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Savannah Meeting on Tap Oct. 27-30
IAMC: Focus on Industrial Firms, Corporate Members Carves Out Distinct Niche

By JACK LYNE, Site Selection Executive Editor of Interactive Publishing

ATLANTA – There's a strong, new force on the corporate real estate scene: the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC at www.iamc.org). IAMC has staked out unique organizational turf, setting itself apart from the industry's existing associations. IAMC's focus, for example, is squarely on industrial and manufacturing firms. And those corporate members will make up the clear majority of total membership. Corporate members will outnumber - by at least a 2-to-1 ratio - members from service-provider firms and economic development agencies.
        Meetings will also be far smaller and more intimate than the large, often unwieldy conferences that now typify many industry associations.
        "I agree that the IDRC meetings are getting too big and difficult for effective networking," a director of real estate and facilities wrote in response to IAMC's initial organizing efforts, which began in May.
Jack Brophy
Jack Brophy
Robert Zane
Robert Zane
Charles McSwain
Charles McSwain
Jack Logue
Jack Logue

        Similar comments came from an asset management director: "I have been overwhelmed by the amount of solicitation at meetings . . . and have begun to feel uncomfortable," he wrote.
        IAMC began to take shape in May, with the formation of an organizing group of asset management and real estate executives. After a strong show of grassroots support - including hundreds of responses from interested executives - the association has rapidly moved forward.
        IAMC, in fact, will hold its initial Professional Forum on Oct. 27-30, 2002, in Savannah, Ga. Entitled "A Fresh Look at the Interests of Industrial Asset Management Professionals," the Savannah meeting will be the first of IAMC's ongoing biannual conferences. (For more details on the Savannah Professional Forum, see accompanying article, "What's in Store at IAMC's First Professional Forum.")

IAMC Officers, Board Include a
Host of High-Profile Industry Figures

Incorporated in July in Georgia as a 501(c) (6) nonprofit association, IAMC has already elected a slate of officers and directors. The association's leadership roster is dotted with many figures who are widely respected in corporate real estate and asset management circles. IAMC's first chairman, for example, is Jack Brophy. A former vice president of real estate for USG Corp. in Chicago, Brophy served in several high-profile volunteer leadership positions in the International Development Research Council (IDRC), which recently merged with NACORE to form CORENET Global. Brophy held IDRC's presidency during 1995-96. In addition, he was founding chairman of Attorneys and Executives in Corporate Real Estate (AECE).
        "IAMC," Brophy commented, "strives to become the world's leading professional association for industrial asset management executives, their service providers and economic developers." IAMC leaders also include Robert Zane of Campbell Soup, who will serve as vice chairman; Charles McSwain of CSX, who will serve as treasurer; and Jack Logue of Argonne National Laboratory, who will serve as secretary. IAMC's board similarly includes some very prominent names in industrial asset management expertise. Board members include: Roger Beck of Dow Corning (ret.); Larry Edge of Conway Data (which will manage IAMC); David Hirsch of Masco; Rich L'Ecuyer of Unisys; Greg Long of Hallmark Cards; Jim Martin of Donaldson Co.; Patrick McKee of McGough Construction; Bill Pearson of BASF; and Sherry Vance of the Mississippi Development Authority.

For further information on IAMC, contact Membership Development Manager Cathy Pierce at cathy.pierce@conway.com, or, by phone, at 770-325-3430 (USA).

Downtown Savannah and riverfront
The graceful, relaxed environment in Savannah (pictured) will perfectly complement the IAMC conference's emphasis on comfortable networking.
What's in Store at IAMC's First Professional Forum

The meeting in a nutshell: The Industrial Asset Management Council will hold the first of its two annual Professional Forums on Oct. 27-30, 2002, in Savannah, Ga. Entitled "A Fresh Look at the Interests of Industrial Asset Management Professionals," the Forum will draw a range of prominent leaders that will include industrial asset management executives, their service providers and economic developers.

The educational program - what's on tap: Education program content in Savannah will focus on manufacturing and industrial asset management. The Professional Forum's interactive program is designed to ensure high-quality networking and insightful learning opportunities. The education sessions will allow registrants, keynote speakers, moderators and panelists to talk candidly. In Savannah, the program will be organized into three categories:

  1. Corporate Business Issues, such as Savannah, Ga.
    • Manufacturing Workplace and Work Force
    • Environmental Issues
    • Technology
    • Facilities Management
    • Distribution and Logistics
    • Managing Overhead
  2. Departmental Management Issues, such as
    • New Technology Applications
    • Internal Staff vs. Outsourcing
    • Transactions Management
    • Cross-Functional Teaming
    • Six Sigma (Quality)
    • Project Management
  3. Professional Development Programs, such as
    • Presentation Skills
    • Planning strategies
    • Team Building
Networking - and comfortably: Networking opportunities are planned so Active members (buyers of goods and services) can comfortably participate in IAMC events, and Associate members (sellers) can get to know the Actives.
        The number of service providers and economic developers will be managed to maintain a balance of registrant types. This should boost the business value and camaraderie for all participants. IAMC officials anticipate a turnout of between 200 to 300 attendees.

Who should attend: Professionals who should attend include: corporate asset management executives; equipment and product suppliers; service providers; economic developers; and others who need to learn the best strategies for supporting the real estate and other asset-management needs of manufacturing and industrial operations.

How to register: Go to www.iamc.org on the World Wide Web. Complete and submit the Savannah Professional Forum online registration form. If you need help, call (770) 446-6996 and ask for "Savannah Professional Forum assistance."

For further information on IAMC, contact Membership Development Manager Cathy Pierce at cathy.pierce@conway.com, or, by phone, at 770-325-3430 (USA).

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