2 SEPTEMBER 2016 SI T E S E L E C T IO NCONTENTSSeptember 2016T H E M A G A Z I N E O F C O R P O R A TE R E AL E S T A TE S TR A TEG Y A N D E C ONOM I C D E V E L OP M E N T 59 PLASTICS & CHEMICALSWho’s winning the race to attract US chemical manufacturing projects. 63 HEALTHCAREHealthcare, real estate service providers form new location synergies. 66 LOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTIONFlexible manufacturing operations give companies resiliency – and a competitive edge – in good times and bad. 76 TOP UTILITIESThe 2016 Top Utilities know their customers as well as they know their territories.Top Utilities Directory . . . . . . . . 82 107 RURAL ADVANTAGEInternational companies discover the location allure of America’s small towns.V O L U M E 6 1 , N U M B E R 5t COVER STORYt FEATURESp.90THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF THINGS t INTERNATIONAL UPDATE 6 UNITED KINGDOMCorporate location and foreign direct investment experts weigh in on Great Britain’s recent Brexit referendum. 14 NORTH AMERICAN REPORTSTop markets for tech talent, where driverless ridesharing is taking shape, Starbucks’ biggest distribution center, and more. 18 WORLD REPORTSLEGO’s new HQ in Denmark; Siemens’ HQ in Munich; Top countries for real estate transparency; more poultry in the UK; LNG speeds through the expanded Panama Canal 36 CANADA’S BEST LOCATIONSThe top provincial agencies and local economic development offices for 2016.Directory of Canada’s Economic Developers . . . . . . . 501609TOC.indd 28/30/16 10:38 AM
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