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From Site Selection magazine, July 2022

Embracing the Future: IAMC Sets Sights on Reinvigorating Industry Professional Development

Scott Cameron


e’ve all heard the axiom that the only constant is change. But a dash of planning added to that change creates the recipe for growth. This is true for us as individuals growing our professional expertise, and it is true as well for any association dedicated to supporting its membership.

The fact remains that there are very few sources of professional growth geared specifically to industrial real estate professionals. To that end, one of the services we at IAMC have always prided ourselves on is the camaraderie and support members share. It is a culture we have traditionally supported with our Ambassador Program, which promotes focused interactions with and greater mentorship among members.

But more needs to be done, especially in this post-COVID age of watershed change. We are all feeling the stress of that change in our operations. That stress is only intensified by a labor market that is as tight as any of us have ever seen, giving rise to the much-publicized war for talent.

These new challenges only underscore the need for professional development programs tailored to the specific needs of our industry. They are essential not only for seasoned industry veterans looking to expand their knowledge base, but also for newcomers to the industry, who more than ever need to see where their career trajectory could lead.

But, as I said, planning transforms change into growth. Recognizing the advancing needs of our membership, IAMC has formed a Professional Development Committee, charged with the task of creating a program that builds upon the education and industry knowledge we have historically provided to our members. The Professional Development Program (PDP) will transform our traditional core practice areas into a five-level Content Pyramid in order to create a career-enhancement pathway. That content includes Leadership; Creating Enterprise Value; Transacting Real Estate; Building a Knowledge Base; and Asset Management.

As IAMC chair, I am proud to say the program builds on a rich track record of service to our members, a track record of dynamic professional development, networking opportunities and endless educational resources. They are on full display at our national and international Forums as well as at our local events.

And that is not all. They are evidenced as well in the magazine you are reading right now (make sure to scan the inflation insights your peers offer in the accompanying feature); in our blogs; and certainly in the Knowledge Center and Discussion Boards found in the Cornerstone portal on the IAMC website.

Here is something else to consider: At our most recent Forum, we hosted no fewer than 130 first-time attendees, and the energy they brought was electric. It speaks not only to the value that these events provide but also to the thirst there is for the very type of tailored insight that will be a core attribute of the PDP. Most important, it speaks to the interest all attendees have in growing a career in industrial real estate. Indeed, the Professional Development Program will be building on a strong tradition.

As IAMC celebrates its 20th anniversary, we do so in the midst of great change. But we also do so with a plan, taking shape even as you read this, a plan designed to help all members navigate those changes.


Scott Cameron

Chair, IAMC Board of Directors

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