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Military Sites Display Corporate Might

   Griffiss Business and Technology Park in March 2005 welcomed the announcement that Family Dollar Stores would create up to 465 jobs at a $60-million regional distribution center located on the former military base in Rome. It was just one of many success stories the 3,500-acre (1,417-hectare) facility can boast of in the decade since the 416th Bomb Wing ceased operations there.
   The Mohawk Valley park now is home to more than 60 employees and 4,200 employees, including 1,800 still associated with defense agencies. One of those, the Air Force Research Laboratory, is constructing a $25-million headquarters for its Information Directorate. And $13 million is going toward the renovation of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service facilities, where employment is projected to grow from the current 380 to at least 1,000 in coming years. More than 70 acres (28 hectares) of obsolete Air Force housing and 1 million sq. ft. (92,900 sq. m.) of obsolete warehouses have been removed to make way for industrial development.
   A similar dynamic, runway included, is unfolding in far-northern Plattsburgh, where the under-construction Plattsburgh International Airport is adding passenger facilities to its already sizable industrial services, and billing itself as "Montréal's U.S. airport," as it's situated just an hour south of the Québécois city and only 45 minutes from Lake Placid. The passenger terminal is expected to be complete in 2007.
   The overall airport park features 1.5 million sq. ft. (139,350 sq. m.) of industrial space and a 12,000-ft. (3,657-m.) runway, and claims Empire Zone status. Its rail facilities, including a new railyard, hook into the main CP line from Montréal to New York. And the Plattsburgh Aeronautical Institute, an FAA airframe and power-plant school, is set to open in 2008.

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