profile networking events. They get to be seen and known to their client base as stalwart IAMC supporters. They are seen as supporting their clients’ careers and educational growth. Only members can sponsor, which gives them a level of exclusivity. And sponsors may host a dinner during IAMC forums.

In the other direction, IAMC benefits financially from this relationship and the funding for CRE professional development, world class speakers and business networking. But we get much more as well. The sponsors include many large, global, highly prestigious companies that confer goodwill and reputation on IAMC by their support. Sponsors occasionally have taken on special products and programs and enabled the organization to accomplish them. An example is the DesignFlex2030 research project and whitepaper series. As highly invested members, the sponsors promote, support and represent IAMC to the other members and to many more who are not yet members.

I’ve described the sponsors as IAMC investors, and they are also our partners in the broad sense of that word. They are highly engaged and involved partners, not the silent type.

I suggest you log on to and look at the sponsor list there. Do business with them if you can. Join me in thanking them for their support. If you’re not already there, consider a sponsorship investment for your organization.

Best regards,
Charles Waltz
Chair, IAMC Board of Directors

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