S I T E S E L E C T I O N MARCH 2017 3t AREA SPOTLIGHTS 40 SOUTH CENTRALAlready a leader in wind energy production, Texas is now on the brink of a solar energy bonanza. 144 MISSISSIPPI RIVER CORRIDORGeopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan’s take on the enduring importance of The Mississippi River to global commerce — and the river community that won’t relinquish the trophy. 150 CALIFORNIAHow six Golden State metros landed in the top 25 in the Milken Institute’s Best Performing Cities index. 160 FLORIDAWho’s behind Florida’s post-recession economic resurgence? Millennial CEOs in empire-building mode. 180 MARYLANDA national lacrosse organization searches for a headquarters site, and why it stayed in Maryland. 186 ILLINOISIs Normal, Illinois, the next boomtown for electric car production? One entrepreneur says it is. 189 SOUTH CAROLINAWhy the Palmetto State is landing so many corporate facility projects from Chinese investors. 193 NEW MEXICOProjects requiring hundreds of workers per site are increasingly common in the Land of Enchantment. 196 NORTHEASTCarnegie Mellon University will be the home of the new Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Innovation Hub. 198 MINNESOTAThe North Star State’s manufacturers are optimistic about doing business in-state in the coming year.F OLL O W U S !s i t e s e l e c t i on . co m t INVESTMENT PROFILES 27 SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA 35 WISCONSIN 43 SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA 56 HOOSIER ENERGY 134 TRYON TECHNOLOGY PARK, FULTON COUNTY, NEW YORK 142 BNSF t DEPARTMENTS 4 EDITOR'S VIEW: Making Print Great Again 18 WORLD TRADE DAY ATLANTA 255 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS 200 IAMC INSIDER:A letter from the Chair; distribution center design trends stress flexibility; internal or external staffing solutions?Site Selection is the official publication of the Industrial Asset Management Council. Visit www.iamc.org t SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION 245 CERTIFIED SITESt INTERNATIONAL UPDATE 6 EASTERN EUROPEFDI flows into Eastern Europe are making competition for talent more intense. 16 NORTH AMERICAN REPORTSSome numbers behind Canada’s immigration boom; Fiat Chrysler to expand in Michigan, Ohio; more parking spaces, please; an intelligent dairy facility lands in Kingston, Ont. 20 WORLD REPORTSChina-London rail journey a success; solar roads shine in France; a DHL Connectedness Index reveals a decline in trade; China weighs FDI counter-measures.GREATER INDIANAPOLIS INTELLIGENCE REPORT 2051703TOC.indd 32/28/17 7:21 PM
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