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Press Release
October 18, 2007

Development Pioneer Conway Urges Economic
Development Groups to Commit to Desalting Plants

   Micanopy, Fla., Oct. 18, 2007: With water shortages in the news constantly these days, it's no surprise that noted economic development pioneer McKinley Conway has something to say: "There is absolutely no question about what must be done sooner or later. … It's time for areas to commit to build seawater desalting plants," he contends.

   He admits the costs are tremendous – the plants cost billions of dollars – but says the rewards are tremendous as well: "I know from personal observation that desalted seawater has given a large region an entirely new future filled with opportunities. How can we not be impressed?"

   Now, with an unprecedented drought affecting many portions of the United States, Conway has launched an effort to bring attention to desalting technology. Here are his thoughts and arguments to justify building the huge plants that he confidently predicts will become "one of the world's biggest businesses."

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