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Celltrion Says Yesan

Celltrion has two manufacturing facilities in the works in South Korea.

Photo courtesy of Celltrion

Korea-based biopharmaceutical company Celltrion announced last week its plan to invest $230 million to build a new manufacturing facility in Yesan County, located an hour and a half outside of Seoul, South Korea, in the province of Chungcheongnam-do. Over the next four years the company will construct the 1-million-sq.-ft.-plus plant, which is expected to create 1,500 new jobs by 2028. This investment follows the $94.5 million Songdo, South Korea, facility the company announced in September 2023 to increase its drug product capacity, which will be complete in 2027.



Will It Play in Peoria (Arizona)? Yes, Says Amkor

Amkor Technology plans to build a strong ecosystem for front-end fabs with TSMC, Intel, Applied Materials, ASML and Apple, all of whom operate in the Greater Phoenix region.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

A semiconductor packaging and test facility has landed in Peoria, Arizona, with an investment to the tune of $2 billion. Leading semiconductor manufacturer Amkor Technology, Inc., has decided to expand on the company’s 39-year presence in the Greater Phoenix area. “Semiconductor companies, foundries and other supply chain partners understand the need to strategically broaden their geographic footprint. The announcement of our new advanced packaging and test facility in Arizona is a clear signal of our intent to help our customers ensure resilient supply chains and be a part of a strong American semiconductor ecosystem,” said Amkor President and CEO Giel Rutten. The 55-acre site will be built out in phases, with the first phase expected to come online within the next two to three years. The location decision was made strategically, as the company will support Apple’s Arizona semiconductor fab, aiding in testing and packaging of chips produced by its facility. Upon completion the facility will create 2,000 new jobs.



Chartres Site to Receive Lifting from Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk has invested a combined $8.3 billion to expand its France and Denmark locations in November 2023.

Photo courtesy of Novo Nordisk

Nearly a decade after the restoration of its famous 829-year-old cathedral, Chartres, France, will welcome the facelift (lifting in French) Novo Nordisk will make to its 62-year-old manufacturing facility located there. The pharmaceutical company will invest $2.3 billion to double the size of its current site. This move was made to not only increase production capacity for its GLP-1 products, but support capacity to serve the global supply chain of active pharmaceutical ingredients. “This significant investment confirms the importance of our French manufacturing site, one of our strategic production sites, as a cornerstone of the growth we are experiencing as a company. By maximizing the skills and infrastructure we already have on the site, we are expanding our capacity in an efficient way,” said Novo Nordisk Corporate Vice President Lone Charlotte Larsen. Designed to be able to produce multiple products, the site will help the company meet current and future market needs, creating 500 new jobs.

Reports compiled and written by Alexis Elmore