Week of January 14, 2002
  Special Report

Building Owners' Summit:
Roosevelt Hotel, New York
Built in 1924 and named for New Yorker Theodore Roosevelt, the Roosevelt Hotel (pictured) will host the Building Owners' Summit on Commercial Real Estate Power and Energy. Located on Madison Avenue in the heart of Manhattan, the Roosevelt has undergone painstaking renovation and redecoration to restore its original charm and character.
Conference on Real Estate Energy
Issues Slated for March in New York

NEW YORK -- The California energy crisis may seem like ancient history to corporate real estate managers, but that doesn't mean the issues raised by that crisis have gone away.
        On March 5-6 in New York City, hundreds of commercial real estate professionals will gather for the inaugural "Building Owners' Summit on Commercial Real Estate Power and Energy" at the Roosevelt Hotel.
        Site Selection magazine is sponsoring the event, which will feature speakers from a number of public utility companies and top building owners and management firms. A building owner/president/CEO panel will address the topic, "What is Your Company's Energy Strategy?"
        Participating firms include Archon Group, Equity Office, Hyatt Hotels, Jones Lang LaSalle, La Quinta Inns, Mack-Cali, Rouse Co., Starwood Hotels, Tishman, Urban Retail and many others. To register for the event or for more details, go to www.imn.org/2002/a349/.

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