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  Incentives Deal Archive
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August 2010 A Nuclear Family Updates Its Home: A complex sale-leaseback is at the heart of a new Kansas City campus from the National Nuclear Security Administration.
June 2010 Tigers in the Tank: IBM brings another big job creation project to the Midwest
April 2010 Playing for Keeps: A new video game studio marks the return of a native son to Montréal

November 2009 Yo Ho Ho And Billion-Dollar Bottles of Rum
May 2009 Waitin’ for That Billion-Dollar Click

October 2008 Tesla Finds the Way to San Jose
August 2008 IBM's Big New York Compute: $1.5B Investment, 1,000 Jobs
April 2008 Arkansas Travelers: India's Man Joins FDI Inflow
January 2008 Strong Medicine in Southeast Florida

August 2007 Ethanol and Incentives: Fueling a Boon or a Boondoggle?
June 2007 Alabama Starts Steeling Itself
April 2007 Expats' $4.5-Billion Start-Up Could Signal India's 'Fab Club' Entry
Feburary 2007 One Big Gaggle of Gopher State Jobs
January 2007 Ford's 'Way Forward' Includes Investing $866 Million in Six Michigan Plant Upgrades

November 2006 ServiceMaster ‘PILOTing’ HQ, 500 Quality Jobs into Memphis
August 2006 N. Carolina's $69M Investment in Fidelity Yields 2,000 New Jobs
May 2006 Hard-Hit Michigan Town Sees Some (Sun)Light at Last
March 2006 Keeping the Lux in Luxembourg

December 2005 Research-In-Action
October 2005 Austin Powers Up ... and so does Rio Rancho
Septemebr 2005 Institution of Higher Earning
August 2005 Trumping Cuno
July 2005 Are Some Companies More Equal Than Others?
April 2005 The Fruits of Research
March 2005 Two Sides to Every Coin: Georgia Legislature Grapples With How Best to Attract Business
February 2005 New York Bulks Up Aid for Big Apple Manufacturers
January 2005 Ford, GM Expansions Ensure Future for 7,500 Michigan Jobs

December 2004 Will China's Domestic Chip-Making Subsidies Spark Semiconductor Downturn?
November 2004 Portland Raising Subsidies in Global Skirmish for Siltronic's 300-MM. Plant
October 2004 Sematech Spin-Off Mounting $100-Million Austin Expansion
September 2004 JDIG Aid Helps NC Land Two High-Tech Projects
August 2004 Citigroup’s Huge New York-Metro Shuffle
July 2004 Virgin's Dual NYC/San Fran U.S. HQs Could Create 3,000 Jobs
June 2004 Senate Answers EU Sanctions with $170B in Incentives for U.S. Firms
May 2004 Ontario Creates $369-Million Incentive Fund for Auto Projects
April 2004 Michigan Fires Up $43.9M in Incentives for GM, German Parts-Maker
March 2004 Unilever Shifting 1,000 Jobs to SW Connecticut
February 2004 Wachovia Securities' Post-Merger Shakeout Adding 1,200 Jobs in Richmond, Va.
January 2004 North Carolina's $36M Incentives Injection Catches Merck's $300M Vaccine Plant

December 2003 Iowa's New Incentives Spur UNFI, Rockwell Collins Expansions
November 2003 Iowa's $54.9M in Incentives Help Seal Wooing of Wells Fargo's 5,300-Job Project
October 2003 New Jersey Revives Key Incentive, Aims to Create 200,000 Jobs
September 2003 New Mexico's Incentives Help Land Glanbia's $192M Plant
August 2003 North Carolina's New Incentive Helps Land Donnelley HQ, 275 Jobs
July 2003 TI Will Build $3B, 1,000-Worker Texas Fab with $135M in State Aid
June 2003 The Battle to Land Boeing's 7E7: California, Texas, Washington Look Like Early Favorites
May 2003 New Kentucky Incentives Vie to Keep Ford's 6,000-Worker Operation Open
April 2003 $4.8M Incentives Shift Helps Keep 1,500 Bear Stearns Workers in New York
March 2003 Powered by $115M in Incentives, Chrysler-Led 400-Employee Engine Plant Michigan-Bound
February 2003 Sogefi's Choice: West Virginia Wins Auto Firm's First American Plant
January 2003 Michigan's $66M in STBC Subsidies Could Spur 4,000 New Jobs, Eight Expansions

December 2002 Oregon Incentives, Idle Plant Are 'Fab' for Microchip's Expansion Plans
November 2002 South Carolina's $17M in Incentives Lure 14-Employee Biotech Firm from North Carolina
October 2002 New South Carolina Incentives Spur BMW's $400M, 400-Job Expansion
September 2002 Kansas Incentives Keep Goodyear's 1,700-Worker Plant Online in Topeka
August 2002 $140M Project at Risk? Ford, Ohio at Odds over $83M Incentive Package
July 2002 Mississippi's $68M Incentive Package Fuels $500M, 1,300-Job Nissan Expansion
June 2002 Rhode Island Settles Land Spat, Clears Way for $100M Dow, Fidelity Expansions
May 2002 Hornets, Saints Get Multimillions, but Louisiana's New Incentives Have Far Broader Focus
April 2002 New York's $500M Incentive Package Aims to Retain Lower Manhattan Firms
February 2002 $17 Million in Incentives Help Maine Land 400-Worker Wal-Mart Distribution Center
January 2002 $150,000 Award Will Keep 40-Year-Old Neighborhood Grocery Open in Akron, Ohio

December 2001 Target: 10,000 Jobs in Five Years -- Finance Wales Lands $63.7 Million to Aid SMEs
November 2001 Empire State ED Strikes Back: 400-Employee Best Buy Center Headed Upstate
October 2001 New Jersey Mixes Right RX to Land GeneProt's Relocated HQ, R&D/Production Facility
September 2001 Incentives Help Nova Scotia Land Stream's 900-Employee Call Center
August 2001 With $140 Million from EBRD, GM Signs $340 Million Russian JV
July 2001 Incentives Help Ground eSkye's HQ, R&D in Indianapolis
June 2001 $63 Million in Incentives, Last-Second Space Deal Help Chicago Land Boeing
May 2001 EPA Offers Incentives to Firms That Adopt Telecommuting in Five U.S. Metros
April 2001 EC's $430 Million Grant Will Boost Small Biz in Ailing Yorkshire, Humber Regions
March 2001 Incentives Cover Some 25% of Costs for AmeriCredit's 538-Job Facility in Northeast Florida
February 2001 Victoria's $50 Million in Incentives Helps Drive Holden/GM Plant Down Under
January 2001 $60 Million in Virginia Incentives Fueling Infineon's 300-Mm. Fab, First on East Coast

December 2000 Incentives Help Cement Cincinnati-Area Expansion by Homegrown Baker Concrete Construction
November 2000 IBM's Cutting-Edge $2.5 Billion Fab Reaps $500 Million in NY Incentives
October 2000 $50 Million in Incentives Fueling Nasdaq's Manhattan Move; NYSE Incentives Also Finalized
September 2000 $22.5 Million Incentive Package Helps Power GM's New $501 Million Plant into Western New York
August 2000 Connecticut Incentives Covering 25% of FuelCell's
Big Equipment Investment in New 150-Employee Plant
July 2000 Michigan's $256 Million in Incentives Helps Spur GM's $1 Billion Investment
June 2000 Pennsylvania's $55.5 in Incentives Seals the Deal for Vanguard's 6,000-Employee Expansion
May 2000 Big Incentives for Bayer's $200 Million Kansas City Plant Look Sound, But Still Draw Fire
April 2000 Wal-Mart's Incentives Gaffe Almost Kills $50 Million Virginia Deal
March 2000 $62.5 Million in Incentives Help Steer 1,500-Employee Hummer Plant to Indiana
January 2000 BSI's Maryland Relocation: Small Operations Can Also Land Hefty Incentives

December 1999 Big Expansion Noise in Illinois: $30 Million in Incentives Fueling Tellabs' 2,300 Chicago-Area Jobs
November 1999 Mao, Meet Mickey: Hong Kong Lands $3.55 Billion Disney Park
October 1999 Incentive Package Makes the Difference in Michelin's Pick of South Carolina over Georgia
September 1999 Eli Lilly Blooms in Indianapolis: Incentives of $214 Million Power $1 Billion, 7,500-Job Deal
August 1999 Nashville Vote Is Music to Dell's Ears: Final $166 Million Incentive Package Approved
July 1999 GM Lands $99 Million in Incentives for New Michigan Plant; Union Approval Pending
June 1999 Alabama's $158 Million for Honda: Initial Embrace Marks Dramatic Shift from 1993's Mercedes Tiff
May 1999 Though Incentives Lower, Virginia Lands AOL Facility That Rejected Georgia
April 1999 New York Stock Exchange's expansion important enough to merit $160 million in tax exemptions.

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