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November 2023

Business Climate Rankings
Texas Corrals Enough Points to Leave Trailing States in the Dust
Fresh from winning its 11th consecutive Governor’s Cup for total capital investment projects earlier this year, Texas is finishing 2023 ...
Top Free Zones
Gulf States and California Lead in Impact of U.S. Foreign Trade Zones
Global measures see commerce momentum shifting to Asian ports, with efficiency leaders also found in the Middle East and Africa.
Ohio River Corridor
Metro Louisville Tops Them All
After tying with its regional rival Cincinnati last year, metro Louisville, Kentucky, has taken the crown as top metro in this year’s Ohio River Corridor rankings.
The Decade of Diversification
Manufacturing location decisions, once driven primarily by costs, will increasingly need to consider geopolitical risk and supply chain resilience.
FDI In America
Friends & Allies To Thank For Gains In  U.S. Investment
July 2023 data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis show that foreign direct investment (FDI) into the United States grew $216.8 billion at year-end 2022 to $5.25 trillion.
Incentives Update
New York Levels the Field
Film credit expansion seeks to answer competition from New Jersey, Georgia
Opportunity Zones
Huge Opportunities Begin to Turn Real in Opportunity Zones
It’s the rallying cry of every scientist, researcher, policymaker, baseball general manager of the “Moneyball” school and journalist reporting out an ambitious story.
Data Centers
Grab Power While You Can
Electricity is the new gold in the race to build more data centers.
Leading Contact Lens Manufacturer Announces Multiple Projects in Puerto Rico
CooperVision, one of the world’s leading contact lens manufacturers, has launched a multi-year investment plan to expand its footprint in Puerto Rico...
Cross-Border Corridors
Both Sides Now ¦ Insights into the Borderzone Economy
At the same time migrants are reported to be crossing the U.S.-Mexico border en masse in order to avoid apprehension by U.S. Border Patrol personnel...
New Investments in Manufacturing and Agriculture Sweep Into the Dakotas
Over the next few years, with the help of innovative practices, the processes behind farming and food production will take a new direction that optimizes resources...
Global Automotive
Look to Asia for Next-Gen EVs
“It’s safe to say the pace is electrifying.
Southwest U.S.
3 Cities to Watch in the Desert Southwest
Water keeps flowing as manufacturers flock to growing communities.
Medical Devices & Technology
Where Do Top 10 Orthopedic Device Companies Choose to Invest Top Dollar?
If your company is leading the world in sales, it only makes sense to reinvest in some parts of that world, right?
Wyoming Projects¦ Plenty and Rare
In 2023, Wyoming has gained project investments from companies named Plenty Unlimited and Rare Element Resources that address two pressing challenges: food security and the need for domestic rare earth...
Southeast Region
Keeping Deals on Track
How Southeastern States’ Economic Development Incentive Packages Compare
Rail Parks and Inland Ports
Floatin’ Down the Highway
Projects across the 12,000 miles of the U.S. inland waterway system spotlight the impact of the U.S. Marine Highway Program.
Investment Profile - San Bernardino County, California
How America’s Largest County Plans to Go Clean, Green and Walkable
From solar arrays to pedestrian-friendly towns, San Bernardino County is enhancing its future.
Columbus, Ohio
How the Columbus Region Became the Talent Factory of the Midwest
The secret sauce behind big wins from Intel, AWS and Honda? Workforce Development.
Hoosier Energy
The Evolution of Opportunity
Unprecedented demand drives economic development modernization in Hoosier Energy territory.
Liberty County, Georgia
Big Boys on the Block
Reliable friends propel Liberty County, Georgia.
McPherson, Kansas
McPherson Powers Profitability
Manufacturers can produce more for less in Central Kansas.
Editor's View
Use Your Words | The Value of ‘Natural’ Intelligence
If you’re like me lately, your sentences are being finished for you by more than your immediate family members.
News Briefs
World Reports
Hungary Builds With LEGO
News Briefs
North American Reports
Vertical Takeoff in Dayton
IAMC Insider
Growing Toward DEI
Virginia Smashes Project Records
From Reston to Roanoke, capital investments reach all-time highs across the state.
The Parks That Herald  Omaha’s Return to the River
The exact date isn’t clear, but about 10 years ago two high-powered Omaha business leaders paid a call on the city’s new mayor, Jean Stothert, to make an audacious request.
The Benefit of Doing Business with the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
Incentives and a skilled workforce invite opportunities for corporate expansion on Native lands.
Kansas Advances Technology
From aerospace to chip manufacturing, the state is gaining substantial investment in vital industries.
Charlotte Region Intelligence Report Introduction
Busting Loose
No question, Charlotte has stormed the scene.
Charlotte Region Intelligence Report Youth Movement
Young People Are Choosing Charlotte
A great city needs a great university, and a great university can propel a great city.
Charlotte Region Intelligence Report ¦ Leadership Q&A
‘The Man Who Built Charlotte’
  Banker Hugh McColl rallied a city to greatness.
Charlotte Region Intelligence Report ¦ Electric Vehicles
Eyes on EVs
Raw materials and smarts propel Charlotte to a position of electric vehicle leadership.
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