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Fully Enrolled

Esports and video game programs power up on campus.

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Esports Drive New Project Activity in the Expanding Metaverse

In which we discover the job-creating corporate projects around the world that are the impetus behind all those college video game programs.

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From the September Issue


St. Albert Could Be Your Next ‘Headroom” Community

Sustainability and investment attraction are tandem priorities in this community of 73,000 on the northwestern outskirts of Edmonton.

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U.S. VC Deal Activity (No. of Deals) by Combined Statistical Area/MSA

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The Q4 2021 PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor released last week “depicts how the frenetic pace of dealmaking, exits and fundraising in 2021 toppled previous records, even as the pandemic’s future trajectory remains unknown,” said Pitchbook. Highlights include:

  • US VC-backed companies raised nearly $330 billion in 2021–roughly double the previous record of $166.6 billion raised in 2020.
  • Nontraditional investors such as corporate VC funds, hedge funds, PE firms and sovereign wealth funds participated in nearly 77% of total annual deal value.
  • Exits were a huge part of the story of 2021, with more than $774 billion in annual exit value created by VC-backed companies that either went public or were acquired.
  • Early-stage VC deal activity in 2021 nearly doubled the prior record and eclipsed $80 billion for the first time ever.

The report features full data sets in spreadsheet format that include more than 60 tabs, including sector-specific reports, analysis of female founder activity and deals by region, state and combined statistical area (CSA). The chart above shows the top 10 CSAs by number of deals. The chart below shows the top 10 states. See how these match up with Site Selection’s top states and top metros for projects from last March, and watch for new scorecards in the forthcoming March 2022 issue of Site Selection. — Adam Bruns

U.S. VC Deal Activity (No. of Deals) by State

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Tables courtesy of Pitchbook/NVCA




Stronger Nation

Lumina Foundation’s refreshed Stronger Nation online tool shows progress as well as continuing gaps when it comes to post-secondary education credentials.

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Where Business Drives Workforce Development

Creative collaboration rules the day in Southern Nevada.

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Foreign Investment Travels Nonstop to Georgia

Continuing a trend, FDI in the state in FY2021 accounted for nearly $2 billion in investment and 20% more jobs in the state than the year before.

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Global Link

Georgia’s chain of cold storage facilities links the state to global markets.

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Paper-based packaging company Smurfit Kappa is investing $33 million to expand the capacity of its plant in Fortaleza to meet the growing demand for innovative and sustainable packaging. The expansion, which includes the installation of a new corrugator, will significantly extend the plant’s Shelf Ready Packaging capability for customers in a range of sectors including fresh fruit, home appliances and pharmaceuticals, the company says. The expansion includes high-end printers for e-commerce packaging, and a new innovation center. “Almost 30% of the total Brazilian population resides in the Northeast region, and Fortaleza offers the perfect platform to strengthen our presence in this attractive and fast-growing part of the country,” said Laurent Sellier, CEO of Smurfit Kappa the Americas.

Source: Conway Analytics

Nova Scotia

Global technology services company Cognizant has chosen Halifax for a new global technology and service delivery center expected to generate 1,250 new jobs over the next seven years, the Government of Nova Scotia announced this week in approving two payroll rebate agreements. During the term of the agreements, the company could spend an estimated $327 million in combined salaries and benefits — the highest amount through provincial payroll rebate agreements with one company in more than a decade. The Province would collect income and consumption taxes from that payroll spending and could return a maximum rebate of about $27 million to Cognizant. In 2021, the Province invested $16.8 million to allow four Nova Scotia universities to expand and enhance their computer science programming as the demand for training continues to grow in tandem with the ICT sector, which contributed C$1.8 billion, or 4%, of provincial GDP in 2020 and directly employed 11,000 people through 1,300 companies.

Source: Conway Analytics



Chloris Geospatial, with support from Microsoft’s Planetary Computer, has launched the Chloris Biomass Map, a publicly available global map that shows estimates of carbon stock and change in aboveground biomass of woody vegetation for Earth’s land-based ecosystems. The data spans 2003-2019 and uses a fusion of space-born sensors. “We have decided to share this coarser resolution, non-commercial dataset in its beta version so that everyone can engage with the data,” said Chloris Geospatial Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Alessandro Baccini

This coarser-resolution version of the Chloris Biomass Map is freely available to the public for non-commercial use through Microsoft’s Planetary Computer. Chloris is also developing a high-resolution commercial version of the product for use by carbon project developers, corporate buyers of carbon offsets, investors and others that will be capable of accurately estimating the carbon stock and change at the scale of individual carbon projects. Many insights can also be drawn from these data, says Chloris, “including which countries have seen the largest sequestration of carbon in their biomass stocks, the locations of the largest losses of forest carbon, and state-by-state comparisons of loss and gain dynamics, among others.”


Site of the Week: CASPER, WYOMING
From the January Issue

Casper is the best place to start and grow a business in Wyoming. Our business-friendly tax structure, highly skilled workforce, and highway/rail access make Casper a powerful anchor. Also, Casper is home to the state's only international airport + Free Trade Zone making Casper the limitless, year-round mountain town in the heart of the state!

Whether you are looking to expand or move your business, consider Casper. Our outdoor recreation, bustling restaurants, shopping, and ample open spaces will make you never want to leave!

A move to Casper could mean affordability, safer neighborhoods, quicker commute, and living in a place that works for their citizens and business owners. For manufacturers, professionals, and more, a move to Casper could mean circumventing the congested West Coast importing process and routing to Casper to get to work faster. Come find your new opportunity in Casper, where we have accessible community and vital solitude.


Photo courtesy of Beijing 2022 and Newsmarket

Beijing 2022 last week released its Pre-Games Sustainability Report, detailing the measures implemented to reduce and compensate carbon emissions, protect local ecosystems and create long-term benefits to local communities and economies in relation to the region’s hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which begin February 4, 2022. Among other highlights, all venues will be powered by renewable energy for the first time at the Olympic Games, and natural CO2 refrigeration systems will be used at four Beijing 2022 ice venues, “the first time this low climate impact technology will be used in China and at the Olympic Winter Games,” say the hosts. “The technology can achieve energy savings of more than 20% compared with traditional refrigeration methods.” Five of the seven venues in the Beijing 2022 competition zone will be legacy venues from the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games. The iconic “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium will host the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, while the Water Cube – the Beijing 2008 swimming venue – will host the curling competitions.