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A Cooperative Environment

roviding electric incentive rates and financial assistance to new and expanding companies, the South Carolina Power Team is your one-stop source for finding your best new location in any region of South Carolina. A superior intermodal transportation network including a major port, railroads, and public and private airports connects available buildings and provides ready access to the East Coast and the world.
   We are located strategically midway between Miami and New York, with more miles per capita of interstate highways than any other state, including the vital East Coast transportation corridor of I-95. The UPS Southeastern hub is located in the center of the state.
Charleston is the home of the South's largest container port.
   The South Carolina Power Team helps companies discover the possibilities offered by three highly-respected research institutions. The state's 16 technical colleges provide the support, training and continuing-education programs needed by growing industries. The state's Center for Accelerated Technology Training (CATT) was ranked number one in the nation for its first-class, tailor-made re-employment training at no cost for qualifying new and expanding industries.
   South Carolina offers aggressive incentives; flexible front-end inducements to reduce capital outlay; hands-on assistance in developing private-sector partnerships; unparalleled, custom-designed finance packages; the lowest industrial electric rates in the Southeast; one-stop permitting with certified, shovel-ready sites; and construction costs 8%12% below the national average. With short permitting times, low construction costs, and flexible financial incentive programs, new or expanding companies can go from idea to implementation quickly and efficiently.
   In South Carolina, we offer quality facilities and opportunities for work and play with 300 golf courses offering public play, sunshine nearly 250 days a year, top-flight fishing and hunting, low costs of living, exceptional educational innovation, and top-quality medical facilities.
   Recently, companies such as Target, Walgreens, Dollar General, and Wal-Mart have located major facilities in the state choosing South Carolina and the help of the Power Team to locate their regional distribution facilities. Learn how the South Carolina Power Team can help you establish and grow facilities in a pro-business environment, committed to aggressive company recruitment.
   Find out about our many available buildings at

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