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Patty Rasmussen

Patty Rasmussen

Patty Rasmussen has written about economic and business development for more than a decade with Site Selection and other business publications. As a freelance journalist she covered the Atlanta Braves from 1998 until 2010, and wrote for media outlets including Major League Baseball, and WebMD.


Articles from this Author

Virginia: A Business Climate With a History: Data centers, food processors congregate in the Commonwealth. 12/1/2016
Mid-Atlantic Region: Why Expanding Mid-Atlantic Firms Are Staying Put: The Mid-Atlantic region — Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Washington, DC, and West Virginia — is having a bit of a moment right now. 10/20/2016
Southeast: How the Southeast Is Winning Advanced Industry Projects: Why this region is ahead of the pack in attracting advanced industry projects. 10/13/2016
Departments: North American Reports: Trans-Pacific partnership, CBRE Group Tech, Starbucks expands, Volvo and Uber, UPS in Kentucky, and Mexican honey 10/13/2016
Wisconsin: Center of Excellence Expands State’s Aerospace Industry: A new aerospace Center of Excellence would add lift to a strategically important industry sector. 10/6/2016
Hoosier Energy: ‘Miracle in a Cornfield’:Technology assets in southern Indiana join forces to create extraordinary potential for sustainable economic development. 9/29/2016
Departments: World Reports: Expanded Panama Canal, Real Estate Transparency, Siemens in Munich, UK Foods Producer Expanding 9/22/2016
Texas: The Lone Star State Ranks First in the Nation in Capital Investment: Industry diversity serves the Texan economy well whether its signature oil and gas sector is doing well or not. 9/8/2016
Shale Energy: Shale Energy Productions Fuels Manufacturing Resurgence: Whether a community is directly involved or not, expansion of the shale energy industry in Ohio has far-reaching consequences for statewide economic growth. 9/7/2016
New Jersey: Workforce, Investment in Innovation Keep New Jersey’s Pharma Sector Growing: The Garden State is willing to throw some elbows to keep pharma companies, and others, inside its borders. 8/25/2016
Departments: North American Reports: Rhode Island scores jobs; Comcast targets the military vet workforce; automotive investments north and south of the border. 8/18/2016
Workforce Development: Real Solutions for Closing the Skills Gap: At a time when talent is at a premium, how can companies in smaller communities hope to attract a young, educated workforce? 8/4/2016
Departments: World Reports: Retail Development, Jobs in Telford, Playmobil in Malta, and Lowest Business Costs 8/4/2016
Arkansas: Why China Is Coming to Arkansas: How Arkansas beat the competition to land a $1-billion project. 7/28/2016
Saxony-Anhalt Germany: Historic Past, Exciting Future: Formerly a central hub in the civilized world, Magdeburg is ready to rise once more. 7/28/2016
Food & Beverage: From Farm to Table, Safety Rules in the New Food Supply Chain: Food safety in all its iterations is the most important issue facing food and beverage manufacturers. 7/21/2016
Outdoor Recreation: Go Outside and Play: Outdoor recreation is a $13.2-billion industry in Colorado. 7/12/2016
Southeast Asia: Handicapping Manufacturing Investment in Southeast Asia: We sit down with two pros to get their take on the future of manufacturing in the region. 7/7/2016
Iowa: Food Firms Bring Home the Bacon in Iowa: Rembrandt Foods, Kraft Heinz and Seaboard Triumph invest in Iowa. 6/30/2016
Utah: An Ideal State: In Utah it’s hard to know which comes first, the optimism or the jobs. 6/16/2016
Departments: North American Reports: GM Moves to Kansas, Manufacturing in California, Top Metros by Job, and More. 6/2/2016
Hoosier Energy: To Get the Right Answers, Ask the Right Questions: Better information up front makes for better location decisions. 5/19/2016
Departments: World Reports: Countries facing the greatest skills shortages, Ford's expansion in South Africa, an Irish dairy company's investment in Riyadh and Samsung's $300-million R&D center in Hanoi. 5/19/2016
Unconventional Wisdom: Still Open for Business: The jury is out on whether boycotts and bluster truly impact a state’s business climate. 5/12/2016
Best to Invest: The Mac Awards: Site Selection’s newly minted Mac Conway Award applauds the Top Economic Development Agencies of the previous year. 5/5/2016
Maryland: Baltimore’s New Front Door: Under Armour’s new headquarters campus is just one of the new Maryland’s millennial magnets. 4/21/2016
Florida: Certifiably Successful: Good things start happening when an economic development organization gets serious about workforce development. 4/14/2016
Loudoun County, Virginia: Intrinsic Industry: In Loudoun County, Virginia, the data center industry boosts everything from quality of life to economic diversity. 4/14/2016
Minnesota: Maintaining Control: The ability to monitor production from start to finish led Japan’s oldest pharmaceutical company to put down roots in Minnesota. 4/7/2016
North American Reports: Canadian work preferences, Tucson Touchdown, Red Letter Day, and More 3/31/2016
Indiana: Activating Potential: Communities keep coming up with creative ways to attract talent and industry. 3/17/2016
Online Insider: Give Me a Boost: Thailand looks to give people and business a lift with reforms and a new Super-Cluster initiative. 3/10/2016
Customer Contact Centers: The Main Ingredient: When it comes to customer contact centers, workforce matters. 2/18/2016
North American Reports: Best Cities, Kraft Heinz in Midwest, Well Wired Cities, and More! 2/11/2016
Creative and Digital Media: NOT PLAYING GAMES: Higher education has become a critical workforce partner for video game development companies. 2/4/2016
Idaho: MORE Than a Feeling: How a new tax incentive is attracting and keeping companies in the Gem State. 2/4/2016
Midwest: Solving the Workforce Puzzle: Midwest states are finding solutions to ongoing workforce challenges. 1/28/2016
World Reports: Infineon's Chinese Opportunities, Mitigating Risk and Managing Reward, Workforce Winners, and Rice on the Rise 1/14/2016
World Reports: Wireless LTE Factory in Czech Rep; Kuhn Factory in Netherlands; Jeeps in China; IBM Cloud in India; and More! 12/22/2015
North American Reports: Munitions in Tennessee; Lexus in Kentucky; plastics in Idaho; data centers in Québec; Rolls-Royce in Indy; tires in Mississippi; and Lear and Amazon in Detroit. 12/16/2015
Germany: The East Emerges:Entrepreneurship and innovation help open the door to increased commercial real estate investment in eastern Germany. 11/24/2015
Saxony-Anhalt, Germany: Visualizing the Future: Health information technology companies in Saxony-Anhalt are conceiving new solutions to old problems. 11/24/2015
Global Automotive: Hairpin Turns: It’s been a wild ride in the automotive industry this year. 11/19/2015
New York: Silicon Empire State: Tech companies are finding the infrastructure and workforce they need well outside of the Big Apple. 11/19/2015
One Acadiana: Getting Things Done – Together: “It’s amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares who gets the credit.” 11/19/2015
Plastics & Chemicals: Exponential Enterprises: The global market for plastics and chemicals is going through the roof. 10/22/2015
Invest Trinidad and Tobago: World Class Standard: A flurry of new projects in Trinidad and Tobago brings jobs, and validation. 10/15/2015
Massachusetts: Tilting Westward: Why an innovative manufacturer of windows and doors chose to make a home in Massachusetts. 10/8/2015
North American Reports: The Right Price, Investment in Kentucky, Give Me Liberty, You've Got MAHLE, and Cali Lilly 10/1/2015
Pennsylvania: The Mighty Middle: There’s more to Pennsylvania than Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. 10/1/2015
Wisconsin: The Right Consistency: Good ingredients are essential, in cooking and industrial growth. 9/24/2015
Training: ‘The Centerpiece of Our Pitch’: Three years after a significant bioscience project announcement, Georgia takes a giant step toward creating an industry hub. 9/23/2015
World Reports: Suez Canal, Guanabara Bay, Airbus in China, Ford in Nigeria, and Jeep in India 9/10/2015
Puerto Rico: The Other Side of the Story: Many companies, especially aerospace companies, are discovering reasons to invest in Puerto Rico. 9/3/2015
Transportation Equipment Manufacturing: Cutting a Wide Swath: Iowa boasts deep roots in the transportation equipment manufacturing sector. 8/26/2015
Missouri: Firing on All Cylinders: Missouri makes creating an automotive hub look easy. 8/20/2015
North American Reports: Anheuser Busch, Jobs in Huntsville, Game On, Volvo in SC. 8/13/2015
Tennessee: Promise Keepers: Tennessee gets creative in aligning workforce development and higher education. 7/23/2015
Food Processing: A Healthy Revolution: Consumers want healthier food choices and the industry is responding. 7/16/2015
FDI Outlook: Locations of the Future: Site Selection’s recent Locations of the Future survey respondents project the future. 7/2/2015
TTIP: Looking Out for the Little Guys: Small to mid-size companies hope for best from the US/EU trade agreement. 4/2/2015
TTIP: Let's Be Clear: Misunderstanding and mistrust threaten passage of a critical trade agreement. 1/29/2015
Trading Up: A new transatlantic agreement would be a giant step forward for two longtime trading partners. 12/18/2014
Headquarters: Take Me to Your Leader: Texas corners the market on corporate HQs. 11/19/2014
Quality of Life: 'A Little Bit of Everything': Variety is the spice of California life. 11/3/2014
Regional Collaboration: Presenting a United Front: The communities in northeast Oklahoma work and play well together. 10/21/2014
Medical Devices: The Golden Age: Despite challenges, Costa Rica’s medical device market shows no sign of slowing down. 4/25/2014
North American Reports: Apple in Arizona, Toyota in Baja, Foxconn in Pennsylvania, Cisco in Ontario, two investments in Savannah, Milken’s best-performing cities, Mercedes in California and Pratt & Whitney in Québec. 1/16/2014
North American Reports: Of Books, Beer and Beagles: Fingers and tongues wag aplenty in D.C., but tails do not. 3/28/2013
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