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From Site Selection magazine, May 2020

IAMC Supports You

IAMC Chair
Colleen Caravati

This is the strangest environment I’ve experienced. I have no personal reference for it, which puts me on the same footing as everyone else in the world. We all have the threat of COVID-19 in common.

I want to talk to you for a few minutes about our professional association, IAMC, and why now it is more valuable and important than ever for members.

We’re listening to you assertively and attentively. We know your business is at a fraction of its level before the emergency and that your travel for company business is likely severely curtailed or prohibited. We’ve geared up to provide professional development and other programming via Webinars directly to your homes as you shelter in place.

We can connect you with other members 24/7 via Cornerstone, which is a dedicated pipeline of support, advice and input from members to other members who choose to login to and participate. Cornerstone also houses our event program searchable archive of articles and presentations.

In response to COVID-19, we’ve shortened our programming time horizon to offer more very topical professional development programs to support your needs to succeed in this business environment. To cover new CRE topics, Webinars can be programmed and geared up to deliver on short notice.

Almost every program we offer can be delivered via Webinar. We reached back to the Milwaukee Forum and engaged the presenter teams of the seven top-rated workshops to produce Webinars this year. With the onset of COVID-19, we have supplemented these original Webinars with more to cover urgent CRE issues relative to the pandemic and others to enable members in the Fellows program to continue to progress toward their designation. Look for additional fresh, CRE-topic Webinars later this year.

IAMC is a global industrial corporate real estate network of hundreds of professionals. But like any community, it serves you best when you actively exercise and utilize it. Identify yourself as a member and reach out to other members for your business needs and interests. Attend events online and in-person. Lend your expertise as a speaker, panelist or moderator.

Lastly, you have friends here. First and foremost, if IAMC staff can possibly help with your issue, bring the question to Executive Director Tate Godfrey or another staff person with whom you are familiar. Also, each member of the board of directors has a duty of responsiveness to the members. Contact me or any member of your board. And it goes without saying IAMC is a fraternal community of professionals who place high value on their relationships with other members. I encourage you to seek assistance within the IAMC community before going outside.

In closing, we want to serve your professional association needs and interests in this unique and difficult time. I challenge you to utilize IAMC to the fullest. If you don’t find here a service we could offer to the benefit of many members, bring it up to us for discussion and potential development.

Colleen Caravati
Chair, IAMC Board of Directors

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