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Savannah King

Savannah King
Managing Editor of Custom Content

Savannah King is managing editor of custom content for Conway Inc. She is an award-winning journalist and previously wrote for The Times in Gainesville, Ga. She graduated from the University of West Florida with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and lives near Atlanta.


Articles from this Author

Oklahoma: Everything Will Be OK: Oklahoma launches new programs to spur economic recovery across the state. 8/10/2020
Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Tech Talent Base Fuels Innovation in the Region: Startups in Greater Phoenix enjoy longevity and new opportunities 5/8/2020
South Central U.S.: Jobs on the Fly: Aerospace firms are investing and creating jobs across the south-central United States. 4/2/2020
Workforce: Nine Reasons to Choose Utah's Workforce: Increasingly, companies are finding the talent pool in Utah to be filled with highly skilled and educated workers. 12/19/2019
Workforce Development: Building STEM: Minnesota is preparing for the workforce of the future with a variety of STEM programs. 11/15/2019
Wyoming: Crypto Cowboys:Wyoming is leading the drive in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 10/24/2019
Massachusetts: Critical Mass: Massachusetts’ dense life sciences ecosystem continues to be a driving force in the state’s economy — even out west. 9/12/2019
Atlantic Canada: Growth Comes in Waves: In 2018, Canada’s federal department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development created five superclusters across the country. 8/19/2019
Advanced Manufacturing: Made in California: Advanced manufacturing companies are proud to say their products are “Made in California.” 7/12/2019
Greater Seattle: Go West, Go Global: Greater Seattle’s talent base, pioneering spirit, and quality of life are second to none. 5/16/2019
New Mexico: It’s Time to ‘Diversify Our Economic Suite.’: Film and TV production, clean energy, education and small-town infrastructure lead the agenda of newly elected Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. 3/28/2019
Workforce: Mighty Mississippi: Mississippi's labor force is skilled and ready to work. 1/9/2019
Kansas: Fulfillment From the Heartland: As more people shop for products online, more companies will be looking to open fulfillment centers in the best locations. 12/13/2018
Costa Rica: A Natural Hub to Reach the Americas & the World: Over the last three decades, Costa Rica has taken great strides to diversify its economy. The results are paying off in a major way. 11/12/2018
Nevada: Sin City? Only if it's a Sin to be Smart: Las Vegas is a consciously and continuously young city. 9/24/2018
Higher Education: At Home and Abroad: Students from around the world choose to study in Illinois. 9/10/2018
New York: Tech Grows in the Valley: Leading technology and innovations are made in the valley – New York’s Tech Valley, that is. 8/23/2018
University of Missouri - Kansas State: 21st Century College, 21st Century City: University of Missouri – Kansas City is educating the workforce of tomorrow in one of America’s smartest cities. 7/20/2018
Washington University: A Leader in Medical Research: Washington University in  St. Louis is committed to strengthening scientific knowledge. 7/20/2018
Southeast Missouri State University: Field of Study: Southeast Missouri State University is growing business, opportunity and collaboration. 7/20/2018
Missouri S&T: Engineering Marvels: To find top engineering talent in the Show-Me State, all one needs to do is look around. 7/20/2018
Springfield Profile: Springfield - Room to Grow: The third largest city in the Show-Me State, Springfield is a tried-and-true location for companies looking to locate in the Show Me State. 7/20/2018
Taney County Profile: Taney County - Music to Business Ears: While tourism is the region’s bread and butter, its business acumen should not be underestimated. 7/20/2018
St. Louis Profile: St. Louis - Center of Business: St. Louis is a powerhouse of business activity in the state. 7/20/2018
St. Joseph Profile: St. Joseph - Corner of Industry: The St. Joseph region in the Northwest corner of the state doesn’t do mediocre. 7/20/2018
Sedalia/Warrensburg Profile: Sedalia and Warrensburg Offer Central Perks: Missouri’s prime location doesn’t get more convenient for businesses looking to grow in the Midwest. 7/20/2018
Poplar Bluff Profile: Poplar Bluff - Thriving Central Location: Nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks in Southeast Missouri, half way between St. Louis and Memphis, Tennessee, lies the town of Poplar Bluff. 7/20/2018
Workforce: Show Me the Skills: Missouri’s workers are highly skilled and dedicated to the job. 7/20/2018
Higher Education: A Step Ahead, A Step Above: High school students earn science degrees and employment in half the time through the Missouri Innovation Campus. 7/20/2018
Quality of Life & Culture: Putting Down Roots: Regardless of which stage of life Missourians may find themselves, the state has something for everyone. 7/20/2018
St. Louis Economic Development Partnership & BioSTL: Innovation City: St. Louis is a Global Leader in Bioscience, Agtech and Innovation. 7/20/2018
Health Innovation and Bioscience in Missouri: Hale & Hearty: Missouri’s bioscience and health innovation companies are leading the way to life saving research and scientific advancements. 7/20/2018
Millennials: Millennial Mecca: Utah’s quality of life and opportunities for advancement make it a prime place for millennials to plant their flag. 6/29/2018
Workforce: Teamwork for Talent: Utah's education, industry and government collaborate to fill the state's talent pool. 6/29/2018
Port of Mobile: Rolling Along: The Port of Mobile will build a new roll-on/roll-off facility at an ideal time for the growing automotive industry in the southeastern U.S. 6/21/2018
Small Business Success Story: Just Press Print: Austin-based Startup ICON is changing the way houses are built around the world and at home. 6/15/2018
Innovation Communities: Innovation Central: Innovation districts across the state are inspiring the next generation of new ideas and technologies. 6/15/2018
Workforce Development: Next Gen Makers: California Community Colleges prep students for workforce futures and more with unique makerspaces. 4/10/2018
Maryland: Play to Your Strengths: Maryland’s state leaders and universities demonstrate the state’s scientific magnetism via initiatives and incubators. 4/5/2018
Workforce: Viva La Workforce Revolution: Sporting excellence is ingrained in the commonwealth’s DNA and offers recreational choices that provide a winning quality of life. 3/19/2018
Tennessee: Automakers Slide Into Electric Future: Tennessee’s signature industry sees substantial investments over the last year, with an emphasis on electric vehicles. 2/8/2018
Advanced Manufacturing: Mississippi’s Manufacturing Corner: A crash course in workforce skills is helping drive job growth in Tishomingo County. 1/9/2018
Millennial Attraction: The Way Back Home: Millennials return to plant roots, grow in the Magnolia State. 1/9/2018
Kansas: Build Smart: A Kansas woman earns recognition for an innovative and growing construction software company. 12/21/2017
Workforce Development: A Business-Driven Approach to Apprenticeship: New workforce development programs in Colorado train students and job seekers for in-demand careers. 11/28/2017
Agribusiness: Tapped Ohio: A couple of Scottish “punks” choose Ohio for building their craft brew empire – complete with beer-themed hotel. 10/24/2017
Government Leaders: Economic Champions: Ohio’s leaders are on a mission to make the Buckeye State the best for businesses, and they’re not backing down. 10/24/2017
El Paso, Texas: El Paso’s Evolving Healthcare Ecosystem: The medical manufacturing and healthcare sectors are shaping the region. 10/5/2017
Southeast: Y'allywood: The Southeast is taking on the film industry, and Georgia is calling the shots. 9/28/2017
Headquarters Activities: Chi-Suite: Chicago is a top choice for corporate headquarters. 9/15/2017
Higher Education: From Coffee to College: Arizona State University and Starbucks Coffee expand their partnership to educate more students. 8/21/2017
Quality of Life: There's No Place Like Kansas: Kansas offers residents an unmatched quality of life. 7/20/2017
A State of Innovation: Playing in the Sandbox of Discovery: $1 billion initiative will provide opportunities for Hoosier innovation, entrepreneurship and technology to thrive. 6/20/2017
Online Insider: Takeoff Velocity: Thailand’s efforts to boost its economy could bring opportunities for the aviation sector. 6/8/2017
Colorado:From Bud to Full Bloom: Colorado’s $2.3-billion legal marijuana industry is creating new business opportunities in ancillary services. 5/18/2017
Right to Work: Open for business: Kentucky’s recent passage of right to work law makes the state more competitive for business. 3/9/2017
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