Week of May 20, 2002
  Special Report

Asset Management Executives
Form New Organization

'Small and professional' association will be comprised of high-level
managers in firms that have major industrial, distribution or service facilities.


ATLANTA -- Corporate real estate executives who make the facility decisions for major firms around the world have come together to launch a new professional association -- the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC).
        Deliberately designed to be a small and professional organization, IAMC is being comprised of high-level executives in companies that have substantial manufacturing, distribution or service facilities.
        Managed by Norcross, Ga.-based Conway Data Inc. (CDI), publisher of Site Selection magazine, IAMC is being led by a steering committee of volunteer corporate real estate executives. Among them are many former members of the International Development Research Council (IDRC), a group that recently ceased to exist as a result of a merger.
        The new organization, according to the Tentative Operating Plan for IAMC (available at www.iamc.org), will have as primary voting members only those who have reached the management level in firms that have major industrial plants, distribution centers or service facilities. Typically, primary members will be the heads of corporate real estate departments and/or those to whom they report. Among the latter will be administrative and financial officers who have overall responsibility for corporate asset management.
        "It should be clearly understood that the primary voting members would control the organization," states the document from the management team leading the new association. "They would outnumber the associates by at least two to one. While the proposed new organization will recognize the important role played by service groups, there will be limitations on the number and kind who may participate."
        Furthermore, "the aim of IAMC will be to conduct quiet professional seminars that are planned and conducted by its active members. Recognizing that veteran executives constitute the greatest reservoir of expertise in the field, emphasis will be placed on case histories and Q&A sessions led by members. Special attention will be devoted to noteworthy projects handled by members."
        The emphasis of all program content will be on project costs and bottom-line performance. "The expectation will be that members will enhance their career opportunities by making significant contributions to their company's improved performance," the management team states.
        IAMC will have its own web site and will have as its official publication Site Selection magazine. Conway Data founded the magazine in 1954.
        Reaction to IAMC from industry professionals has been positive. More than 370 professionals responded to a survey soliciting feedback on the idea of IAMC. More than 90 percent of the corporate actives who responded to the survey said they would either join the new association or expressed interest in joining. Of those respondents, 37 percent have the title of director, 29 percent are vice presidents and 2 percent are presidents.
        Comments from prospective corporate members include the following:
  • "There is always room for a small, high-end corporate real estate executive-oriented organization."
  • "I think it is a great idea to get back to our roots."
  • "I commend you on your initiative to form IAMC."
        Survey respondents also show a strong degree of interest in planning the first IAMC conference for sometime this fall or winter in a second- or third-tier U.S. city. Details on the timing and location of the conference will made available as the steering committee completes its work in Atlanta.
        For more information on IAMC, call Larry Edge, vice president of Conway Data, at 770-446-6996, or send an email to larry.edge@conway.com. Further details are available on the web at www.sitenet.com or www.iamc.org.

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