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May 2019

Cover Story
Global Best to Invest 2019
The economic tsunami that China surfed to wealth and power is subsiding into a swell. The economy is still vibrant, but 7% growth is likely just a cherished Chinese memory.
2019 Best to Invest
2019 Mac Conway Awards
Site Selection’s Mac Conway Awards for Excellence in Economic Development recognize the top local and regional economic development agencies.
2019 Best to Invest
2019 Prosperity Cup
Two marquee projects underscore Virginia’s claim to the cup.
2019 Best to Invest
Top Investment Promotion Agencies 2019
Investment promotion agencies — the national, municipal and regional organizations working to connect businesses with their communities — have never been more important.
Top Deals 2019 - North America
Last year’s most lucrative corporate projects feature tech, transportation and three from Amazon that collectively aim to fulfill 33,000 job openings.
Top Deals 2019 - International
The top international deals of the year were marked by Chinese capital flowing into India and Africa, among other industry trends.
North American Automotive
Big Dreams Fuel Big Rigs
How a North Carolina county weathered the recession to emerge as a truck-making leader.
Health Tech & Life Sciences
‘Staggering’ Amount of Venture Capital Drives Leading U.S. Clusters
But watch for emerging areas driven by institutions more focused on commercialization, says CBRE report.
Industrial Hemp & Cannabis
The Hemp Gambit
New laws give green light for more growers and processors in South Carolina and other states.
Tokyo, Japan
Where Innovation Startups Are Fast-Tracked
FinTech, AI and advanced robotics enterprises are members of Tokyo’s growing innovation ecosystem.
Invented in Hungary
Industries transition quickly up the value chain in this dynamic market.
Greater Seattle
Go West, Go Global
Greater Seattle’s talent base, pioneering spirit, and quality of life are second to none.
Nanjing, China
China’s Medicine Cabinet
All things biomedical and pharmaceutical can be found in the Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley, a key part of the Nanjing Jiangbei New Area.
North Macedonia Free Zones
Stable, Safe & Free to Prosper
North Macedonia’s free zones play a key role in the newly renamed country’s economic growth plan.
Flying High
With aerospace and autos leading the way, Morocco is poised for a breakout.
Invest in Israel
Global Savvy
The reach of Israel’s professional services sector enhances multinationals’ entire portfolios.
Consumers Energy
Saving Energy, Saving Lives
Innovative Consumers Energy program helps life-science cluster thrive in Michigan.
Salt River Project
Flowing Into the Valley
For power and for water, SRP has the future in mind, and the Greater Phoenix community at heart.
The Future of Health Care Is Here
Maryland leads a biotech revolution.
Hobby Area District
Houston, We Have a Solution
Businesses needing access to the airport and Gulf ports increasingly call Hobby home.
Hoosier Energy
Around the World in 59 Counties
How Hoosier Energy built a network of FDI projects in 2 states
Invest in Bogota
Winning Is No Accident
The data show why Invest in Bogota has won a Site Selection Best to Invest Top IPA award for four years running.
Let the Summiteering Begin
The latest FDI numbers show reason for optimism in the United States.
Shovel-Ready Sites
More Actions Demand More Options
Midwest organizations adopt various strategies to take land from available to occupied.
Loudoun County, Virginia
An Evolving Talent Show
The Best is Yet to Come:
Q&A - Juan Guaidó
A Future for Venezuela?
In the not too distant past Venezuela was the 4th wealthiest nation in the world per capita. Today the country teeters on the brink of total collapse.
Out With the New
Axeing plans for a glitzy new airport was merely the opening act for Mexico’s new socialist president.
Soft Landing in Thailand
A CEO talks through his global fiber company's location choice in an evolving Asian marketplace.
Editor's View
The Awards We Bestow – And One We Don’t
We don’t bestow awards for courage in our annual Best to Invest suite of location honors each May. So we couldn’t honor Venezuela’s Juan Guaidó with one.
North American Reports
The amenities industrial workers want most; FedEx Logistics and Gibson move around Tennessee; top tech towns; U.S. robot density; Nikola Motors lands in Coolidge; what drives Canadians to relocate.
World Reports
Where in the world remittances are headed; a MIPIM award winner; pan-African investment; London’s financial services downturn and more.
IAMC Insider
IAMC’s Quiet (But Not Silent) Partners
In IAMC, we play up and celebrate the Corporate Active members. And they are right at the heart of our business model.
Great Lakes
Ruins to Riches
Abandoned auto plants need not always meet the bulldozers.
No Place Like Home
Western Union’s HQ search didn’t stray far.
Why Ohio is Losing the Trade War
The impact of trade tariffs is being debated in many corners, but a team of researchers has found evidence that Ohio is bearing the brunt of the backlash.
The Startup Sandbox
Beaches aren’t the only draw for entrepreneurs in the Sunshine State.
New England
Six-State Region Packs a Punch
A roundup of economic development happenings in some former colonies.
Forging a New Economy
Primary metal plant investments are reshaping Kentucky’s future.
Second ‘Sandbox’ Means More Room for Technology Innovators
Early and active support of tomorrow’s technologies is bearing fruit today.
Union Pacific’s Big Utah Stake
The railroad observes 150 years as an economic engine.
Scorecard Charts Uptick in County’s Competitiveness
West Des Moines and environs have what recent financial sector investors are looking for.
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