MAY 2005

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'V8' Spells Healthy Growth
for Campbell's in Ohio

    The world's largest Campbell's Soup plant has grown even larger. The northwest Ohio town of Napoleon saw the November 2004 completion of a $43-million investment for the manufacture of plastic containers for juices.
      The project was composed of a 65,000-sq.-ft. (6,000-sq.-m.) blow molding plant to be operated by Amcor PET Packaging of Manchester, Mich., as well as two new flexible production lines.
      The overall investment will result in the creation of 51 new jobs at Campbell's 47-year-old complex, which employs 1,200 full-time and 400 part-time workers. The Campbell's operation was formerly supplied by an Amcor plant in Franklin, Ind.; many of those workers will now work in the Napoleon plant. Australia-based Amcor operates 31 of its 236 worldwide plants in North America.
      "With today's dedication, Campbell Soup Company puts a $43 million exclamation point on the more than $100 million dollars in capital investment we have made in our Napoleon plant over the past four years," said Mark Sarvary, President, Campbell North America. "As a result of these investments, Campbell-Napoleon is now more competitive in terms of both efficiency and quality."
      IAMC Immediate Past Chair Bob Zane is vice president of real estate operations for Campbell's Soup Co.

Ed O'Neill

Title & Organization:
Director, Global Real Estate, Federal Mogul Corp., Southfield, Mich.

More than 300 facilities in 32 countries, totaling approximately 30 million sq. ft.
(2.78 million sq. m.)

What does your company manufacture?
Automotive components (brakes, pistons, rings, bearings, spark plugs, engine seals, brakes, etc.)

To whom do you report?
The Senior VP for Manufacturing, who reports to the CEO.

How many years have you worked in the profession?
22 years.

Where and what did you study?
As an undergrad, I studied engineering at the United States Military Academy (West Point). I earned my MBA at Boston University.

Describe the most important transaction or project for which you were responsible.
I have only been with Federal Mogul for 18 months but the most important project to date has involved the re-zoning from industrial to residential of a golf course owned by the company (attached to a plant) in the United Kingdom. This has increased the market value from US$900,000 to an estimated US$22 million.

What is the biggest professional challenge you face on a regular basis?
Identifying new and innovative methods to reduce real estate lease costs in thecurrent portfolio and to maximize the return on owned assets.How is the role of Director of Real Estate evolving?The role is evolving from a position which was principally responsible for just transactions (disposition and acquisition) to one where we are now being involved with strategic planning, financial consulting as it applies to real estate assets, and running site selections for the business units instead of just being a small piece of the pie.

Which technology do you consider to be essential in your professional life?
Communication devices: laptop computer, cell phone, Blackberry etc. The more we become global, we have to be able to conduct business from wherever we are, not justfrom our office in the HQ building.

What is the value of IAMC membership to you?
IAMC provides me with the opportunity to speak with my fellow CREs. It also allows me to bounce ideas off them and to identify who may have the same issues and problems that I might be facing. It's great not to have to re-invent the wheel if someone has already been able to solve a problem similar to the one you have been experiencing.Additionally, IAMC allows us some time with service providers so that we can gain the benefit of some of their knowledge without a high-pressure selling environment.

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