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Mark Arend

Mark Arend
Editor Emeritus of Site Selection magazine

Mark Arend is editor emeritus of Site Selection, having served as editor in chief for more than two decades. Prior to joining the editorial staff in 1997, he worked for 10 years in New York City at Wall Street Computer Review, ABA Banking Journal and Global Investment Technology. Mark graduated from the University of Hartford (Conn.) in 1985 and lives near Atlanta, Georgia.


Articles from this Author

COVER STORY: AMERICA'S BEST COUNTIES: More than supporting characters, counties play critical roles in regional prosperity. 7/1/2024
Economic Development Resource Guide 6/27/2024
AEROSPACE: Where the Future of Flight Is Unfolding: Stennis Space Center is just the beginning. 6/20/2024
PORTS & WATERWAYS: LIQUID ASSETS- 16 Ports Hone Mississippi’s Logistics Edge: Gulfport, Pascagoula, Biloxi and other ports keep maritime commerce humming. 6/20/2024
MFLEX INCENTIVE: Handle State Tax Liabilities Your Way: A new state incentive program flexes its muscle. 6/20/2024
BUSINESS SERVICES: Where to Find Business Solutions in the Northwest: 6/17/2024
TECHNOLOGY: How Many Branches Are in the Silicon Forest?: 6/14/2024
FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT & TRADE: International Companies’ Oregon Operations Expand: 6/13/2024
AVIATION: Ohio's Flight Plan for the Future: 6/11/2024
FINANCIAL SERVICES: How Ohio Grows Its Finance Ecosystem: 6/11/2024
TECHNOLOGY: Where Big Tech Companies Make Big Investments: 6/11/2024
STATE SPOTLIGHT-Arizona: Preliminary CHIPS Deals Would Boost Intel, TSMC Plans for Arizona: Aviation and space industry investment is skyrocketing. 5/16/2024
INTERSTATE 35: A Texas Economic Artery’s Course Of Treatment 5/12/2024
NORTH AMERICAN AUTOMOTIVE: Speedbumps Here, Cruise Control There: Companies and locations adjust to a new industry landscape. 5/9/2024
TECHNOLOGY: AI Companies Augment Tech-Sector Employment 5/9/2024
Aerospace & Defense: Commission Aims to Keep Texas The Space Industry’s Launchpad 5/9/2024
FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT & EXPORTS: Why Global Capital Investors Pick Texas 5/8/2024
Asia: How China Is Fast-Tracking Its Next Logistics and Commercial Hub 5/3/2024
2024 Prosperity Cup: 2024 Prosperity Cup: Georgia’s Long Game Secures Its Claim to The Cup 5/1/2024
Foreign Direct Investment: ‘Strategically, the Right Location’ 4/12/2024
Metals Manufacturing: Collaboration 4/11/2024
Ontario: AI Applications Expand With Recent Investments: Unilever Canada opened an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab called “Horizon3 Labs” in Toronto in November to expedite work the global consumer products company already is involved... 4/8/2024
Montgomery County, Maryland: Where Leading-Edge Life Sciences Happens: The largest and wealthiest county in Maryland, Montgomery County anchors the BioHealth Capital Region. 4/8/2024
Stem Education: Fixing the ‘Missing Millions’ Problem 4/8/2024
Interview with the Governor: Governor Andy Beshear 3/22/2024
Antioch, California: How Antioch Checks All the Boxes: idway between Silicon Valley and Sacramento, Antioch, California, affords businesses and residents a more affordable location with easy access to the Greater Bay Area and the state capital. 3/20/2024
Cover Story: The 2023 Governor’s Cups: A newcomer to the winner’s circle and a 12-time repeat winner explain their strategies for corralling enough capital investment projects to claim the Cups. 3/1/2024
Broadband: How Kansas Is Bridging the Digital Divide 2/12/2024
Incubators & Accelerators: Resources For Growing Businesses Fast 2/12/2024
Aerospace & Defense: How Kansas Keeps Its Aviation Industry Aloft 2/12/2024
Hartford, Connecticut: You Can Always Go Downtown: Downtown Hartford, until recent years, was bustling from nine to five. 1/18/2024
Workforce Development Rankings: The 2024 Regional Workforce Development Rankings: The rankings on these pages are high-level measures of states’ workforce development climates. 1/4/2024
Military & Defense: Fortress Pacific Northwest 12/12/2023
Aerospace & Aviation: ‘A Catalyst of Growth and Economic Recovery’ 12/11/2023
Aerospace & Aviation: The Top State for Aerospace 12/11/2023
FDI In America: Friends & Allies To Thank For Gains In  U.S. Investment: July 2023 data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis show that foreign direct investment (FDI) into the United States grew $216.8 billion at year-end 2022 to $5.25 trillion. 11/6/2023
Business Climate Rankings: Texas Corrals Enough Points to Leave Trailing States in the Dust: Fresh from winning its 11th consecutive Governor’s Cup for total capital investment projects earlier this year, Texas is finishing 2023 ... 11/1/2023
FDI: Global EV Investors Pick Illinois Sites 10/12/2023
Logistics & Distribution: Where the TDL Talent Pipeline Is Full 10/9/2023
Transit-Oriented Development: Federal Program Targets Local Efforts to Improve Transit Options: The U.S. Department of Transportation announced in August the availability of approximately $13.4 million in competitive grant funds... 9/25/2023
Pennsylvania: Back To the Moon — From Pittsburgh: An emerging space technology cluster is casting the City of Bridges in a new light. 9/21/2023
North Carolina: Foreign Investors Expand Their Tar Heel Footprints: Just weeks after being recognized with Site Selection’s Prosperity Cup for having the most competitive state-level economic development team, North Carolina was named the Top State.. 9/21/2023
HILCO Redevelopment Partners: How to Achieve Sustainability Goals: HRP-redeveloped sites are a win-win for tenants and the communities they’re located in. 9/7/2023
Quality of Life: Locations Are Working Harder to Deliver Today’s Workforce: What does quality of life mean today vs. 10 years ago? Site consultants weigh in on this and other questions about this hard-to-measure but crucial location factor. 9/5/2023
Editor's View: All Capital Investment Is Local: When Editor in Chief Mark Arend arrived at the office recently, he found review copies of three new books about localism on his desk. 9/5/2023
Ammunition: The Quality Location  For the Shooting Set 8/26/2023
Aerospace: Actually, It Is Rocket Science 8/21/2023
Incentives: The Business Incentive Designed by You 8/2/2023
Professional And Corporate Services: Service Sector Surges Across Great Lakes State 7/28/2023
Research & Science Parks: A Bigger Leadership Table Can Accelerate Innovation: Consider the governance structure of the research or science park with which your organization is most closely affiliated. 7/26/2023
Workforce: Durable Skills Are Today’s Human Resources Currency: Editor in Chief Mark Arend takes a close look at the Portrait of a Graduate visioning process developed by North Carolina and Battelle for Kids to ensure high school graduates... 7/13/2023
Editor's View: Who's Winning and Losing Corporate Headquarters: Some fascinating analysis of corporate relocation activity appeared in my inbox just as we were completing work on this issue. 7/10/2023
Oil & Gas: Energy Production, Job Levels  Shatter Past Records 6/22/2023
Arizona: Chip Makers, Suppliers Among Top Global Investors In 2022: Taiwanese manufacturers have found a penchant for investing in the Grand Canyon State. 5/26/2023
Editor's View: Everything Old Is New Again?: I never write a headline until after the article is complete, but this is the exception. 5/25/2023
Venture Capital: Life Sciences Lead VC Wave in Boston 5/11/2023
Hilco Redevelopment Partners: Turning Eyesores into Economic Engines: Since 2010, the real estate investment and redevelopment unit of Hilco Global has been transforming industrial properties into repurposed centers of commerce. 5/11/2023
2023 Prosperity Cup: 2023 Prosperity Cup: North Carolina Expands Its Winning Streak 4/30/2023
Minnesota: What Manufacturers Expect in the Year Ahead: An annual Manufacturing Business Conditions Survey conducted by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) 3/23/2023
Interview With The Governor: There’s No Room For Politics in Job Creation 3/15/2023
Greater Richmond, Virginia: Where ESG and Diversity Cultures Thrive: The extent to which locations support companies’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts is an emerging criterion companies and site consultants are using to shorten... 3/15/2023
Indiana: Will This Year Beat Last Year’s Record Investment?: It was 22 in ’22. That’s $22 billion in capital invested in Indiana in 2022. 3/14/2023
Editor's View: ‘And I’d Also Like to Thank …’: This issue awards the Governor’s Cups, writes Editor in Chief Mark Arend, but those same governors know how to share the credit with state legislators and local leaders. 3/6/2023
Cover Story: The 2022 Governor’s Cups: Kansas claims a second consecutive Cup and Texas an 11th in our annual tally of total and per capita project wins the previous year. 3/1/2023
Quantum Technologies: There’s Fast, and There’s Quantum Fast 2/16/2023
Smart Government: How Colorado Forms Governance, Employment & Energy Policy 2/15/2023
Biotech: Public, Private Investment Grew Kansas' Biotech Sector in 2022 1/26/2023
CLECO Power LLC: Louisiana Industries Clean Energy Partner 1/24/2023
Pflugerville, Texas: Let’s Make a Mega-Deal: How a highway transformed a small city into a boomtown. 1/22/2023
Reshoring: Where to Reshore Away from Both Shores 1/19/2023
Editor's View: The Law of Unintended Consequences: Recent analysis from Brookings makes the case that the federal government is finally putting its money where its mouth is with respect to investing in domestic industrial development and local... 1/19/2023
Hartford, Connecticut: New England's IT Hub That Punches Above Its Weight: If only there were a metro in the Northeast that had the economic, transportation, higher education and cultural assets of New York and Boston, but without the congestion... 1/8/2023
Delaware: Center for Clean Hydrogen Opens at University of Delaware: The University of Delaware (UD) launched the Center for Clean Hydrogen in October 2022 to accelerate the transition to clean energy by reducing the cost of hydrogen... 1/8/2023
Workforce Development Rankings: The 2023 Regional Workforce Development Rankings: We examine state workforce climates (not programs) across four U.S. regions, with exclusive insights from Emsi on what’s attracting people to top counties for talent. 1/5/2023
Business Climate Overview: Top Awards Recognize Kansas’ Winning Business Climate 12/27/2022
Workforce Changes: How Prologis Primes The Talent Pump 12/27/2022
Editor's View: Are Your Business Climate Requirements Shifting?: The U.S. Southeast, Midwest and Southwest are about to see even more capital investment than these booming regions are used to. 11/9/2022
Kansas: EV Battery Plant Keeps Kansas’ Foreign Investment Cred Charged: Not that it needed it, but Kansas’ foreign direct investment (FDI) cap just gained a really big feather. 11/9/2022
Investment Profile - San Joaquin County, California: How to Keep the Skills Pond Stocked: Ask any corporate site selector or location consultant what their chief location requirement is, and it will have to do with availability of skills. 11/9/2022
Business Climate Rankings: The 2022 Business Climate Rankings: Virginia Outmaneuvers the Perennial Heavyweights to Claim the Top Business Climate 11/1/2022
Germany: Foreign Investment Rebounds to Near Pre-Pandemic Level: Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), the national investment promotion agency, reported in May that 1,806 international companies started greenfield operations in Germany in 2021. 10/23/2022
Aerospace & Defense: Where New Drone Missions Are Being Devised: Much of Ukraine’s success in repelling Russian forces from territory they occupied in recent months can be attributed to commercial drones. 10/23/2022
Firearms & Ammunition: Arkansas Aims to Grow Firearms Industry:Why the Natural State is right on target to continued growth within the firearms industry. 10/9/2022
Diversity Of Economy: Economic Diversity Drives Success: Arkansas offers a potent mixture of talent and resources. 10/5/2022
Pennsylvania: Sunny Side Up: Former Steel Plant To Make Solar Energy Equipment 9/26/2022
Tradepoint Atlantic, Maryland: Logistics Simplified: Putting Industry into Motion on the East Coast 9/24/2022
Editor's View: Data Modelling Or Meddling?: A well-regarded site consultant at a corporate services company doing work around the globe approached me in recent weeks with concerns about the location analysis business. 9/6/2022
Life Sciences: Vital Signs 8/30/2022
Foreign Direct Investment: From All Over the World To All Over Illinois 8/28/2022
West Virginia: University System Has Big Plans For a Former Pill Plant: When one door closes, another one opens, goes the saying. 8/22/2022
Wisconsin: How Wisconsin Is Tackling the Labor Shortage: Talent attraction efforts receive a big boost in the Badger State. 8/18/2022
Automotive: Add EV Production to Mississippi’s Automotive Industry Prowess: Mississippi added itself to the list of states producing electric vehicles (EVs) in February. 7/13/2022
Oklahoma: Rare Earth Magnet Producer To Start Operations In Stillwater: Oklahoma will soon be home to the Americas’ first rare earth metal and manufacturing facility, giving it a head start in the U.S. as companies bring such operations stateside. 7/13/2022
Aerospace: ‘Resilience and Ingenuity’: Mississippi is central to the nation’s advances in space exploration and aerospace technology. 7/11/2022
Abilene, Texas: Career Program Finds Tomorrow’s Workforce Today: Abilene, Texas is taking the next step in developing the workforce of tomorrow. 7/6/2022
Editor's View: How Smart Is Your City?: Our cover story takes the smart city discussion in a new, different direction. Editor in Chief Mark Arend shares his own different take on what’s smart. 7/5/2022
Advanced Manufacturing: No Manufacturer Is an Island: How one location builds resource bridges to companies large and small. 7/3/2022
Research & Development: A University Research Consortium: Has a Blueprint for  R&D Success 7/2/2022
Ohio: The ‘Rust Belt’ No More: Data centers and microchip plants are today’s economic drivers. 5/29/2022
Health Tech & Life Science Centers: U.S. R&D Lab Space Is Getting Harder to Find: Whatever is behind the boom in recent investment in U.S. life sciences R&D space, demand is off the chart. 5/25/2022
Iowa: Governor Kim Reynolds On Iowa’s Next Chapter: Governor Kim Reynolds is determined to make Iowa the go-to state for businesses reshoring their operations and for those seeking low taxes and fiscal predictability. 5/22/2022
Latin America & Caribbean: Trust — It Does an Economy Good: A new report from the Inter-American Development Bank finds that mistrust is an acute problem that limits socioeconomic development in Latin America and the Caribbean. 5/19/2022
Delaware: Discovery Hub Adds Clout to University’s Research Ecosystem: Chemours, a global producer of fluoroproducts, chemical solutions and titanium technologies. 5/16/2022
Great Lakes: Report - Tonnage Volumes Are Bouncing Back: That’s the shipping news from the Great Lakes Seaway Partnership. 5/13/2022
Salt River Project Arizona: Meta Finds an Oasis In the Sonoran Desert: Meta, the social technology company that operates Facebook, broke ground on an $800-million data center in Mesa, Arizona. 5/9/2022
Editor's View: Where’s the Right Port in a Storm?: A year after our last issue recognizing the Global Best to Invest locations for capital investment, writes Mark Arend, the world is "a very different place.” 5/5/2022
Top Economic Development Groups: 2022 Mac Conway Award: The economic development organizations profiled in the following pages are being recognized for contributing significantly to their locations’ investment attraction and job creation success 5/2/2022
Biotech: A Third Biotech Coast Takes Shape 4/27/2022
FDI & Exports: Not Even Close 4/22/2022
Business Services: An Economic Atmosphere For Growth 3/31/2022
Maryland: Logistics Hub Tenants Grow Their Footprints: BMW of North America opened its new vehicle distribution center at the Tradepoint Atlantic Terminal in Sparrows Point in Baltimore County 3/30/2022
Agribusiness: Where Vertical Farming Is ‘Smart’: Bowery Farming, a leading vertical farming company based in New York City, plans to open smart indoor vertical farms in Locust Grove, Georgia, and Arlington, Texas, it announced in January. 3/30/2022
Agribusiness: Where Vertical Farming Is ‘Smart’ 3/30/2022
South Central States: International Companies Ramp Up Regional Investment: What do 3,343 foreign-owned companies from all over the world have in common? 3/30/2022
San Joaquin County, California: Central California’s Affordable Option: More than 770,000 people call San Joaquin County home. 3/29/2022
Minnesota: A Blueprint For Building What Matters: Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and the state’s Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) launched the Build What Matters campaign in late October 2021 3/29/2022
Interview With The Governor: ‘We Will Get This Done’ 3/26/2022
Metals & Machinery: Oregon’s Metals Industry Edge 3/13/2022
Bioscience: MOU Aims to Demystify Bio Sector, Create Jobs and Economic Growth 3/13/2022
Airport Cities: An Expert’s View On Airport Development Post-Pandemic 3/10/2022
Editor's View: How States Lure the Big Fish: Governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Laura Kelly of Kansas are covered extensively in this issue as the winners of the 2021 Governors’ Cups the former for total qualified capital investment projects 3/7/2022
Infrastructure: Broadband, Roads and More Set for Infrastructure Act Funding 3/3/2022
Cover Story: The 2021 Governor’s Cup: The governors of Kansas and Texas corralled enough projects in 2021 to earn their states a Governor’s Cup — the first for one and the 10th for the other. 3/1/2022
U.S. Virgin Islands: Getting From Here to There – A Blueprint for Economic Prosperity: An ambitious economic development plan called Vision 2040 was finalized in March 2021 2/21/2022
Australia: Australia’s Magnet For Green Hydrogen Investment: As if there were a year-end deadline, renewable energy projects made a beeline for Queensland in late 2021 2/17/2022
Alabama: Innovation Commission Points The Way for Alabama's 'Trailblazers': Alabama is on the brink of something big, 2/14/2022
Delaware: Dover Site Checks All The Right Location Boxes: Delmarva Corrugated Packaging found the right location for its new super plant in Dover, Delaware, after closing a facility in New Jersey that didn’t have space to expand. 2/2/2022
Food Processing: On the Menu 2/2/2022
Corporate And Professional Services: Where Key Business Sectors Find Their Support Services 2/2/2022
Infrastructure: Grants Boost Rural Participation In The Digital-Focused Economy 2/1/2022
Technology & Computer Science: Resources for AI Cybersecurity Careers 1/29/2022
Aerospace: Aerospace Industry Makes Progress 1/29/2022
Editor's View: These Are Not the Good Old Days: “Perhaps we’re all a little trepidatious heading into the new year,” writes Editor in Chief Mark Arend. 1/10/2022
Workforce Development Rankings: The 2022 Regional Workforce Development Rankings: We examine state workforce climates (not programs) across four U.S. regions, with exclusive insights from Emsi on what’s attracting people to top counties for talent. 1/10/2022
Corporate Headquarters: Brands Large and Small Find Success in Georgia 12/30/2021
FDI & Trade: Foreign Investment Travels Nonstop to Georgia 12/29/2021
Virginia: Offshore Wind Sector Gains an Offshore Supplier Project: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy held a launch ceremony October 25th 12/20/2021
Interview with The Governor: A Banner Year On All Counts 12/13/2021
Data Centers: New Reports Reveal New Location Trends: The North American data center market made gains in construction and net absorption in this year’s first half as cloud service providers and social media companies drove demand, according to CBRE. 12/6/2021
Military & Defense: Standing Tall 12/2/2021
Agriculture & Food Manufacturing: From Alpacas to Zucchini, It’s Grown in Washington 11/29/2021
Information & Communication Technology: Washington’s Innovation-Economy Edge Widens 11/22/2021
Delaware: The First State Is First in Access to What Matters: : Just ask the state’s CEO of the year, whose company has been a fixture in Delaware since 1899. 11/21/2021
U.S. Virgin Islands: A Blueprint for Prosperity Beyond Tourism: Doing business in the United States doesn’t necessarily mean doing so on the mainland. 11/18/2021
Corporate Headquarters: Talent, Business Climate Drive Headquarters Expansions 11/11/2021
Editor's View: It’s Time to Rethink ‘Quality of Life’: North Carolina unseated Georgia and its eight-year hold on first place in our annual ranking of state business climates this year. 11/8/2021
Business Climate Rankings: Brighter Horizons : After tying for first place with Georgia last year, North Carolina pulls into the top spot. 11/1/2021
Upper Midwest: Michigan Investment Includes Multi-Family Housing: Whirlpool’s plans in southwestern Michigan go well beyond a $60 million refurbishment of its technical center in St. Joseph. 10/25/2021
Arkansas: Report Charts a Post-Pandemic Pathway Forward: Arkansas policymakers seeking to bolster the state’s economic rebound as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic now have a road map for getting there.  10/21/2021
North Carolina: A Tar Heel Play for Offshore Wind Energy Production: North Carolina aims to get its share of what one consultant says will be 40 gigawatts of wind energy off the East Coast by 2035. 10/18/2021
Nevada: Nevada Goes Greener’: Nevada is leading the charge for clean energy innovation. 10/14/2021
Pennsylvania: A Road Trip Through ‘Multiple States in One’: Project activity has largely resumed to pre-pandemic levels throughout the Commonwealth, with industry sectors old and new in growth mode. 10/7/2021
Geospatial Technology: Where Location Data Becomes Location Intelligence 10/7/2021
TRANSIT, CONNECTIVITY & QUALITY OF LIFE: Land Stewardship Is Key To a Future Innovation Park: More than a concept, “It’s definitely a done deal,” says Mason Ailstock about a 2,000-acre knowledge district called Rowen taking shape 10/4/2021
Business Landscape: Headquartered in Illinois 9/20/2021
San Joaquin County: The County Hardwired for Capital Investment: IT initiatives underway around the region — including a unique data center — are adding to the arsenal of San Joaquin County’s business advantages. 9/13/2021
FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT: Where Foreign Companies Enter The U.S. Market 9/9/2021
Editor's View: Where to Work: This Time It’s Personal 9/7/2021
LOUISIANA: Renewable Fuel Projects Are on Tap: 8/30/2021
UPSTATE NEW YORK: Capital Area’s Clean Energy Hub Adds an Offshore Wind Project: Who says offshore wind towers and components need to be built on the coast? 8/26/2021
Distribution & Warehousing: Statewide Options Await Distribution Center Investors: Proximity to the giant FedEx air cargo facility in Memphis, Tennessee, makes northern Mississippi a winning location for warehouse and distribution facilities. 8/17/2021
Oklahoma: Tulsa Adds Canoo Plant To Its EV Credentials: Add Oklahoma to the list of states where electric vehicle manufacturing is getting under way. 8/12/2021
Automotive: The Southeast's Automotive Industry Sweet Spot: Nearly 200 auto suppliers in Mississippi employ about 26,000. 7/19/2021
Hungary: Your R&D Hub in Central and Eastern Europe: Hungary intends to become the regional leader in innovation and R&D 7/15/2021
Food & Beverage: Alternative Protein Facilities Gain Traction: “Alternative protein facilities will become their own category of corporate real estate,” says one expert about a market expected to reach $27 billion by 2027. 7/12/2021
Advanced Manufacturing: Education Ecosystems with an Edge: Mississippi punches well above its weight in its ability to deliver skilled workers to the many advanced manufacturers doing business in the state. 7/9/2021
Editor's View: Reshoring Analysis Points To Better Days Ahead: The 2021 State of North American Manufacturing Annual Report from Thomas and the Reshoring Initiative’s 2020 Data Report both indicate things are trending in the right direction. 7/6/2021
FDI & Exports: FDI Employment Growth Doubles Overall Job Growth: Texas may soon be announcing one of its largest foreign direct investments to date. 6/9/2021
Corporate Headquarters: It’s a Good Thing Texas Is a Big State: The volume of HQ relocations shows no sign of letting up. 6/7/2021
Texas Workforce Commission: In Lockstep with Employers: A conversation with Aaron Demerson, just reappointed as Commissioner Representing Employer at the Texas Workforce Commission. 6/7/2021
Salt River Project, Arizona: Where Water Resiliency Is at Full Pool: Billions of dollars in projects from companies are moving forward in the Phoenix region despite a 25-year megadrought. 6/7/2021
Ohio: How a Fintech’s HQ2 Search Ended in Ohio’s Capital City: Plus glimpses into Ohio’s agreement with GM, new pharmaceutical capabilities at Rickenbacker International Airport and Kroger’s e-commerce growth in the state. 6/1/2021
Hungary: Where Business Services Meet Business Resiliency: Learn why 25 companies in 2020 picked Hungary for operations that will add 3,000 jobs to a business services sector that already employs nearly 64,000 at more than 130 companies. 5/20/2021
North American Automotive: Demand Puts EV Battery Production In the Fast Lane: Electric vehicle momentum dots the map with vehicle and battery plant investments. 5/17/2021
Editor's View: Time to Change Your Game Plan?: Editor in Chief Mark Arend walks us through what’s changed and what has not changed in this issue of Site Selection and in the world around us. 5/6/2021
Top Competitive States: 2021 Prosperity Cup: North Carolina’s prowess in life sciences, aerospace and statewide business-recruitment teamwork are delivering enviable results. 5/3/2021
Financial Services: Financial Literacy is a Workforce Win-Win: Citi is one of the most engaged financial services companies in the Cincinnati region when it comes to workforce development. 4/26/2021
Indiana: Talent Attraction Efforts to Focus on Custom Solutions: A new strategic alignment aimed at talent development is just one way Indiana is building on four consecutive record-breaking years for economic development. 4/8/2021
South Central U.S.: Industrial-Strength Resiliency: How TexAmericas Center Coped in 2020 4/5/2021
Interview with Gov. Beshear: One on One with Governor Andy Beshear: Governor Andy Beshear has been leading Kentucky’s response to COVID-19 not just daily, but with an eye constantly on the commonwealth’s post-pandemic economy. 3/26/2021
Food Processing: The Nation's Breadbasket, Pantry and Refrigerator: While most operations are clustered in the Kansas City metro, food and beverage producers can be found across the state. 3/25/2021
Advanced Manufacturing: A Higher-Ed Ecosystem In a League Of Its Own: A new federally backed Clean Energy Smart Manufactur 3/22/2021
Hoosier Energy: Energy Supply Will Meet Demand — Sustainably: Hoosier Energy and its 18 member cooperatives are in a good position for the energy transition. 3/22/2021
Aerospace: How Lockheed Martin Grows its Talent Base: When a company employs 110,000 people around the world, it better have a plan for keeping its workforce pond well stocked. 3/17/2021
Incentives: Tax Credit Program: ‘A Model for Accountability and Transparency’ 3/15/2021
Airport Cities: Orlando International's Role Goes Way Beyond Tourism: Editor in Chief Mark Arend talks to global aerotropolis expert Dr. John Kasarda about Orlando International Airport (MCO) and adjacent Lake Nona. 3/15/2021
Corporate and Professional Services: Talent Supply Keeps Growing, Enterprises Well Staffed: Growing firms in Overland Park, Lenexa and Wichita highlight the abundance of professional services talent to be found in Kansas. 3/11/2021
Advanced Manufacturing: Check Mate: Wichita’s Manufacturing Strengths Are in a League of Their Own 3/11/2021
Connecticut: A New Plan for Economic Growth Is Catching On: Governor, corporate executives weigh in on a demonstrably improving business climate. 3/8/2021
Editor's View: Black Swans Do Move On: Editor in Chief Mark Arend sees diverse approaches and common threads in his recent conversations with four governors. 3/4/2021
Cover Story: 2020 Governor's Cups: Texas and Ohio return to the top of their rankings despite pandemic-based challenges that brought multi-tasking to a whole new level for their chief executives. 3/1/2021
Tennessee: Electric Vehicle Investment Adds Voltage: Projects from GM and Gestamp highlight the EV revolution taking place in Tennessee. 2/18/2021
Alabama: Workforce Programs Aim to Keep Local Talent Local: LaunchED and other initiatives take root in Birmingham. 2/15/2021
Foreign Direct Investment: Where International Companies Need to Be: According to the Global Business Alliance, New Jersey has the highest concentration of foreign direct investment (FDI) jobs as a share of private-sector employment in the U.S. 1/26/2021
Workforce Development Rankings: The 2021 Regional Workforce Development Rankings: See which states lead the way in talent cultivation, training and attraction across seven U.S. regions. 1/11/2021
Editor's View: A Time to Look Forward: The month of January, Editor in Chief Mark Arend reminds us, was named for the Roman god Janus, who looks backward and forward at the same time. 1/7/2021
Kansas: The Biggest Economic Engine You Haven't Heard of: Climb aboard the Grain Belt Express, a multi-billion-dollar transmission project that will connect Kansas wind energy with power consumers throughout the Midwest and beyond. 12/14/2020
Virginia: Talent Accelerator Program is a Welcome Mat for Foreign Investors: Korea’s Navien and the United Kingdom’s GSK are among the bevy of foreign companies expanding in the Commonwealth. 12/7/2020
Aerospace & Defense: Where Aerospace Manufacturers Are Gravitating in 2020: PwC’s Aerospace & Defense practice has issued the seventh edition of its Aerospace Manufacturing Attractiveness Rankings. 12/3/2020
Cybersecurity: Georgia’s Own Global Cybersecurity Hub: Security and risk management content provider CSO, a unit of IDG Communications, includes Augusta on its 2019 list of the top 10 global cybersecurity hubs. 11/23/2020
Governor Brian P. Kemp: Georgia's Project Pipeline is Full: Maintaining the No. 1 business climate in America doesn’t just help companies and workers during the good times. 11/23/2020
Northwest Ohio: Where to Solve Your Energy Equation: Natural gas price stability and cost competitiveness give this region the edge. 11/19/2020
Editor's View: Come In Out of the Rain!: Editor in Chief Mark Arend says all sorts of site selection criteria can be quantified, but certainty and predictability you feel in your bones. 11/2/2020
2020 Business Climate Rankings: Certainty and Predictability Are the Winning States’ Hallmarks: A first-time tie for first place marks the 2020 edition of Site Selection’s annual Business Climate Rankings. 11/2/2020
Southeast: Automotive, Steel and Other Sectors Pave This Region’s Road to Recovery: Alabama’s very good August leads the way in a region defying the pandemic with major projects. 10/15/2020
San Joaquin County, California: An Essential Place For Business: From the Port of Stockton to airport, intermodal and utility assets, companies find San Joaquin County infrastructure increasingly essential. 10/1/2020
Franklin, Wisconsin: Franklin is More Than a Location: When companies choose the Milwaukee suburb of Franklin, they’ve picked a destination. 9/28/2020
Editor's View: Harbors Are Safe, But Ships Were Meant to Sail: Editor in Chief Mark Arend reflects on Adam Jones-Kelley’s legacy of leadership and friendship. 9/10/2020
Aerospace: Airbus Outlines Its Global COVID-19 Response: Aerospace Industries Association President and CEO Eric Fanning urges action on relief legislation and public-private partnership. 8/17/2020
COVID-19 Special Report - Rural Advantage: How Small Businesses in the Heartland Are Coping: Panelists at a recent Brookings Institution event discuss how Main Street businesses are reinventing themselves in rural Virginia and Michigan. 8/13/2020
Louisiana: Roadmap to Recovery: How Louisiana is Doing It 7/30/2020
Editor's View: ‘Wonderful in Their Own Ways’ Doesn’t Keep Businesses in Town: Editor in Chief Mark Arend says business leaders in some areas have a lot more to battle against than a pandemic. 7/13/2020
COVID-19 Special Report - Supply Chain Disruption: Survey Reveals Manufacturers’ Post-Pandemic Plans: Supply chain managers are recalibrating a moving target like never before. 7/9/2020
Salt River Project, Arizona: How SRP Meets IT Clients’ Sustainable-Energy Requirements: SRP answers the challenge from data center and IT companies looking for creative solutions that include and go beyond sustainability expertise. 6/15/2020
Arizona: Scottsdale Airpark Evolves into an Urban 18-hour City: A Colliers report outlines a renaissance at the airport park that today is home to 3,300 companies. 6/8/2020
MidAmerica Industrial Park Pryor, Oklahoma: The Park that Thought of Everything: In February, MAIP opened its 25,000-sq.-ft. Center of Excellence dedicated to technology, training and career opportunities. 6/4/2020
Hungary: Hungary - Europe's E-Mobility Nerve Center: Only in a market as agile, well-educated and competitive as Hungary can an established ecosystem, like the automotive industry, transform into its logical extension — e-mobility. 6/1/2020
Ohio: What You Need to Know About the Buckeye State: Dr. Bill LaFayette is who you turn to for in-depth, on-the-ground and candid analysis of the cost of doing business in Ohio, among other topics. 6/1/2020
Editor's View: On Plexiglass and The New Normal: Editor in Chief Mark Arend considers the new set of challenges now facing corporate real estate leaders as they recalibrate supply chains and consider reshoring operations 5/4/2020
2019 Best to Invest: 2019 Prosperity Cup: Texas makes room for another Cup in its cabinet. 5/4/2020
Interview with the Governor: Industries of the Future will be Right at Home in Kentucky: Governor Andy Beshear is determined to make Kentucky a global leader in the fast-emerging agritech industry. 4/8/2020
Eastern Europe: Business Council Plans Higher Profile For ‘Three Seas Region’: A private-sector alliance of CEE executives has big plans for this region. 3/23/2020
Georgia: Investors Stay Ahead of the Curve in Rabun County: Why an importer with substantial logistics requirements picked a northeastern Georgia county for its distribution center site. 3/19/2020
Pacific Northwest: The Clean Energy Sector Gets Its Second Wind: Washington leads the way, led by Jefferson, King and Benton counties. Meanwhile, companies and a new research hub are growing in Bellingham. 3/16/2020
Airport Cities: Will AeroNexus Take Anchorage's Cargo Might to New Heights: We look into the more than $700 million in projects at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Alaska, and explores the location options for New York's airport city. 3/9/2020
Editor's View: Only You Can Do Something About the Talent ‘Shortage’: Editor in Chief Mark Arend says corporate leaders have a marquee role to play in building the talent base they need. 3/5/2020
Governor's Cups: The 2019 Governor's Cups: Ohio unseats Nebraska for the per capita cup as Texas makes room in the trophy cabinet for an eight consecutive total projects win. 3/2/2020
Tennessee: Innovation Center Report Eyes Two Tennessee Metros: GIVE grants boost vocational education programs in rural counties. 2/13/2020
Emerging Technology: Study Forecasts Key Role for Area Tech Companies: Southern Nevada is ready to remap its future through a refinement in focus on the opportunities that exist to pursue regional growth. 1/29/2020
Aerospace: Actually, It Is Rocket Science: Batesville, Mississippi, has turned out to be the ideal location for GE to build advanced aircraft engine components. 1/28/2020
Research & Development: Where the Cool Research is Conducted: Executives didn’t need to look outside the Magnolia State for a research program to support. 1/28/2020
Nashville International Airport: First Impressions Matter: Fast-growing Nashville International Airport (BNA) seeks to connect more people, businesses and countries through its BNA Vision expansion plan. 1/27/2020
Dominican Republic Free Trade Zones: Free Zone Advantages Are a Two-Way Street: Free zones in this Caribbean country make giving back to their communities a competitive edge in attracting investment. 1/16/2020
Workforce Development Rankings: The 2020 Regional Workforce Development Rankings: We examine state workforce climates (not programs) across four U.S. regions, with exclusive insights from Emsi on what’s attracting people to top counties for talent. 1/13/2020
Editor's View: London Calling: Editor in Chief Mark Arend gains some keen insights into Brexit from an old friend on the other side of the pond. 1/9/2020
Mississippi: Where Medical Device Manufacturers Get Better: Learn the details behind three major investments in northern Mississippi in recent months that will create a combined 850 new jobs. 12/19/2019
Top Caribbean Locations: Dominican Republic Free Trade Zones Are Pushing the Envelope: More than 700 companies from around the world are part of a new way of doing business in the Caribbean. 12/9/2019
Virginia: Why Companies Keep Growing in the Crossroads Region: A strong and competitive state business climate is part of the story. 12/2/2019
Hong Kong: Safety in Numbers? Reports Point to Business as Usual: What have protests and standoffs meant for global corporate investment in Hong Kong? 11/25/2019
Aerospace & Defense: A Sector at a Crossroads: Reports call for focus on supply chains, more R&D. 11/14/2019
Editor's View: Best Business Climates This Year, and What’s On the Horizon: Editor in Chief Mark Arend reflects on the business climate rankings, Opportunity Zones and incentives reform. 11/7/2019
Business Climate Rankings: VII Straight: Georgia sets a record for the most consecutive top state business climate wins. Governor Brian Kemp, in his first year as state chief executive, weighs in. 11/6/2019
Nevada: The Silver State, Version 2.0: The Silver State positions itself for high-tech investment and as a professional sports center. 10/17/2019
DHL Real Estate Solutions: DHL Commerce Gateway Demonstrates Turnkey Approach to Logistics: When customers begin moving into the DHL Commerce Gateway, they’ll be doing more than merely occupying space near the Port of Charleston. 10/3/2019
Medina County, Texas: Don't Fence Me In: Companies in this part of the San Antonio metro find the business climate and land where they can grow affordably without the big city delays. 9/23/2019
Nanjing, China: Talent - Where Supply Meets Demand: Nanjing’s many universities and other higher education institutions are meeting and exceeding investors’ human resources requirements. 9/9/2019
Editor's View: Complex Calculus Simplified: Editor in Chief Mark Arend ponders the math behind recent predictions of recession. 9/9/2019
Arkansas: Missile Plant to Launch Expansion: Springtime in Paris means an aero-defense industry project back home. 8/29/2019
Oklahoma: The Sooner the Better: Oklahoma Governor J. Kevin Stitt intends to boost his state into the top 10 of virtually any ranking that matters. 7/29/2019
Research & Development: The Rockies’ R&D Cluster: Colorado has what manufacturers want proximity to. 7/19/2019
Biotech: The Largest Life Sciences Cluster In the World: How big is California’s biotech and life sciences sector? Really big, a new report reveals. 7/12/2019
Nanjing, China: A One-Stop Shop for New Energy Vehicles: Much of the future of China’s automotive industry already is in place in Nanjing. 7/11/2019
Editor's View: What's Your Metro's IQ?: The point is to show how seriously some cities take the notion of “intelligence” in the context of development, industrial or otherwise. 7/8/2019
Research & Science Parks: French Pharma Giant Launches Research Institute: Servier, an independent, international pharmaceutical company, has begun development of its future Research Institute in the Paris-Saclay cluster. 7/1/2019
Arizona: Second ‘Sandbox’ Means More Room for Technology Innovators: Early and active support of tomorrow’s technologies is bearing fruit today. 6/10/2019
New England: Six-State Region Packs a Punch: A roundup of economic development happenings in some former colonies. 6/3/2019
Nanjing, China: China’s Medicine Cabinet: All things biomedical and pharmaceutical can be found in the Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley, a key part of the Nanjing Jiangbei New Area. 5/20/2019
Hungary: Invented in Hungary: Industries transition quickly up the value chain in this dynamic market. 5/9/2019
Editor's View: The Awards We Bestow – And One We Don’t: We don’t bestow awards for courage in our annual Best to Invest suite of location honors each May. So we couldn’t honor Venezuela’s Juan Guaidó with one. 5/9/2019
Tokyo, Japan: Where Innovation Startups Are Fast-Tracked: FinTech, AI and advanced robotics enterprises are members of Tokyo’s growing innovation ecosystem. 5/6/2019
2019 Best to Invest: 2019 Prosperity Cup: Two marquee projects underscore Virginia’s claim to the cup. 5/2/2019
Are Tariffs Inviting Global Instability?: Mainly positive economic indicators and a healthy real estate market are not enough to scare away a black swan in 2019. 4/24/2019
South Carolina: The South’s Magnet for Foreign Direct Investment: South Carolina leads the nation in percentage of jobs linked to non-U.S.-based enterprises. 4/11/2019
Airport Cities: Istanbul Opens New Airport with Plans for an Airport City: The new airport complex, launched in 2013, is built to compete with Dubai and Abu Dhabi as major East-West linking points, much as Istanbul has done for many centuries. 4/8/2019
South Central: Straight from the Source: What state manufacturing experts want you to know. 4/4/2019
Fengxian District, Shanghai: Shanghai's Beauty Spot: No longer is China simply the second largest cosmetics market in the world. It is now a leading center of the health and beauty industry. 3/14/2019
Georgia: New Governor, New Agenda: But no less of a focus on being the top state business climate. Watch for information technology to play a critical role in boosting rural Georgia — and the state’s reputation as a business location worldwide. 3/14/2019
Eastern Europe: Foreign, Trade Policy Are One in Budapest: Editor in Chief Mark Arend talks with Hungary's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó about surging FDI and the evolution from "Made in Hungary" to "Invented in Hungary." 3/11/2019
Nanjing, China: Where Industries Climb the Value Chain: Nanjing has the resources for businesses to transform, keeping them ahead of the competition. 3/7/2019
Editor's View: On Country Mice And City Mice: Both Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts and Texas Governor Greg Abbott are no less deserving of their respective Governor’s Cups than they were the last few times they won. 3/7/2019
The 2018 Governor's Cups: Making It Look Easy: The Governors of Nebraska and Texas have a few things in common — new terms in office, a commitment to putting veterans to work and another Governor’s Cup to add to their collections. 3/4/2019
The American Imperative - Why to Invest in America: What’s driving the U-turn in capital investment project trajectories from offshore locations back to U.S. sites – and to the Midwest in large measure? 1/30/2019
Nashville International Airport: Ceiling Unlimited: A Blueprint for Airport & Regional Growth 1/28/2019
Detroit Region Aerotropolis: You Are Cleared to Land: Where mobility assets on the ground add lift to R&D operations. 1/24/2019
Automotive: Magnolia Made: Nissan and Toyota are expanding their Mississippi facilities, and their suppliers are following suit. 1/22/2019
Research & Development: Universities Supply the R&D Expertise Industries Require 1/9/2019
Workforce Development Rankings: The 2019 Regional Workforce Development Rankings: Show me a governor who doesn’t take advantage of every opportunity to invest in the next generation workforce, and I’ll show you a state that won’t be competitive. 1/3/2019
Editor's View: Happy New Year to You, and Happy Birthday to Us:  We figured our 65th anniversary was a good time to celebrate the people who make this publication possible. 1/3/2019
Mississippi: State of Mobility: Mississippi State University is among 12 North American universities participating in the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge. 12/20/2018
Caribbean: Caribbean Community Deepens ASEAN, Nordic Ties: The region is strengthening its connections to markets around the world, most recently with Singapore and Norway. 12/3/2018
Jamaica: Can Other Sectors Follow BPO's Lead?: Jamaica in 2018 is redefining the roles it can play on the global business and industry stage. 12/3/2018
Wisconsin: More Packers Are Heading to Green Bay: Paper mills gain new leases on life. 11/29/2018
Quonset Business Park, Rhode Island: The Ocean State’s Enduring Location Ace: Rhode Island can punch above its weight — and win — thanks to business location assets like the Quonset Business Park. 11/19/2018
Editor's View: Note to Areas - Attract Talent, Investment will Follow: Workforce skills and workforce development are site selectors’ first and third most important location criteria, according to the results of a survey we conducted this fall. 11/5/2018
Business Climate Rankings: An Oasis of Opportunity: With six consecutive Top Business Climate wins to his credit, Gov. Nathan Deal reflects on his hope that Georgia’s business climate benefits businesses and their workers long after he’s gone. 11/5/2018
Massachusetts: Textiles, Robotics Among Sectors to Gain R&D Funding: Awards include $1 million to support the new ARMada initiative, which will enhance the offerings of the Fabric Discovery Center to include robotics. 10/22/2018
North Carolina: Labor Supply - Half Full or Half Empty?: An employer needs survey takes the temperature of the Tar Heel State’s labor market. 10/18/2018
Southeast: How a Countryside Project Landed Cityside: Elevator engineers may soon be among those with birds-eye views of major league baseball games. 10/15/2018
Corsicana, Texas: Where Business Longevity Is Baked In: Three business leaders fill us in on why this city equidistant from DFW and Waco makes sense for their growing firms. 9/20/2018
Delaware: The Fast Track to Innovation: The First State has the high-end scientific and business talent without the high-end price tag. 9/10/2018
Editor's View: Tales from the Cryptocurrency: Nothing bitcoin-related appears on a list of topics readers want to see more coverage of, but I bet it will in future years. 9/10/2018
Arkansas: Report - The Future Is Data Analytics & Computing: The Natural State drafts a plan for its companies’ future competitiveness. 8/27/2018
Aviation: Cleared for Takeoff: How Wichita’s top aerospace company will staff a $1-billion, five-year expansion. 8/24/2018
Louisiana: New Technology Centers Will Create Nearly 3,000 Jobs: New Orleans, Lafayette burnish their IT center credentials. 8/13/2018
Research Parks: Cutting Edge Now Means ‘Really Robust Amenities’: How the University of Maryland’s Discovery District convinced private investors to take a second look. 7/26/2018
Foreign Direct Investment: Arkansas to the World — 'Make Yourself at Home': Arkansas is home to nearly 470 global employers that support more than 34,104 jobs. 7/25/2018
Stainless Steel: How Springfield Became the Stainless Steel Capital of the U.S.: Springfield sparkles with more than two dozen companies supplying everything that’s made of stainless steel. 7/20/2018
Editor's View: ‘Wasted’ Space No More: Minister Envisions Better Land Utilization 7/16/2018
Aerospace: Why Aerospace Companies Are Thriving — in California: Officials on the ground know the state’s challenges and are determined to overcome them. 7/5/2018
Financial Services: Wall Street on the Mississippi: St. Louis for sure, but Kansas City and other Missouri metros are financial centers too. 6/15/2018
Kentucky: An Emerging Science Ripens, and the Ag Industry Will Benefit: The back 40 are a living lab for high-tech farming in the Bluegrass State. 6/14/2018
Arizona: Why a Space Launcher and a Next-Gen Truck Manufacturer Picked the Phoenix Metro: Demand for super-smart talent is about to skyrocket in the Valley of the Sun. 6/11/2018
New England: Small States Win Big: Bio, IT Projects Land in Rhode Island, Connecticut 6/7/2018
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada: Well Connected: Business and telecom networks are this region's secret sauce. 6/7/2018
Illinois Bicentennial: Illinois Turns 200: As part of the bicentennial celebration underway this year in the nation's 21st state, we take a look at seven companies with a major presence in the Land of Lincoln. 6/4/2018
Editor's View: Is the Labor Pool Half Empty or Half Full?: Just how bad is the workforce shortage in the U.S.? We report on huge new projects and expansions in every issue. Are there skilled workers to fill them all? 5/21/2018
Costa Rica: Essential Opportunity: Company leaders from the life sciences, corporate services, IT and medtech sectors tell us why the talent and value they find there justify their continuing strategic investments in Costa Rica. 5/17/2018
2018 Global Best to Invest: 2018 Prosperity Cup: It’s as if North Carolina’s short-lived HB2 experiment never happened. 5/10/2018
Windsor-Essex, Ontario, Canada: Take the Guesswork out of Location Selection: Two sites and two more in the application process in Windsor-Essex are part of an elite group of Ontario’s Certified Sites. 4/5/2018
Editor's View: Springfield, Illinois, Needs a Business-Climate Master Class: There comes a point when one realizes a person — or state leadership in this case — either wants to change or it doesn’t. Is Springfield the latter? It looks that way. 3/29/2018
Illinois: Commentary: Can Illinois Get Back in the Fight Before it's Too Late 3/29/2018
Indiana: Taking Indiana’s Economic Temperature: An economist weighs in on where Indiana ‘compares favorably’ to other states, among other topics. 3/22/2018
Airport Cities: How SkyBridge Will Complement Sky Harbor: An air cargo and customs facility in a Phoenix suburb will redefine cross-border trade in the US Southwest. 3/8/2018
The 2017 Governor's Cups: Defending Champs: Texas and Nebraska retain their status as top performers in Site Selection’s annual facilities race. 3/1/2018
Oregon: Growth Plan to Benefit ‘All Corners of the State’: Considering a Northwest location? If so, you may benefit from one or more of Business Oregon’s priorities for the next several years. 2/15/2018
Detroit Region Aerotropolis: How to Fast Track Logistics: Airside or landside, this ‘Aerotropolis’ delivers logistics assets like no other location. 1/25/2018
Workforce: The 2018 Regional Workforce Development Rankings: It is difficult to overstate how crucial workforce development is to a state’s economic health. 1/18/2018
Editor's View: So Much Winning in 2018?: The last two articles I wrote for this issue have me looking forward to the New Year more than I have in recent memory. 1/4/2018
Nebraska: State, Regional Indicators Are Trending in the Right Direction: The October Creighton University Mid-America Business Conditions Index climbed to a healthy reading, according to the latest survey results. 12/28/2017
Commentary: Raising the Bar: Will a new economic development credential make your site discernment more productive? 12/28/2017
Washington: Surveys - Seattle's a Tough Market to Beat: When leading real estate market analysts put a metro at or near the top of their rankings, it may be a coincidence. Or it may be worth a closer look. 12/7/2017
Virginia: Equipment Maker STIHL Grows Its Virginia Beach Campus: Plus Roanoke area expansion to add 180 jobs, and Richmond chosen for 'Cyber Fusion Center.' 11/30/2017
Windsor-Essex, Ontario, Canada: Amazonian Oasis?: The Windsor-Essex joint bid with Detroit for Amazon’s HQ2 offers access and advantages no other city can match. 11/20/2017
Malaysia: Best Supporting Actors: The awards go to two industries — medical devices and aerospace — with long careers ahead of them. 11/9/2017
Editor's View: Know When to Hold ’Em: You read it here first: Another North America headquarters for a global company is coming to Atlanta, and I’m not referring to Amazon’s HQ2. 11/9/2017
Business Climate Ranking: Smart Money: Foreign investment, film production and corporate R&D centers grow particularly well in the Peach State’s business climate. 10/30/2017
Pennsylvania: Port of Philadelphia Bulks Up: A Capital Investment Program at the Port of Philadelphia is under way and will continue through 2020. 10/26/2017
Aerospace & Aviation: Getting it Wright: As the birthplace of flight, Ohio’s aerospace and aviation industries are reaching new heights. 10/24/2017
Hoosier Energy: First Come, First Served: Sites along the new I-69 Corridor in southwest Indiana won’t stay vacant for long. 10/19/2017
Thunder Bay: How the Experts Export: Being mid-continent doesn’t mean lack of ocean access. 10/12/2017
Malaysia: Sectors on a Mission: Three “catalytic” industries are charged with boosting Malaysia’s industrial ecosystems 9/21/2017
Texas: The Governor's On the Phone: Real GDP increased in 43 states in the first quarter of 2017, but only Texas grew to within a hair’s breadth of 4 percent. 9/21/2017
Fintech & Financial Services: The Midwest FinTech Epicenter: Chicago joins an exclusive club of global financial technology hubs. 9/15/2017
Editor's View: Continuing Education: We finished work on this issue, with an Infrastructure theme, as the fourth-largest US metro area’s infrastructure was overwhelmed, to understate the situation. It still is. 9/7/2017
Arkansas: Small Ponds Will Soon Be Home to Some Big Fish: Two projects announced in recent weeks will generate approximately 1,150 new jobs in the two Arkansas towns that won them. 8/24/2017
West Virginia: Panhandle Plays: Where FDI Is Landing in the Mountain State 8/17/2017
Oklahoma: When Incentives Matter, Oklahoma’s a Safe Bet: State earns high marks for monitoring and measuring their effectiveness. 8/10/2017
Atlantic Canada: Capital Spending Down, But Not for Long: Public-sector, mining projects are among investors’ priorities. 8/3/2017
University Research Parks: AURP Chief - 'Connect, Elevate, Enhance': University research parks deserve more credit for their economic and market impacts. 7/13/2017
Editor's View: Would You Pick Your City?: The more companies that pick your city the better, so help tell them why they should. 7/6/2017
Ohio: ‘Ohio Is at the Center of It’: Governor John Kasich reminds state lawmakers why economic growth trajectories are still on the ascent. 6/15/2017
Costa Rica: A spot where productivity & sustainability meet to reach true ROI: More than 280 high-tech companies have established successful operations in Costa Rica and are still growing. 6/8/2017
Windsor-Essex, Ontario, Canada: Where to Find Canada's Diverse Agri-Business Hub: More than 2,000 acres of greenhouse operations make Windsor-Essex the largest vegetable greenhouse cluster in North America. 5/25/2017
Departments: Editor's View: Will ‘Psychographics’ Be Your New Location Metric? 5/11/2017
2017 Global Best to Invest: Prosperity Cup: North Carolina winning the Prosperity Cup again this year will come as a shock to some. 5/4/2017
Minnesota: North Star Manufacturers ‘Optimistic’: Survey reveals expectations of modest growth in the year ahead. 4/27/2017
Northeast: Pittsburgh Wins a Robotics Institute: Carnegie Mellon University to oversee the national center of expertise in this technology of the future. 4/20/2017
New Mexico: Facebook’s Multiplier Effect: Projects requiring hundreds of workers per site are increasingly common in The Land of Enchantment. 4/13/2017
Hoosier Energy: Power Points:A rural Indiana energy cooperative is a formidable competitor for your next investment. 3/30/2017
Editors View: Making Print Great Again: Site Selection is the most effective vehicle in the economic development marketplace for putting their message in front of corporate decision makers. 3/9/2017
Governor's Cup: How to Win Projects & Influence Economies: Texas, Nebraska governors claim the most coveted prizes in U.S. economic development for winning projects in 2016. 3/2/2017
Oregon: Manufacturing Innovation Center To Open in ’17: A new Manufacturing Innovation Center will benefit companies and the Northwest. 2/23/2017
Alabama: Airbus Project Adds Lift to Mobile’s Aerospace Sector: A former Air Force base is where to chart the regional cluster’s progress. 2/16/2017
South Korea: In The (Free Economic) Zone? Probably.: Much of South Korea is a free economic zone, if going right to China isn’t in the cards. 2/2/2017
Windsor-Essex, Ontario, Canada: The Innovation Infrastructure You Can’t See: Windsor-Essex, Ontario, is the only major Canadian metro south of the US border; more importantly, it’s a powerhouse industrial center. 1/19/2017
Workforce Development: A Tough ACT to Follow: Are locations making progress in quantifying skills required by capital investors? 1/12/2017
Editor's View: It Just Might Work: Analysis in this issue of the Trump win is guardedly optimistic 1/5/2017
New York: Good Sports - Big Leases in The Big Apple: Two of the nation’s leading professional sports leagues are deepening their roots in Manhattan with major office leases in Midtown. 12/22/2016
Departments: North American Reports: Projects from Germany's Henkel in Connecticut, Audi in Mexico and Festo in Ohio, France's ON Entertainment in Montréal and Austria's Seisenbacher Rail Interiors in Rochester, New York. 12/8/2016
Malaysia: Kulim Hi-Tech Park Lands Two Plum Projects: Economic indicators moving in the right direction like these bode well for multinationals opening or planning new facilities in this Southeast Asian country in the heart of the ASEAN region. 12/1/2016
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania: Where to Grow Your Back Office: Not all corporate operations need a Wall Street address to be successful. 11/22/2016
Automotive Industry: Economic Recovery ‘Highly Unusual’: GM’s economist weighs in on the strange and positive qualities of the post-Recession economy. 11/17/2016
Editor's View: Here’s the Deal — Business Climates Matter: Eight of the top 10 are Southeastern, and that’s not a new phenomenon anymore — just an affirmation that their formula for attracting investment is working. 11/17/2016
Washington: Aerospace Project Had Options, Didn’t Need Them: The grass isn’t always greener. 11/10/2016
Business Climate Ranking: The Gold Standard: How Georgia Wins a Fourth Consecutive Top Business Climate Billing 11/3/2016
Massachusetts: Governor Signs $1-Billion Economic Development Package: Governor Charlie Baker signed comprehensive economic development legislation into law deepening the state’s economic competitiveness. 10/27/2016
Upper Midwest: Report Cards Are Out – State Innovation Grades Are Above Average: States in this region are Innovation Champions and Leaders, according to a recent ranking from the Consumer Technology Association. 10/20/2016
Editor's View: Audience Participation:Reviewing the results of our recent reader survey, which garnered the strongest rate of participation in years. 9/15/2016
Northern Ireland: The UK’s Sweet Spot for Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing: Proximity to the UK and European markets provides real value for money and is a key factor for companies investing in Northern Ireland. 9/8/2016
Venture Capital: Where to Find Venture Capital in the Midwest. Startup Ohio: The Midwest may not spring to mind as the magnet for venture capital, but keep an eye on Ohio. 9/7/2016
Missouri: Missouri Counties Race for ‘Work Ready’Status: Show-Me State counties — 10 in recent months — show how work skills credentialing is done. 8/4/2016
Aerospace: Record Demand Causes A Shift In Aerospace Investment Locations: Where the global aerospace and defense industry is heading in 2016, according to a major new report from Deloitte. 7/28/2016
Research & Science Parks: Areas of Innovation Leave Science Parks in the Dust: Areas of Innovation are districts anchored by science parks; many are profiled in a new publication by that name from the International Association of Science Parks. 7/14/2016
FDI Outlook: Locations of the Future: Where site selectors are most likely to invest in the next five years. 7/7/2016
Editor's View: Brexit Vote - ‘A Different World’: Making sense of the Brexit vote and the effect on the UK for foreign direct investment 7/7/2016
Republic of Turkey: Fast Growing, Dynamic Economy: Turkey’s economic strengths and abundance of skilled workers deliver the confidence and predictability required by today’s global capital investors. 6/23/2016
Malaysia: Every Step of the Way: A second top investment promotion agency award demonstrates Malaysia’s expertise in attracting new investment and helping existing projects expand. 6/16/2016
Georgia: ‘Thoughtful Development’: Forget what you know about commercial sprawl in the Atlanta area. It’s a whole new ballgame along the South Fulton Parkway. 6/9/2016
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology: Beacon of Knowledge: Research-oriented corporations, SMEs and startups are finding the ideal innovation ecosystem where they might not have looked several years ago. 6/2/2016
Arizona: Ready for Its Close-up: Delegates on a tour of Arizona’s innovation attributes were more than a little impressed with the state’s universities and their economic development acumen. 5/26/2016
Logistics: Keep On Truckin': Texas has more logistics assets — from rail infrastructure and seaports to air cargo facilities and roads — than most countries. 5/19/2016
Editor's View: Economic Development’s New Math: The same location criteria that drove your site decisions last year still apply this year. But the textbook has changed. 5/5/2016
South Carolina: Portside: The Palmetto State’s industrial engine would sputter without the critical contributions of its three ports. A fourth is in the planning stages. 4/28/2016
South Central States: In Case You Missed It: A round-up of what’s on the minds of the four governors in this key region. 4/14/2016
Agribusiness: Think Locally, Invest Globally: Russia, Iowa expansions are about much more than new facilities. 4/7/2016
New Mexico: More Enchanting: Measures taken to make New Mexico more business-friendly are paying off. 3/24/2016
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology: Innovation Destination: Saudi Arabia’s most dynamic research ecosystem is at KAUST’s campus on the Red Sea. 3/24/2016
Airport Cities: The Catalyst: How a signature headquarters project is turbocharging Atlanta’s new Aerotropolis Alliance. 3/17/2016
Editor's View: You’ll Know It When You Hear It: Congratulations again to Texas and Kentucky for their 2015 Governors Cups. 3/3/2016
Governor's Cups: A Pair of Kings Takes It: New leadership in this year’s winning states for attracting new facilities are looking ahead, not behind, at how to keep their states at the top of their game. 3/1/2016
Tennessee: We Can’t Wait!: The next train to Clarksville will include a new Google data center. 2/18/2016
Mexico: Decades in the Making: The Monterrey region’s rich educational resources did not appear overnight, and they are growing. 2/4/2016
Workforce Development: ‘Make it Less Murky’: Workforce credentials are the new currency of site location success. 1/7/2016
State of the States: Some States Get It – Some Don’t: With the advent of a new year, a look back and look ahead can help focus priorities for the next round of location decisions. 1/1/2016
Editor's View: Your Credentials, Please: All content in this issue will give you food for thought as your location discernment for 2016 gets underway. 1/1/2016
Nebraska: Look What’s Growing in Nebraska: An entrepreneurial ecosystem is rapidly taking shape. 12/22/2015
Kansas: How to Grow an Aerospace Cluster: An Innovation Campus at Wichita State University will keep the region’s aerospace sector well stocked with talent. 12/10/2015
Aerospace: Rolls-Royce Picks Delta TechOps for Key Engine Work at ATL 12/10/2015
Aerospace News: Falcon Jet in Little Rock, Lockheed Cruise Missiles, North State in NC, and More! 11/30/2015
Editor's View: When ‘You’re So Predictable’ Is a Good Thing 11/5/2015
Water Technology: Come On In - The Water's Fine: California’s water resource challenges are real, but so are the many technology solutions in use and on the drawing board. 11/3/2015
The 2015 Business Climate Ranking: Peach State Three-peat: Georgia Builds on its Strengths 11/2/2015
Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania: Your Workforce Awaits: How one region’s labor supply, logistics assets and business climate facilitate success. 10/29/2015
North Carolina: Fourth and Climbing: The Tar Heel State’s economic outlook keeps improving, and its corporate tax rate keeps falling. 10/22/2015
Commercial Space: To the Moon, Alice! 9/30/2015
Aerospace News: Aerojet Rocketdyne in Arkansas, Boeing in South Carolina, Bell in Louisiana, and much More! 9/30/2015
Baton Rouge: How to Land the Big One: IBM’s new Technology Center in Baton Rouge will benefit the software development sector on the local, state and regional levels. 9/29/2015
United Kingdom: UK Remains Top European FDI Destination: Most projects are from the US, France and India. 9/24/2015
Birmingham UK: Second City, First Choice: More investors are finding the UK business location they seek outside the hubbub of London, in next generation Birmingham. 9/24/2015
Selangor Malaysia: Naturally: Selangor’s key industries thrive, because they belong there. 9/17/2015
Malaysia: Welcome Mat, Version 2.0: A new incentive targets multinationals’ higher-end regional operations. 9/17/2015
Texas: How To Site A Data Center: Fort Worth friends Facebook with the right combination of location attributes for a new data center complex. 9/10/2015
Texas: Better Than It Was: A Conversation With Governor Greg Abbott 9/10/2015
Editor's View: Why Our Rankings Resonate 9/3/2015
2015 Global Infrastructure Report: Smoothing Out the Rough Spots: A dossier of data on the ports, roads, railways, airports and broadband byways of the United States and the world 9/1/2015
Rocky Mountains: What’s for Dinner In The Rockies?: Following are snapshots of recent F&B projects that landed — or expanded — in the Rocky Mountain region 8/27/2015
Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A Concierge for the Innovation Ecosystem: The Iowa Innovation Corporation makes the right connections for start-ups in The Hawkeye State. 8/26/2015
Arkansas: Road Show: Gov. Asa Hutchinson spent a week in Europe recruiting aerospace companies to his state at the Paris Air Show. 8/20/2015
Aerospace News: New Pratt & Whitney Facility, A330 Built in China, PRECORP in SC, and More! 7/29/2015
Caribbean: ICT Hub in the Making: Will changes to SEZ rules hurt Jamaica’s growing BPO sector? 7/16/2015
Malaysia's Data Centre Sector: Regional Hub Status Clearly Within Reach: Sectors succeed when industry and government are on the same page. 7/16/2015
Research and Science Parks: Wichita State: Top University for Aerospace R&D 7/9/2015
Aerospace Part 1: Droning On and On: An in-between time is the right time to cultivate one state’s growing UAS industry cluster. 7/2/2015
Aerospace Part 2: US, Global Locations Ranked For Manufacturing Attractiveness: Business costs, talent availability are key metrics to watch. 7/2/2015
Workforce Development: Keeping Our Head Above Water: Positive jobs numbers since the end of the recession mask a dire lack of skilled labor throughout the US. How much longer can this be the case? 1/8/2015
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