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Adam Jones-Kelley
Moron Moments in Hong Kong 8/9/2019
I recall stepping out into a Prague street. I recall lying on my back, staring up into the underside of a tram as pain seared through my body. I just don't recall what happened in between.<br />
Hit by a Tram in Prague 10/4/2012
I recall stepping out into a Prague street. I recall lying on my back, staring up into the underside of a tram as pain seared through my body. I just don't recall what happened in between.
Stupid Tourist Questions While Bare-assed on The Bridge 2/7/2012
Today I dropped our pants and walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Only in Australia 3/3/2011
About 80% of Australia’s plant and animal life exists nowhere else on earth. And many are deadly.
Searching for Friday in Sydney 2/28/2011
I've lost Friday. It was there when I left home on Thursday.
Oktoberfest in Munich 10/4/2010
Munich, Germany is the only city which can lay claim to having the original Oktoberfest, and boy do they do it right!
Everything's Better with Lime 8/17/2010
Mexican restaurants in America give you free chips and salsa before you even order. In Mexico they give you limes. Mexico’s way is better.
One Night in Bangkok 7/15/2010
The line from the famous song says “One night in Bangkok makes a hard man crumble.” That’s not true. It takes three nights.
A Very Thai Massage 7/12/2010
After more than 24 hours of violently emptying my stomach in Singapore, my body was in quite a state, so my first order of business upon arriving in Bangkok was to indulge in a traditional Thai massage.
Elephants and 1st Class Seats 7/4/2010
Whoever said getting there was half the fun never flew 15 hours in economy class.
Alligators, Transexual Cats and Corn Fritters 5/22/2010
My mother collects cats. She had seven in her home when I arrived this week, clearly an inferior number which local folk would no-doubt ridicule. So today we headed to the vet to "rescue" a new one.
I'm in Micanopy. On Purpose. 5/20/2010
I come to Micanopy for vacation. How many people can make that claim?
Flinging Food in Beijing 4/20/2010
My new definition for a successful meal is one in which I do not fling food across the room with my chopsticks.
Breathing Beijing 4/19/2010
I stepped outside of Beijing’s international airport this afternoon, took a deep breath, began to suffocate, and wondered in fury who had stolen all the oxygen.
These Crabs Have Hair 4/17/2010
“It’s a Shanghai delicacy. You must try it!” Dear God. Here we go again.
Of Sodomy and Snakes 4/17/2010
After a day of meetings a client with China’s top television station announced he wanted to treat us to a traditional massage at a local spa. I thought this was a wonderful idea.
My Shanghai Addiction 4/13/2010
Shanghai is responsible for one of my latest addictions.
"It's a local delicacy" 4/11/2010
When I hear those words I know I’m going to suffer.
Air India 4/10/2010
Today was my first flight with Air India. Today was my last flight with Air India.
Drooling with Dignity 4/6/2010
My day began at 4:30 am, the unhappy hour at which I had to wake to catch a train from Mumbai to Pune.
Welcome to Mumbai? 4/5/2010
"Mumbai is filthy. You will not like it here."
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