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World Reports
European automotive firms’ gradual reopening of production; a French aerospace manufacturer’s pivot to masks; guidance for a new era of supply chain management; and the world’s greenest cities.
Intelligence Report
The Cincinnati Region Intelligence Report
The tri-state Greater Cincinnati region has something special going on.
Health tech
Frontline Care, Pioneering Innovation
The CEO of a growing telehealth firm hiring doctors by the dozens explains why the future of digital health technology is now.
Investment Report
Costa Rica
Our conversations with leaders from six global companies highlight why — today more than ever — people, planet and collaborative prosperity are priorities for growing companies in Costa Rica.
Top Deals 2020
Hit Makers
When it comes to economic impact, these projects make the Top 40.
What You Need to Know About the Buckeye State
Dr. Bill LaFayette is who you turn to for in-depth, on-the-ground and candid analysis of the cost of doing business in Ohio, among other topics.
Caribbean Rum Maker Finds Its Own Happy Hour in Florida
Distiller says a new plant in Polk County is anything but on the rocks.
Latin America
Latin America’s Success Counters Global Drop in FDI — and the Region’s Own (Undeserved) Reputation
We give growing countries in the region — Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica among them — the respect they’re due.
Thailand's Dynamic Economic Corridor
The region accounts for more than $80 billion in business investments and is receiving $50 billion more from the Thai government and the private sector to make it even more business-friendly.
Commercial & Industrial Projects Dominate
Developers pounce on available sites.
Hungary - Europe's E-Mobility Nerve Center
Only in a market as agile, well-educated and competitive as Hungary can an established ecosystem, like the automotive industry, transform into its logical extension — e-mobility.
NEW!City of SeaTac, Washington
SeaTac City is Poised for Flight
With its unmatched connectivity, this could be your new headquarters location.
Consumers Energy
The Right Place Arrives at the Right Time
Consumers Energy partners with Grand Rapids leaders to respond to COVID-19.
Online Insider
Will COVID-19 Kill Globalization? What You Need to Know
Globalization is not dying. Rather, it's evolving, and existing trends are accelerating. American companies and workers would be wise to prepare for what’s ahead.
Online Insider
They'll Have the Fish
A new aquaculture operation aims to help Puerto Rico achieve food sovereignty one site at a time.
Online Insider
Perspectives from Europe on Business Resilience in Pandemic Times
Communities and companies are demonstrating novel solutions to dealing with the novel coronavirus.
Online Insider
10 Site Selection and Economic Development Takeaways from the COVID-19 Crisis
Over-extended and overly risky supply chains are no longer tolerable.
What Will the City of the Future Look Like?
It will be a lot more educated, connected and walkable, say economists and consultants.
Why a U.S. Recession May Be Farther Away Than You Think
Leading indicators point to continued growth, says Stewart Title economist.
How One Major Trade Group is Tackling the Worker Shortage Crisis
ABC of Wisconsin hires a jobs ambassador with a background in state politics and skilled trades advocacy.
A Thanksgiving Lesson
Finding the True Meaning of Thanksgiving on a Rain-Soaked Highway
Electric Vehicles
Charging Ahead
With emissions crimes still in the rear-view mirror, Volkswagen ramps up its global commitment to electric vehicles and the recharging stations that feed them.
The Push and Pull of Green Building
A new law on the East Coast and a new corporate campus on the West Coast show how cities and companies can converge to attain sustainability and wellness goals.
Swedish Catalyst
Ongoing work at Chalmers University of Technology offers windows into the EU's energy future.
Energy Matters
Asia's share of CO2 emissions, FPL's huge solar commitment in Florida and more.

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