t AREA SPOTLIGHTS 114 TEXASIndustry diversity serves the Texan economy well whether its signature oil and gas sector is doing well or not. 132 NORTH CAROLINAA new venture fund is one measure that would boost North Carolina’s already competitive business climate; HB2’s impact on capital investment. 140 NEVADATesla rival Faraday Future picks a North Las Vegas industrial park for its 4,500-job electric vehicle production complex. 148 PENNSYLVANIAAn ethane cracker project will boost the Commonwealth’s economy well into the future. 155 WISCONSINA new aerospace Center of Excellence would add lift to a strategically important industry sector. 161 MASSACHUSETTSA $1-billion economic development package becomes law. 164 MID-ATLANTICWhy expanding firms in this region are staying put. 168 UPPER MIDWESTStates in this region are Innovation Champions and Leaders, according to a recent ranking from the Consumer Technology Association. 209 THE SOUTHEASTWhy this region is ahead of the pack in attracting advanced industry projects.F OLL O W U S !s i t e s e l e c t i on . co m t INVESTMENT PROFILES 16 NORTHERN IRELAND 21 SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA 34 COLUMBUS, OHIO 88 HOOSIER ENERGY 112 ALLEN, TEXAS t DEPARTMENTS 4 EDITOR'S VIEW: Audience Participation239 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS 26 IAMC INSIDER:A letter from the Chair ; Key Performance Indicator s; cor porate real estate operating models.Site Selection is the official publication of the Industrial Asset Management Council. Visit www.iamc.orgSite Selection is the official publication of the Global FDI Association. Visit www.globalfdia.org t SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTIONS 214 CALIFORNIA 234 WIRED LOCATIONS237 BIOTECH LOCATIONSSOUTH CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA INTELLIGENCE REPORT 171 S I T E S E L E C T I O N SEPTEMBER 2016 31609TOC.indd 38/30/16 2:13 PM
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