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NEW!Logistics & Distribution
Roadmap for Change
The Flexible Industrial Distribution Facilities Network of the Future
North American Reports
A port’s growth in Vancouver, Washington; Duke Realty’s new Indy HQ; Michigan winning out over Tennessee; U.S. job growth; and the retracing of a 150-year-old corporate relocation journey.
World Reports
Aerospace project in Malaysia; which countries are best positioned for autonomous vehicles; reindeer husbandry and other pursuits in far northern Norway; and leading countries for manufacturing.
Eds & Meds
PhDs and MDs Drive Economic Redevelopment
Three recent projects in the northeastern U.S. demonstrate the economic power of eds-and-meds districts.
Rural Advantage
The Human Smart Grid
Electricity signaled progress a century ago. Broadband sparks it today.
Textiles, Robotics Among Sectors to Gain R&D Funding
Awards include $1 million to support the new ARMada initiative, which will enhance the offerings of the Fabric Discovery Center to include robotics.
NEW!Mid Atlantic
In Pursuit of the Summit
Virginia, Maryland and Delaware constitute the core of a region where you truly get what you pay for.
NEW!North Carolina
Labor Supply - Half Full or Half Empty?
An employer needs survey takes the temperature of the Tar Heel State’s labor market.
How a Countryside Project Landed Cityside
Elevator engineers may soon be among those with birds-eye views of major league baseball games.
Upper Midwest
Cementing a Legacy
Lehigh Hanson expands upon a century of work in Indiana.
Central New Mexico Rail Park
Oasis of Opportunity
This growth nexus just south of Albuquerque speeds your project to market, so you can deploy multiple transport modes to speed your products to customers.
Business Birmingham
Region on the Rise
Birmingham’s city center revs the growth engine of an area leading the UK in startups, FDI and talent.
Smart Mobility
Driver Not Needed
How Torc Robotics engineered a leading position in self-driving vehicle tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.
Return to the Waterfront
For most New Yorkers, 'underwater' triggers bad memories of Hurricane Sandy or the financial crisis. For this one, it signaled opportunity.
Yes, Virginia, Publix is Betting on You Too
The supermarket chain's inexorable march north includes a $300-million investment in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Mixed-Use Development
Take Me Out to the Mixed-Use Development
Will diamonds turn into gold in Tampa, Lakeland and North Port? MLB teams think so.
Recreational cannabis just turned legal in Canada two days ago. Cannabis-related firms have been building facilities in Canada for years.
Healing and Learning Combine to Drive Earnings
Major projects will improve these institutions' already sturdy constitutions.
Silent Scourge
If drugs are the lifeblood of the life sciences, their abuse and misuse by the workforce is a health crisis.
Briefly Bio
Europe's Top 10 biopharma clusters, R&D Analysis and more.
Nuclear Power
Hanging in the Balance
Brinksmanship reaches a fever pitch in Georgia over a megaproject that comes with mega-costs.
Energy Consumption
Define Your Therms
Rhode Island's low energy consumption is matched by its high profile in renewables.
Energy Efficiency
Lost Generation
A new ranking of Indian state energy efficiency follows a U.S. report's model, with one crucial difference.
Energy Matters
AEP's cancellation of a $4.5-billion wind project, Infrastructure investment in West Texas and more.

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